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Script Breakdown Sheet

Script Breakdown

This form is used to break down every detail of every scene in a script. The script breakdown denotes the scene's location, time of day, and cast, as well as the stunts, makeup, wardrobe, and props necessary to film the scene.

This process aids in the planning of the shooting schedule by allowing for the shuffling and regrouping of scenes to fit the exigencies of shooting, rather than following the order of the script. For example, all scenes in a particular location are shot together regardless of their order in the script; or whenever possible all scenes using a particular actor are shot together because the actor may be unavailable at a different time.

The following example shows the breakdown of the scene in Ogallala in which Call tries to kill the Army scout who is whipping young Newt. Note that this script breakdown is for the same scene highlighted earlier in Wittliff’s teleplay draft.