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Fee Schedule

Photocopying (black & white, letter or legal size only)  

Texas State ID Holders (students/staff/faculty)

10¢ ea.

All other patrons

25¢ ea.

Fax delivery

$1 per page

Scanning (original items up to 11"x17") $5 ea.

Delivery Options:


Optical disc

$1 per disc

E-mail (size permitting)

no charge

Printed to letter, legal, or tabloid-size paper

$5 per print

Printed to oversize paper (over 11"x17")

$20 per print

NOTE: Any scanning or photoduplicating outside of these parameters will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Audio/Video Duplication


Audio cassette

$15 per tape


$20 per tape


30 min. tape=$40 per tape


60 min. tape=$45 per tape


$10 per print


$12 per disc

NOTE: When transferring from one media to another the cost of the higher-priced media will be charged.


Delivery and Handling  

E-mail or optical disc

See Scanning Delivery Options

Domestic Mail

$5 per order (1-5 items)

International Mail

$10 per order (1-5 items)

Other charges for shipping oversized materials or for express delivery services may be assessed at time of order.


Research Services
We will work with off-site patrons and make every effort to locate items and provide copies. Due to limited staff time, we are unable to provide in-depth research services. We encourage patrons to research on-site or hire a freelance researcher. Recommendations of local freelance researchers are available upon request.


Publication and Use Fees (see Terms & Conditions for credit line and copyright policy) 

Texas State ID Holders (students/staff/faculty)

$25 per item, per one-time use

Non-profit Publishers

$50 per item, per one-time use

For-profit Publishers

To be determined on a case-by-case basis


Terms and Conditions

  • See the Reading Room Policy for on-site research rules.
  • Invoices are provided with orders and fees are due 30 days after orders are received. Orders over $50 require payment in advance.
  • We accept payment by cash and check. Credit card payment is available for orders over $50.
  • All forms must be signed and returned to us before orders are processed.
  • Turn around time for orders is 5 days, dependent upon staff availability and request load.
  • Rush Service (3 days or less; only as time permits) is available at 100% surcharge per item.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to copy or scan fragile material or material to which The Wittliff Collections does not hold copyright.
  • See Duplication and Publication Policy for access, photocopying, copyright and publication guidelines.