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Research Topics

Research Topics in the Wittliff's Southwestern Writers Collection
(a subject guide to the literary collections, providing topics of interest for researchers)

Information on the Wittliff's Southwestern & Mexican Photography Collection is here.

Links provided below are to many of the processed (cataloged) collections. However, please be aware that additional archives—not yet processed—are often available. In all cases, it is wise to contact the archivist for complete information about the specific holdings identified in this guide.

This guide was prepared by Steve Davis, curator of the Southwestern Writers Collection. The guide undergoes continual revision and updating. Please send any suggestions or comments to Steve Davis.

For a complete list of literary archives, alphabetized by the writers’ last names, click here.

For more insight, read "Texas Literature: The First 470 Years (Give or Take a Few Days)," by Steve Davis published by Humanities Texas.
African American studies
Larry L. King
Beverly Lowry (Madame C.J. Walker biography)
Thomas Ricks Lindley
Border Studies
James Crumley
Charles Barsotti,
Robert Calvert (Cartooning in Texas)
Pat Oliphant
Chicano Literature
Dagoberto Gilb
Hispanic magazine
Chicano periodicals collection
Childrens Literature
Judy Alter
Civil Rights
Larry L. King
Joe Nick Patoski (Voices of Civil Rights project)
Correspondence Treasures
Billy Lee Brammer
Dagoberto Gilb (correspondence with Texas Monthly)

Cowboys and Cowgirls
Sarah Bird
Wilson Hudson (Andy Adams biographer)
Tommy Lee Jones (archives relating to Jones' 1995 film adaptation of Elmer Kelton's novel The Good Old Boys.)
Joyce Gibson Roach (author of Cowgirls)
J. Frank Dobie studies
J. Frank Dobie
Al Lowman's Dobie Collection
Mary Sue Jones
Early 20th Century Texas Writers
J. Frank Dobie
William Broyles, Jr.
Mark Busby
Hispanic magazine
Paul Baker
Environmental Literature
Susan Wittig Albert
Rollo Newsom
Historical Fiction
Cindy Bonner
Lyndon B. Johnson studies
Billy Lee Brammer
Texas State University Archives
Kennedy Assassination
Gary Cartwright
Lonesome Dove
Lonesome Dove television miniseries archives
Larry McMurtry
Magazine Journalism
Texas Monthly
Hispanic magazine
Cormac McCarthy studies
Cormac McCarthy
John Emil Sepich's Notes on Blood Meridian
Larry McMurtry studies
William Broyles, Jr.
Larry McMurtry
Susan Wittig Albert
Mexican American studies
Kay Council (curandera research)
Michael W. Rodriguez
Chicano periodicals collection
Cabeza de Vaca (La relación y comentarios)
James Crumley
Music Journalism
Gary Cartwright
Michael Hall
Hispanic magazine
Grover Lewis (Rolling Stone)
Bud Shrake (Willie Nelson)
Texas Monthly
Mystery/Detective Fiction
Susan Wittig Albert
Native American studies
Jack Jackson
Willie Nelson studies
Gary Cartwright
New Journalism
Gary Cartwright
Roberto Galvan
Dick Heaberlin
Albert Huffstickler
Frances Nooncaster
Miriam Sagan
Katherine Anne Porter studies
Roger L. Brooks
From Texas to the World and Back: Essays on the Journeys of Katherine Anne Porter
Robert Flynn
Ann Richards Studies
Gary Cartwright
Rivers of Texas
John Graves
Sarah Bird
screenplay collection
Robert Benton
Tommy Lee Jones
Sci-Fi/Fantasy literature
Neal Barrett, Jr.
The Sixties
Billy Lee Brammer
Michael W. Rodriguez
Storm Chasing
William Hauptman
Texas Monthly
Texas Monthly archives
Texas State Alumni
Charles Barsotti
Heloise” (Ian Frazier collection)
Michael W. Rodriguez
True Crime
Gary Cartwright (Cullen Davis)
Beverly Lowry (Karla Fay Tucker)
Mark Busby
Michael W. Rodriguez
China Beach television series
Women Write the Southwest
Susan Wittig Albert
Judy Alter
Mary Gray Hughes
Beverly Lowry