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Ezekiel's Horse

Ezekiel's Horse cover by Keith Carter

FALL 2000
EZEKIEL'S HORSE: Keith Carter Photographs

Opening date/reception on October 27, 2000
The Wittliff Gallery is exhibiting Ezekiel's Horse: Keith Carter Photographs which features 66 toned silver gelatin prints from Carter's recent work in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America
"Over the past twenty-five years Keith Carter has distinguished himself as the finest traditional storyteller photography has known. He is a realist, but a transcendent realist. Though he travels the world to photograph, his vision is essentially shaped from his own backyard, by the East Texas landscape he has spent his life in, a landscape he transforms into a moral and spiritual drama as intellectually engaging as that of any of those more obvious photographers who never let us forget that we are witnessing something that has "meaning." Subtlety is Carter's hallmark, and you see it in every one of his photographs.... It's just that in Carter's hands the big stories are clothed in the garments of everyday life. Carter has no use for the fantastic props and sets of much contemporary photography. Real life is fantasticenough for him...."(John Wood, "Keith Carter's Perfection of Nature", EZEKIEL'S HORSE)

Ezekiel's Horse: Keith Carter Photographs is the third book in the Wittliff's award-winning Southwestern & Mexican Photography Series, published by University of Texas Press.