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Flores de Nopal

AUGUST 15—OCTOBER 10, 1997
FLORES DE NOPAL: Mexican American Voices from South Texas

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The rugged environment of South Texas occasionally surrenders moments of great beauty- as with the colorful blooms of the prickly pear cactus. The rich textures of life in the region come alive in this display of literature, art, history, and music at the Southwestern Writers Collection at Southwest Texas State University.

The exhibit appears in conjunction with the presentation of Texas State's annual Tomás Rivera Mexican American Children's Book Award, and it showcases the works of this year's winner of the award- acclaimed artist Carmen Lomas Garza.

Garza, who is originally from Kingsville, Texas, is one of the first Latinas to receive recognition in the national art scene. Her award-winning book, In My Family / En mi familia , touchingly represents her memories of the wonder and magic of growing up in South Texas. Many of Garza's trademark images are on display, as well as several rare early works.

South Texans and TxState distinguished alumni Tomás Rivera and Tino Villanueva are also featured in the exhibit. Rivera, who received his bachelor's and master's degree from TxState, went on to become the youngest person ever appointed chancellor of a University of California system campus. His first novel, ...y no se lo tragó la tierra, is widely considered a modern classic of American literature. Tino Villanueva, who currently teaches at Boston University, is a native of San Marcos. His book of poetry, Scene from the Movie Giant, won an American Book Award in 1994.

The music of South Texas is superbly documented in a collection of over 12,000 songs recorded from the 1920s to the present. Selected books, recordings, and photographs of South Texas musicians are on exhibit, as well as items from the collection of materials on slain Tejano superstar Selena.

Flores del Nopal: Mexican American Voices from South Texas was curated by Assistant Curator Steve Davis.