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Little Heroes

MARCH 24 - AUGUST 10, 2007

Little Heroes exhibition is now available online and includes the curator’s statement and biographies of photographers. 

On March 24 the Wittliff Gallery of Southwestern & Mexican Photography opened the doors on its newest exhibition, Little Heroes. From 1930s and ’40s images by Lola Álvarez Bravo, Héctor García, Kati Horna, and Russell Lee to recent works by Keith Carter and Robb Kendrick, this show presents over 60 images of children by 30 photographers whose work is represented in the Wittliff Gallery collection, including its world-class archive of contemporary Mexican photography.

Also in the line-up are Yolanda Andrade, Lázaro Blanco, Manuel Carrillo, Marco Antonio Cruz, James Evans, Miguel Gandert, Flor Garduño, Jesse Herrera, Earlie Hudnall, Jr., Graciela Iturbide, O. Rufus Lovett, Lee Marmon, Eniac Martínez Ulloa, Francisco Mata Rosas, Raúl Ortega, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Cathy Spence, Jack Spencer, Ángeles Torrejón, Antonio Turok, Geoff Winningham, Bill Wittliff, Bill Wright, and Mariana Yampolsky.

Connie Todd, the Little Heroes exhibit (and the Wittliff Gallery) curator, cites the visual fascination with children as one impetus behind the show:
Photographers are hunters, searching for truth, amazing revelation, and beauty; and children provide all three at once—honesty, tragedy, unpredictability, and the loveliness of youth. In images of children photographers and viewers search for who we once were and what we have forgotten; we project our hopes and fears for the future onto these endlessly fascinating little figures. Children are our barometers—our fragile extensions into the real world—and we never tire of looking at them and taking their pictures.