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Acting Up and Getting Down

Cover image of book, Acting Up and Getting Down by Dr. Sandra Mayo and Dr. Elvin Holt
MARCH 18 – AUGUST 1, 2014
ACTING UP AND GETTING DOWN  Plays by African American Texans

Acting Up and Getting Down celebrates the new book in the Wittliff’s literary series with UT Press. One of the few anthologies of its kind, Acting Up and Getting Down brings together seven compelling plays by African American Texans, spanning turning points in history, addressing intergenerational struggles, and marking cultural triumphs while exploring the complexity of African American life from an array of perspectives. Edited by Texas State faculty members SANDRA MAYO and ELVIN HOLT, Acting Up and Getting Down showcases often-overlooked literary talents to bring to life inspiring facets of black theatre history. This exhibition springs from the theater archives donated to the Wittliff Collections by Sandra Mayo. Read more...