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Global Odyssey: From Texas to the World and Back

Cover image from Texas Monthly's 20th Anniversary issue, ©1993

AUGUST 20, 2012 – MAY 10, 2013
GLOBAL ODYSSEY: From Texas to the World and Back

Folklorist J. Frank Dobie wrote, “Great literature transcends its native land but none that I know of ignores its soil.” The challenge for many Texas writers is remaining true to their native roots while becoming part of the larger global community. This demand is not unique to writers—it affects nearly everyone in the world today.

Global Odyssey: From Texas to the World and Back draws from the rich archival material at Texas State’s Wittliff Collections to examine how generations of Texas writers have journeyed across the world, encountering a variety of experiences that have inspired their creativity while at the same time underscoring their distinctive heritage as Texans. Using the works of Sarah Bird, William Broyles, Jr., J. Frank Dobie, Stephanie Elizondo Griest, Dagoberto Gilb, John Graves, Stephen Harrigan, Angela Shelf Medearis, Katherine Anne Porter, Carmen Tafolla, and many others, Global Odyssey is staged in conjunction with Texas State’s 2012–2013 Common Experience theme, Global Odyssey: Exploring Our Connections to the Changing World.