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Places in the Heart: Texas Cinescapes

Filming Lonesome Dove, 1988 © Bill Wittliff

AUGUST 17, 2015 - July 3, 2016
PLACES IN THE HEART: Texas Cinescapes  

Classic movies set in the Lone Star State are featured in this new exhibition at the Wittliff Collections that celebrates the art of filmmaking in Texas. Places in the Heart: Texas Cinescapes draws from the Wittliff's major film archives, including the recently donated collection of Academy Award®-winning writer/director Robert Benton (Places in the Heart, Bonnie and Clyde). Also featured are major film holdings from Bill Wittliff (Lonesome Dove, Raggedy Man, Barbarosa, A Night in Old Mexico), William Broyles, Jr. (Apollo 13), and Severo Perez (…and the earth did not swallow him), along with Texas authors whose works have inspired major films, such as Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men. Items on display include screenplays, behind-the-scenes photos, props, wardrobe pieces, and a wealth of other production materials that highlight the ways Texas filmmakers have sought to create authentic visions of the Lone Star State.

[above] Filming Lonesome Dove, © 1988, Bill Wittliff