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Charles Bowden Collection

Mary Martha Miles' Guide to the Bowden Archive

* Note, this detailed, item-level inventory of the Charles Bowden archive was created by Mary Martha Miles and her assistant, Erin Almeranti, in 2007 prior to offering the archive to the Wittliff Collections.

This original guide is provided as a reference resource to complement the Wittliff's finished Finding Aid for the Bowden Papers.


Compiled by Mary Martha Miles and her assistant, Erin Almeranti. Annotations by Charles Bowden and Mary Martha Miles.

Consult the Finding Aid for the Bowden Papers for current box number locations for each item.



History: 2

Books: 3-131

  Published Manuscripts: 3-114

  Prepublication Manuscripts: 114-119

  Unpublished Manuscripts: 119-122

  Copies of Books published by Charles Bowden: 123-127

  Miscellaneous Copies of Books w/ Contributions from Charles Bowden: 128-131

Magazines: 132-163

Miscellaneous Research Notebooks: 164-166

Newspapers: 167-181

Newspaper Articles about Chuck: 182-185

Anthologies: 186-192

Correspondence: 193-208

Speeches: 209-217

Media of or about Chuck: 218-220

Audio Tapes of or belonging to Chuck: 221-227

Albums Belonging to Chuck: 227-233

Awards: 234-243

Photographs: 244-256

Other Writers Miscellaneous: 257-260

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: 261-278

Grants: 279-280

Personal Memoirs by Friends: 281

Book Reviews by Bowden: 282

Financial: 283

Book Negatives: 283





Born July 20, 1945, Joliet, IL

Moved from the farm into Chicago at age 3

1957 Moved from Chicago to Tucson at age 12

B.A. History, University of Arizona, 1966

M.A. American Intellectual History, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1967

Doctoral work, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1968-1970

Married Zada, 1968

Instructor, American History, University of Illinois, Chicago, 1970

Researcher, University of Arizona Office of Arid Land Studies, 1973-1974

Grant Director/NEH Grants, KUAT Television, Tucson, Arizona, 1976-1978

Divorced from Zada, 1976

1977 Killing the Hidden Waters

Journalist, Tucson Citizen, afternoon daily newspaper, 1981-1983

1981 Street Signs Chicago (with Lewis Kreinberg)

1986 Blue Desert

Editor-in-Chief, City Magazine, Tucson, Arizona, 1986-1989

1987 Frog Mountain Blues (with photographs by Jack W. Dykinga)

1988 Mezcal

1989 Red Line

Jesse Bowden Niwa born to Debbie Niwa, April 26, 1987

Divorced from Kathy Dannreuther, 1989

Free-lance journalist, 1989-2014

1991 Desierto

1992 The Sonoran Desert (with photographs by Jack W. Dykinga)

1992 Expansions (with photographs by William Lesch)

1993 The Secret Forest

1993 Trust Me: Charles Keating and the Missing Billions (with Michael Binstein)

1995 Blood Orchid: An Unnatural History of America

1996 Stone Canyons of the Colorado Plateau (with photographs by Jack W. Dykinga)

1996 Chihuahua: Pictures from the Edge (with photographs by Virgil Hancock)

1997 Mary Martha Miles moves to Tucson

1998 Juarez: the Laboratory of Our Future

1999 Paul Dickerson 1961-1997

2001 Eugene Richards 55 (with photographs by Eugene Richards)

2002 Down by the River

2002 Blues for Cannibals: The Notes from the Underground

2005 A Shadow in the City: Confessions of an Undercover Drug Warrior

2006 Inferno (with photographs by Michael Berman)

2008 Exodus (with photographs by Julián Cardona)

2009 Trinity (with photographs by Michael Berman)

2009 Some of the Dead are Still Breathing: Living in the Future

2009 The Charles Bowden Reader (Anthology) edited by Mary Martha Miles and Erin Almeranti


2009 Leaves Tucson to spend half of each year in Las Cruces, New Mexico and the          remaining half in the home of Jim and Linda Harrison in Patagonia, Arizona

2010 Murder City: Cuidad Juarez and the Global Economy’s New Killing Fields

2010 Dreamland: The way Out of Juarez with illustrations by Alice Briggs

2012 Scicario, edited with Molly Molloy

Following an illness in Patagonia, Arizona dies August 30, 2014 in Las Cruces, New Mexico





BOOKS (current through 2014)

Published Manuscripts:

1971 Dissertation





Box 1 (F)




Draft titled Broke Bodies: A Look at 19th Century Notions about Health

Undated – The University of Wisconsin

346 pages


Box 2 (F)




Draft titled Broke Bodies: A Look at 19th Century Notions about Health

1971 (dated) – The University of Wisconsin

346 pages


Box 3 (F)




Bound draft titled Ashfield Skyline: A Look at 19th Century Notions about Health


110 pages


Box 4 (F)




University of Arizona Classwork – 5 parts

Part I – October 1965, Part II – December 1965, Part III – January 1966 (revised May, 1966), Part IV – October 1966, Part V – February 1967


These undergraduate papers become Chuck’s MA Thesis

Letters regarding dissertation

All dated from between ’72 and early ‘74

11 letters

In envelope and labeled on front in Chuck’s handwriting “This envelope contains letters on my employment in Illinois & on my efforts to get dissertation published/accepted”

Letter from Bill to Lew regarding Chuck’s dissertation


1 page


Dissertation Correspondence



Letters from libraries, galleries, etc regarding Chuck’s research for his dissertation

Opium Order Form



Dissertation research

Draft of Dissertation titled The Brighter and Quicker-Witted Men


41 pages

Apparently filed at the University of Massachusetts – in their reserves of the library


1977 Killing the Hidden Waters 

Box 1 (Q)




Impact of Energy Development on Water Resources in Arid Lands (University of Arizona)


2 originals

Chuck was fired from the University of Arizona after he filed this report & he based Killing the Hidden Waters on the report.

A photocopy of a review of Killing the Hidden Waters


1 photocopy (rough)


Outside magazine – excerpt from Killing the Hidden Waters

December 1977

1 original (only the pages of the article from magazine)


Letter from Jodi Edell from The Sidney Hillman Foundation stating that the excerpt published in Outside magazine is being considered for the 1977 Sidney Hillman Award.

Dated January 5, 1978

Letter 1 page long, one original of magazine

Also a copy of December issue of Outside magazine – the excerpt from Killing the Hidden Waters

(Chuck won the Sidney Hillman in 1996 for “While You Were Sleeping” – Harper’s magazine

Box 2 (Q)




Stack of bibliographic notation



Each entry is taped to separate piece of paper, some handwritten notes/edits

Draft w/ outline (outline titled “A Vague Outline of Sorts…”)



Pages of draft are heavily edited and marked

Short draft titled An Abstract?


11 pages

Handwritten editing throughout.  (draft seems to go through major points of book…i.e. seems to be an abstract)

Short draft w/ table of contents



Handwritten editing and notes throughout

Short draft titled Arid Lands Defined



Extensive editing – handwritten notes, marks, and cut & taped sections, etc.

Short draft titled Aboriginal Life in Arid Lands: The Sonoran Desert



Extensive editing – handwritten notes, blacked out sections, etc.

Short draft titled Consequences of Arid Lands Groundwater Use: Impacts on Land and Man



Extensive editing – handwritten notes, blacked out sections, etc.

Short draft titled The Spanish Impact on Aboriginal Life in the Sonoran Desert



Extensive editing – handwritten notes, blacked out sections, page numbers adjusted/changed, etc

Short drafts (separated with paper clips but held together as a group)



Some type of bibliographical information at beginning, extensive handwritten notes, editing throughout, etc

Short draft titled Transition



Extensive editing, notes, and some footnotes

Short draft titled Papagos



Extensive editing, notes, etc.

Short draft titled High Plains



Extensive editing, notes, etc.

Short draft titled Arid Lands Groundwater Use in Agriculture (subtitle of “Benefits and Impacts” crossed out in pencil)



Extensive editing, notes, etc.

Short draft titled Pimas



Extensive editing, notes, blacked out sections, and a bibliographical note card attached

Short draft titled Potential New Water Sources for Arid Lands



Extensive editing, notes, etc…also footnotes

Short draft titled Concluding Remarks



Extensive editing, notes, etc…also footnotes

Packet of letters for permission to use maps in other UA publications (2 letters of approval, 4 letters from Chuck asking for permission, 2 copies of each)



Handwritten letter from Chuck attached describing edits, changes, and attached letters granting/asking for permission of map use.

Arid Lands Newsletter (Office of Arid Lands Studies, University of Arizona, Tucson)

January 1984

1 original

Nothing written by Chuck – possibly research type material for book

Box 3 (Q)




Draft titled The People Who Have Gone


242 pages


Draft titled The People Who Will Come


15 pages


Box 4 (Q)




Page Proof for Killing the Hidden Waters




Speech titled The Morning After: Some thoughts on serious drinking


5 pages

Regarding water use, what has changed/not changed since Killing the Hidden Waters, etc.

Notes for Killing the Hidden Waters


6 pages


Outline for Killing the Hidden Waters


1 page


Natural History magazine’s review titled “Troubled Waters”

November 1977

1 original of the magazine, 1 original of the article torn from the magazine, and 1 photocopy of article

This was the initial review of the book and helped get peoples’ attention

H.T. Odum’s drawing of the ecology of the Southwest – drawn in a bar with Chuck, before Killing the Hidden Waters


1 page, both sides


Chuck’s notes for Killing the Hidden Waters


2 pages

A list of species, etc.

Preface for draft titled Pump (renamed Killing the Hidden Waters)


12 pages


Reviews of the report for the University of Arizona’s office of Arid Land Studies


2 separate reviews


Reviews of Killing the Hidden Waters


3 separate reviews


Correspondence concerning Chuck being hired to write the report

July 1978

1 page

From Rich Johnson at the Central Arizona Project Association, discusses length of appointment and rate of pay

A letter of congratulations on the report from J.L. Thomas a Public Health Engineer in Montana

April 9, 1975

1 page

Congratulating and also asking for advice on how he would get a copy of something referenced in book

Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the 93rd Congress, Second Session

March 11, 1974

5 pages

Regarding energy use, water, economics, etc…(may be the report that J.L. Thomas – above – was asking for)

Box 5 (AAA) – Miscellaneous




Manila folder titled “Reviews”




Letter from Christine M. Gray from University of Texas Press

November 21, 1977

1 page

Informing Chuck that they “are preparing a complete run-down on promotion for [his] book,” etc  (in envelope)

Daily Dispatch in Douglas, AZ, “Arizona using water at incredible rate”

May 26, 1979

1 original

In envelope

Library Journal

February 15, 1978

1 original

In envelope

Journal of Arizona History

Spring 1978

1 original

In envelope


April 1978

1 original

In envelope

Seattle Times, “The urgency of water”

April 1978

1 original

In envelope

Future – Abstracts

November 10, 1986

1 original

In envelope

Current Anthropology

June 7, 1978

1 original

In envelope

The Cattleman, “Bookshelf”

June 1978

1 original

In envelope

The Houston Post, “Skillful Parable of Arid Southwest”

January 15, 1978

1 original

In envelope

Bonham Daily Favorite

November 20, 1977

1 original

In envelope

Palestine Herald Press, “Expedition Subject of Book”

December 18, 1977

1 original

In envelope

Arizona Daily Star, “Indians, water sensitively explored”

February 19, 1978

1 original

In envelope

The El Paso Times, “Book Briefs”

February 19, 1978

1 original

In envelope

El Paso Herald

February 1978

1 original

In envelope

The Arizona Republic, “Author has a sobering message for wasteful desert dwellers”

January 14, 1979

2 originals and 1 photocopy


Advance copy of a review from Natural History

No date

6 pages long – photocopy copy


High Country News, “Becoming an Environmentalist”

January 27, 1978

1 original, 1 photocopy

Review on page 16

Arizona Daily Star, “Indians, water sensitively explored”

February 19, 1977

1 original, 2 photocopies


Anthropology Archaeology Folklore


2 originals

Found on page 6

1 copy w/ letter and flyers – letter from Rae McCartney from the University of Texas Press (dated November 29, 1978)

Draft of review for American Anthropologist, and letter from Richard B. Woodbury

June 3, 1979

2 page review and a 1 page letter

In envelope

The Critical Checklist of Current Southwestern Americana

December 1977

2 photocopies


Arizona Daily Star, “Southwest comes alive through eyes of these authors”

December 3, 1978

1 original, 2 photocopies


Victor Gruen Center for Environmental Planning

No date

1 photocopy


The New Mexico

January 1, 1978

1 original


The Western Historical Quarterly

July 1978

1 original


Adventures in Reading

September 1978

1 original


Co-Evolution quarterly

Summer 1978

1 photocopy


Wichita Falls Times – Sunday magazine, “Dismal science lesson”

December 25, 1977

1 original


Texas Press

Fall & Winter Books 1977-1978

1 original and 2 photocopies

Can be found on page 10

A Critical Checklist of Current Southwestern Americana

December 1977

1 photocopy


No source

No date

1 original

A clip

Publishers Weekly

November 7, 1977

1 original

Sent by Bette Cochran & Jim Levitt

American Indian Journal, “Game, Water, and People Up for Grabs: A Review Essay”

May 1979

1 original - 8 pages long


Natural History, “Troubled Waters”

November 1977

1 original


Pacific Historical Review, “Review of Books”

November 1979

1 photocopy


Unknown source, titled “The Ecology of Pima Fields” by Amadeo M. Rea

No date

1 photocopy – 6 pages long

Not a review – rather, cites Killing the Hidden Waters as ‘further reading’

Publishers Weekly, “Books on Energy: A current checklist”

October 31, 1977

1 photocopy – 3 pages long


Ad for Killing the Hidden Waters – UT Austin, On Campus for November 14-20, 1977


1 original



January 1978

1 original


Unknown source

Under “Science and Technology” subtitle

Unknown date

1 photocopy


Kliatt – under “Nature and Ecology” subtitle

Winter 1986

1 photocopy


Sunday Oklahoman, “Paperbacks Just in Time for Christmas”

December 15, 1985

1 photocopy


Arizona and the West

Summer 1986

1 photocopy

In envelope from University of Texas Press

Western American Literature

January 1988

1 photocopy


Arizona Daily Star

December 13, 1987

1 photocopy


Colorado Libraries

December 1987

1 photocopy


The Midwest Book Review

December 8, 1985

1 photocopy


Science Books & Films, “Natural Resources”

September/October 1986

1 original


The North San Antonio Times, “Texas sesquicentennial spawns new titled”

July 25, 1985

1 photocopy


Earth First! Samain Edition

November 1, 1986

1 original

- w/ note on bottom from John Davis

- review on page 15

Manila folder titled “Letters”




From George Momper of Environmental Resources Group

December 10, 1978


He read the book and explains why Chuck’s work is of importance to Momper’s group  (no envelope)

From Bill

January 10, 1978


He read the book, enjoyed it – Apparently a friend of Chuck’s  (in envelope)

From Fred Zimmerman

May 3, 1978


He read the book, enjoyed it, refers to Chuck’s father & mother  (in envelope)

Christmas card from Aunt Mariette Bowden

Dated December 14, 1977


Refers to the copy of Killing the Hidden Waters that Chuck had sent her, that she began reading it, etc.  (in envelope)

From Scott W. Reed

May 13, 1978


Attached is an article Reed wrote with mention of Killing the Hidden Waters   (in envelope)

From Bob Keller

No date

On a ‘while you were out’ slip

Mentions trying to see Chuck personally, wanted to compliment him on his book

Letter from Barry Goldwater (AZ Senator) to Mary Adams Von Bodungen

May 16, 1978


Refers to the book sent to him (in envelope)

Letter from Morris K. Udall (Congressman) to Mary Adams Von Bodungen

April 27, 1978


Refers to the book sent to him  (in envelope)

From Michael S. Adams

April 26, 1978


A teacher at the Papago Reservation at Sells, includes questions about book for his class instruction  (in envelope)

Letter from Scott W. Reed

March 20, 1978


In appreciation of book, includes an article Reed wrote along a similar theme as Chuck’s book   (in envelope)

From Nancy Kirschner

January 31, 1978


Knows Chuck, enjoyed the book, etc  (in envelope)

From Fred W. Campbell

January 26, 1978


Mentions his appreciation of the book, that he worked at the Washington Dept. of Agriculture, included is a copy of a letter to Washington’s governor Dixie Lee Ray that Campbell sent regarding water/land use, etc.   (in envelope)

From Jean Palffy

March 28, 1978


In appreciation of the book, some personal experience regarding the aquifers in Oklahoma (the ‘famous’ underground river)   (in envelope)

From Paul B. Sears

November 16, 1978


Regarding Chuck’s application for the Guggenheim Foundation, that he has recommended Chuck based on his proposal and Killing the Hidden Waters

From Howard G. Wilshire at the Department of the Interior

September 22, 1978


Asking if Chuck would give an address at a symposium in honor of John Wesley Powell

From Angus Cameron at Alfred A. Knopf

June 14, 1976


A rejection for Chuck’s manuscript, but included is a positive report “as a testimonial” to their belief in the excellence in the book

Manila folder titled “Research”




3 documents of research




Box 6 (AAA)




Royalty Statement for period ending August 2006

Envelope dated October 10, 2006



Book jackets for the 2003 reprint of Killing the Hidden Waters


5 jackets


Page proofs of the 2003 Introduction to Killing the Hidden Waters



Also a letter from the University of Texas Press – dated June 5, 2003

Algodones Dunes Traveling Exhibit photocopy of card/flyer


1 photocopy

w/ quote by Charles Bowden

MM’s edit of the 2003 Introduction for Killing the Hidden Waters (Titled “What I Learned Watching the Wells Go Down”)


5 pages

Editing throughout

Original draft of the introduction titled “An Afterword”

No date

5 pages


People weekly, interview with Chuck (page 57)

June 16, 1986

1 original


Arizona Daily Star, “Indians, water sensitively explored”

February 19, 1978

1 original


Books of the Southwest

August/September 1985

1 photocopy


Sportsman’s Club of Texas, Inc. – Austin TX

No date

1 photocopy


The Tucson Weekly, “Water in the Desert”

September 18-24 (no year provided)

1 original



Permission requests to include material in the book for the University of Texas Press – 6 requests total



All dated 1977 and indicate the study as “Pump”

Asking for use of various maps from books published by University of Texas Press, and one quote from The Band

4 pages of notes for Killing the Hidden Waters – Series I, II, & III




University of Texas Press form for Author Information


6 pages

Not filled out

Invoice for purchase of Killing the Hidden Waters from the University of Texas Press

Dated February 13, 1978



Manila Envelope titled “Correspondence”




From Mavis A. Bryant at the University of Texas Press to Chuck

October 11, 1977


Congratulations on the completion of Killing the Hidden Waters (in envelope)

From Barbara Houlburg to Chuck

No date


Comments having read the manuscript, personal matters, etc (no envelope)

From Mary at University of Texas Press to Chuck

October 11, 1977


Informing Chuck that the book is “out,” congratulations, etc  (in envelope)

Christine M. Gray at University of Texas Press to Chuck

November 22, 1977


Killing the Hidden Waters will be published December 1, 1977, details of publication, 2 page list of publications that will run reviews  (no envelope)

From Mary Beissner, Associate Director at University of Texas Press to ‘To Whom It May Concern’

April 8, 1977


Asking for permission to use lines from “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” for Killing the Hidden Waters (a copy of the letter)  (in envelope)

From Mary Beissner to Chuck

April 18, 1977


Mentions that “the enclosed galleys are one week ahead of schedule,” make author’s proof, send them back, etc  (no envelope)

2 letters – 1) from Mary Beissner to “To Rights and Permissions” regarding the use of line from “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”   2) from Mary to Chuck regarding the decision to use the title Killing the Hidden Waters

Both dated March 4, 1977


In same envelope

From Mary Beissner to Chuck

February 11, 1977


Mentions the use and cost of maps in the book, changing the title to reach a larger audience, etc.

Included is the list of maps as they planned to appear in the book and a copy of the map of the Arizona-Sonora Frontier  (in envelope)

From Mary Beissner to Chuck

January 26, 1977


Received the retyped manuscript, discusses the use of Fahrenbach’s map and other maps, includes permission forms for Chuck’s use  (in envelope)

From Barbara J. Smith at Capitol Records to Chuck

March 18, 1977


Regarding his request for permission to use lyrics from “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,” the address for the publisher (Canaan Music, Inc.)   (no envelope)

From Charles Tips to Chuck

December 17, 1976


Mentions that Pumps should be out just in time for the big Christmas market next year, etc  (in envelope)

From Mary Beissner to Chuck

March 18, 1977


Mentions that she is writing “this in the middle of cardboard boxes and a lot of commotion…the Press is moving,” details about the final stages of the book, mentions Chuck’s dislike of the ‘new’ title, personal details, handwritten note at end of letter, and included w/ letter is a clip from The Texas Sun (March 16, 1977) titled “Our Just Deserts?”  (in envelope)

From Suzanne Comer to Chuck

October 19, 1976


Regarding reports they have received from readers of Chuck’s manuscript Pumps, favorable to the project, mentions that the readers’ reports are enclosed, but they aren’t in the envelope with the letter  (in envelope)

From Mary Beissner to Chuck

February 28, 1977


Regarding Chuck’s “responses to queries…she has a few questions,” handwritten note at end of letter  (in envelope)

Sent from the University of Texas Press

Dated March 7, 1977


A receipt for the advance for Killing the Hidden Waters  (in envelope)

From Mary Beissner to Chuck

March 7, 1977


Mentions a catalogue copy (but no catalogue w/ letter now), discussion of quotation and author description, etc  (no envelope)

From Charles Tips to Chuck

December 7, 1976


Business details for getting the book published, includes two reader reports (report 1 & report 2)   (in envelope)

From Mary Beissner to Chuck

February 16, 1977


Regarding copies of photographs for the book, includes a list of photographs per chapter headings and a copy of Mary’s letter to Random/Knopf (dated February 14, 1977)  (in envelope)

From Philip D. Jones (sp?) at the University of Texas Press to Chuck

** this is the original contract for Pumps

“You shall deliver to us no later than 10 January 1977…”  (no other date available, no envelope, etc)


No envelope

In an “Inter-Departmental Correspondence” envelope – from P.P. (sp?) to Chuck

November 19, 1975


Regarding having read “the 150 pages you gave me, though I confess I was obliged to skim a great portion of it after about p. 100,” mentions that the manuscript “will never do as a paper for WRSIC,” other details of the grant and Chuck’s work, ends with “So where do we go from here?”  (larger manila envelope labeled ‘Bowden’)

From Rae McCartney at the University of Texas Press to Chuck

December 8, 1978


Regarding Chuck’s letter, the number of copies sold of Killing the Hidden Waters so far, mentions the good review in Tucson, etc.  (in envelope)

Packing slip for 1 copy of Killing the Hidden Waters




From Chris at the University of Texas Press to Chuck

February 9, 1978


“I put your order for one book against royalties,” mention of sales, mention of Mary not having found a job, etc  (no envelope)

From Mary (Beissner) to Chuck

August 4, 1977


Capitol Records granted permission for use of “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,” mentions the coming reviews in Natural History magazine and Outside magazine, mentions that the budget for salaries was cut and she was “canned,” but that he should look her up if he’s in Austin, etc.  (in envelope)

From Mavis Bryant to Chuck

May 24, 1977


Granting permission to use material from Land of the Underground Rain (in envelope)

From Mary (Beissner) to Chuck

July 1, 1977


Regarding a copy change of Chuck’s author description, other details of publishing, etc.  (in envelope)

From Mary (Beissner) to Chuck

June 24, 1977


Included are jacket copies (info to be included on the jacket), mentions other things, personal reading (Nichols’ book), etc  (in envelope)

From Chris Gray to Chuck

March 8, 1978


Sent a copy of the book to the LA Times, other business details, etc  (no envelope)

From Mary Beissner to Chuck

May 24, 1977


“The page proofs came in three weeks early,” details about index,  etc  (no envelope)

From Mary (Beissner) to Chuck

September 2, 1977


She is “sending the jacket covers today,” mentions that she’s going to be unemployed, etc  (in envelope)

From Mary (Beissner) to Chuck

February 3, 1977


Regarding getting the “photo Xeroxes and will be back in touch with you next week,” mentions details of the design of the book, etc  (in envelope)

From Mary Beissner to Chuck

January 11, 1977


Mentions phone call, details of editing his book, reminds him to think about the index, etc…”Enclosed is a copy of Indexes on loan from the Press,” and “an example of the way the Press usually handles a table of contents,” etc

***Included an index for Energy and Structure: A Theory of Social Power by Richard Newbold Adams & the Indexes titled “Concerning Permissions”   (no envelope)

From Will Hearst from the First Annual Invitational .45 Caliber Feral Hog Tournament (in an Outside magazine envelope) to Chuck

Envelope dated June 13, 1978


Asks “got my projects going? Any plans for doing a new book?” etc.   (in envelope)

Large envelope from Outside magazine

-       letter from Will Hearst, managing editor for Outside to Chuck asking if “this is ok with you…maybe you’d consider writing articles for Outside.”

-       Copy of letter from Will Hearst to Chris Gray – “here is the proposed excerpt of Killing the Hidden Waters, etc”

-       Envelope w/ page proofs of the excerpt used in Outside magazine

-       Letter to Chuck dated September 22, 1977

-       Letter to Chris Gray dated September 22, 1977

-       Envelope w/ page proofs dated September 28, 1977


Included with the letter to Chris is the proposed excerpt from Killing the Hidden Waters – also the introduction used in the magazine

In Manila Folder titled “William Appleman Williams – Correspondence”




From Bill (William Appleman Williams) to Chuck

Envelope dated April 28, 1975


Comments on the manuscript, advice, etc. (in envelope)

From Bill to Chuck

February 14, 1977


Regarding Killing the Hidden Waters, etc (in envelope)

Note from Bill to Chuck

May 23/24, 1976


Mentions that the edited manuscript is being sent, discusses some of the edits, etc  (in envelope)

Card from Wendy and Bill to Chuck

December 17, 1976


Note included mentioning his Fulbright Grant, that Bill will be in Australia and the address during his time in Australia  (in envelope)

Card from Bill to Chuck

No date


Mentions being home from Australia, etc (no envelope)

3 items in envelope

  • Letter from Bill to Chuck
  • Note card from B. Bristol to Chuck
  • Letter from Bill to Chuck
  • Letter from Bill dated March 17, 1976
  • Note Card dated February 4, 1976
  • Letter from Bill dated April 17, 1976


  • Letter regarding Chuck’s manuscript, writes that “since it is so important, I’m going after you where you are sloppy, careless, unclear, etc,” that he’ll get it back to Chuck within a month
  • Note card’s return address is Cameron at Alfred A Knopf, B. Bristol writes that the note card will “acknowledge receipt of” Chuck’s manuscript and photographs, that “Mr. Cameron will be in touch…when he has had a chance to look at it,” etc.
  • Letter from Bill mentions that he is back from the OAH meeting, that he’ll do Chuck’s manuscript and get it back to him soon, etc.

From Bill to Chuck

November 22, 1976


In response to a letter Chuck wrote Bill about Bill’s book, Bill responds to some of Chuck’s observations/thoughts, writes about his mother, etc, ends with “We must get together somehow”  (in envelope)

From Bill to Chuck

Envelope dated January 28, 1976


A letter “to warn you not to expect any commentary for about a month,” mentions lectures he must give, ends with “PS Odum’s father was a good one!”



1981 Street Signs Chicago (with Lewis Kreinberg)

Box 1 (T)




Folder with various reviews and articles on Street Signs Chicago

Most dated 1982


Many of the articles appeared in the Chicago Tribune or other Chicago papers

Correspondence – letters from Lewis and, his wife, Barbara Houlberg during the time of Street Signs Chicago




Research Materials for Street Signs Chicago




Rejection Letters and Various Research for Street Signs Chicago




Box 2 (T)




Original draft titled Get Home Before Dark


171 pages


Newspaper article titled “Chicago a Sign of the Times” - a review of Street Signs Chicago





1986 Blue Desert

Box 1 (R)




A Review of and an article about Blue Desert in the Arizona Daily Star

November 16, 1986

1 photocopy


A Review of Blue Desert in the New Times

October 22-28, 1986

2 photocopies


Partial review from the Arizona Daily Star

No date

1 original but only first part – second part lost


A review in the Tucson Citizen

No date

1 photocopy


A review in the Arizona Republic

September 26, 1986

1 photocopy


Complete original draft of Blue Desert


238 pages, plus one page of acknowledgements


Incomplete original draft of Blue Desert


276 pages, plus one page of acknowledgements


Box 2 (R)




Bound draft titled Blue Desert: underneath the sunbelt


272 pages

Some notes/editing throughout

Box 3 (ZZ) - Miscellaneous




Confidential Manuscript Appraisal from the University of Arizona Press for Blue Desert

No date

4 pages

Questions regarding Blue Desert w/ an anonymous reader’s answers/discussion

Confidential Manuscript Appraisal from the University of Arizona Press for Blue Desert w/ letter to Greg attached (letter explains more thoroughly the reader’s views of the book)

Letter dated February 1, 1986

6 pages

Questions regarding Blue Desert w/ the reader’s answers/thoughts, etc

Letter from Millicent V. Hay

May 29, 1988

2 pages

Asking for permission to use an excerpt from Blue Desert for a guide to writing feature articles, includes the context for the use of the excerpt

Letter from Barry Lopez

August 23, 1987

1 page

Writing to say how much he and his wife enjoyed Blue Desert, compliments aspects of Chuck’s writing, etc

Letter from Gibbs M. Smith from Peregrine Smith Books

August 18, 1988

1 page

Writing in regret of not doing Blue Desert, asks Chuck to let them know if he is writing another book and to let them know, etc.

Original photo/artwork for Blue Desert cover



1 8x12 color

List of number of books ordered, shipped, returned, given free, $ sales, $ returns for Mezcal, Frog Mountain Blues, & Blue Desert

Lists include 1986 thru 1989



Shipping receipt from The Haunted Bookshop in Tucson, AZ for Blue Desert and Frog Mountain Blues

Receipt dated September 28, 1988


Note attached to Tim from Leigh

Letter from Stephen F. Cox from the University of Arizona Press

Dated February 18, 1986


Attached is a Memorandum of Agreement – letter regarding Chuck’s signed contract for Blue Desert, along with a check as their advance against royalties

2 maps – one of Sonoyta and the other of Ajo



Maps studied in preparation for the desert crossing in Blue Desert – also mentioned specifically in essay/chapter “Blue”

Reviews for Blue Desert (manila folder)




Amicus Journal, by Charles H. Callison

Spring 1987

1 photocopy

No title, w/ note attached “Had you seen this?”

New Times, by Diane Chapman

October 22-28, 1986

3 photocopies

Titled “The Genuine Articles”

Western Wildlands, by Bill Vaughn

Winter 1988

1 photocopy

Titled “Mayhem in the Sunbelt”

Unknown source


1 photocopy

Blue Desert mentioned in non-fiction reviews

California Magazine, by William Randolph Heart III

December 1986

1 photocopy

No title

Lexington Herald-Leader, by Gary Dretzka

February 15, 1987

1 photocopy

Titled “Deserts have paid a high price to builders of cities, highways”

American West: People and Places

June 1987

1 photocopy

“University Presses Select ‘Best’ Westerns”

Tucson Citizen, Lawrence W. Cheek

September 20, 1986

1 photocopy and 1 original

“A Bad Report Card on the Southwest”

The AZ Republic, by John Swagerty

September 28, 1986

1 photocopy and 1 original

“’Blue Desert’ author drawn to ‘frenzy of act’”

Midwest Book Review, by James A. Cox

October 13, 1986

1 photocopy

“The Living Wilderness”

Wilson Library Bulletin

March 1987

1 photocopy

No title

Arizona Monthly

February 1987

1 photocopy

“A New Desert View”

Arizona Highways, by Budge Ruffner

May 1987

1 photocopy


Colorado Libraries, by Kathy Weeks Earle

March 1987

1 photocopy

No title

Kirkus Reviews

April 15, 1987

1 photocopy

No title

Lo Que Pasa, by Marjorie Sherrill

November 10, 1986

1 photocopy

“Press introduces ‘sunbelt’ book”

Studies on Neotropical Fauna & Environment

March 1988

1 photocopy

No title

Southern Sierran, by Michael DiGregorio

December 1987

1 photocopy

No title

The Sun Herald, by Gary Dretzka

February 9, 1987

1 original

No title

The Arizona Daily Star, by Ed Severson

November 16, 1986

2 originals

“The prolific Charles Bowden is non-stop writing, talking and living”

The Arizona Daily Star, by Ed Severson

No date

1 photocopy

“’Blue Desert’ author paints bleak portrait”

AB Bookman’s Weekly

June 1, 1987

1 photocopy

No title

The Amicus Journal, by Charles H. Callison

Spring 1987

1 photocopy

No title

American Way, by Richard West

April 15, 1988

1 photocopy

“Dare You Explore?”

Western historical Qtly, by Leonard Bird

January 1988

1 photocopy

No title


1987 Frog Mountain Blues (with photographs by Jack W. Dykinga)

Box 1 (M)




Draft of Afterword

Dated 1994

11 pages


Draft titled Santa Catalina Mountains or without title (difficult to tell…see draft)

Envelope dated December 3, 1984

62 pages

In an envelope addressed to Paul Dicheison

Draft titled Santa Catalina Manuscript


202 pages

w/ bibliography and handwritten editing/notes

Draft titled Frog Mountain Blues: Santa Catalinas, the City, and the Fight for Wild Ground


203 pages

w/ bibliography

Draft titled Frog Mountain Blues: Santa Catalinas, the City, and the Fight for Wild Ground


203 pages

w/ bibliography and w/ flyer from Arizona Print/Copy (probably identical to draft listed directly above)

Box 2 (M)




Draft titled Mountain by the City: The Santa Catalinas



Some handwritten editing, page numbering is confusing…perhaps in parts: pages 1-190, then pages 1-22

Letter from UA Press w/ attached copy of book’s mention in the Arizona Daily Star

September, 2003



Box 3 (ZZ) – Miscellaneous




Letter from A.R. Phillips from Nuevo Leon, Mexico

March 19, 1989


Read Frog Mountain Blues and goes on to tell Chuck about his time in the Catalinas in the 30s – memories, adventures, understandings, etc.  (in envelope – air mail)

Letter from John Burnham

July 31


He agrees with Chuck’s book, details other wildlands, local politics, etc  (no envelope)

Manila folder of reviews




following 4 are in an envelope from the University of Arizona Press dated May 4, 1989




Explorers Journal

March 1989

1 photocopy


Small Press Book Review

May/June 1989

1 photocopy


LA Times Book Review “The Taste of Cactus”

Junuary 8, 1989

1 photocopy


Books of the Southwest

December 1988

1 photocopy


Arizona Daily Star, “Visions of the Catalinas”


1 original


The Arizona Daily Star, “The Literary West: good writers shoot straight from the heart”

November 15, 1992

1 original


Arizona Daily Star, “Saving wilderness is fine, but don’t close Catalinas” by Pete Cowgill

April 26, 1987

1 original and 1 photocopy


Unknown source, “Only abstinence can save Frog Mountain, author says”

Unknown date

1 original


Arizona Republic, “Catalina Conflict: Tucson ruining mountain range, author says”

April 21, 1987

2 originals and 1 photocopy

w/ picture of Zimmerman used in book

Wildlife Federation newsletter, “Wilderness? An Articulate Argument”

No date

1 photocopy


Entertainment Magazine, “On top of Frog Mountain”

June 1987

1 photocopy


The Scientist, “Ecology”

May 18, 1987

1 photocopy


The Bookwatch

June 1987

1 photocopy


Publisher’s Weekly

April 17, 1987

1 photocopy


New Mexico Historical Review

January 1990

1 photocopy


New York Times Book Review, “ A Mountain’s Right to Be”

July 5, 1987

2 photocopies


Library Journal

June 15, 1987

1 photocopy


The Green Valley News, “Many works by Southern Arizona authors currently on the book scene”

May 25, 1988

1 photocopy


The Western Library

April 1988

1 photocopy


Journal of Arizona History

Summer 1988

1 photocopy


Tucson Citizen, “An author’s proposal: Set the Catalinas free”

April 28, 1987

1 photocopy and 1 original copy


Orion Nature Quarterly

Autumn 1988

1 photocopy


Earth Science

Fall 1988

1 photocopy


Western American Literature

March 1988

1 photocopy


The Book Reader

September 1987

1 photocopy


Book Talk

Fall 1987

1 photocopy


The Bloomsbury Review, “Prologue to Environmental Disaster”

July/August 1987

1 original and 1 photocopy


A draft of a review written by Edward Abbey – w/ note written to Chuck from Ed


6 pages

Editing throughout

Envelope from the University of Arizona Press containing a Memorandum of Agreement between Charles Bowden and Jack Dykinga and the University of Arizona Press

Agreement dated September 10, 1984

3 pages total

Letter included from Stephen F. Cox indicating that “enclosed is the signed contract for your book The Santa Catalina Mountains,” etc

Envelope from University of Arizona Press containing a letter from Gregory McNamee and 3 reader reports

Letter dated July 8, 1985


  1. Typed/4 pages (dated July 10, 1985)
  2. Confidential Manuscript Appraisal form/4 pages
  3. 3 yellow pages/handwritten

9 8x10 b&w Jack Dykinga work prints for Frog Mountain Blues.  Development, destruction, a rancher Chuck interviewed.  The book was originally to have had many more photos.




1 green notebook w/ possible titles for Frog Mountain Blues




1 brown notebook w/ interview notes from about 1984 with Zimmerman, a 90 year old man – one of the pioneers who created Mt. Lemmon/Summerhaven community





1988 Mezcal

Box 1 (K)




University of Arizona marketing excerpt


1 original

Includes pages 30-34 from Mezcal and a one page advertisement for Frog Mountain Blues and Blue Desert

University of Arizona Press catalogue

Fall 1998

2 originals

Catalogue includes all publications by University of Arizona press for that season, but seems to focus on Mezcal – i.e. Mezcal cover is used on catalogue cover and Mezcal is first listed

Bound draft of Mezcal

Dated 1987

161 pages

(tan binder) w/ plastic clips marking certain pages

Bound draft of Mezcal

Dated 1987

179 pages

(tan binder)

Bound draft of Mezcal w/ letter from University of Arizona Press

Dated 1987

187 pages

(tan binder) **Letter from UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA Press offers “recommendations on how the work might be revised to take readers’ criticisms into account.” Also, some handwritten notes and yellow sticky papers within manuscript itself.

Box 2 (K)




(2nd) Original draft of Mezcal


234 pages


3 loose pages of Mezcal


Pages 121-123

*loose pages formatted differently than pages of two drafts

(1st) Original draft of Mezcal


191 pages

Some handwritten editing throughout

Box 3 (ZZ)




San Francisco Examiner, “Land of Lost Souls: Stalking ghosts of 49ers in a heartless desert”

August 10, 1987

1 original

This is the story Chuck did to pay for the hospital bills from his son’s birth; it also appears in Mezcal.

In Manila Folder titled “Reviews”





January 1989

1 photocopy


Wilson Library Bulletin

February 1989

1 photocopy


New Mexico Historical Review

April 1989

1 photocopy


Western American Literature

June 1989

1 photocopy


British Bulletin/Publications

April 1989

1 photocopy


Neon (Nevada State Council/Arts)

Summer 1989

1 photocopy


JNL/Arizona History

w/ letter from Karyn E. Prechtel at the University of Arizona Press

Summer 1990

1 photocopy (and letter)


The Sunday Camera Magazine, “Mescal and the desert”

January 15, 1989

1 photocopy


Los Angeles Times Book Review, “The Taste of Cactus”

January 8, 1989

1 photocopy


Los Angeles Times Letters – 2 letters sent in reply to above review, headed w/ “A Prickly Point” – one letter from Lawrence Clark Powell (from Tucson), the famed librarian for whom the library at UCLA(?) is named for, and the other from Linda Civitello of Culver City

February 26, 1989

1 photocopy


The Arizona Daily Star, “Bowden’s ‘Mezcal’ saucy, bottoms-up salute to life”

September 4, 1988

3 originals, 1 photocopy


Kirkus Review

September 1, 1988

2 photocopies


The Arizona Daily Star, “Writer Bowden a serious part of People magazine”

June 15, 1986

1 original


Publisher’s Weekly

August 26, 1988

1 photocopy

In small envelope from University of Arizona Press

The Book Reader

November/December 1988

1 photocopy

In large manila envelope from University of Arizona Press

Arizona Daily Star

December 18, 1988

1 photocopy

In large manila envelope from University of Arizona Press

Boulder Daily Camera

January 15, 1989

1 photocopy

In large manila envelope from University of Arizona Press

Midwest Book Review

February 1989

1 photocopy

In large manila envelope from University of Arizona Press

Science Books & Films

November/December 1988

1 photocopy

In large manila envelope from University of Arizona Press

New Mexico Historical Review

October 1988

1 photocopy

In large manila envelope from University of Arizona Press

Journal of the Southwest

Autumn 1988

1 photocopy

In large manila envelope from University of Arizona Press

Journal of the Southwest

Autumn 1988

1 photocopy

In large manila envelope from University of Arizona Press

Earth Science

Fall 1988

1 photocopy

In large manila envelope from University of Arizona Press

In Manila Folder titled “Outline for Mezcal – Bar Napkin”




Bar Napkin 1



Lists books already published w/ corresponding dates and outlines future book titles and dates (future being after Red Line)

Bar Napkin 2



Outline titled Mescal Highway – categorized by speed limits, dates, locations, and number of pages

Bar Napkin 3



A continuation of above Mescal Highway outline

In Manila Folder titled “Correspondence”




Letter from Gregory L. McNamee to Chuck

September 22, 1987


Writes “In Stephen Cox’s absence, I am returning the signed contract for your book Mezcal,” etc.

Memorandum of Agreement (the signed contract mentioned above)



Signed by Chuck on September 9, 1987

2 letters stapled together

  • (1) Letter from Linda J. Clapp at Houghton Mifflin Company to Edward Abbey
  • (2) Letter from Roger Donald at Little, Brown and Company to Edward Abbey
  • (1) Dated September 22, 1988
  • (2) Dated September 26, 1988


  • (1) regarding the copy of Mezcal Ed sent to Harry Foster, that they’d be interested in seeing any future work by Chuck, etc
  • (2) thanking Ed for sending them a copy of Mezcal, handing it over to Pat Mulcahy, she will get in touch with Chuck, etc.
  • Handwritten note on letter (2) from Edward Abbey to Chuck – mentions sending Chuck’s book to different publishers and that “Peregrine is indeed a splendid book…” etc.


1989 Red Line

Box 1 (K)




Bound draft titled Red Line

Dated 1988

220 pages

(red binder)

Bound draft titled Red Line

Dated 1988

206 pages

(brown binder)

Bound draft titled Red Line

No date

116 pages

(light green binder)

Notice from Harvard Magazine of note on Red Line appearing in their publication

Appeared in July/August 1990 publication

1 photocopy


Box 2 (L)




Draft titled Red Line

Manuscript dated 1988

225 pages

(not bound – just in manila folder) w/ handwritten notes of editing

Bound draft titled Red Line

Dated 1988

225 pages

(dark blue binder)

Box 3 (YY) – Miscellaneous




Royalty statement and other financial statements for Red Line

January 27, 1989

20 pages


Confidential Manuscript Appraisal form w/ letter to Greg attached

No date

5 pages total

Questions w/ discussion and responses to a reading of Red Line

Letter from Gerald Howard

January 10, 1989

1 page

“A note to acknowledge receipt of the reviewed manuscript Red Line,” some questions and thoughts regarding editing of the text, etc

Letter from Timothy Schaffner, Chuck’s literary agent, w/ contract and insurance agreement attached

December 20, 1988

6 pages total


Phoenix magazine, “excerpt from Red Line”

October 1989

1 original


The following in Manila Folder titled “Reviews, Etc.”




Two blurbs – 1 from Jim Harrison and another from Lucius Shepard

Lucius Shepard’s is dated May 15, 1989

1 copy of each

Jim Harrison’s includes a P.S. “I’ve got about 30 galleys on my cabinet but I couldn’t resist this one.”

Advanced Comment on Redline – w/ a photocopy of the book cover

No date

3 photocopies

Includes two reviews – Jim Harrison’s and Lucius Shepard’s – and a description of Red Line

Kirkus Review (review of Red Line)

August 15, 1989

3 photocopies


Book News (review of Red Line)

No date

1 original and 2 photocopies


Book cover for Red Line


1 photocopy and 1 original (page proof version?)


Letter from Gerald Howard at W.W. Norton w/ article titled “Natural Clauses: Nature writers’ pens become their swords”

Letter dated November 13, 1989


w/ Gerald Howard’s business card (w/ handwritten note on business card) and article attached…article mentions Chuck and his writing…letter regarding attached article

Letter from Timothy Schaffner, Chuck’s agent, w/ review attached from Publishers Weekly

Letter dated August 3, 1989

Review dated August 4, 1989


Comments that it is an excellent review.

Publishers Weekly review

August 4, 1989

1 original, 1 photocopy


Los Angeles Times, “Sand in the Minimalist Paint”

December 24, 1989

2 photocopies, 1 original



No date

1 original, 2 photocopies


Envelope with a copy of the review in the Boston Phoenix  and Gerald Howard’s business card

Envelope dated February 9, 1990

Review dated January (complete date unavailable)

1 photocopy

Handwritten note on business card

Manila Folder titled “Red Line Correspondence”




From Timothy Schaffer to Gery Howard

November 22, 1988


Regarding publication, points of the negotiation, other details

From Timothy Schaffer to Sara Fisher

January 22, 1989


Includes mention of Red Line; he’ll be sending copies of the final revised manuscript and more comments on Chuck and his work

From Timothy Schaffer to Tom Miller

June 29, 1989


Regarding pieces for Tom’s anthology – Chuck cited

From Timothy Schaffer to Dan Frank

November 2, 1988


Sending Chuck’s manuscript, a summary of Red Line, mentions that he is sending the manuscript to a few select editors around town, etc

From Timothy Schaffer to Pat MulCahy

November 2, 1988


Sending Chuck’s manuscript, a summary of Red Line, mentions that he is sending the manuscript to a few select editors around town, etc

From Timothy Schaffer to Michael Pietsch

November 2, 1988


Sending Chuck’s manuscript, a summary of Red Line, mentions that he is sending the manuscript to a few select editors around town, etc

From Timothy Schaffer to Jack MacRae

November 2, 1988


Sending Chuck’s manuscript, a summary of Red Line, mentions that he is sending the manuscript to a few select editors around town, etc

From Bill Hamilton (from A.M. Heath) to Tim Schaffer

December 20, 1988


A response to Red Line, talk of a deal, etc

From Rebecca R. Castillo at W.W. Norton to Leigh Tillman

January 17, 1989


Enclosed is the “fully executed copy of the contract for Charles Bowden’s Red Line as well as a check,” etc (documents attached)

From Timothy Schaffer to Elizabeth Darby Junkin

July 7, 1989


Timothy heard about Buzzworm through Charles Bowden, including a galley for her consideration as an excerpt, etc (galley and Buzzworm article attached)

From Bob Shacochis to Timothy Schaffer

July 8, 1989


Includes Bob’s blurb for Chuck’s book

From Timothy Schaffer to Dick Vonier

July 24, 1989


Sending, at the author’s request, a copy of the bound galleys, mentions that if he would like to excerpt the book in City Magazine to let him know, etc

Copy of Red Line’s jacket cover




From Leigh Tillman to Scott Anderson

February 8, 1989


Enclosed is that “consideration of the Uni Book of Holland, the revised manuscript of Red Line by Charles Bowden,” etc  (manuscript not included here)

From Timothy Schaffer to Harry Foster

October 4, 1988


Description of Red Line, some handwritten editing within letter (?), total of 3 pages

From Anne Dubuisson to Bill Hamilton

January 9, 1990


Attached is a ‘mixed’ review from the Los Angeles Times (stapled to letter)

From Gerald Howard to Bill Buford

November 10, 1989


Regarding publishing Red Line in England, etc

** reply from Bill attached – says he wishes it weren’t so, but they had already looked into Red Line and had to turn it down, etc

***Gerald Howard’s business card with handwritten note – “first honest letter from Buford this year”

From Andy McKillop to Bill Hamilton

October 2, 1989


Is returning copies of Red Line and Mezcal, can’t make a deal/make an offer, etc

From Jan Spauschus at Bertelsmann Publiching Group to Timothy Schaffer

September 20, 1989


They can’t take up Red Line, saying that in the end they “were daunted by the fact that they find the book neither thriller nor literary memoir, but something in between”

From Bill Hamilton at A.M. Heath to Timothy Schaffer

September 19, 1989


In thanks for the jackets, lists people who have seen the book, etc

From Leigh Tillman at Schaffner Agency to Sara Fisher

June 5, 1989

1 original, 1 copy

Includes Jim Harrison’s blurb – including his P.S. (see mention above)

Letter from Dan Franklin at Martin, Secker, and Warburg to Bill Hamilton

Attached note from Bill to Tim (“A very close shave!”)

Letter dated May 9, 1989


Undecided about Red Line, but must say no, mentions Heinemann’s Coyotes – how it bombed, can’t take another chance, etc

From Bill Hamilton to Tim Schaffner

April 4, 1989


Regarding the note about Mike Fishwick and two typescripts, hopes he can get a sale for Tim soon

From Timothy Schaffner to Michael Fishwick

March 29, 1989


Thanks Michael for the “enthusiastic letter about Charles Bowden,” refers to Bill Hamilton in the UK, tells Michael to call Bill, etc

** letter attached from Michael Fishwick to Timothy about meeting with Geral Howard while in NY and hearing about Charles Bowden, interested in status of the book, etc

From David Godwin at Jonathan Cape Limited to Bill Hamilton

March 23, 1989


Getting back to Bill about Red Line, doesn’t want to pursue it, mention “how many travel books seem to be appearing,” etc.

From Timothy Schaffner to Bill Hamilton

December 7, 1988


Tim is “delighted to hear that you’d like to take on the Charles Bowden manuscript, Red Line,” details of plan and intentions, their excitement, etc

** letter from Bill attached, says send the manuscript a.s.a.p. and that he is “shocked that Gerry should want to buy anything as degenerate as this!”

From Timothy Schaffner to Sara Fisher at A.M. Heath

December 13, 1988


Bringing to attention a new sale and new client, Charles Bowden, Red Line that he recently sold to Norton, specifics about Chuck, ** attached are “letters recently sent along with submissions to Mondadori and Maria Campbell Associates,” etc

From Timothy Schaffner to Sonny Mehta at Alfred Knopf

November 2, 1988


Mentions manuscript sent with letter, description of Red Line, specifics about Chuck, etc

From Timothy Schaffner to Bill Hamilton

November 28, 1988


Mentions meeting with Bill in New York, that he has “begun shopping around a manuscript by a terrific new non-fiction writer from the Southwest named Charles Bowden,” specifics about Chuck, etc

Letter from Gerald Howard to Chuck

January 5, 1990


He’ll “bang out a long overdue communiqué on Red Line, your future, and related matters,” etc (2 page letter – in envelope)

From Gerald Howard at W.W. Norton to Chuck

September 12, 1989


Included is Red Line “in finished form,” other details, etc.

From Gerald Howard at W.W. Norton to Chuck

April 19, 1989


Included are galleys, also the copyedited manuscript, other details of publication, etc

Letter from Anne Dubuisson to Chuck, included are the royaly statements for Red Line

No date on letter

Royalty statement ‘to’ September 30, 1989


In envelope

From Gerald Howard to Chuck

February 14, 1989


Included is copyedited manuscript of Red Line, other details, etc

From Timothy Schaffner to Chuck

September 13, 1988

2 originals

Writes, “I am a literary agent in New York City, and I am writing you today to offer my representation of your future work,” admiration, details of his career, etc

From Timothy Schaffner to Gerald Howard

November 22, 1988


He is “pleased to have come to terms for Charles Bowden’s Red Line and glad to hear the plan to publish this in the fall of ’89,” details the points of negotiation, etc

From Timothy Schaffner to Gerry Howard

No date


Attached is “a little bit of publicity,” AZ Daily Star review included

Letter from Udo Zindel to Ed Barber and Gerald Howard (handwritten editing in letter)

June 26, 1992


Using Red Line and Desierto in their radio-portrait of the American author Charles Bowden, attached is the terms of agreement and a copy of the transcript of the radio program

Payment summary for Red Line (advance due on publication)

With letter from Janine Steel to Jeannie Luciano

Letter date May 1, 1991



Letter from Timothy Schaffner to Gerald Howard

May 18, 1989


Attached is the first quote by Lucius Shepard, etc – quote and cover picture of Chuck attached

Payment summary for Red Line

‘to’ September 30, 1992



From Timothy Schaffner to Chuck

September 13, 1988



Letter from Chuck to Timothy Schaffner

September 27, 1988


Agreeing that Timothy be his agent, other matters, etc

** attached is letter from Linda J. Clapp at Houghton Mifflin Company to Chuck mentioning that Ed Abbey just sent her Mezcal, her company’s interest in seeing more of Chuck’s work, etc

Letter from Timothy Schaffner to Gerald Howard

November 2, 1988


Sending Red Line to Howard, details of Red Line, etc

Letter from Chuck to Timothy Schaffner (handwritten)

No date


Mentions sending books and reviews of Mezcal along with note, responds to idea of sending manuscript to Britain, etc

“Noted on Desierto by Charles Bowden”

No date

1 page

No signature/author – just notes

Letter from Timothy Schaffner to Bob Shacochis

May 16, 1989


Sending a bound galley of Red Line, details about Chuck, asking for a blurb

A handwritten photocopy of a blurb by Jim Harrison




Letter from Gerald Howard to Timothy Shaffner

June 7, 1989


“an encouraging turndown from Bill Buford on Red Line,” and some thoughts on the process of selling the book

From Timothy Schaffner to Bob Shacochis

July 21, 1989


A thanks for offering blurb, etc

** letter attached from Bob to Timothy w/ blurb included

From Patricia Mulcahy at Little, Brown and Company to Chuck

October 11, 1988


Mentions that Edward Abbey sent them a copy of Mezcal, that they think Abbey sent them the book because “he thinks [Chuck] deserves a publisher with more clout in the marketplace than the University of Arizona,” etc

Letter from Emily Heckman at North Point Press to Edward Abbey

January 4, 1989


Writes “last summer you wrote to Jack Shoemaker about a writer named Charles Bowden,” they are interested in his latest book, locate and tell him this for us, etc

Letter from Gerald Howard to Chuck

December 28, 1988


Edited manuscript sent with letter, goes through suggestions for Chuck to consider, etc

From Timothy Schaffner to Dan Mazur

June 12, 1989


Including a copy of Red Line for their consideration, details about Chuck and Red Line, etc

From Timothy Schaffner to Maria Matthiessen at Conde Nast Traveler

November 6, 1989


Including a copy of Red Line for their consideration, details about Chuck and Red Line, etc

Letter from Timothy Schaffner to Gerald Howard

May 2, 1989


Lists potential readers/blurbers for Red Line, other thoughts, etc

End folder




Arizona Daily Star, “Southwestern Books to Savor”

December 17, 1989


Mention of Red Line

2 notebooks of notes from time writing Red Line




Red Line jacket photo of Chuck with his Rednecks for Social Responsibility cap






1991 Desierto

Box 1 (R)




Miscellaneous Reviews


The New York Times Book Review (9/91), Tucson Citizen (9/91), and The Arizona Republic (10/91)

4 photocopies total

Norton Book News (compilation of reviews on Desierto from Norton)


 5 originals

1 business card w/ handwritten note from Gerald Howard, editor at Norton, two other miscellaneous copies of reviews w/ Gerald Howard’s initials

Bound draft titled Desierto


115 pages

Titled on 3rd page Desierto: The Fire also w/ subtitles for small sections (unlike the published version)

Box 2 (R)




Next to Last Draft of Desierto – titled Desierto: Memories of the Future (the subtitle love, blood & the moon is crossed out)


212 pages

Some handwriting

Box 3 (ZZ) – Miscellaneous




4 color slides of Frank Franklin’s angel oil painting in 9th Street house.  Cover painting for Desierto.




1 5x7 of Chuck at the fiesta at Aduano Mexico in front of sign that says TIRO AL NEGRO.  Chuck submitted this as the author photo for Desierto, but the publisher refused to use it.




2 color snapshots of three women and Merv Larson in Mexico.  (Merv, a close friend of Chuck’s, was one of the original directors of the Desert Museum.  He built a hotel on the site of the old hospital in Alamos.  The woman on the left died that afternoon…In Desierto.)




Letter from Elizabeth Morris

October 31, 1991


After having read Desierto, a fan letter  (in envelope)

Letter from Bob Headley

November 6, 1991


Mentions Dick Kirkpatrick, writing “in praise of Desierto,” etc

Page of notes from Joe(?) regarding his reading of Desierto

No date


Handwritten notes as well

Royalty statement from W.W. Norton & Company for Desierto: Memories of the Future

From October 1, 1991 to March 31, 1992



Letter from Timothy Schaffner

March 27, 1989

2 pages

His thoughts on Desierto, criticism and praise, etc

Manila Folder w/ various reviews, mentions, etc




New York Times Book Review, “Our Home in the Desert”

January 12, 1992

2 photocopies


Esquire, “Books of the Month”

July 1991

2 photocopies


LA Times, “In Brief”

June 16, 1991

2 photocopies & 1 original


Unknown source


2 photocopies

A mention of Desierto – no date, no source

Publishers Weekly

April 19, 1991

2 photocopies


Kirkus Reviews

May 15, 1991

2 photocopies


Outside, “Wild Talk”

October 1991

2 photocopies


New York Times Book Review, New York Times, “Where the Ground Boils and Plants Lust for Blood”

September 22, 1991

2 photocopies & 1 original


Santa Barbara News-Press, “Post-modern existence: Line drawn in the sand”

October 25, 1991

2 photocopies & 1 original


The Arizona Republic, “’Desierto’: The future isn’t what it used to be”

November 10, 1991

2 photocopies & 1 original


El Palacio

Winter 1991-1992

2 photocopies


Morning Star Telegram, “’Easy’ computer manual functions as great aid”

July 22, 1991

1 photocopy

w/ note attached from Emma Lewis, editorial assistant at W.W. Norton & Company

Draft of a review by Christopher Merrill

No date

2 typed pages

Some editing throughout

Transcript of the review by Minnesota Public Radio by Leonard Lang

Aired July 20, 1991

3 pages


Clip of a review – unknown source and date




Original clip w/ picture of Chuck – unknown source and date




Original clip advertising for a ‘meet the author’ at the Associated Students at the University of Arizona (ASUA) Bookstore




2 flyers for the ASUA Bookstore ‘meet the author’

Chuck is scheduled for October 9



Coyote’s Voice Books, a Tucson bookstore owned by John & Tanya Messina, Book signing flyer

Scheduled for September 6



Unknown source, “Top Forty Hits: Summer of ‘92”

Summer 1992

1 photocopy


Changing Hands: Best-Sellers

No date

1 photocopy


Copy of the Arizona Republic Review “’Desierto’: The future isn’t what it used to be”

November 21, 1991


Sent w/ note from Jennifer Powers at Schaffner Agency

2 reviews – 1 from LA Times and the other from GQ

June 18, 1991


Sent w/ note from Timothy Schaffner

Manila folder titled Business Correspondence




42 items of various correspondence with the people at Schaffner Agency, the University of Arizona, and others (primarily w/ Schaffner Agency)



Includes royalty statements, advances, agreements, and other business

Notable mention – a letter to Timothy Schaffner to Gerry (editor) w/ a letter by Chuck attached, Chuck’s letter regarding his finished manuscript, that it is time “to turn the manuscript over to you guys,” and a photocopy of a photo by Mexican photographer Graciela Iturbide titled “Mujer Angel” which Chuck thought perfectly sums up the book in visual terms

Issue of Zone: Southwest Art and Literature, w/ profile of Charles Bowden concerning Desierto, etc. – page 38

Fall 1991

1 original


10 notebooks w/ notes on Desierto






1992 The Sonoran Desert (with photographs by Jack W. Dykinga)

Box 1 (shared w/ Expansions Box 1) (YY)




1 notebook



Jack Dykinga and Chuck went to San Francisco to see about doing a book for Jack.  It didn’t work out then, and these are the notes about how he wasted time.  But eventually these ideas became The Sonoran Desert in 1992

Manila Folder titled “Correspondence”




Letter from Jennifer Powers at Schaffner Agency to Chuck

October 13, 1993


“Check representing the Harry N. Abrams royalties for the title Sonoran Desert”

Letter from Timothy Schaffner to Robert Morton

Attached are two letters

  • (1) From Robert Morton at Harry N. Abrams, Inc. to Timothy Schaffner
  • (2) From Robert Morton to Jack Dykinga

February 18, 1991

  • (1) February 6, 1991
  • (2) March 20, 1991


A letter of thanks for agreeing to publish The Sonoran Desert, other details of the deal, etc

  • (1) regarding the book that Jack proposed, details of the deal, etc
  • (2) mentions the contracts, etc.

From Jennifer at Schaffner Agency to Chuck

February 24, 1993


Royalty statement from Harry N. Abrams attached, etc.

From Jennifer Powers to Chuck

November 22, 1991


Mentions an enclosed check representing the Harry N. Abrams balance of the advance due for The Sonoran Desert, also (attached) letter from Christine Liotta to Chuck referring to the payment (dated November 19, 1991)



1992 Expansions (with photographs by William Lesch)

Box 1 (shared with The Sonoran Desert Box 1) (YY)




In Manila Folder titled “Correspondence”




Letter from Timothy Schaffner to Gerald Howard

November 1, 1990


Refers to “the collaborative project between Charles Bowden and William Lesch,” description of the idea for the book, details of Lesch’s photography, etc

Letter from Gerald Howard to Timothy Schaffner

December 19, 1990


Refers to Chuck’s text and Lesch’s photographs, writes they “are tremendous photos, but they’re just not in Norton’s taste range,” etc.

1 notebook - notes w/ Bill Lesch for piece Aperture magazine wouldn’t print on his strange acrylic photography






1993 The Secret Forest (with photographs by Jack W. Dykinga)

Box 1 (M)




Bound draft titled The Secret Forest


105 pages 1 bound copy


Draft titled The Secret Forest


105 pages

w/ some notes/edits throughout

Draft titled The Secret Forest


105 pages and at end there are two parts both 34 pages

w/ some notes/edits throughout

Arizona Daily Star

Sunday, December 19, 1993

Review of Trust Me w/ picture showing Chuck and Dykinga when they “produced ‘The Secret Forest’”

1 original

Alamos: El Bosque en Peligro de Extincion (Mexican Publication called Opinion)

November 1993

2 originals

About Alamos w/ an article about Chuck at end

Box 2 (YY)




4 3x5 color snapshots

1 5x7 b&w

1 8x10 b&w



Dykinga work prints for The Secret Forest.  The woman lived with her family in the Sierra Madre and macaws nested in her house.  Chuck said the Mexicans came in and killed the birds.

1 8x10 color copy of the Rio Cuchujaqui near Alamos

1 8x10 color copy of Candy Joe

** w/ letter from Jim Breighaupt to Chuck

Letter dated November 12, 2001


Photos from the Federal Reserve near Alamos. Candy Joe lived there and sold phony artifacts.

The letter is from Jim Brighaupt; he writes that he thought Chuck might enjoy the photos and “if not, they might make nice placemats,” and later writes “Time to read Sometimes a Great Notion,” etc.  (in envelope)

Summit Hut’s Desert Skies, excerpt from The Secret Forest (including photos)

Fall/Winter 1993

1 original

Dave Baker, the owner of Summit Hut (an outdoor sporting store), is an old friend of Chuck’s.  They did extensive hiking and climbing together.

2 notebooks with notes pertaining to The Secret Forest




Draft titled The Secret Forest: Sonora tropical

No date

97 pages

“by Charles Bowden & Paul S. Martin” with a list of other authors (J.P.S. Brown, Cabeza de Vaca, Manuel Gil, Sor Juana, B. Traven, etc.)

The Secret Forest calendar

1994 calendar

2 originals

Photographs by Jack W. Dykinga, Text by Charles Bowden

*Loose in storage box


1993 Trust Me: Charles Keating and the Missing Billions (with Michael Binstein)

Box 1 (S) (box marked “First draft of Keating”)




“Savings & Loan Scandal” trading cards



Set of 36 cards, “The Keating Five” is #19

Draft titled Welcome Home: Charlie Keating’s adventures in the American way of life


547 pages

Footnotes and handwritten comments/edits throughout

Box 2 (S) (box marked “’92 Original draft of Keating”




Draft titled Charlie: adventures in the American way of life

Title page dated “draft, 1992”

418 pages


Box 3 (S)




Tucson Weekly w/ article titled “Billionaire Bandit” – an excerpt from Trust Me

July 14-20, 1993

1 original


Phoenix magazine – interview with Chuck titled “Do We Really Know Charlie Keating?”

June 1993

2 photocopies

Dick Vonier, editor

Draft titled Charlie: adventures in the American way of life

Title page dated “draft, 1992”

304 pages


Box 4 (T)




Proof titled Trust Me

Dated 3/4/93

416 pages

w/ some marks/editing throughout

Box 5 (BBB)




2 photocopies copies of Keating’s prison photo from California

Dated April 16, 1992



2 photocopies copies of Charles Keating sitting at the head of his conference table with big smile




Review in Publishers Weekly of Trust Me

May 10, 1993

2 originals

A draft of the review sent from Random House

Published review in Publisher’s Weekly

May 10, 1993

1 original


2 4x6 prints of Michael Binstein



The photo used on the jacket cover for Trust Me

2 4x6 prints of Charles Bowden



The photo used on the jacket cover for Trust Me

The Phoenix Gazette, “Keating: A Man Possessed”

June 27, 1993

1 original

Except from Trust Me

The Phoenix Gazette, “Keating: Politicians

 Money man”

June 28, 1993

1 original

Except from Trust Me

The Phoenix Gazette, “Keating’s life among the natives”

June 29, 1993

1 original

Except from Trust Me

The Phoenix Gazette, “Keating’s true pals: Tongans”

June 30, 1993

1 original

Except from Trust Me

The Phoenix Gazette, “Boss’s ways keep women off balance”

July 1, 1993

1 original

Except from Trust Me

The Phoenix Gazette, “Tricky deals feed profits to Keating”

July 2, 1993

1 original

Except from Trust Me

The Phoenix Gazette, “As deals end, a private man endures fall”

July 3, 1993

1 original

Except from Trust Me

Tucson Weekly, “Billionaire Bandit”

July 14-July 20, 1993

1 original

Except from Trust Me

Phoenix magazine, “Charles Keating and the Missing Billions”

June 1993

2 originals

Except from Trust Me

Penthouse, “Charlie Keating’s Wild and Crazy World”

July 1993

1 original

Article by Charles Bowden and Michael Binstein

Letter from Charles V.H. Delfosse

September 29, 1993


In appreciation of book, personal thoughts on Keating  (in envelope)

Box 6 (BBB)




Review in At Random: Books and Bookpeople from Random House, “Unlocking the door”

Spring 1993

1 original, pages 4-5


AZ Republic, “D.C. insider, desert poet dissect Keating,” & “Keating book digs deeper than scandal to find America”

July 26, 1993

2 photocopies, 1 original


Summer Bookfest ’93, “Cheating with Keating”


1 photocopy


New Times, “Way off Abbey’s Road”

August 4-10, 1993

1 original, page 26


Arizona Daily Star, advertisement for book

July 4, 1993

1 original


AZ Daily Star, “Master of the Game”

July 25, 1993

1 original


New York Times, advertisement for book

No date

1 photocopy of very poor quality


The Boston Globe, “The complex king of the S&L scandal”

June 30, 1993

2 photocopies


Chicago Tribune, “Big-time swindling by a modern-day Citizen Kane”

July 22, 1993

2 faxed copies – computer format (prepublication)


Letter from Richard ben Cramer, author of What It Takes and winner of a Pulitzer Prize

No date


2 copies of letter of advance praise on paper with Schaffner letterhead

Publishers Weekly, Forecasts

May 10, 1993

2 color photocopies, 1 original sent from Random House


Kirkus Reviews

May 1, 1993

2 advance photocopies


Upfront Advance Reviews

May 25, 1993 (date of fax)

2 faxed copies


Los Angeles Times Book Review

August 8, 1993

2 photocopies



Los Angeles Times, Opinion Section, “Keating’s Wild Spending Kept Employees on Edge”

August 8, 1993

2 photocopies


Box 7 (BBB)




96 letters/correspondence – manila folder



Mostly from Schaffner Agency Inc – payment summaries, magazines wanting to use excerpts from Trust Me, communication with Chuck about the progress of publication and reviews, etc

Phoenix magazine, “I went to Charlie Keating’s Birthday Party” by Wendy White-Ring

June 1992

1 original


Draft titled “Nowhere Man” (the excerpt used in Phoenix magazine June 1993)


14 pages

w/ editing in type

Color copy of Keating’s prison picture

Photo dated April 16, 1992

1 original


1 4x6 color snapshot of Charles Keating, his son, Chuck, and Dick Vonier

Late ‘80s



Manila folder w/ 2 articles relating to Keating


- The Cincinnati Enquire, 8/23/93

- The Cincinnati Enquire, 8/24/93

Concerning the Lindner empire

Manila folder titled “correspondence and miscellany”




Playboy article on Keating by Joe Morgenstern, “Profit Without Honor”

No date

1 photocopy


Review in Tucson Citizen

January 18, 1992

1 photocopy


Phoenix magazine, “My Dinner With Charlie” by Dick Vonier

June 1992

1 photocopy

Mentions Wendy White-Ring’s article in the same issue about going to Keating’s birthday party

Letter from Timothy Schaffner to Bob Vare

December 14, 1992


Bob is interested in seeing manuscript of Trust Me, other details

From Timothy Schaffner to Bill Hamilton

November 23, 1992


Regarding publishing Trust Me in Britain, etc

From Jennifer Powers at Schaffner Agency to David Rosenthal at Random House

March 9, 1992


Attached article from Playboy w/ mention of Keating book

3 articles/reviews relating to Trust Me and notes between Jennifer and Timothy

No date

1 photocopy of each article


Draft titled “Keating Intro” and then more of a draft of a part of the book


Intro is 3 pages and the rest is 24 pages


7 letters to Chuck and Michael regarding details of the book deal with Schaffner Agency  - some copies of rejection letters, publishers uninterested, etc




3 articles about Keating –



The New York Times, November 17, 1989

The New York Times, unknown date

The New York Times, November 9, 1989

The Phoenix Gazette, “Keating: A Man Possessed”

June 27, 1993

1 original

Excerpt from Trust Me

The Arizona Daily Star, “Master of the Game”

July 25, 1993

1 original

Review of the book

Proposal for book and draft of chapter



The Basic Idea (proposal) pages 1-6

All the Wild Horses (draft) pages 7-24

Proposal for book and draft of chapters



The Basic Idea pages 1-5

Book titled Charlie: a man for our times

All the Wild Horses pages 5-8

Chapter 1 pages 9-21

Box 8 (CCC) - Notebooks




4 small notebooks w/ notes on Keating




1 large notebook and 1 small notebook on the writing of Trust Me




1 notebook with financial notes on Keating




1 notebook with Keating notes at hotel




1 notebook with notes on Keating’s office with Keating




1 notebook with Alamos notes




1 notebook with notes on Keating and the trip to El Giereto




1 notebook with notes from the evening Mary Martha and Chuck sat near Keating in Tomaso’s, an Italian restaurant in Scottsdale.



Tomaso’s is where Keating held “court” in the years before he went to prison.

1 notebook with notes on the interview with Ernie Garcia for Keating and notes on earlier article for German GEO






1995 Blood Orchid: An Unnatural History of America

Box 1 (Y)




Letter to Kate Manning from Chuck


2 originals

**Kate is the daughter of the lawyer, Mike Manning, whom Chuck wrote an article about in G.Q. Nov ’96.  The letter was sent with a copy of Blood Orchid

Copy of the cover for  Blood Orchid


1 original


Envelope with changes made to paperback edition of Blood Orchid

Envelope dated 9/17/01



Advanced Uncorrected Proof of Blood Orchid: An Unnatural History

Copyright 1995, tentative publication date April 1995

1 original


Draft of Blood Orchid

Dated 1993

249 pages


Box 2 (Y)




Draft titled Blood Orchid: Off the Road

Dated “draft, 1993”

269 pages

Folder marked “Blood Orchid from Schaffan Agency”

Box 3 (Y)




Letter to Meg Clarke (Meg and her husband, Chris, were friends from Arivaca, AZ)

Dated 4/26/93

1 page

Sent with draft of Blood Orchid

Draft titled Blood Orchid

Dated 1994

276 pages


Envelope addressed to Meg Clarke, from Chuck

Dated April 26, 1993


Empty, but it contained the following draft of Blood Orchid

Draft titled Blood Orchid


279 pages


Box 4 (EEE)




draft titled I’m In Love With Your Cruelty


15 pages

Text by Charles Bowden, Photography by David Burckhalter

Draft titled The End of the Road: leaving the West behind


48 pages


Draft titled I’m In Love With Your Cruelty


15 pages

Text by Charles Bowden, Photography by David Burckhalter

2 page draft, untitled




Draft titled Blood Orchid: off the road


285 pages


Draft titled The Long Drunk: kill this bottle


20 pages


Partial draft of Blood Orchid in FedEx envelope

Envelope dated 11/30/97

Sent by Kathy Anderson

Pages 254 thru 279, w/ extensive editing throughout

Box 5 (EEE)




Letter from Cinco Puntos Press to Chuck

Dated January 31, 1994


Attached is a 3 page document referred to in the letter as Sundance’s obit (obituary), letter mentions Sundance’s materials, that it has become something of a mess, etc.   (in envelope)

Card w/ wolf and stars from Sundance to Chuck

No date


To have a merry Christmas, other details, etc

Card from Fred and Along (her name) to Chuck

No date


To have a merry Christmas, etc..

** This is the woman who speaks of the long drunk of the Indians in Blood Orchid.  Chuck was driving her somewhere, they started talking, etc.  She and her husband supplied the wolves for the movie Dances With Wolves

Arizona Republic article, titled “’Blood’ feud: Renegade Tucson writer attacks American myths”

September 18, 1995

1 original

w/ photo of Chuck in 9th Street living room

Letter from Tad Floidis at Random House, Inc. to Chuck/Timothy Schaffner

September 13, 1993


Mentions an enclosed check for Blood Orchid, etc.

Letter from Chuck to ‘Gentlemen’ at Random House Inc.

September 9, 1993


A request for an advance on Blood Orchid (see letter above)

3 letters/photocopies of checks representing an advance from Random House

September 15, 1993 & July 11, 1991



Letter from Michelle Humphrey at Anderson Literary Management to Chuck

May 10, 2007


Royalty statements for Blues for Cannibals and Blood Orchid for the period ending December 2006  (statements included)   (in envelope)

Letter from Chuck to Kate Manning

No date


Regarding having read Blood Orchid, Chuck mentions her dad (Mike Manning), other details about Blood Orchid, etc  (no envelope)

A clear folder containing photographs (4 following items) pertaining to Blood Orchid – In Blood Orchid Chuck writes the story of his friend, Sundance, a Sioux from the Standing Rock Reservation in the Dakotas.  On his death, Chuck pulled a horse trailer containing Sundance’s corpse from LA to Standing Rock for his funeral.




Group I – 6 4x6 color snapshots of Chuck and Sundance (alive) in Laughlin, Nevada




Group II – 8 4x6 color snapshots of Sundance’s coffin in horse trailer and abandoned bars and jails.  Chuck had promised him to stop at all the bars Sundance loved and at the jails where he had been incarcerated between L.A. and Standing Rock.




Group III – 15 4x6 color snapshots of Sundance’s funeral and of Chuck at Standing Rock




1 8x10 b&w of Sundance and the photographer Marc Gaede in downtown LA taken by Half Pint, a woman, April of ’91.  Note in Chuck’s handwriting “prostrate to the bone” possibly referencing Sundance’s cancer.




Cassette tape w/ songs listened to while writing Blood Orchid



Tom Waits, Michelle Shocked, Chris Isaak, etc…

Box 6 (EEE) – Notebooks




6 small notebooks w/ notes on Blood Orchid




1 large notebook w/ notes on McCain testifying at the Keating trial in L.A. – ended up in Blood Orchid




1 large notebook w/ notes when Chuck was still thinking about Lola but it became Blood Orchid




1 small notebook w/ notes to self after having sold Blood Orchid and they wouldn’t publish it




1 small notebook w/ notes on what became of Blood Orchid – ruminating on the road




1 small notebook w/ notes when trying to figure out Blood Orchid – before he had written a word of it




1 small notebook w/ notes trying to figure out what becomes of Blood Orchid




Video tape of Sundance on WBC News on 5/21/93




Letter from Marc Gaede (cc: Barry Hirsch and Timothy McFlynn) to Chuck

December 27, 1993

1 page

Regarding using Sundance material in Blood Orchid, he writes “I have never granted you any permission whatsoever to use any Robert Sundance material in your book Blood Orchid.  If you have thought otherwise by some misunderstanding, then let this letter correct the situation,” etc.

(in envelope)

The funeral announcement for Robert Sundance




Note: Because of a foul-up at the publishers, no review copies of Blood Orchid were ever sent out – so it was, as Chuck put it, “Dead at birth.”  However, someone from the Lannan Foundation heard an excerpt from it on the radio while driving to Chicago.  As a result, Blood Orchid was nominated and won the Lannan Foundation Award for Non-fiction in 1996, which carried with it a $50,000 prize.






1996 Stone Canyons of the Colorado Plateau (with photographs by Jack W. Dykinga)

Box 1 (YY)




Visions of the Grand Staircase-Escalante: Examining Utah’s Newest National Monument, edited by Robert B. Keiter, Sarah B. George, and Joro Walker

Copyright 1998

1 original


3 notebooks with notes on Mt. Meadows massacre site in Southern Utah, etc – w/ M.M.






1996 Chihuahua: Pictures from the Edge (with photographs by Virgil Hancock)





Box 1




Draft titled Chihuahua: A Piece of the Picture


67 pages


3 notebooks w/ notes taken while in Chihuahua




2 color 8x10 Virgil Hancock work prints for Chihuahua: Pictures from the Edge, neither of which were used in the book.

1 color snapshot of Virgil, under gray cover, shooting Chihuahua






1998 Juarez: The Laboratory of Our Future





Box 1 (L)




(early) Juarez page proofs



The page proofs for the photos w/ yellow sticky papers and notes throughout (different subtitle – “crossing the lines”)

(later) Juarez page proofs for cover



Only the cover, w/ the photographers’ names listed at bottom

Juarez page proofs

Dated 7/23/97


Photographs and writing, some notes and yellow sticky paper throughout

Hardcover page proofs



w/ notes

Box 2 (L)




Tape recording and typed transcript of interview w/ Chuck about book

Typed transcript dated 11/9/98



First draft of Juarez


75 pages

w/ footnotes, endnotes, and some handwritten notes

Early Draft of Juarez – including Noam Chomsky’s preface and three chapter headings of Chuck’s


62 pages


Draft titled Double Negative: making love in the laboratory of Juarez and kindred badlands


177 pages

Note from Chuck at very beginning of draft explaining something of the stage the piece is in.  Draft includes five chapter headings of Chuck’s

Box 3 (XX)




73 colored slides of photos submitted to Aperture for Juarez: Laboratory of our Future by the street photographers of Juarez, Mexico




Color photocopy of woman’s face – appears in book




Email from Julian Cardona to Chuck

February 9, 2001

2 originals

Regarding specific photos, the stories behind the photos

Houston Press, “See Juarez”

December 11-17, 1997

1 original

Includes excerpts and photographs from book

The New York Times, “Pictures of life and death at the edge of a new era”

July 6, 1997


Photographs taken by the street photographers – many that appeared in the book

Diverseworks Artscape, “Stories About Us: Photographs from Juarez” – a catalogue


1 original


L’Humanite hebdo, article about the murders of women in Juarez by Thomes Cantaloube (letter from Thomes included)

Letter dated March 6, 2000

1 original

Letter to Chuck w/ Thomes’ business card

Following in Manila Folder titled “Reviews, etc”




USA Today, “Border is no barrier on Rio Grande”

December 3, 1999

1 original

An article on the border that mentions the book

El Paso Times, “Awards herald best of Southwest”

February 22, 1999

1 original

Lists Juarez among others

Arizona Daily Star, “Southern Arizona Authors”

July 5, 1998

1 original

Juarez listed w/ picture of book cover

The Connection, Book Review

August 1998

1 original


The New York Times, on the web – “Images of an Economy Devouring the Poor”

March 22, 1998

1 printed copy – 5 pages


Tucson Monthly, “Capturing Northern Mexico’s Spirit”

May 1998

1 original


El Paso Daily, “Images depict a harsh reality”

May-June 1998

3 photocopies


New Times, “The Reporter as Lyricist”

October 1997

2 copies printed from the internet – 5 pages


El Paso Times, “Images depict harsh reality”

May 24, 1998

1 original


Tucson Weekly, “Into Juarez”

March 19-25, 1998

1 original


American Photo, photojournalism, “Life on the Borderline”

September/October 1998

2 photocopies – reader reviews

Printed out on July 8, 199

1 copy printed from internet


Tucson Weekly, ad for book

March 19-25, 1998

1 original


LA Times Bestsellers List, “The Twilight Zone”

May 24, 1998

2 copies printed from the internet – article is 7 pages long


The Connection, ad for book

February 2001

1 original


Following in Manila Folder titled “Emails”




Email from John M. Keller at the University of Missouri-Columbia – forwarded to Chuck, titled “A fan seeks your advice”

March 18, 2001

1 original

Inquiring about book, asking questions of Chuck, about the process, etc

Email from Melissa Harris at Aperture, the photo and magazine editor for Juarez

January 20, 1999

1 copy

Regarding ICP, etc

Page of notes from “friends” after reading Juarez


1 page

Scribbled notes, etc…multiple handwriting

Box 4 (XX)




1 notebook w/ notes on desert tortoise, “Lightening,” and the dead girls in Juarez




4x6 photo by Alfredo Carrillo Moreno titled “Transporte de Cargo International”



w/ title and photographer’s signature on back

4x8 b&w photo by Alfredo Carrillo Moreno dated Nov. 1995



w/ a note to Chuck on back and signed by photographer

2 color photocopies of the mural in Juarez (the mural on the wall where the train goes through – appears in the book)




17 snapshots of the crowd gathered around a crime scene



A gang killing in front of a store in Juarez – written about in book

3x8 b&w photo by Manual Sajnz Titulo titled “El Iluminado” dated 1990



Signed, titled, and dated on back of photo

Manila folder w/ letter to Chuck from J.B. (Jaime Bailleres) and 3 color slides and 1 color photocopy of the mural in Juarez



Note says “These are copies from original color slides.  Hope you like it! (you can keep them)”

Large manila envelope containing 7 5x9 color photographs taken in Juarez



Includes shots at a strip club, a taco stand, and a family living in a colonias

Large white envelope containing 1 5x10 color photograph of a mansion in Juarez






1999 Paul Dickerson 1961-1997

This was written at the behest of Paul’s mother and Chuck’s good friend, Barbara Houlberg.  Paul, an installation artist in New York City, committed suicide in 1996.






2001 Eugene Richards 55 (with photographs by Eugene Richards)

Box 1 (AAA)




The “Phaidon ‘55’ Series Guidelines”


3 pages

Specifications and outline for the book

Manila folder titled “Gene Richards”




Email from Melissa Harrison at Aperture to Chuck. (Chuck and Melissa became good friends while she was editing Juarez: The Laboratory of Our Future, for Aperture.  Eugene Richards is the only photographer who ever upset her enough to make her cry.)

March 21, 2000

1 page

Regarding the details of Chuck’s trip to New York

An artist’s statement by Eugene Richards

Fall, 1991

1 page

From Aperture, 129, fall, 1992, p. 9

Email to Chuck w/ no sender

March 19, 2000

1 page

“Q&A from National Geographic fact sheet for prospective photographers”

Short essay from “Blink” about Danny Lyon and Eugene Richards

Printed page dated 3/19/00

1 page


Email to Chuck w/ no sender – article titled “Color Killed Photojournalism”

Printed page dated 3/19/00

Article copyright 1994

3 pages


Article titled “Rules aren’t neat on Crack Street” by Doreen Carvajal

Printed page dated 3/19/00

4 pages


Article titled “Fifty years of Magnum”

Printed page dated 3/19/00

11 pages

(end of manila folder)

Manila folder titled “drafts”




6 page draft of statements for each photograph and Gene Richard’s artist statement (1 page)



Editing throughout

Draft titled “Our Father, Who Art In Heaven, Set This House On Fire”


14 pages

Editing throughout and footnotes

Labeled #1

Draft titled “Our Father, Who Art In Heaven, Set This House On Fire”


15 pages

Labeled #2

Manila folder titled “Page Proofs”




Page proofs for Eugene Richards 55

Dated 6/9/00


w/ yellow sticky papers throughout

A pamphlet titled “55 launchparty”




Manila folder titled “Richards”




Essay titled “Colloque – Eugene Richards”


5 pages


Fax from Eugene Richards to Chuck


4 pages

“A few thoughts, observations, corrections” regarding the book

Letter from Eugene Richards to Chuck

No date

1 page

Regarding his thoughts on the book, living in Brooklyn, etc.

Letter from Eugene Richards to Chuck

No date

2 pages

Regarding an endorsement letter for Eugene’s film projects that Chuck will write, details about the Sonas Fountation, included is a page about how Eugene will use the grant (the letter Eugene sent to the foundation)

1 notebook w/ notes for Eugene Richard’s book






2002 Blues for Cannibals: The Notes from the Underground

Box 1 (N)




Letter to David Rosenthal (the head of Random House) from Chuck & a reply from David

Email dated October 25, 2000

5 pages total

Discusses plans for Blues for Cannibals and Down by the River, etc.

3rd Draft titled Mesquite: blues for cannibals


480 pages


Box 2 (N)




Page proofs w/ corrections of Blues for Cannibals

Dated 8/28/01

294 pages


Review copy of Blues for Cannibals (bound – with cover – in book form)




Box 3 (N)




MM’s edit of Blues for Cannibals: notes from underground


340 pages

Edits throughout

Box 4 (O)




Photocopy of Blues for Cannibals before author reviewed it.


319 pages

Note on front -  “The author ended up removing most of the commas added by the copy editor” – Comma removal done by MM

Rough page proofs – after the author made corrections

Dated 8/28/01

294 pages


Box 5 (O)




Master Proof – Second Pass for Blues for Cannibals

Dated October 11, 2001

294 pages


Master Proof – First Pass for Blues for Cannibals

Dated August 28, 2001

294 pages

Notes and sticky paper throughout

Yellow note saying “original ms stolen (FedEx), so missing!”




Box 6 (O)




Mountain Gazette issue 85

March/April 2002

2 originals

Excerpt from Blues for Cannibals

Tucson Weekly – volume 18, number 16

June 20-June 26, 2002

2 originals

“Witness to the Execution: An Excerpt from Charles Bowden’s Blues for Cannibals” (about Michael Poland)

Page proofs for Tucson Weekly excerpt

Dated 6/17/02



Box 7 (P)




Shade magazine

May 2002

2 originals

Interview titled “Mesquite Blues” about Blues for Cannibals w/ photos of Chuck

Draft of the preface “entrance wound” for Blues for Cannibals


34 pages

w/ some markings

Email exchange between Chuck and John M. Keller (fan)

Dated November 5, 2002



Possible covers (front and back and in color) for Blues for Cannibals




Farrar, Straus, and Giroux catalogue

September 2002 to March 2003

1 original

w/ letter from Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. Piece on Blues for Cannibals on page 67

Farrar, Straus, and Giroux catalogue

September 2001 to February 2002

1 original and 1 photocopy

2 pieces on Bowden – one for Blood Orchid (paperback) and one for Blues for Cannibals (hardcover), pages 70-71

Letter from Drew Signorr (fan)

September 20, 2002


(in envelope)

1 notebook with notes for Blues for Cannibals




Royalty statement for period ending 6/2006


4 pages


1 8x10 photo of Dick Vonier



Dick’s death is written about in Blues for Cannibals

Manila Folder titled “Reviews, etc”




Inside/Outside Southwest, “Blood Orchid & Blues for Cannibals”

June/July 2002

2 photocopies


Inside Tucson Business

December 2002

1 photocopy


Arizona Daily Star, “A Book Full of Blues”

June 7, 2002

2 originals

w/ photo of Chuck on front

The New York Times Book Review, “Edginess”

May 19, 2002

1 photocopy, 1 original


The Arizona Daily Star

May 5, 2002

1 photocopy


Holtzbrinck Publishers

April 2002

1 photocopy


Holtzbrinck Publishers

March 2002

1 photocopy


The Republic/Phoenix, “Bowden rejects order, embraces individual”

April 14, 2002

1 original, “Sad, Beautiful Blues”

March 17, 2002

1 printed copy


This Month’s BOOKVIEWS

March 2002

1 printed copy


Atlanta’s Journal-Constitution, “Wringing the most out of life and following a most tortuous route”

April 7, 2002

1 printed copy, 1 photocopy


Publisher’s Weekly (PWforecast)

February 4, 2002

1 photocopy


Kirkus Reviews

January 1, 2002

2 photocopies


Los Angeles Times, “The Bombast Transcripts: Rants and Screeds of Rageboy”

March 3, 2002

1 photocopy, 1 printed copy


The Oregonian, “Across the borderline, and back again”

March 31, 2002

1 printed copy


Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

March 3, 2002

2 printed copies


The Chicago Tribune, “Soulful lamentations from a man who cares about life”

February 24, 2002

1 printed copy, 1 photocopy, 1 original


San Francisco Chronicle, “Rage against the corruption of America”

March 10, 2002

1 photocopy, 1 printed copy


San Diego Union-Tribune, “On the dark side of the man”

March 10, 2002

1 photocopy, 1 printed copy



April 2002

1 photocopy


Outside magazine

March 2002

2 photocopies



March 13, 2002

2 printed copies

February 20, 2002

2 printed copies


Booklist – Uncorrected Proof

February 1, 2002

1 original


Email from Dave Breithaupt to Chuck

February 14, 2002

1 page

Regarding having read Blues for Cannibals, etc

Email from Steve Johnson, a photographer, to Roy Elson, an aid to Senator Carl Hagden of AZ

February 11, 2002

1 page

Mentions reading the book, etc

Essay titled “In Other Words” by Steve Johnson



See email above for draft of this piece – about reading Blues for Cannibals

Mountain Gazette 85

February 14, 2002 (date of print)


Excerpt from Blues for Cannibals

Tucson Weekly, “Witness to an Execution”

June 20-26, 2002


Excerpt from Blues for Cannibals

Box 8 (O)




Letter from Jeff Seroy from Farrar, Straus, & Giroux

Dated 12/22/00


Saying that they’re “looking forward to publishing your new book,” etc.

Emails from Becky Saletan to Chuck regarding her edit of Blues for Cannibals

Dated February 9, 2001

4 pages

General feedback and specific points

“Notes to batch 2” from Becky Saletan


1 page

Feedback by page numbers

“Notes to third (and final) batch” from Becky Saletan


1 page

Feedback by page numbers

Becky Saletan’s Edit of Blues for Cannibals: lessons of the mesquite draft


421 pages

Becky’s comments, markings, and general edit throughout

Box 9 (N)




Draft of Blues for Cannibals: lessons of the mesquite

Dated June 2000

421 pages


Box 10 (P)




First draft titled Wood Against the Face: the mesquite manifesto


Pages not numbered

Some handwriting throughout

Draft titled Wood Against the Face


40 pages

Some handwriting throughout

Draft titled Mesquite: Love after Midnight


40 pages


Draft titled Mesquite: Love after Midnight


40 pages


Draft of and notes for Blues for Cannibals – untitled


201 pages

Pages of handwritten notes inserted throughout

Draft of and notes – titled Ike and Lyndon: Presidential Artists for the End Time (but title is crossed out in pencil)


136 pages

Pages of handwritten notes inserted throughout

Partial draft of Blues for Cannibals


Pages 86 through 141

Pages of handwritten notes inserted throughout

Box 11 (P)




Early draft titled Mesquite: love after midnight


253 pages

Footnotes and handwritten notes/editing throughout



2002 Down by the River: Drugs, Money, Murder, and Family

Box 1 (A)




Draft titled Down by the River: drugs, money, murder, and family

Dated 8/27/01

580 pages

Some handwriting, markings, etc throughout

Box 2 (A)




Early draft – first page with the subtitle case is closed


92 pages


Draft titled Down by the River: A Saga of Drugs, Money, Murder. And Family


514 pages

Footnotes, picture taped to title page of people wearing masks

15 original photographs



K-mart where Bruno was killed, dead men in Juarez, women “demanding justice,” etc.

Photocopies of photographs


4 pages

Of Bruno and family, the funeral, etc – noted in margin

Christmas card from Sal & Suzie Martinez to Chuck and MM, also w/ a 2 page handwritten letter from Sal

Envelope dated November 29, 2000



Box 3 (A) (box marked “Bruno/Copy of Page Proofs, May 15, 2002, Sent to New York)




Letter to Chuck from Dan Cuddy at Simon & Schuster


1 page

Letter sent with the galleys for Down by the River, mentions deadline, etc

Letter to Geoff Kloske from Dan Cuddy (Simon & Shuster)

Dated 5/1/02

1 page

Letter sent with “galleys for the author to review”

Galleys for Down by the River

Galleys dated 5/2/02

418 pages

Suggestions/editing throughout

Box 4 (B) (box marked “Bruno S&S Ed. Comments)




Letter titled “The First Hundred”


1 page

General feedback on first hundred pages

Draft titled Down by the River: drugs, money, murder. And family


575 pages

Footnotes and handwritten comments/edits etc

Box 5 (B)




Draft titled Down by the River: drugs, money, murder, and family


594 pages


Box 6 (B)




MM editing notes


1 page


Draft titled El Nino: inside dope


584 pages

Handwritten comments/edits throughout, footnotes

Box 7 (C)




Draft titled Down by the River: drugs, money, murder. And family

Dated 9/03/01

579 pages


Box 8 (C)




Draft titled The Secret Life: a saga of drugs, money, murder.  And family – marked as Second Revision

Dated 12/20/01

538 pages

Footnotes and handwritten comments/editing throughout

Box 9 (C)




Draft titled Down by the River: drugs, money, murder, and family


589 pages


Box 10 (D) (box marked “El Nino (Bruno) 2nd Draft, Finished June 2001)




Draft titled El Nino


589 pages


Box 11 (D)




First Draft, titled Notes on a Murder on the Border


221 pages

(manila folder – labeled “Bruno – First Draft”)

Draft titled El Nino


463 pages


Box 12 (D)




Draft titled The Secret Life: a saga of drugs, money, murder. And family.

Dated 1/01/02

509 pages

Footnotes and some handwritten comments/editing

Box 13 (E)  (box marked “Down by the River, S&S, Original Manuscript)




Note to Chuck from Caroline at Simon & Shuster



Sent back with the original manuscript

Original manuscript titled Down by the River


535 pages

Footnotes and comments/edits throughout

Box 14 (E) (box marked “El Nino (Bruno) 3rd Draft, Finished July 2001)




Draft titled El Nino


616 pages


Box 15 (UU)




L.A. Times article titled “Killing but Many Victims”

Dated July 8, 2000

2 copies printed from computer

Folder noted “article in LA Times, 7 ½ Tornadoes”

Draft of article titled “Brotherly Love”


37 pages

This piece on the Jordon family was rejected by Esquire

Draft of article titled “El Nino”


24 pages w/ footnotes

This was written for Esquire – early Down by the River, Late summer ’95 – not published

The Atlantic Monthly - an article by Marc Cooper titled “Exodus: The ominous push and pull of the US-Mexico border” – mentions, quotes, & reviews Down by the River

May 2006

2 photocopies


Simon & Schuster royalty statement for Down by the River

Period ending March, 2006

Pages 53-61


Email between Chuck and Peter Landesman

March 12, 2007

1 page

Discussing Sal, details for the movie script, etc.

Draft titled Tuna Country: Living Without a Net


29 pages


Piece with “Fax 212 741 1936” as heading


2 pages

Describes Phil Jordon…how he wants to talk and will talk…and that Chuck is looking for a platform for the story

Draft titled Brotherly Love


37 pages


Email correspondence while in Marfa writing Down by the River

February 22-March 7, 2001

13 pages total – correspondence between Chuck and MM, Roy Elson, Peg Bowden, & Cousin Beryl

This is when Chuck’s sister, Peg, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Mary Martha went to Oregon to help Peg through chemotherapy.  Chuck’s cousin, Cheryl Beerman, came from California to stay at Chuck and Mary Martha’s house on 9th Street and look after Bo, Chuck’s mother who lived six blocks away on 6th Street.

Map of Laredo ripped from the Southwestern Bell phone book




The Family Gardens Inn business card – in Laredo, Texas




New York Times Book Review – Down by the River listed in Notable Books section

December 7, 2003

2 originals – book listed on page 72


Southwest Books of the Year

December 5-11, 2002

2 originals

Down by the River named Best Reading of the Year – page 1

Fan letter from Carla Esden-Tempska

Dated 4/16/07

1 page


University of Southern California, USC Annenberg Institute for Justice and Journalism – a mention of the book, information about Juarez-area and situation, etc

Dated January 11, 2007

1 page


Thank you card from Shirley Hall in Tucson



Chuck spoke to her book discussion group about Down by the River

Letter to Sal Martinez from Chuck


4 pages

Regarding the holiday season, thoughts on Juarez and the Jordan family, etc

Review of Down by the River in Southwestern American Literature


1 photocopy

Handwritten notes on copy

Essay titled “Marking the Border” by Kent Meyers (who recently won the 2005 Adult Mountains and Plains booksellers award in fiction for The Work of Wolves)


11 pages

Essay is on Chuck’s writing of the border – Juarez and Down by the River, etc

Fan letter from Jordon Fisher Smith after having read Down by the River

Dated July 28, 2005


At the end of his Epic book tour, Rebecca Solnit told him to read Down by the River, expressing his appreciation of the book, etc.

Letter from Marlene’s mom (Marlene is Chuck’s cousin)

Dated 8/4/04


Included is an article from the Syracuse newspaper that her mom wanted Chuck to have – information related to that in Down by the River

Dinner menu from Marfa – dinner prepared by another Lannan fellow who owns a restaurant in Seattle



Chuck stayed in a Lannan Foundation House in Marfa, Texas for 42 days while writing the first draft of Down by the River

Email from New York Times saying that they will be listing Down by the River as one of the notable books of 2003

Dated December 3, 2003



Envelope with pictures of Sal Martinez



4 original copies and one page of 5 shots of color copies (many of these the same as the 4 originals)

New York Times Book Review -  lists Down by the River under New and Noteworthy Paperbacks section

January 18, 2004

2 originals - page 24


Article in the Dallas Morning News mentioning Down by the River

June 13, 2005

1 original, 3 pages

Chuck is quoted throughout and Don Henry’s Contrabando is mentioned

Promotional cards for Charles Bowden’s reading and signing at Ken Sanders Rare Books, Salt Lake City, Utah

Scheduled for July 21st

7 copies


Fan letter from Rudy Tucich

Dated June 14, 2006


Mentions an enclosed CD by Sarah Vaughan, enjoyed Down by the River as well as the other books

Letter to Sal from Chuck (Never sent – The prison officials put Sal into solitary confinement to protect him after the G.Q. article came out and later moved him to another prison.  Correspondence between Sal and Chuck became difficult.)

Dated 1/4/04

4 pages

After Chuck’s mother died – he includes at the end of the letter a copy of the eulogy he read at the funeral

Box 16 (UU) – Miscellaneous




Letter from Patrick O’Day

Dated November 16, 2003

3 pages

Writes that he is “very impressed” with Chuck’s book and also knows the Calderoni family – spends the bulk of the letter discussing details of Chuck’s book and his own experiences

2 pages of notes on Phil Jordon

Dates include June, 1995 & August 8, 1995


Missing pages (beginning of first page cut off)

List of phone numbers



Including Phil Jordon, DEA/Art Doty, and others

Early notes on Down by the River

Dates include late June, 1995 thru November 1, 1996

131 pages

In manila folder

Review by Buzzflash of Down by the River

Email dated February 8, 2006

1 page

Printed from an email sent to Chuck by Buzzflash

Letter from Richard L Ellison, P.C.

Dated July 13, 2005

2 pages

He’s lived in Texas, speaks of his own interest in the border and drugs, writes that the book “is one of the best written and most disturbing books [he’s] ever read”

Email from David Muse

May 1, 2003

1 page

Asking for the film and television rights for Down by the River

3 4x6 color snapshots of Chuck with various members of the Jordan family



Notes on backs of each photo and an informative insert w/ photos

Draft titled “Early One Morning”


15 pages

About visiting Sal in prison, Chuck wrote it for G.Q. but never run

Email to Terry Greene Sterling, an Arizona journalist, from Chuck – an explanation of the book

October 31, 2002

1 page


Contract with Phil Jordan

September 3, 2002

3 pages

Signed w/ witness by Phil Jordon

Picture of the hardback cover art



Photocopied color copy

Letter from Irena Choi Stern from the Lukas Prize Project informing Chuck that Down by the River was awarded an Honorable Mention by the jurors of the 2003 J. Anthony Lukas Book Prize.

Dated April 1, 2003

4 pages total

Includes a list of other winners, details of prize, etc

4 emails – 1 from Kim Sanders, 1 from Bridgette Jordan-Mincks, Phil’s daughter, and 2 from Victoria

June 12, June 13, and July 3, 2002


All four emails are commenting on just having finished reading the book – Kim’s email mentions meeting with Phil

Note from Caroline at Simon & Schuster regarding 2 copies of Down by the River




Best of Tucson by the Tucson Weekly – article titled “King of the Blues”

September 26-October 2, 2002

1 original, 1 photocopy

Article about Chuck, Down by the River is referred to as his next book

Harper’s magazine w/ half page spread for Down by the River

November 2002

2 photocopies


NPR Interview w/ Alex Chadwick

November 1, 2002

2 copies of the transcript

Email from Alex Chadwick of Day by Day informing Mary Martha when the interview will run (dated October 31, 2002)

Arizona Republic profile titled “Writing life rich in color has own rewards” by Terry Greene Sterling

December 8, 2002

2 originals


Email from Geoff at Simon & Schuster informing Chuck that he was a finalist for the Pen Award.

June 27, 2003

4 pages


Letter from James A. Griffin

March 3, 2003

1 page

Expressing interest in doing a documentary/movie deal, etc

2 business cards included

Email from Etan Frankel

April 30, 2003

1 page

Inquiring as to the film and television rights to Down by the River

1 color photocopied copy of paperback cover art for Down by the River



w/ note from Simon & Schuster

Draft of the afterword for Down by the River paperback edition – titled “dead man not talking”


16 pages

Includes handwritten edits

Final galleys of afterword for paperback edition



Letter attached from Caroline Bruce from Simon & Schuster dated 6/9/03

Box 17 (UU) – notebooks




18 notebooks on Down by the River




Box 18 (VV) –  Miscellaneous




Airborne Express Envelope with pages for revision from Veronica (an email included & a letter, as well as the specific pages to be revised)




Email from Chuck to Phil

December 29, 2001


Asks Phil to look into the identity of a man at a club in Juarez, regarding four men who danced with the wrong women at Hooligan’s nighclub, etc

Includes article from the Borderland Archives, “Juarez, state police investigated in shooting death”

Letter from Virginia, Phil Jordan’s sister, to Chuck w/ a copy of a letter to the Jordan family from Esther (a woman who used to work at J. Riggings

Envelope dated April 14, 2003


Letter from Valencia mentions the copied letter, etc.

The copied letter from Esther is in regard to having read Down by the River and her memories working with Bruno, etc.

Envelope containing two documents relating to Thomas Whelan’s appointment to San Diego’s superior court

Envelope dated April 28, 2003


Envelope’s return address is Lionel Vandeerlin of San Diego, CA

Letter from Sal to Chuck

January 15, 2003


2 page handwritten letter

Document from the Court of Appeals, Eighth District of Texas regarding Bruno’s supposed killer (described as a juvenile in this document)

February 27, 1997



Envelope with note from Virginia to Chuck w/ a copy of an article about Lionel Forti (Phil Jordan’s grandfather)

Envelope dated March 30, 2001



Email from Brigitte to Chuck

March 22, 2002


Writes “They [the Jordan family] only see that his [Bruno’s] secret is out and that I’m the one who told you,” etc

Email from Carmen Mendoza, the long-term girlfriend of Phil Jordan, to Chuck

April 2, 2002


Regarding the book, the content of book, the information about Phil that she shared with Chuck, disappointment that Chuck would write about it, etc

Medical Records and a Victim Impact Statement regarding Bruno’s death

No date


Attached is a note from Brigitte – the report details the cause, time, and other details of Bruno’s death

Letter from Sal Martinez to Chuck

Only date available is that on letter from Sal – 12-4


Envelope contains a card to Chuck and Mary Martha signed by Sal and Suzie, Also contains a handwritten letter dated 12-4 to Chuck from Sal

Letter from Jim (JTG) to Chuck – 9 photographs included

Envelope dated October 2, 200?


Mentions meeting Chuck on the mountain, refers to Ray, the photographs enclosed were taken inside the Nogales, Sonora Prison around ’95, he writes “the fight scenes are gripping to me as I understand the hombre being carried out died,” (in reference to the 9 photographs), etc.  (in envelope)

Letter from Sal to Chuck

No date


Regarding his time in prison, specifics, goals/dreams he has when he gets out, etc  (no envelope)

Letter from Sal to Chuck

Letter dated May 24, envelope dated May 25, 2004


Handwritten letter regarding his time in prison, the situation of the prison, his attempts to move, thoughts on his case, what he plans to do when he gets out, etc  (in envelope)

Christmas card from Sal to Chuck and Mary Martha

Envelope dated December 3, 2003


Mentions Christmas, eggnog, etc.  (in envelope)

Large manila envelope from SGM (Suzie Martinez) to Chuck

Envelope dated May 26, 2004


Contains an email exchange between Suzie and Gary Gius regarding a book contract for Sal and Suzie about his experience; the email includes the contract for the book, and pages from the draft.

Email from Rick Russell, a Dallas lawyer – friend of Chuck’s, to Chuck

July 11, 2004


Regarding the Blakely case, details of law, etc

Email from Scott Carrier to Chuck

July 13, 2004


Includes an article titled “Arizona border crackdown pushing immigrants to Texas, New Mexico”

Letter from Virginia Castaneda to Chuck

Envelope dated July 11, 2003


Includes her business card, letter regarding “the name of the county investigator, Jose Aguilar,” the investigator in Bruno’s case, etc.  (in envelope)

Manila envelope from Virginia Castaneda to Chuck

Envelope dated February 21, 2003


A letter & an article, letter regarding the article, she writes “Maybe we can fight him back. (Charles Roberts),” article published in El Bridge February-March 2003 titled “Objection! Down by the River doesn’t hold up in court”  (in envelope)

*Charles Roberts wrote the article and was the criminal attorney involved in the Flores case (Bruno’s murderer)

Email from Bobby Byrd to Chuck (referred to as ‘Dionisio’ in the email)

November 11, 2002


Email titled “Letter to the Editor,” writes about Juarez, the people there, etc…

Email from Suzie Martinez (Sal’s wife) to Chuck

January 5, 2003


Regarding her visits to Sal in prison, their attempts to cut down his sentence, how they are doing, etc

Email from Melissa (at Aperture) to Chuck

August 12, 2002


Regarding Letizia’s translation, other business, etc

Email from Julian Cardona to Chuck

January 3, 1904 (year is wrong)


Regarding the risk to Chuck’s career if he publishes the book, “untouchable things, are usually killing the authors,” etc

During the writing of Down by the River, Chuck was informed there were contracts on his life put out by the drug cartel.  Three people that Chuck interviewed were killed in one car “accident.” Chuck was determined that if he was killed, it would be in a two car accident.  During the winter of ’96, when he came to see me in Chadron, Nebraska, he always carried a gun, and he had me put a block on my phone so no one could trace him to my home.  When I moved to Tucson, there were loaded guns in all parts of the house as well as the truck.  This continued for several years until the drug people who had put out the contracts were dead. I am informed that it is still dangerous for Chuck to be in Mexico – but he still goes anyway.  – Mary Martha Miles, 2007

Letter from Sal Martinez to Chuck

October 24, 2002

5 handwritten pages

Regarding his time in prison, his activities, his plans when he gets out, etc  (in envelope)

1 page draft titled “Report from the Barbarian,” by Charles Bowden




Email from Dave L. Hardy (snake time) to Chuck

August 12, 2002


Mentions Kelly’s leg, the snakes, etc.  (Kelly Zamudio is the wife of herpetologist Harry Greene.  She was bitten by a rattle snake and lost partial use of her left leg.)

Email from Kim Sanders to Chuck

August 10, 2002


Email describes his time in New York (which is also described in The Shadow in the City), he gets a room w/ a view of ground zero (world trade center), details about the deal, etc.

Email from Joan Harvey to Chuck

August 29, 2002


Mentions Chuck going to Australia, details about her life, what she is reading, includes a speech by Peter Carey, etc

Large manila envelope w/ newspaper clips and letter from Mr. & Mrs. A. Jordan

Letter dated November 13, 2001


Newspaper clips are described as “articles of the women that have been murdered in Juarez”

Photocopies of Isabel Arvide’s Muerte en Juarez

No date


Note on manila envelope: Isabel Arvide is/was the mistress of a powerful Mexican general.  She writes books and can get them published because of his connections, but then they get confiscated and burned.  This is one of the few surviving copies.

Phil’s aunt was a procuress of women for the Juarez Cartel.  Isabel sketched out the aunt’s history for Chuck.

Letter from Sal to Chuck

July 31, 2001

3 handwritten pages

Mentions being out of “protective custody, a diplomatic/administrative term meaning solitary confinement,” various books he’d read, comments on Chuck’s GQ article, etc…includes a photocopy of a USA Today cartoon w/ Louis Freeh sitting at his desk at the FBI w/ reports and evidence laying discarded and burned around him, spies looking out from the air vent and Freeh saying “I think my work here is done”  (in envelope)

Letter from Phil Jordan to Chuck

Envelope dated June 7, 2000


Contains an article titled “Cartel fugitive caught in El Paso” from the El Paso Times dated May 28, 2000  (in envelope)

Email from Suzie Martinez (Sal’s wife) to Chuck

September 5, 2001


Regarding her visit with Sal, details of his time in prison, etc


Photocopied photo of man

Page dated August 12, 2001


Page labeled Roman Elizondo – The man who allegedly set up the kid to kill Bruno and drove the kid into the El Paso parking lot.  Part of Juarez car thief ring. (M.M. dictated by Chuck)

2 page outline of Carrillo’s life and career



Facts, events, etc regarding Carrillo and the Jordan family entering the outline toward end

Letter from Sal Martinez to Chuck

Dated February 2, 2006 (2 febrero 2006 in letter)

2 handwritten pages

Explains that he is a little paranoid of ‘The Man,’ describes his time in prison, his attempts and plans to try to cut down his sentence, etc  (in envelope)

12 pages of notes for Down by the River



Notes include the “four events [that] have made Amado Carrillo number one in Mexico,” the history of the outfit, the Carrillo family, Colleagues, the history of Carrillo base of operations, corruption, etc 

Letter from Sal Martinez to Chuck

July 28, 2005

1 handwritten page

Writes that “it was good to hear your voice,” that he enjoyed Frog Mountain Blues, that “enclosed is the visitation request form,” details about visitation, etc  (no visitation form enclosed)  (in envelope)

Envelope from Sal to Chuck

Envelope dated August 12, 2005


Envelope empty

Email from Virginia Castaneda, Bruno’s sister, to Chuck

April 6, 2001


Lists the trial dates

The San Antonio Business Journal with the article titled “Torpedoed G-man unit rising like phoenix from its ashes”

December 14-20, 2001


w/ handwritten notes/phone numbers, etc

Folded in the above – list title “I have written to:” of congressmen and others w/ date of letter sent and whether or not they have responded

- the employment history of Steven E. Shelly (work in narcotics, investigation, etc.)

- article titled “Our Drug-Plagued Mexican Border from Reader’s Digest January 1996



The three items are folded in the newspaper listed above

Email exchange between Chuck and D.J. Paul

April-May 1999



Draft titled “Silverado”


55 pages


Two cassette tapes labeled Hector B.

Dated May 28, 1998



Box 19 (VV)




Manila folder of information and details of Chuck’s publicity schedule for Down by the River



Exchanges between MM and Stacie, a list of book shops and other places where Chuck is scheduled to speak, interview with NPR, etc

Manila envelope titled “Reviews”




El Bridge, “Down by the River: An interview with Charles Bowden”

December 2002 – January 2003

1 photocopy


Tucson Weekly, “Mexico Unveiled”

March 20-March 26, 2003

1 original

Down by the River is reviewed as fiction.  Mary Martha called the editor & pointed out that the book is nonfiction.  It’s the only time she has responded to a review.

Union Tribune, “Bad Neighbor Policy”

December 8, 2002

1 original

Yellow sticky note attached – to MM from Bill

Phoenix magazine

February 2003

1 original


Washington Post, “Traffic”

January 26, 2003

2 printed copies


New York Times Book Review, “Everyone has enemies here”

December 22, 2002

1 photocopy, 2 originals


No known source (appears to be a magazine)

November 22, 2002

1 photocopy


Rocky Mountain News, “Bowden’s gonzo drug tale”

November 8, 2002

1 original


Minneapolis, MN (no other source available), “Drugs, murder, magical realism tangle in reporter’s prose”

January 28, 2004 (date on printed page)

1 printed copy


El Paso Times, “Book documents harsh reality of the drug underground and a family who tried to fight back”

November 17, 2002

1 printed copy


Kirkus Reviews

August 15, 2002

1 printed copy


Publishers Weekly

September 30, 2002

1 printed copy


Dallas/Fort Worth Star-Telegram, “Gritty real-life tale exposes drug corruption, murder”

December 22, 2002

1 printed copy



Printed page dated January 1, 2004

2 printed copies


The Austin Chronicle Books, “On the Border’s Edge”

November 29, 2002

1 printed copy


The New Yorker

Issue of 2002-12-16

1 printed copy


Men’s Journal

November 2002

2 photocopies


Cultural Writing, “The Moral Panic Bureaucracy”

January 6, 2003

1 printed copy


San Francisco Chronicle

May 11, 2003

1 original



December 2002

1 original


Newsweek, “Borderland Madness”

January 13, 2003

2 originals


Newsweek (Web Exclusive), “Drug Nation”

November 20, 2003

1 printed copy

Contained in an email to Phil, Chuck writes “I wrote the guy to correct the weapon used to kill Bruno,” and “this interview only exists on the internet.  It remains to be seen if the print version of Newsweek will review the book – they are short of space for such things because of all the stories on the impending war with iraq.”  (email dated January 1, 1904 – the true date on the email, although most likely 2004)

Plano Profile, “Phil Jordon: His career in law enforcement – Down by the River”

January 2003

1 original


Email from PToomay (no other name given) to Chuck

January 29, 2003

1 printed copy – 2 pages

Writes about Chaco Canyon and other thoughts, etc

Email from Rebecca J. Davis to Chuck

November 14, 2002


Includes a list of coming reviews, etc

The New York Times, “Books for Summer Reading”

June 1, 2003

1 printed copy


The Christian Science Monitor, “Blowing Smoke: The complexity of the drug war in a single murder”

December 25-26, 2002

1 original


Letter from Anderson Grinberg Literary Management to Chuck

Envelope dated April 27, 2004


Envelope contains the payment detail report for Charles Bowden

Manila Folder titled “Lexis Nexis Reviews”




The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

January 5, 2003

1 printed copy


The Sunday Oregonian

December 29, 2002

1 printed copy


The Providence Journal-Bulletin

January 12, 2003

1 printed copy


The New York Times

December 29, 2002

1 printed copy


The Denver Post

December 22, 2002

1 printed copy


Chicago Tribune

December 8, 2002

1 printed copy


The Christian Science Monitor

December 26, 2002

1 printed copy, 1 photocopy attached


Email from Rebecca Saleton to Chuck

April 29, 2004


Regarding the Lexis Nexis reviews

Daily News (New York)

November 17, 2002

1 printed copy


Entertainment Weekly

November 22, 2002

1 printed copy


The Associated Press State & Local Wire

February 20, 2003

1 printed copy



January 13, 2003

1 printed copy


Chicago Tribune

November 17, 2002

1 printed copy and 1 original


El Paso Times

November 17, 2002

1 printed copy


El Paso Times

December 9, 2002

1 printed copy


The Providence Journal-Bulletin

December 29, 2002

1 printed copy


El Paso Times

December 3, 2002

1 printed copy


Loose Magazine Reviews (The entire magazine – no folder)




Phoenix magazine, excerpt from Down by the River

Top Doctors 2003

1 original


Men’s Journal

November 2002

1 original


Quote by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, The Leopard, Everyman’s Library Edition, p. 206




Box 20 (VV) – notebooks




21 notebooks on Down by the River



Some include yellow sticky notes with specifics of where and when the notes were written


Down by the River Research



Box 21 (EE)



Various articles, etc.



Box 22 (FF)



Various articles, etc.



Box 23 (GG)



Various articles, etc.



Box 24 (HH)



Various articles, etc.



Box 25 (PPP) (the following folders and specific articles summarize the contents of the research)



Folder 1 – Articles on Mexican Press



Publisher in Mexico Found Guilty of Tax Fraud


Julia Preston

Beaten Mexico Reporter Blames Cops


Associated Press

Spy Network Stuns Mexicans


Molly Moore

Lusty New Newspapers Take on the Powerful in Mexico


Sam Dillon

Conflicts Muddy Mexican Probe of Journalist’s Death


Sam Dillon

Old Habits of Silence Die Hard in Mexico


Michael Christie

Folder 2 – Articles on Mexican Economy



The Law is the Last Sector to Change


Sergio Sarmiento

In Mexico, Most Unions Represent Government, Not Workers


Sam Dillon

Oil Prices Lead Mexico to Again Cut Its Budget


Julia Preston

Texas Monthly Editor Shot in Mexico


Michelle Ray Ortiz

Mexico City Hotel to Offer Anti-Crime Insurance



Benefits of Free-Trade Pact Bypass Texas Border Towns


Sam Howe Verhovek

Crime is Unleashed but the D.A. is Undaunted


Sam Dillon

PJE Accuses Fortac Group of Kidnapping Youth


El Diario

Mexico Says It Won’t Discourage Immigrants to U.S.



Mexico Says it has Kidnapper who Cut Wealthy Victims’ Ears


Anthony DePalma

Tortilla Rises: Must Belts Tighten?


Ginger Thompson

Rights Report on Mexico Says Widespread Abuses Continue


Julia Preston

Pope is Returning to Mexico with New Target: Capitalism


Alessandra Stanley

Two Banks to Plead Guilty in Money Laundering Case


Tim Golden

Mexico’s Silent Bolsa Could Boom Anew as Disco


Cesar Castruita

Mexico minister emerges from shadows as candidate


Michael Christie

Texas Cop Becomes Mexican Drug Lord


Niko Price

Drought Strangles Mexico’s North


Caroline Brothers

Mexico OKs Drug Suspect Extradition


Michelle Ray Ortiz

Mexican Drought Hurts Cattle, Crops


Niko Price

Analysis – Violence Major Issue in 2000 Mexican Voting


Michael Christie

Mystery Deepens in Mexican TV Host’s Murder


Dan Trotta

Armored Cars a Growth Industry in Mexico City


Elena Vega

IMF Lends Mexico $4.1 Bln, Sees Risks, Strengths


Janet Guttsman

Wads of Money Mark Mexico’s 2000 Election


Michael Christie

Security Center Stage as Mexico’s 2000 Poll Nears


Andrew Hearst

‘Year of Hidalgo’ Nears, Mexicans Hang on to Purses


Richard Jacobsen

Mexico Murder Arrests Prompt Praise, Also Doubts


Michael Christie

Interview – Politician Hater Wins Glory in Politics


Rene Villegas

Third of Mexican Airplanes Unsafe Junk – Paper



Mexico City Called Capital of C-Section Births



Folder 3 – Amado Carrillo



Admired Mexican drug Traffickers Spawn Own Culture


Sam Quinones of the Arizona Daily Star

Ex-Mexican Prosecutor Held in N.J.


The Associated Press

Major Ariz. Pot Smiggler of ‘80s is Buried After Shooting in Mexico


Ignacio Ibarra of the Arizona Daily Star

Mexico: Late Drug Figure’s Doctor Reportedly Gets US Protection


Dick Evans

More Executions Stun Border While Anti-Drug Efforts Proposed


Anne Marie Mackler

Mexican Cartels Hiring: Green Berets Welcome



3 Die in Mexico Restaurant Shooting


Associated Press

Mexico Raids Home of Top Mexican Druglord


Miami Herald

Drug Trafficking Drains Optimism by Booming Border Economy


Tracey Eaton

A timeline (untitled, no author) of FBI and CIA activities between June ’77 and October ‘96



Bodies Pile Up in Juarez Drug War


Jesse Katz

Folder with interviews (etc.) from Frontline’s series called Murder, Money, & Mexico: The rise and fall of the Salinas brothers

Pages dated 9/2,12,14,&15/97

Interviews with Charles Intriago, Adolfo Aquilar Zinser, a reading by Michael Goodman, and related articles from Frontline

Folder 4 – Drug War Reports

37 articles


The Drug War’s hidden Economic Agenda


Eric Blumenson & Eva Nilsen

Is Mexico a Narcodemocracy?


Javier Rodriguez H.

Drug Corruption Heading North: Some U.S. Agents Succumb to Lure of Traffickers’ Cash


William Branigin & John Ward Anderson

Presidential Visit: Patronizing Mexico Again


Andrew Reding

Folder 5 – Operation Casa Blanca

2 articles


112 Nabbed in Money Launder Case


The Associated Press

Mexican Banks, Bankers Charged with Laundering Drug Profits


Don Van Natta

Folder 6 – Money Laundering

2 articles


House Panel Hears Gloomy News About Drugs and Mexico


Gannett News Service

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network: William F. Baity (Baity’s statement before the Subcommittee on General Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Banking and Financial Services U.S. House of Representatives)


Federal Document Clearing House

Folder 7 – Maps

2 total


Map of Mexico w/ notes



Map of Ciudad de Juarez



Folder 8 – Articles Miscellaneous

8 articles


Narco-Politics in Mexico


Andrew Reding (The Nation)

Lost in Mexico


Joel Simon, California Lawyer

The Next Mexican Revolution

Fall 96

Andrew Reding, World Policy Journal

Folder 9 – Info on Juarez

4 total


The Clintons and the FBI, a primer


The Washington Times

Immigration Border Patrol & Investigation Activities: 1970 - 1991

Copyright 1992-1995

Times Inc.

Folder 10 – Corruption Miscellaneous

4 total


“final” draft of the narco sistema article

(email sent) 9/3/96

Christopher Whalen

Where the Drug Lords Hold Court


Molly Moore & John Ward Anderson

Folder 11 – The Sinaloa Cowboys and Miscellaneous Drugs

21 total


Sinaloan Killer Linked by Police to 12 Slayings


Dennis Wagner, The Arizona Republic

Heroin River Floods U.S.: Multi-billion dollar flow of ‘China white’


Michael Dorgan, Knight Ridder Newspapers

Folder 12 – Mexican Drug Clips

20 total


Urge PRD a un pacto contra narcopolitica



‘Buscan acusaciones lesionar a Mexico’



Folder 13 – Drug Violence

27 total


Mexican city in fear after 6 killed in public: Officials suspect ties to drugs


Douglas Holt, The Dallas Morning News

Perry Meets with Head of Mexican Military


Anthony DePalma

Folder 14 – Mexico Crime

10 total


Visitors to Mexico Warned on Crime


The Associated Press

Mexico City Cracks Down on Jails with Jacuzzis


Dan Trotta

Mexico Rape-Suicide Causes Fallout


Washington Post

Folder 15 – Bruno/Phil Material & Clips

18 total


Declinan declarer sobre El Super Raton


Diario de Juarez

Pamphlet – Phillip E. Jordan, Department of Justice, Senior Executive Service, etc.


Includes a photo of Phil and outlines his career accomplishments

Folder 16 – Colosio/Cartels

1 total


Report Ties Drug Boss to Slain Mexican Presidential Candidate


Tracey Eaton, The Dallas Morning News

Folder 17 – NAFTA/Drugs

1 total


NAFTA Aided Drug Rings, Report Says


Tracey Eaton, The Dallas Morning News

Folder 18 – Juarez Reports

9 total


Illegals Hidden Under Waste


The Associated Press

Elite Mexican Police Recalled


John Rice

DEA Breaks Up Mexico Drug Cells in U.S.


Ronald J. Ostrow

Folder 19 – Juarez News/Fall/97

20 total


One Mexican’s Daunting Task: To Fight Narcotics and Graft


Sam Dillon

Narco-Guerra: Juaez in Crisis?


Jeff Barnet

Mexico NewsPak


A Bi-Weekly News and Resource Update from the Documentation Exchange, Austin, TX

Folder 20 – Border Clips

29 total


Panama Changes Tune to ‘Yankee Don’t Go Home’

No date

Larry Rohter

Port Shut When 60 Rush Lane


Harold Kitching

Drugs Surge From Mexico as US Hunts for Solution


Howard LaFranchi

Folder 21 – More Juarez Clips

7 total


Cambian plan de Parque Central


Jose Guaderrama, Frontera

Acusan a consulado de obsruir investigaciones


Patricia Giovane, Diario de Juarez

Folder 22 – Clips from Roy

31 total


Letter from Roy Elson.  Roy was the Administrative Assistant to long-term senator, Carl Hayden.  Roy was often referred to as the 51st senator in the 60’s and 70’s.


Regarding the articles (included in folder) that he is sending, mentions Chuck’s time in Mexico City

Drug Suspect Escaped in Mexico as Clinton Considered Its Status


New York Times

Granjenal’s Life Ebbs with Exodus


Los Angeles Times

Sonoran Chief is Accused in Drug Trafficking


The New York Times

Folder 23 – Magazines

8 total


The New Republic



Quehacer Politico

11 de enero de 1997

w/ Amado Carrillo on cover


23 de febrero do 1997

w/ Rebollo on cover

Folder 24 – Chomsky

5 total


Notes on NAFTA: The Masters of Mankind


Noam Chomsky

Self-Censorship and the Mexican Press

Fall 93

Jeffery Stoub

Mexico’s New Press Boldness Stops at Leader’s Desk


Sam Dillon

Folder 25 – Bruno

9 total


Envelope from Virginia Jordan Castaneda to Chuck – includes 3 articles on Bruno’s case

Envelope dated 8/4/99

Includes Virginia’s business card

Copy of a photograph of Jordon family



Copy of photograph of boy convicted of Bruno’s death



Folder 26 - Whalen and Others

4 total


Christopher Whalen Bibliography (has a private investigation company, is allegedly a former CIA agent)


Lists details of Whalen’s career and other activities

Mexican Corruption Bogs Down U.S. Efforts

No date

Mike Gallagher

Folder 27 – Amado Carrillo and Bruno Jordan

15 items


Envelope from Virginia Jordan Castaneda containing handwritten note from Virginia, and 3 files from the Supreme Court of Texas on the trial of Bruno’s murderer

(envelope dated) 2/10/98

Also an article regarding Phil Jordan from the Diario de Juarez

A copy of a poem about Bruno written by his brother, Tony Jordon.



More files on the case against Bruno’s murderer



Giovanna Heredia’s class report on her Uncle Bruno’s death

Dated 10/12/98

Titled “A Special Touch”

Folder 28 – Pen-Link Report

1 item


Book of phone numbers tracked through Abriego Garcia’s phone by the DEA (The DEA put pin on his phone and these are all the numbers)


This was given to Chuck at 2 a.m. by El Brujo (see Down by the River)




2005 Shadow in the City: Confessions of an Undercover drug Warrior

Box 1 (G)




Outline for book


1 page

The only outline Chuck wrote for Shadow in the City

Draft titled Street

Dated 2/04

322 pages

Original draft of Shadow in the City w/ MM’s handwritten editing

Box 2 (G)




Draft titled Street

Dated March 9, 2004

375 pages

Second Draft of Shadow in the City

Box 3 (G)




Draft titled A Shadow in the City: the confession

Not dated

397 pages

A draft with no handwritten notes/editing

Box 4 (G)




(catalogue) Harcourt: Adult Hardcovers and Harvest Paperbacks

Spring-Summer 2005

1 copy

Advertisement for Shadow in the City on page 29

Draft titled Man Underground


29 pages

A few corrections in pen

Draft titled Joey O’Shay


28 pages

A few corrections in pen

Draft titled The Underground Man


26 pages

A few corrections in pen

Draft titled The Underground Man


26 pages


Note – the four drafts listed above are rewrites of the same section




Box 5 (H)




Envelope from Ken Sanders Rare Books, Salt Lake City, Utah w/ invites for reading


3 sticker invites and one larger flyer invite

Reading to be held on July 15th, 2005

Pictures from the reading at Ken Sanders Rare Books


3 pages of thumbnail shots


Letter from Harcourt


From David Hough, Managing Editor, Adult Books @ Harcourt

Letter was sent with a copy of the final page proof.  David compliments the book and Chuck’s writing skill

Final Page Proof of Shadow in the City (hardcover)


314 pages

w/ yellow paper marking certain parts and some markings in red marker

Box 6 (H)




Faxed copy of page proof (pages 310 – 325) of Shadow in the City to Lindsey Smith (from MM)

Fax sent on April 10, 2006


Including the fax receipt, handwritten markings and yellow sticky paper expressing desired edits

Email from MM’s account, between Lindsey and Sara from Harcourt & one to Chuck from MM


4 pages of email (one page of which is blank w/ handwritten note)

Discussing last minute changes to a section of Shadow in the City, also mentions waiting for “date line for the prologue (p. v) and dedication”

Letter to Chuck from Lindsey at Harcourt

March 30, 2006


Sent with “first pass pages for the paperback”

Page proof of Shadow in the City (paperback)

Dated 3/28/06

309 pages


3 new chapter drafts for Shadow in the City paperback – all titled “Last Call for Joey O’Shay”


21, 14, & 18 pages consecutively

All with handwritten edits, comments, etc

Notes on Shadow in the City


2 pages, typed


Email between Kim and Chuck

Dated Nov. 3, 2005

1 page

Kim writes about a conversation w/ James Van Der Beek and the eulogy at Skipper’s funeral (Skipper is Kim’s son), Chuck writes about “going forward with this” and something about speaking with Van Der Beek regarding movie.

(catalogue) Harcourt: Adult Hardcovers and Harvest Paperbacks

Fall-Winter 2006


***Doesn’t list anything by Chuck…may be meaningless

Box 7 (H)




Draft of A Shadow in the City: the confession

Dated October 12, 2004 (in Chuck’s handwriting)

435 pages

Some handwritten editing on pages

Box 8 (H)




Letter from Becky Saletan in response to April 4th draft

(When Becky moved from Farrar Strauss, Giroux (North Point Press was her own imprint) she took Chuck with her to Harcourt.)


7 pages

Includes chapter by chapter notes/comments by Becky

Email between Becky and Chuck

Dated August 6, 2004

2 pages

Chuck responds to Becky’s chapter by chapter notes and some other thoughts about the book

Letter from Becky w/ more notes on draft


4 pages

More chapter by chapter comments and general feedback

Draft titled Street: kaddish for Joey O’Shay


458 pages

(probably the draft that Becky was referencing – i.e. same box)

Box 9 (I)




Draft titled All the Way Down: love, killing and other drugs

Dated (in Chuck’s handwriting) August 26, 2004

331 pages

**says “Part One” in handwriting, but seems to be a complete draft…i.e. 331 pages

Box 10 (I)




Draft titled A Shadow in the City: the confessions of an undercover drug warrior

Dated (in Chuck’s handwriting) October 16, 2004

340 pages


Box 11 (I) (box marked “galley edit by Becky Saletan, Chuck, & MM – copy 1/31/05”)




Final Page Proof of A Shadow in the City

Dated 1/10/05

314 pages


Letter from David Hough w/ the final page proof

Dated 1/13/05


The letter is asking for Chuck’s final review of page proofs

Email from David Hough to Chuck & MM

Dated February 12, 2005

3 pages

Page by page comments w/ handwritten approvals/disapprovals on the side

FedEx Receipt

Dated 1/31/05


Priority overnight envelope to David Hough

Guide to Editing Marks (i.e. “Guide to Marked Proofs”)


1 page


Box 12 (I)




Draft titled Street: kaddish for Joey O’Shay

Dated (in Chuck’s handwriting) March 27, 2004

446 pages


Box 13 (J) (‘hardback’ written on box)




Page proofs of A Shadow in the City

Dated 1/10/05

308 pages

Some handwritten notes throughout and one yellow sticky paper w/ note on page four of proof

Part of a page proof

Dated 1/6/05

Pages 309-314


Part of a page proof

Dated 4/14/06

Pages V, IV, and 310-330


Box 14 (J)




MM’s edit of A Shadow in the City: the confession of an undercover drug warrior

Dated 10/25/04 (on box)

338 pages

Many yellow sticky papers with notes from MM

Kim File – emails

All dated late December 2003

6 pages

Emails between Chuck and Kim, and Chuck and D. Weyerman

Box 15 (J)




Email and Edited Draft originally titled All the Way Down: love, killing and the other drug (crossed out w/ A Shadow in the City: Confessions of an Undercover Drug Warrior suggested by Saletan)

Email dated October 4, 2004

318 pages

Edited by Becky Saletan w/ penciled comments and marks, etc.  Email includes comments by page number and general thoughts

Box 16 (WW) – Research Material




4 research/interview notebooks



In manila envelope

3 research/interview notebooks



In manila envelope

4 interview tapes



In manila envelope

3 interview tapes



In manila envelope

3 interview tapes



In manila envelope

2 music CD’s


The songs Kim’s son wrote about him

In manila envelope

1 video tape


Skipper – Chopper video Fire Academy

In manila envelope

1 video tape


On prostitution, narrated by Kim Sanders

In manila envelope

1 CD of Sanders photo




Man’s Search for Meaning


By Viktor E. Frankl

This is the book quoted throughout Shadow in the City

Recollections (an autobiography)


By Viktor E. Frankl


When Life Calls Out to Us: The Life and Lifework of Viktor and Elly Frankl


By Haddon Klingberg, Jr.





1 b&w, 2 colors (Xerox blow-up) of Kim Sanders

1 b&w Xerox copy of Joey O’Shay’s crew in frontier costumes

3 photographs of Kim’s painting of the boy in the boat referred to in Book




Obituary memorial service pamphlet for Skipper Sanders (In March of 2006, Chuck wrote a new after word for Shadow in the City entitled “Last Call for Joey O’Shay” because Kim wanted his real name used after Skipper died.)



The handwritten poem, Where Angels Cry, written by Skipper’s brother (Joey Sanders) for the funeral mass. 

Copy of Shadow in the City paperback w/ the after word referred to above




129 emails – the majority are from Kim, some used in book




2 letters from Kim



1 includes a clip titled “Found in Arkansas Swamp: hope on wings” and the other contains a letter from Joey, Kim’s son.

1 manila folder of newsprints including handwritten notes from Kim




Pile of general research for the book




Box 17 (XX)




Early untitled draft – a 95 page outline for Shadow in the City




Manila Folder titled “blurbs, emails”




Email from Jim Harrison to Rebecca Saletan

March 16, 2005

2 originals

Mentions making lunch for Chuck and Phil Caputo (a writer who also lives in Patagonia), includes a blurb for the book, etc

Email from William Langewiesche to Becky (Rebecca Saletan)

March 16, 2005

2 originals

Includes a blurb for the book (William is from The Atlantic monthly)

Email from Kim to Chuck

March 16, 2005


Discusses his feelings about the book coming out, about the blurbs he’s seen, etc

Draft of a review by David Cremean, Black Hills State University, Spearfish, South Dakota

No date

2 pages


Draft titled Seven and a Half Tornadoes

No date

70 pages

Early draft of first part of book, with editing throughout (MM’s handwriting)

In Manila Folder titled “Reviews, Miscellaneous”




Page of “Questions for Charles Bowden”

No date


Questions pertaining to Shadow in the City

Summary of book, description of Chuck, # of pages, price of book, ISBN #, etc

No date

1 page


Salt Lake Tribune review of Shadow in the City, “One-man drug war; Charles Bowden sheds light on the shadowy life of an undercover cop”

Appeared in the July 10 edition of the Salt Lake Tribune

3 pages

In an email send by

Letter from Liz Gately at Anderson Literary Management to Chuck

No date


Includes the royalty statements for The Shadow in the City

Letter from Michelle Humphrey at Anderson Literary Management to Chuck

May 18, 2007


Includes a royalty statement for The Shadow in the City  (in envelope)

Email from Kathleen Anderson, literary agent, to Chuck

May 17, 2007


Regarding having received “fully-executed contracts and payment for Charles Bowden on Shadow in the City”, etc

Review in the San Franciso Bay Guardian

In the October 26 edition


In an email from Evan Boorstyn at Harcourt

Flight, rental car, and hotel reservation details


2 pages

‘Author Appearance’ noted throughout, Harcourt will be billed, Salt Lake City/Miami/Phoenix/Tucson

Email from Kathy at Anderson Literary Management to Chuck

August 23, 2005

1 page

Regarding the submission list for the movie rights for Shadow in the City, etc

Email between Chuck and Kim

August 2, 2005

1 page

Kim mentions a painting he’s done for Chuck (it is hanging on Chuck’s office wall), both talk about reviews of the book, etc

Email from Evan Boorstyn to Chuck

August 1, 2005

2 pages

Includes an email from Mary Martha regarding Chuck’s speaking engagements with radio stations, NPR, and other things…also mentions the Texas Book Festival

Cover sheet is a fax cover sent to Evan Boorstyn from Mary Martha Miles

Fax dated July 29, 2005


5 pages following are a list of speaking engagements, etc

Email from Evan Boorstyn to Kathy

August 1, 2005

3 pages

Includes a review from the Washington Post Book World

Email from Rebecca Saletan to Chuck

August 1, 2005

2 pages

Includes a “negative review…in the July 31 Miami Herald”

Email from Evan Boorstyn to Chuck

June 22, 2005

2 pages

Includes a review in the June 19 edition of the Salt Lake City Tribune

Email from Mark Halverson to Chuck

June 16, 2005

1 page

Refers to himself as “The Sacramento News and Review film critic who contacted you many moons ago,” wants to do a piece on Chuck, details, etc

Email from Rick Russell in Dallas to Chuck

June 14, 2005

1 page

Mentions reading the book, specifically page 292 (where Joey O’Shay is thinking of his dead little boy), that he headed down to homicide to “shake the hand of the man who’s finally free to take over that ricking of his little boy,” telling Chuck to let ‘him’ know certain things, his experience driving through Dallas, (somewhat confusing)

Email from Evan Boorstyn to Chuck

June 20, 2005

2 pages

Includes a “positive review in the June 15 issue of Library Journal”

Page titled “Questions for Charles Bowden”


3 pages of questions and answers

Questions answered by Chuck

First draft titled Night Moves (draft first chapter)

Dated May 2002

7 pages

Last page has outline of further chapters (titles, etc)

Email from Scott Carrier to Chuck

July 20, 2002


Mentions Chuck’s interview with Senator John McCain, writes about Scott’s time in Afghanistan (writing from Gilgit)

Draft titled Man Underground

No date

28 pages


Book proposal for Rebecca Saleton

March 2003

5 pages


Draft titled Notes on a Man Underground

No date

29 pages, then 186 thru 206 of a draft


Draft titled The Black Notebook

No date

Roughly 50 pages (pages not numbered)


In Manila Folder titled “Correspondence, Other Miscellany”




Email from Martha Jessup at the Lannan Foundation to Chuck

July 6, 2005

1 page

Thanking him for his acknowledgement in his book of the foundation, etc

4 pages of edits for Shadow in the City



w/ yellow sticky papers, editing throughout, etc

Email from Kim Sanders to Chuck

July 5, 2005

1 page

Regarding his interview, mentions Martha (Kim’s wife), Alex, painting, etc

Email exchange between Kim and Chuck

July 8, 2005

2 pages

Kim thanks Chuck for the Don Henry message, other personal plans/details, mentions the NPR interview, etc

2 emails included from Don Henry to Chuck

Email from David to Rebecca Saleton sent to Chuck by Rebecca

April 5, 2005

1 page

Regarding the corrected proof (mentions 4 blank pages, which are in the published hardback at the end)

Memo from David Hough to Becky

March 18, 2005

1 page

Regarding the final page proof for Shadow in the City, offers thoughts on Chuck, etc

Email from Chuck to Chuck…the final add for book

Sent September 4, 2005 – dated on bottom of page January 5, 2004

3 pages


Email from Kim to Chuck

October 30, 2004

1 page

In appreciation for Chuck’s book, etc

Email from Kim to Chuck

October 30, 2004

1 page

Says he has finished the book, “an amazing work,” other details and appreciation, etc

Email from Kim to Chuck

October 31, 2004

1 page

Mentions that he is going to the lake with his oldest son, he “feels more alive,” other personal details, etc

A film treatment for Shadow in the City sent to Otis Carney, an Arizona and Wyoming writer and rancher, and good friend of Chuck’s.

Dated November 10, 2004

2 pages

Otis sent the treatment to a film industry friend in Hollywood

Business info for Twin Palms Twelvetrees Press


2 pages


5 page proofs for the cover art of Shadow in the City



5 different layouts

Email exchange between Kim and Chuck

March 9, 2005

2 pages

Includes an article in the Dallas Morning News titled “At border, police offer little comfort,” other details, etc

Cover page for a draft titled A Shadow in the City: a confession




2 flyers for Chuck’s reading from A Shadow in the City at Ken Sanders Rare Books, Salt Lake City, Utah

Scheduled for July 15 @ 7 p.m.



Salt Lake Tribune, Book Release, “Author to read from new book”

July 8, 2005

1 photocopied copy

Regarding the reading to be given at Ken Sanders Rare Books in Salt Lake City, Utah (with envelope)

Letter from Alex Chadwick to Chuck

June 28, 2005


In envelope

Regarding the PBS interview on Day to Day, the wine, etc – Alex came to 9th St. for the interview and dinner.

Email from Rebecca Saleton to Chuck

January 15, 2005

8 pages

Line by line edit for A Shadow in the City

Page titled “Three Beginnings”

No date

1 page

Through page numbers – a sort of outline/overview of A Shadow in the City

Card from Kim to Chuck

November 9, 2004


Includes a photo of Kim when he was roughly 4 years old  (in envelope)

Letter to Sal Martinez from Chuck

No date

4 pages

Mentions his time at the newspaper, etc


2005 Book Collecting: The Last Refuge of the Illiterate (published by Ken Sanders)

Box 1 (CC)




Broadside titled “Lies in the Desert”

Created for the opening of the new Salt Lake City Library, February 2003

Text © 2003 by Charles Bowden

6 originals

In paper bag

Page proofs for Book Collecting: The Last Refuge of the Illiterate

No date

8 pages


Bowden on Book Collecting (an excerpt from Book Collecting: The Last Refuge of the Illiterate)

No date

10 originals: 18/50, 19/50, 20/50, 21/50, 22/50, 26/50, 27/50, 28/50, 29/50, 30/50

-       Printed for Ken Sanders Rare Books, Salt Lake City, Utah, by Jason Davis in an edition of 50 copies.

-       Signed by Chuck.

-       Contained in glossy package with high-quality paper, etc.

Bowden on Book Collecting, Too (an excerpt from Book Collecting: The Last Refuge of the Illiterate)

No date

10 originals: 19/50, 20/50, 21/50, 22/50, 26/50, 27/50, 28/50, 29/50, 31/50, 32/50

-       Printed for Ken Sanders Rare Books, Salt Lake City, Utah, by Jason Davis in an edition of 50 copies.

-       Signed by Chuck.

-       Contained in glossy package with high-quality paper, etc.

Book Collecting: The Last Refuge of the Illiterate

© 2005

8 originals

- Contained in glossy package with high-quality paper, etc.

- Signed by Chuck, printed in an edition of 100 copies




2006 Inferno (with photographs by Michael Berman)  [I]

Box 1 (Z)




Draft titled Inferno

Dated 11/20/00

90 pages


Draft titled Inferno: nature under the influence

Dated 11/21/00

94 pages


Draft titled Inferno: nature under the influence

Dated 11/27/00

101 pages


Draft titled Inferno: nature under the influence

Dated 11/24/00

96 pages


Draft titled Inferno

Dated 12/7/00

123 pages

w/ some footnotes

Draft titled Inferno

Dated 12/21/00

132 pages

w/ some footnotes

Box 2 (Z)




Draft titled Jerusalem Nights


233 pages


Box 3 (Z) (box marked “Stone guitars – Moonrise in the Inferno,  7/10/02, first draft”)




Draft titled Moonrise in the Inferno: this highway is for strangers


305 pages


Box 4 (Z)




Draft titled The Page He is Missing


279 pages

Early draft of Inferno

Box 5 (AA)




Draft titled Inferno


133 pages


Page proofs for Inferno


176 pages


Emails from Lynne Chapman at Texas University Press to MM and Chuck

Dated October 27, 2005

4 pages


Letter from MM to Lynne discussing edits to manuscript

Dated July 8, 2005

1 page

As with Blues for Cannibals, Mary Martha insisted on the original punctuation in order to retain Chuck’s lyrical rhythms and she restored the manuscript to the original form.

Email between MM and Lynne discussing page proofs

Dated October 20, 2005

1 page


Email from MM to Lynne discussing page proofs

Dated October 20, 2005

1 page


Quotes for Berman catalogue for El Paso show – 11/05 to curator


1 page


Box 6 (ZZ)




Draft titled Inferno – MM’s edit


181 pages

Editing throughout

Email between Richard and Chuck

Dated June 27, 2005

1 page

Discussing “a shrub…called rattlesnake foreskin”

Letter to Lynne from MM

Dated June 8, 2005

1 page

Discussing changes to manuscript, etc

Form for Checking Computer-Edited Manuscripts from the University of Texas Press

Dated in corner – (rev 5/17/00)

1 page

Made out to Lynne Chapman and to be returned by 7/11/05

Primary Style Sheet for Inferno by Charles Bowden


5 pages

List of names, titles, and foreign words

Letter from Kip Keller (the copyeditor for Inferno) to Chuck

Dated June 13, 2005

2 pages

Discussing general formatting and changes made to text in Inferno

Email between MM and David L. Hardy Sr. (David is an amateur herpetologist friend.  See “Snaketime” magazine article)

Dated July 18, 2005

1 page

Discussing meeting with Chuck

Early draft (marked ’05) of Inferno


133 pages w/ footnotes


Brown Envelope




Book Jackets for Inferno

Envelope dated March 15, 2006

5 original book jackets for Inferno


Box 7 – (large manuscript box)




Inferno Mockup, UT Press







Prepublication Manuscripts:


Exodus (to be published by the University of Texas Press, Fall 2008)

Box 1




Draft titled Exodus/Exodo


244 pages

Editing throughout

Draft titled Exoduc/Exodo


197 pages

Editing throughout

Box 2




Draft of Mother Jones excerpt from Exodus


2 pages

Editing throughout

Print out of a photo of waves breaking on the surf – from Steve Nelson


1 page

Printed from Internet – dated 11/29/01

Letter about the This I Believe series – NPR, Jay Allison


2 pages with instructions/guidelines for the This I Believe series

Noted that Chuck will send piece

Proposal for Kiki Camerino book to Saleton titled “Dead Man Talking”


4 pages

Editing throughout

2 drafts titled “Lost Mountain”

Folder dated 11/23/01

First 23 pages w/ footnotes, Second 35 pages w/out footnotes

Noted “Mountain Gazette and Exodus (Claudia)”

Draft titled “Lost Mountain”

Folder dated 11/14/01

35 pages

Some editing throughout

Noted “Claudia Exodus”

Draft titled The Secret Life: hard traveling past the future


85 pages

This is early Sea Shepherd, an attempt at a book in the 80’s, but he also used pieces from it in Exodus and Café Blood

Anonymous University of Texas Press reader for Exodus


2 pages


Mother Jones article titled “Mother Jones Names Editor-In-Chief” – Clara Jeffery is mentioned as having edited Exodus

August 16, 2006

2 pages – printed from the Internet


Box 3 – Sea Shepherd drafts, etc




Early draft (attempt at a book – also in Exodus and Café Blood) titled “The Secret Life: Hard traveling past the future”


85 pages


Draft titled “Earth Force: Strategy for the Earth Warrior” by Captain Paul Watson, forward by David Foreman


No page numbers – roughly 120 pages

In a bag from Ms. Print, Printing & Graphics

Book titled The Sierra Club Handbook of Whales and Dolphins

Copyright 1983


By Stephen Leatherwood and Randall R. Reeves, Paintings by Larry Foster

Book titled Sea Shepherd: My Fight for Whales & Seals

Copyright 1982


By Paul Watson

7 notebooks with notes from Chuck’s time on the Sea Shephard






Café Blood (to be published by Harcourt, Fall 2008)

Box 1




Snake piece draft

Dated 8/03

53 pages


Snake Time draft


62 pages


Draft titled Café Blood


16 pages

w/ some handwritten notes and a pink sticky paper

Draft titled Café Blood


323 pages


MM’s edit of Café Blood


296 pages


Box 2 (box marked “Original White Light 1996 (Café Blood)”




Disk in disk case titled White Light Backup




Draft titled White Light: Jack and the General and La Santa


209 pages

MM’s edit

Draft titled White Light: Jack and the General and La Santa


224 pages


Draft of Snake Time – long version (untitled)


62 pages


Draft of Snake Time – long version (untitled)


62 pages


Box 3




Draft titled Café Blood

Folder dated 1/02/01

328 pages


Box 4




First draft titled White Light: Jack and the General and La Santa


224 pages

folder marked “White Light (Red Café)”

Box 5




2 early drafts titled White Light: Jack and the General and La Santa


209 pages

It appears that the 2 drafts are identical copies, but only one has a title page.

Box 6




Draft titled The Red Café


253 pages (but some pages seem out of order or from a separate draft perhaps – pages 217-226 at end of draft, mostly bibliographical information)


Box 7 (box marked as third draft)




Draft titled Café Blood


280 pages


Box 8 (box marked “Café Blood – Summer ’06 Marfa Drafts I)



Chuck spent 42 days at a Lannan Foundation house in Marfa, TX, summer of 2006, writing the first draft of Café Blood

Draft titled Café Blood

Dated 8/09/06

275 pages

(red folder)

Draft titled Café Blood

Dated 7/29/06

296 pages

Marked as “draft one” (yellow folder)

Box 9 (box marked “Café Blood – Summer ’06 Marfa Drafts II)




Draft w. subtitle “Part 2/The Room” – seems to be a part of a longer draft


Pages 158-247

This is early draft that became part of Café Blood later.

Draft titled Café Blood: Going Over Jordan

Dated August 18, 2006

290 pages

Draft marked “Last Marfa draft/MM’s edit”

Box 10 (box marked “Café Blood – Spring/Summer ’06)




Draft titled Café Blood: crossing all the lines


306 pages


Box 11




Draft titled White Light: Jack and the General and La Santa

Very early…perhaps ’89-’90(?)

201 pages

*These early drafts of White Light were stalled around the time of Keating and then partially recovered for the more recent Café Blood

Early work on White Light – draft has no title


Pages 142 – 221


Box 12 (box marked “Café Blood – Spring/Summer ‘06”)




Draft titled Café Blood: crossing all the lines


306 pages


Draft titled Café Blood: crossing all the lines


346 pages




Box 1




First partial draft titled Trinity


Began April 30, 2007 at 3:40 P.M.

Partial draft June 14, 2007 at 6:00 A.M.

315 pages


Unpublished Manuscripts:

(These manuscripts will be retained by Bowden and entered into the archive after his death)


Rio de la Sangre: Love in the badlands (late 80’s, early 90’s)

Box 1




Rio de la Sangre: love in the badlands


90 pages


Why I wrote this


67 pages

Various subtitles throughout


Go for Broke (bicycling) (unpublished)

Box 1




Draft titled Go for Broke: A guide for bicyclists venturing into western Arizona


182 pages

w/ handwritten comments and editing

Box 2




Draft titled Go for Broke: A guide for bicyclists venturing into western Arizona


118 pages

w/ some handwritten editing


Banjo (unpublished)

Box 1




Draft titled Banjo


155 pages

w/ handwritten notes/edits

Draft titled Banjo


155 pages

1/ a few pages of handwritten notes at end



Leave the Heart in the Kill (unpublished)

Box 1




Draft titled Leave the Heart in the Kill


Roughly 105 pages – not all pages numbered


Draft titled Leave the Heart in the Kill


Roughly 97 pages – not all pages numbered

Includes photocopied illustrations – older photographs

Draft titled Leave the Heart in the Kill


Roughly 103 pages – not all pages numbered

Includes photocopied illustrations – older photographs


Fire in the Earth   (unpublished)

Box 1




Draft titled Fire in the Earth


No page numbers



Lola: Dance to the Music (unpublished)

Box 1




Draft titled Lola: dance to the music


188 pages


Letters from publishers considering the publication of Lola

An envelope dated May 1991

9 letters total

Many are rejection letters

Map of the Rio Mayo Basin






Unpublished Manuscript Box

Box 1




Draft of A Dog’s Life


11 pages

An unpublished manuscript described by Chuck as a memoir about the dog that the coyotes ate.

Draft of Learning Nothing, Forgetting Nothing


182 pages


Draft of Learning Nothing, Forgetting Nothing


21 pages


Box 2




Untitled draft – some used elsewhere


207 pages


Untitled draft – some used in Café Blood


141 pages


Box 3




Draft titled Blood Mountain, Bone Desert


14 pages

Early ‘80s attempt at a book while at the Tucson Citizen, interested in prose as free verse

Poetry written in 1968 when working at IBM and waiting to be drafted (1A)




Piece titled “The Decline of the American Hotdog”


4 pages


Newberry research done in 1970 to reinvent how Native American history is written


Roughly 55 pages

Envelope addressed to Lew and Barabara Kreinberg and dated November 2, 1976

Interview with old vaquero smuggler titled “February/Febrero/uuwarik - smelling (deer mating): Luis Lopez”


2 pages

(interview related to The Bog listed below)

Draft titled The Bog: A Sudden & Sublime Bestiary


Pages unnumbered, but roughly 100 pages

The Bog is surrealistic – Chuck decided the Catholic priest, Father Kino was a pot head.  Book never finished, though, because his computer crashed.

Early draft of The Bog titled La Cienaga: A Sodden and Sublime Bestiary


29 pages



Meeting the Deadline (unpublished)

Box 1




Draft titled Meeting the Deadline

Envelope dated January 30, 1979 and he says he wrote the book between Dec 1978 – Jan 1979

103 pages, & some photocopied pictures

In Chuck’s words this is a book he wrote to invent a new way to write about family – it was a time before the newspaper when he sold his car and bought a bike, and wandered the west living off his Guggenheim award.  Re: Guggenheim award – In his application letter he wrote “I want to know where mush melons come from” and he won.


Their Hearts Weep (unpublished)

Box 1




Bound draft of Their Hearts Weep


No handwriting in pages/ No page numbers



The Red Caddy (unpublished)

Box 1




Draft titled The Red Caddy: a driving and maintenance guide (A memoir about Edward Abbey)


1 draft in folder from Meg


Draft titled The Red Caddy: a driving and maintenance guide


1 draft in box


Letter from Ken Sanders Rare Books mentioning The Red Caddy








Copies of Books published by Charles Bowden - Box 1 (SS) & Box 2 (TT)

Killing the Hidden Waters

Box 1 (SS)

Copyright 1977 by the University of Texas Press, Austin & London

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 hardcover

Street Signs Chicago: Neighborhood and Other Illusions of Big-City Life

Box 2 (TT)

Copyright 1981 by Charles Bowden and Lew Kreinberg

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 hardcover

Blue Desert

Box 1 (SS)

Copyright 1986

The University of Arizona Press

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 paperback

Frog Mountain Blues

Box 2 (TT)

Copyright 1987

The University of Arizona Press

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 paperback


Box 1 (SS)

Copyright 1988

The University of Arizona Press

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 hardcover

Red Line

Box 1 (SS)

Copyright 1989

W.W. Norton Company, New York & London

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 hardcover

Desierto: Memories of the Future

Box 2 (TT)

Copyright 1991

W.W. Norton Company, New York & London

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 hardcover


Box 1 (SS)

Photographs by William Lesch

Preface by William Lesch

Essay by Charles Bowden

Copyright 1992

Treville Co., Ltd.

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 hardcover in plastic

The Sonoran Desert

Box 1 (SS)

Photographs by Jack W. Dykinga

Text by Charles Bowden

Copyright 1992

Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 hardcover

The Secret Forest

Box 1 (SS)

Photographs by Jack W. Dykinga

Text by Charles Bowden

Copyright 1993

University of New Mexico Press: Albuquerque

Signed by Charles Bowden and Jack Dykinga

1 paperback

Trust Me: Charles Keating and the Missing Billions

Box 2 (TT)

By Michael Binstein and Charles Bowden

Copyright 1993

Random House, New York

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 hardcopy

Charles Bowden: A Bibliography

Box 2 (TT)

Published by Vinegar Tom Press in Santa Fe, New Mexico, December 8, 1994, in an edition of 50 numbered copies which are signed by Charles Bowden and Louis A. Hieb.

This is copy 18/50

Signed by Charles Bowden and Louis A. Hieb

1 gloss dust jacketed paperback

Blood Orchid: An Unnatural History of America

Box 2 (TT)

Copyright 1995

Random House, New York

Both copies signed by Charles Bowden

1 hardcover and 1 uncorrected proof

Stone Canyons of the Colorado Plateau

Box 1 (SS)

Photographs by Jack W. Dykinga

Text by Charles Bowden

Copyright 1996

Harry N. Abrams, Inc

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 hardcover

Chihuahua: Pictures From the Edge

Box 1 (SS)

Photographs by Virgil Hancock

Test by Charles Bowden

Copyright 1996

Published in cooperation with the University of Arizona Southwest Center and The University of New Mexico Press Albuquerque

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 paperback

Juarez: The Laboratory of Our Future

Box 2 (TT)

by Charles Bowden, Preface by Noam Chomsky, Afterward by Eduardo Galeano, Photographs by Javier Aguilar, Jamie Bailleres, Gabriel Cardona, Julian Cardona, Alfredo Carrillo, Raul Lodoza, Jamie Murrieta, Miguel Perea, Margarita Reyes, Ernesto Rodriguez, Manuel Saenz, Lucio Soria Espino, Aurelio Suarez Nunez

Copyright 1998


Signed by Charles Bowden

1 hardcover

The Sierra Pinacate

Box 1 (SS)

By Julian D. Hayden

Photographs by Jack Dykinga

With Essays by Charles Bowden & Bernard L. Fontana

Copyright 1998

The University of Arizona Press

Essay by Charles Bowden titled “Going to the Black Rock”

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 hardcover

Paul Dickerson, 1961-1997

Box 1 (SS)

Copyright 1999

American Fine Art Co., New York

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 hardcover

Charles Bowden: A Descriptive Bibliography 1962-2000

Box 1 (SS)

Compiled by W. E. Bartholomew

Copyright 2001 by W.E. Bartholomew

*Regarding the hardcover: Of this first edition, 26 copies, specially bound, have been signed and lettered by Charles Bowden.  This is copy 05.

*Regarding paperback: wrapped in cellophane

1 hardcover and 1 paperback


Eugene Richards 55

Box 1 (SS)

Photographs by Eugene Richards

Text by Charles Bowden

Copyright 2001

Phaidon Press Limited

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 paperback

Blues for Cannibals

Box 2 (TT)

Copyright 2002

North Point Press

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 hardcover and 1 advance reader’s edition

Down by the River

Box 2 (TT)

Copyright 2002

Simon & Shuster

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 advance uncorrected copy

Credo: Ground Zero

Box 2 (TT)

Lawrence Clark Powell Memorial Lecture ~ Keepsake #2

Delivered December 3, 2002

Copyright 2003

Number 99 of 100 Copies – Signed by Charles Bowden

1 paperback

Verbatim: A Conversation with Charles Bowden

Box 2 (TT)

Copyright 2004 Mona Mort

Sylph Publications

This is copy 05 of 10 numbered copies.

Signed by Charles Bowden and Mona Mort

1 hardcover contained in a matching collector’s box

Shadow in the City

Box 2 (TT)

Copyright 2005

Harcourt Books

Signed by Charles Bowden.

Marked by Chuck with sticky tabs for public readings.

1 hardcover

Book Collecting: The Last Refuge of the Illiterate

Box 2 (TT)

Copyright 2005

Ken Sanders Rare Books

Printed for Ken Sanders Rare Books, Salt Lake City, Utah by Jason Davis as verdant press in an edition of 100 numbered copies signed by the author.  There are an additional 26 specially bound lettered copies signed by the author

1 hardcover

- Signed by Charles Bowden and Ken Sanders

- 2/2 Publisher’s Presentation Copies


Box 2 (TT)

Photographs by Michael Berman

Text by Charles Bowden

Copyright 2006

University of Texas Press

Signed by Michael Berman and Charles Bowden


1 hardcover

Firsts: The Book Collector’s Magazine with article titled “Charles Bowden: A Checklist of First Editions”

Box 2 (TT)

May, 2006 – Volume 16, Number 5

Signed by Charles Bowden

1 original



Miscellaneous Copies of Books with Contributions from Charles Bowden


Box 1 (TTT)

Introductions and Epilogues written by Chuck Bowden:




Epitaph for a Desert Anarchist: The life and Legacy of Edward Abbey by James Bishop, Jr.

Simon and Schuster, 1995

1 paperback


Epilogue by Chuck


Contrabando by Don Henry Ford, Jr.


Harper,  2005

1 paperback


Introduction written by Chuck

        (The original hardback was published by Cinco Puntos Press in El Paso.) Letter to Chuck from the editor of Cinco Puntos Press Article from the San Antonio Express about Chuck’s and Don Henry’s appearance at the Texas Book Festival in Austin by Don Henry. Don Henry contacted Chuck after he read Down by the River. He had just come out of the federal penitentiary where he served five years for smuggling marijuana.  Chuck encouraged his writing and he, MM, and Chuck’s good friend, Molly Molloy, a college librarian at Las Cruces New Mexico, worked with the first drafts of his manuscripts. Chuck helped him to get it published.

Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey


Penguin Classics, 2006

1 paperback

Introduction written by Chuck

Chuck wrote about Kesey for the LA Times following Kesey’s death. His family was touched by what Chuck wrote and asked for Chuck to do the introduction when Sometimes a Great Notion was re-issued.

Kill the Messenger: How the CIA’s Crack-Cocaine Controversy Destroyed Journalist Gary Webb by Nick Schou


Nation Books, 2006


1 paperback

Introduction written by Chuck.

           Chuck wrote about Gary Webb in Esquire because he was so disgusted by how Webb was treated by the press after he wrote “Dark Alliance”. He was happy to do this introduction.

There is This Place: Essays, Poetry and Art by Joseph Birkett


Mojo Press, 2004

1 paperback, inscribed to Chuck from author and the original manuscript of the introduction


Introduction written by Chuck.

           Joseph is a writer and artist who was raised in Arivaca.  He is the son of Maggie Milinovitch, publisher of the Arivaca newspaper. She had this book privately printed for Joseph’s birthday and asked Chuck to do the introduction.  Chuck has encouraged Joseph in his writing.

Twenty Nine Palms by Deane Stillman



1 paperback

Preface written by Chuck.

            Original draft of Preface for the 2007 paperback edition.

Books in which Chuck is quoted or acknowledged:




The Great Southwest by Charles McCarry, Photographed by George F. Mobley

National Geographic Society, 1980

1 hardback

Chuck is quoted on page 17 and referred to as a ‘young scholar’.

The Place Where Souls are Born: A Journey to the Southwest by Thomas Keneally

Hodder & Stoughton, 1992

1 hardback

Chuck is quoted in the text and listed in the acknowledgements

Slim and Serene: Lebanese secrets from Mona’s kitchen by Mona Mart

Sadie and Company Tucson, 2005

1 paperback

A long blurb by Chuck on the back cover.

            Mona is a science writer. She did an interview with Chuck which was published in book form by Walt Bartholomew, Chuck’s bibliographer.

Books about Chuck:




Bowman’s Line by Brian Andrew Laird


St. Martin’s Press, 1995

1 hardback

This and the entry below are two novels in which Chuck is the fictionalized hero. They are based, loosely, on Chuck’s experience as a newspaper reporter.

To Bury the Dead by Brian Andrew Laird

St. Martin’s Press, 1997

1 hardback


Sunshot: peril and wonder in the Gran Desierto by Bill Broyles, photographs by Michael P. Berman.


University of Arizona press 2006

1 paperback

Bill Broyles and Chuck hiked together for twenty years in the southwest deserts. In the chapter entitled “Bowden”, Bill tells about one of those hikes as well as giving insights into Chuck.

Catalogue copy by Chuck for artists’ gallery shows:




Heidi Hesse:

Exporting Liberty


MOCA/ Museum of Contemporary Art/Tucson, AZ

2 copies

Original draft




Alice Leora Briggs

Deadly Sins/Measured Virtues


Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art/ Utah

2 copies



(Chuck and Alice are doing a book to be published in 2009 by the University of Texas Press)

Book catalogues in which Chuck is listed:




Nature Writing, Ken Lopez

Ken Lopez, Bookseller


Introduction by Barry Lopez

Native American Literature

Ken Lopez, Bookseller


Introduction by Duane Niatum





CITY MAGAZINE – Chuck explained it as a monthly magazine covering life and politics for Southern Arizona which he and Richard Vonier created.  Vonier had been Chuck’s editor at the Tucson Citizen newspaper prior to starting the magazine.


City Magazine, Box 1 (NN)

Articles by Chuck Listed Below


Prototype/Winter 1986


2 originals

November/December 1986

“Soul of the City”

2 originals

January 1987

“Staying Put”

2 originals

February 1987

“The Heat Treatment”

2 originals

March 1987

“Catalina State Park for Sale?”

2 originals

April 1987

“Frog Mountain Blues”

2 originals

May 1987

“Tucson Days and Nights”

2 originals

June 1987

“Ed Abbey: How to Get Outta Town” (written by Ed Abbey)

2 originals

July 1987


2 originals

August 1987


1 original

September 1987

“El Nacho”

2 originals

October 1987

“Meet Mr. Clout”

2 originals

November 1987

Books: “McPaper & the Quetzal”

2 originals

December 1987


1 original

January 1988


2 originals

February 1988

“Tucson: A House on Fire”

2 originals

March 1988

“Sam Steiger: Fifty Ways to leave your Governor”

1 original

April 1988


1 original

May 1988


1 original

June 1988


1 original

July 1988


1 original

August 1988

“Charles Keating”

1 original

September 1988


1 original

October 1988

“Goldwater” – no loose copy


November 1988

“After the Gold Rush”

1 original

December 1988

Books: “Why We Were in Vietnam” & Arts: “Requiem for a Heavy Date”

1 original

January 1989

“How the UA Took Mt. Graham”

1 original

February 1989

“’Treacherous’ Current”

2 originals

March 1989

“Baja Hideaway” & Books: “The Secret Life of David Yetman”

1 original

Folder 1 – Business Correspondence



Letter to Chuck and Laura Greenberg from Intergroup about insurance coverage of City Magazine

Dated August 15, 1989

1 page

Memo to City Magazine Shareholders from William G. Rowe – concerns Roe’s decision to shut down City Magazine – this is after Chuck had already resigned as editor

Dated August 15, 1989

3 pages

Envelope containing a note from Cynthia, a copy of Chuck’s payment to Intergroup (insurance) to serve as a receipt, and a copy of a letter and enrollment form that Cynthia had sent to Debbie (the mother of Chuck’s son, Jesse) concerning a problem with insurance coverage Debbie had experienced at the Thomas Davis Clinic when Jesse was ill.  The copy of the note to Debbie specifies that Jesse is listed as being covered under Chuck’s policy.

Envelope dated April 5, 1989

Notes dated April 4, 1989

3 pages in envelope

Notice to the stockholders of First City Publications from William G. Roe, President – announcing a special meeting on September 20, 1989 concerning “the sale or other disposition of the property and assets of the corporation…” etc

Attached: Board of Directors Recommendations to the Shareholders of City Magazine (6 recommendations listed)

Dated August 28, 1989

2 pages

Funeral notice for Glenton Godfrey Sykes

*w/ Chuck’s handwritten notes on possible names for a magazine. Including “Tequila Sunrise, Mezcal, Margaritaville, Straight Shot, Tequila Times, The Rag of SA”…etc.

Memorial service to be held on August 2, 1985 (died July 30, 1985)


Piece by Chuck titled “Writing for City Magazine: A Few Tips” – begins with a quote from Neal Cassidy to Jack Kerouac, January 7, 1948, then explains what kind of writing City Magazine expects from its writers (“We print stories, things that are alive” “We have no interest in someone’s thoughts on the Mid-East; we are curious about someone’s week in Beirut” “Avoid careful distancing that journalism schools drum into its inmates” “We are very loose on matters of style.  We have a keen ear for voices.” “We don’t print hatchet jobs, we print people, living, breathing, flawed, beautiful, ugly people.” “In this business, when you know it all, you are finished.”), and ends with a quote from the Preface to The Hundred Views of Fuji.


4 pages

First City Publications, Inc. Balance Sheet & Statement of Income (Loss)

For the 10 months ending October 31, 1988

5 pages

First City Publications, Inc. Balance Sheet & Statement of Income (Loss)

For the 9 months ending September 30, 1988

5 pages

First City Publications, Inc. Balance Sheet & Statement of Income (Loss)

For the 8 months ending August 31, 1988

5 pages

First City Publications, Inc. Balance Sheet & Statement of Income (Loss)

For the 7 months ending July 31, 1988

5 pages

Draft of 1989 Budget – itemizes salaries, taxes, circulation costs, advertising costs, employee mileage, production costs, editorial costs, etc.

Dated January 1, 1989

5 pages

b/w photograph of City Magazine staff w/ Izzy (magazine’s mascot)



Note from Jean to Chuck – mentions “the magazine’s demise” and her regret that it is over

No date


Envelope with a note from Cynthia with “a list of the payments I sent to the Court for Jesse for your records” and a Change of Obligor’s Employment or Right to Receive Entitlements form naming Chuck as the employee and concerning the Child Support Unit at the Superior Court

Envelope dated February 28, 1989

Employment Termination Date on form – February 15, 1989

2 pages (note and form)

1st Draft of 1988 Budget – itemizes G&A, Non Recurring, Non-Cash Items, Circulation, Advertising, etc. 

Dated May 5, 1988

6 pages

Arizona Daily Star article titled “City Magazine publisher, editor resign” (page two – section B)

February 21, 1989

1 original

Letter from William G. Walker from the Law Offices of Stompoly & Stroud, P.C.  to William R. Roe, c/o city Magazine – informing Roe that William G. Walker has been “retained to represent Richard S. Vonier and Charles Bowden in connection with their interest in First City Publications, Inc., and its ownership and management of City Magazine”…“agreements…with Vonier and Bowden have been breached, resulting in serious monetary damage,” etc.

Dated March 3, 1989

1 page

Envelope with two forms for Intergroup of Arizona, Inc. – one has ‘Change Notice’ checked and the other one has ‘New Enrollment’ checked and lists Jesse as a dependant. 

Envelope dated March 3, 1989 from City Magazine

‘Change Notice’ checked – dated February 15, 1989

‘New Enrollment’ checked – dated

March 1, 1989


1 copy of each – pink forms

Envelope containing a memo from Lind R. Wagganer from Intergroup to Richard Diffenderfer, Stella Branning Joseph, Barbara Smith Darby, Charles Bowden, and Laura Greenberg – the memo reads “effective September 30, 1989 there is no longer a City Magazine group at Intergroup,” and goes on to discuss coverage alternatives, etc.

Dated September 28, 1989

1 page

The Desert Leaf, “A Column of Opinion: City Magazine” by Arthur Jacobson – discusses the end of City Magazine and his opinion as to why City Magazine had to end, what City Magazine meant to the community, etc.

Dated September 1989

3 originals

Folder 2 – Business Correspondence



3 envelopes from Malone & Mailander dated April 16, 1985; March 11, 1986; & April 17 1986


The envelopes contain information regarding Chuck’s Aunt’s estate – When his aunt died, she left $3000 to each of her nieces and nephews.  Chuck used the $3000 to start City Magazine, running the prototype/Winter 1986 pamphlets and then taking a mortgage out on his house for the rest of the costs.

A pamphlet from the memorial service for Dick S. Vonier


6 pages included in pamphlet with writings by Dick

Letter to the City Magazine Staff from Alice and Bill Roe and Belle and Doug Koppinger

Dated January 23, 1989

In regret that “our joint resources – particularly financial are insufficient for the immediate future”

Folder 3 – Magazine Covers



Manila Envelope containing promotional magazine covers for advertising

For the issue coming out in November

9 copies

Folder 4 - City Magazine Notebooks



2 notebooks on Mt. Graham story


One made with Udall’s staff on Mt. Graham and the other made about Mt. Graham while in D.C.

1 notebook on the ’88 piece on Mt. Graham


Notes on Udall and his staff

1 notebook on interview of Paris Carriger, a man on death row for the murder of Mr. Shaw.


Joint interview with Laura Greenberg…In the interview Carriger admitted to a prior murder that took place during another burglary and this upset his lawyer, Bob Hirsh.  Two stories in City Magazine.

1 notebook on interview with Ed Robson Sr., a Tucson and Phoenix developer – Mid 80’s



1 notebook with notes to self on what will be published in City Magazine



1 notebook with notes to self on City Magazine stories



1 notebook from the Spring of 1987 – early notes on Nacho story



City Magazine staff photo w/ Chuck and Dick Vonier (and Iggy the Iguana)






Magazines Box 2 (HHH)

Magazine Articles, December ‘77 – June ’94


December 1977

Excerpt from Killing the Hidden Waters

1 original


Tracking the 21st Century, Tucson Public Library

June 1982


2 originals


Tracking the 21st Century, Tucson Public Library

July 1982


1 original



July 1982

“Triple Threat”

1 original


Arizona Highways

November 1982

“Ramsey Canyon: A visit to an unspoiled land”

No copy



December 1982


2 originals



January 1983

“New Tools of the Tucson Basin”

1 original


Tracking the 21st Century, Tucson Public Library

January 1983

“New Tools of the Tucson Basin”

2 originals


Arizona Highways

October 1983

“Cabeza Prieta: Arizona’s Outback”

2 originals


Arizona Highways

March 1984

“Bringing Back the Bighorns”

2 originals


Arizona Highways

July 1984

“Audubon in Arizona”

2 originals


The Texas Humanist

July/August 1984

“A Desert Tale: Cherishing the Hidden Waters”

2 originals


Arizona Highways

September 1984

“Grand Canyon Trek: A Personal Journey through a Vertical World”

2 originals

1 notebook from the trek through the Canyon w/ Dykinga, (4 fan letters total) letter from Ruth K. Stoll dated September 1 1984, letter from Terry L. Whetstone dated October 9, 1984, letter from Helen & Boyd Dalzell dated September 18, 1984, letter from Madeline Ann Falk dated September 21, 1984

Arizona Highways

November 1984

“The Sierra Pinacate”

2 originals

A commissioned writer’s report dated March 9, 1984 from Arizona Highways regarding the article titled “Pinacates,” 2 copies of a rejection letter regarding the manuscript titled “Pinacates” from American West dated May 23, 1984

Arizona Highways

June 1985

“The Annual Almost Across Arizona: Bicycle Tour”

2 originals


Arizona Inc.

Fall & Winter 1985-86

“Power in Arizona”

2 originals


Arizona Highways

September 1985

“The Santa Catalinas: Tucson’s Nearby Wilderness”

2 originals


Arizona Highways

November 1985

“Sun, Silence, Bighorns”

2 originals


People weekly

June 16, 1986

“In His Own Words” (America’s H20 Binge)

2 originals

Fan letter from Julia S. Breveleri dated June 18, 1986; a fan letter from Joan Beaulieu dated June 9, 1986; a letter from Sharp Addington dated June 16, 1986

Los Angeles Times Magazine

August 10, 1986

“Blazing Trails” (in Sunday Reading section)

2 originals



Sept/Oct 1986

“Miracle on the San Pedro”

2 originals


Arizona Highways

November 1987

“The Plateau, The Rim Country, and the Basin and the Range”

2 originals


Arizona Highways

January 1988

“A Canyon Called Paria”

2 originals (both wrapped in plastic, unopened)



Autumn 1989

“Love Among the Lion Killers”

2 originals

1 notebook on Harley Shaw/mountain lions, 2 letters – one dated June 6, 1989 from Tom Lyon, the other dated December 4, 1989 from James Ferry


October 1989

excerpt from Red Line

2 originals



March/April 1990

“The Nowhere Man” (Keating)

2 originals

Also 2 photocopies


March/April 1990

“Dave Foreman!”

1 original



Sept/Oct 1990

“Turtle Made the World”

2 originals



December 1990

“High-Seas Avenger”

2 originals 

Letter to Paolo Gentiloni confirming the agreement to publish the article in La Nuova Ecologia, as well as a rough page proof of the article in German

Phoenix magazine

January 1991

“Pacific Ram – Declaring War on Drift Nets”

1 original

1 photocopied copy, three page draft w/ editing

Phoenix magazine

March 1991

“La Virgen and the Drug Lord”

1 original



Mar/Apr 1991

“At Sea with the Shepard: A shooting script”

2 originals


Arizona Highways

August 1991

“Mountain Lying Down: Rediscovering the Kaibab Plateau”

1 original


Phoenix magazine

October 1991

“Will the Wolf Dance in Arizona Again?”

2 originals



Nov/Dec 1991

“Reinventing the West”

2 originals


Arizona Highways

December 1991

“An Invitation to the Desert”

1 original


Wildlife Conservation

Jan/Feb 1992

“Lonesome Lobo”

1 original

1 notebook with notes on reintroducing the wolf


Sept/Oct 1992

“Children of the Sun”

2 originals


Bellona Magasin

November 1992

“Sea Sheperds”

2 originals

Including a letter from Anders Lyche to Jennifer Powers dated 3/17/92, payment records from A.M. Heath, a Schaffner agency

Phoenix magazine

June 1993

“Charles Keating and the Missing Billions”

1 original



July 1993

“Charlie Keating’s Wild and Crazy World”

2 advanced originals


Arizona Highways

January 1994

“Mohawk Dunes.  Our Legacy of Sand Remains a World Apart”

No Copies

Original article contributed to Geo and Geo-Special-Argentinien June 1994 (below)


June 1994

“Am Fallschrim ins Inferno”

No Copies

3 notebooks on smoke jumper story


June 1994

“Anden-Patroulle – Im Reich des Kondors”

No Copies

2 notebooks on story on Argentina


Magazines Box 3 (III)

Magazine Articles Sept/Oct ’94 – April ‘97

Nature Conservancy

Sept/Oct 1994

“Desert Dreams” (Pinacate)

2 originals

2 fan letters


August 1995

“Im Spinnennetz Der Schonheit”

1 original



September 1995

“Laughter, Gunfire, and Forgetting: An Elusive Tale of the Mexican Drug War”

2 originals

1 color photocopied copy, 4 notebooks on the murder at San Carlos/his home/the almost wedding in Alamos, etc.

Approximately 40 snapshots relating to the article (story included) –  

Group I: El Guero’s ‘false’ wedding in Alamos, Sonora which went on for five days.

Group II: The hotel beachfront property (across the street from the actual hotel) in San Carlos where he was gunned down.

Group III: The Guero’s grave in the Alamos cemetery (some of the photos have explanations on back)

The Arizona Republic

November 26, 1995

“Death of the Sea of Cortez”

1 original

1 notebook from time spent in San Carlos, Mexico with Art Strong

La Onda

April 1996

“La Muerte del Mar de Cortes” (Death of the Sea of Cortez)

1 original



November 1996

“Honest to a Fault” (Manning)

2 originals

1 draft titled “Desert Colonic: The Guv & the Bulldog” – 18 pages, letter dated April 16, 2002 to Chuck from Mike Manning when his marriage ended, 2 notebooks on Mike Manning


December 1996

“While You Were Sleeping: In Juarez, Photographers Expose the Violent Realities of Free Trade”

(Won the Sidney Hillman Award)

2 originals

11 letters to the editor, Mexican reprint in Proceso Magazine, August 1999 (1 original copy and 1 photocopy), 1 draft w/ footnotes, 2 copies of prints of mural, 1 early draft w/ footnotes titled “While You Were Sleeping” (23 pages), articles for research by Carlos Vigueras, early draft w/ footnotes titled “While You Were Sleeping” (27 pages), draft titled “While You Were Sleeping” w/ footnotes (27 pages), photocopied copy of “While You Were Sleeping” stamp-dated October 14, 1996, an article titled “The Lurid Business of the Romanticized Border” and an article titled “There’s No Quick-Fix For Drug Abuse” both of which make reference to Chuck’s article “While You Were Sleeping,”a copy of The Texas Observer (June 6, 1997) with an article regarding the murders, violence, and drugs in Juarez, a letter to Chuck from Isabel Nanton, a teacher, in appreciation of the article, 3 notebooks from time in Juarez


April 1997

“The Killer Across the River” (Amado Carrillo)

2 originals

Norwegian Esquire reprint (2 copies) July 1997 “Za rekou bydli zabijak” , Punch magazine reprint (1 copy) May 24, 1997 “Amado Carrillo Fuentes: the richest man on Earth”, 1 draft w/ footnotes, Mexican Ephemera, Daily Outrage article about Amado Carrillo referring to Chuck’s article in G.Q., 7 articles of research for the Carrillo article, 4 articles denouncing Chuck’s article as untrue, early draft titled “Riding the Tiger” w/ footnotes (45 pages), early draft titled “Riding the Tiger” w/ footnotes (49 pages), 5 newspaper clips on drugs and drug use (etc) all dated 7/96, three notebooks titled “Mexico City I, II, & III” dated February ’97 (these are the first notes Chuck made for the story; he was staying in Mexico City in a hotel reportedly owned by Carrillo), early draft w/ footnotes titled “Riding the Tiger” (40 pages) - - note: Chuck sent this early draft to G.Q. in ’96 but they didn’t believe him.  Then in January ’97, discovered that Mexico’s drug czar was on Carrillo’s payroll, so finally believed and published.


Magazines Box 4 (JJJ)

Magazine Articles October ‘97-December ‘98


October 1997

“Chuy Carrillo is Dead and Living Somewhere Far, Far Away”

2 originals

Letter of appreciation and an appeal for help from Gabriel Bedoya (sent in c/o Esquire), 2 drafts (“A Simple Death at the Beach: the false wedding and the maid-of-honor” & “death in the afternoon”), 28 page draft of article, untitled 30 page draft, 14 page early draft titled “A Member of the Wedding”, draft titled “Listen motherfucker, this is about Don Chuy, and he’s a muy malo hombre, and man did he move good shit and now he is nowhere to be found” 29 pages w/ typed comments to Chuck by editor, manila folder with 2 notebooks and many documents relating to the story, a second manila folder with draft of letter sent by Bridgette Jordan to Janet Reno, a picture of Janet Reno, material on Operation Phantom (conflict with DEA/Carrillo’s notes), copy of a letter from the head of the DEA to Jesus Carrillo, and other documents and notes concerning the story, a third manila folder with 5 letters from Abed Munoz.


- This story was written for Esquire right after David Granger took over as editor-in-chief

Tucson Monthly

November 1997

“The King Without a Face”

2 photocopies



Winter 1998

“Blind in the Sun”

1 original

2 letters to the editor


March 1998

“Bad Luck on an Otherwise Fine Night”

2 originals

Draft titled “Keeping up with the Jones” 22 pages w/ footnotes, Texas Department of Public Safety Narcotics Service Town Hall Meeting handbook w/ pamphlets, etc inside, manila folder containing documents from Plano, newspaper articles, and other research material, second manila folder containing 3 notebooks, articles and other material concerning drug use, Plano, TX, etc.

1 notebook from Plano of the coach


April 1998

“We Are Hit” (Dallas JFK Museum)

1 original



April 1998

“Crapshoot Nation”

1 original

1 galley, An original manuscript (1996) of gambling piece for G.Q., 2 notebooks on Las Vegas/Casino story


August 1998

“Torch Song: At the Peripheries of Violence and Desire”

2 originals

This article was nominated for the National Magazine Award

Original draft and short draft both titled “Torch song: in the forest of the night”, 1 draft w/o subtitle, handwritten note from Clara at Harper’s, Edit by Clara, 1 galley with different subtitle (the uneasy union of sex and crime), 19 letters to the editor, 1 letter to MM in praise of article, letter announcing “Torch Song” as chosen for 1999 Best American Essays, letter and email about using “Torch Song” in Vanderbilt University Press Literary Anthology (spring 2008)

Arizona Daily Star

August 1998

Guest  Comment by Bowden “An Arizonan who came out of the ground returns to it” (regarding Chris Clarke, a longtime Arizona rancher friend.  Chuck wrote Trust Me and Blood Orchid while living at Clarke ranch. – MM)

2 originals

Funeral notice, 2 funeral pamphlets, 1 computer print out of the September 1997 issue of Connection with “Arivaca Yesterday and Today” by Chris Clarke,  Bowden’s handwritten notes, 5 drafts of Bowden’s guest comment

New Times Weekly

August 27-September 2, 1998

“The Narc and the Smuggler in the Land of Plenty”

2 photocopies

1 galley, next to last draft titled “Crossing all the Lines: Arturo Carrillo’s Dope Papers”


Chuck wrote this after Art’s death as a tribute to him.  The payment went to Art’s son and daughter. – MM


September 1998

“The Pariah” (Gary Webb)

2 originals

November ’98 issue of Esquire w/ letter to editor (about “The Pariah”), 1 internet research article, 1 fan letter (postcard), b/w photo of Hector, letter from Mark Warren about his edit of story and an attached draft with footnotes, 1 draft w/ footnotes titled “The Company We Keep” sent to New York on 5/29/98, 2 more drafts titled “The Company We Keep”, 3 page proofs, 1 galley, article from ThiemeWorks titled “Lisa Pease Described Gary Webb’s Memorial Service” describes a display put up by his kids with their “favorite magazine article, “The Pariah,” by Charles Bowden.” (December 23, 2004), 2 notebooks on his early time with Webb,  manila folder with a letter dated August 26, 1998 from M. Rothmiller describing his similar experience as that of Webb’s, 4 pamphlets from The Mayo Group on drug use and private investigations, 1 notebook w/ notes for the article, an email dated February 25, 1998 from Gary Webb to Chuck, 19 articles of research 


Chuck was disgusted with the national press & the way Webb was treated.  He wrote this to try to help Webb re-establish himself and to be able to write for the mainstream press again. – MM

Geo special

December 1998

“Die Patriarchen der Wuste” (on saguaros)

1 original

1 draft titled “Saguaros” edited by MM, 2 notebooks on Peruvian Shepherd in Colorodo (Basque story)


Magazines Box 5 (KKK)

Magazine Articles December ’98- February ‘01

The Connection (Arivaca)

December 1998

“Importance of Being Nowhere”

1 original

1 draft dated Dec. ‘98


The Connection, a small monthly newspaper out of Arivaca, was begun by 2 of Chuck’s friends, Maggie Milinovitch & Meg Keoppen in the 70’s.  Maggie’s son, Joseph Birkett, came on as editor in the late 90’s and bought it in 2006. – MM


February 1999

“America: Houston and Ramiro”

1 original

Final draft w/ footnotes titled “Bumfuzzled in Austin”, 1 draft w/ footnotes titled “Going to the Tower”, 1 untitled draft w/ footnotes, 1 page proof, 1 copy of Henry McCoy’s own account


July 1999

“By Midnight” from the section titled “My Day: The Story of April 20, 1999, an essay in seven parts”  (essays about Littleton shooting) (Bowden is #6)

2 originals

MM writes “Chuck and I were on the way to Santa Fe and we stopped for the night.  I turned on the T.V. to hear the news.  My niece, Amanda Gordon Dunn, went to H.S. in Littleton”


August 1999

“Being Max Cleland”

1 original

2 drafts titled “The Man Who Met The Lone Ranger”, 2 page proofs, 2 galleys, 1 letter to Max Cleland (from Bowden), 5 letters from Max Cleland, 3 news paper articles about Cleland, email from Roy to Chuck discussing Cleland’s phone number and general contacts – dated March 26, 1999, autographed professional photograph of Max Cleland with original U.S. Senate envelope, 1 notebook labeled “Washington D.C. April 13th, Tuesday” on first page


The editor refused to print the part about Cleland’s constant struggle not to commit suicide. – MM

AZ Star?


Abbey?  (empty file folder)




September 1999

“I Wanna Dance with the Strawberry Girl”

1 original

First draft w/ penned notes, 1 invitation to launch party, 2 drafts w/ footnotes titled “I Wanna Dance with the Strawberry Girl, 1 untitled draft w/ penned notes, 1 random draft, 1 draft titled “Strawberry Girl” w/ penned notes, 1 page proof, 1 article of research titled “Rape and Murder Stalk Women in Northern Mexico”, emails between Danielle Matoon (editor) and Bowden w/ an attached edited draft, receipt for fax to Julian

3 notebooks from Juarez early May, 1999

3 page proofs for “I Want to Dance with a Strawberry Girl” – handwritten notes throughout


Manila folder: letter from Bill Vourvoulias at Talk magazine to Chuck regarding the enclosed interview notes and newspaper clips that Chuck provided Talk during the preparation of his piece, color copy of “While You Were Sleeping,” 34 articles for research of the disappearances in Juarez (many of the articles are highlighted or include handwritten notes), one page of notes


Tina Brown insisted on having Chuck in the premiere issue.  She “borrowed” Chuck from Esquire.  Her husband was on the Pulitzer committee which originally awarded Chuck the Prize. – MM

The Connection (Arivaca)

October 1999

“Out of the Boardwalk with Chris Clarke”

2 originals

2 pamphlets to honor Clarke, 2 related articles from Connection


October 1999

“The NAFTA Trucker: Crossing the Line”  (about Mexican truckers)

1 original

Letter from Don Owens of Teamsters, ‘Guest’ badge from the 23rd AFL-CIO Biennial Convention 1999, first draft, 1 other draft, the February 3, 1983 Tucson Citizen with Chuck’s article, “Hazards of strike join cash flow, fatigue as problems for truckers,” 10 articles for research, manila envelope containing receipts for Chuck’s stay in Juarez/El Paso on 9/12-14/99, 1 notebook of notes for story


Because the Teamsters don’t usually ask outside writers to contribute – Chuck had to be declared a “reader” in order to receive payment. – MM


December 1999

“Leave Something Behind” from the section The Life List (Chuck is #62)

1 original

3 copies of Sonoran Desert National Park, a citizen’s proposal, 2 drafts titled “Last Call”, and first draft dated 9/4/99, manila folder containing newspaper articles about the park, emails between Bill Broyles and Chuck, and other relevant documents


March 2000

“Ike and Lyndon”

2 originals

2 postcards from fans, 1 40 page draft w/ footnotes, 1 67 page draft, 3 page proofs showing cuts made to make new layout, 1 notebook on Ike Morgan


MM & Bo, Chuck’s mother, bought an original painting by Ike of Lyndon Johnson for Chuck’s July 2000 birthday – Bo was completely flummoxed by it, but happy to buy something Chuck would like even if she didn’t. – MM

Star Editorial

March 2000

“Ask yourself…Do we need El Con?”

1 original



April 2000

“Climbing Finger Rock” by Jim Boyer (Intro and Preface written by Bowden)

1 original

AZ Daily Star article, original piece by Boyer w/ Bowden’s intro and preface, 1 page proof


Jim got into “rotten” rock and fell to his death.  Chuck had a long-standing friendship with his sister, Diane and their parents. – MM


Spring 2000

“Camera of Dirt”

(profile of Julian Cardona)

1 original

1 reprint in the Bridge Review, 1 draft, reprint in the Bridge Review Spring 2001 (1 copy), 14 early shots of Julian’s to appear with the article “Camera of Dirt”


Julian Cardona was the lead photographer for Juarez: Laboratory of the Future and the photographer for Exodus from the UT Press, as well as being Chuck’s dear friend. – MM


August 2000

“The Bone Garden of Desire”

3 originals

First draft, 5 drafts with footnotes, 1 edit by Esquire, 1 page proof, 3 letters

Tucson Weekly



“NAFTA Shave” (Book Review)

2 originals



Summer 2000

“Blue Mist”

1 original

2 galleys, 1 fan letter, 1 letter from editor w/ edited draft

Arizona Republic

February 2001

“On the Timeless Impulse to Scar Arizona”

1 original, 2 photocopies

1 letter from AZ Republic (Chuck Kelly)



Magazines Box 6 (LLL)

Magazine Articles from March ‘01 – Spring ‘03       

Mountain Gazette

March 2001

“Flat Mountain”

1 original

4 drafts


The woman in the piece was an old friend of Bo’s from Tucson and Bo brought her over to the 9th St. house for Thanksgiving. Chuck and I gave her the Dorthea Lange print that day.  Her family returned it to us after her death.  – MM


June 2001

“Our Man in Mexico”

2 originals

First draft w/ footnotes (“7 and a half Tornadoes”), 2nd and 3rd drafts w/ footnotes, 4 drafts of “Blue Sundays”, 1 proof, 1 email copy

Mountain Gazette

September 2001

“The Late, Great Mexican Revolution”

1 original

Julian Cardona’s photos

Wildflower magazine

Winter 2001

“Leave Something Behind”

2 originals


High Country News

September 2001

Reprint of “Importance of Being Nowhere” from the Arivaca Connection.

1 original

1 fan letter


May 2002

“How to Deal with Pain” (on kidney stones)

2 originals

1 letter from G.Q.


June 2002

“Teachings of Don Fernando”

2 originals

1st draft “The Bell”, draft 2002 “The Teachings of Don Victor”, 2 drafts “A Man of His Word”, 1 draft “Dead Reckoning”, 2 later drafts, 1 Harper’s edit and letter from John, 1 page proof


A very dangerous story. – MM


June 2002

“Caught in the Dream of Enron”

2 originals

Page proofs

Metrotimes (Detroit)

September 2002

“Reflections on 9/11”

1 original

1 draft, 1 notebook dated 9/11

Aperture – 50th Anniversary

Spring 2002

“The Other Life of Photographs”

1 original

1 draft edited by MM, page proofs dated 11/30/01


Spring 2002

“Love” (about Julian Cardona)

2 originals



November 2002

“I was Lying” (about John McCain)

1 original

2 drafts w/ attached letters from G.Q., first version, 2 drafts, miscellaneous email, 1 galley

Arizona Highways

January 2003

“Desert Wilderness” (Cabeza Prieta)

2 photocopies

1 galley


February 2003

“Bombs over Paradise”

2 originals

Page proofs; manila folder containing articles and other research materials on Bali; 5 page draft of “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag,” a talk Chuck gave after his trip to Bali.

The Connection (Arivaca)

February 2003

“Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”

1 original


Mother Jones


(Chuck’s Harper’s editor, Clara, moved to Mother Jones and he began writing for them.  He also was interested in Mother Jones receiving a large Lannan Grant. – MM)

March/April 2003

“Outback Nightmares & Refugee Dreams”  (Australian Refugee Breakdown)

2 originals

1 draft w/ footnotes “Dingo Nightmares, Refugee Dreams”, galleys, various emails from Chuck while on assignment, response to project censored nomination, review in the Dallas Morning News

Various articles relating to Aspen Fire in Catalina Mountains

June 2003

AZ Daily Star editorial by Bowden – “No more fear”

1 original of each, plus an internet print-out of interview

The AZ Republic – “Fire was inevitable, author says” (i.e. interview with Bowden), Tucson Weekly “Up in Smoke” (no direct reference to Bowden)

The Land Report

Spring 2003

Reprint of “Importance of Being Nowhere”

1 original

1 letter from the Land Report


Magazines Box 7 (MMM)     

Magazine Articles 7/03-10/04

Mother Jones

July 2003

(Charlie Kernaghan was) “An Army of One”

2 originals

First draft, 1 other draft, page proofs, letter from Charlie Kernaghan dated June 24, 2003 after he read the article (2 copies)

Wild Earth

Summer/Fall 2003

“Snaketime” (part of the magazine’s theme, “Facing the Serpent”)

2 originals

1 edit by editor; 1 galley; 2 letters of thanks from magazine; 54 page untitled draft; photograph of Chuck at snake site; 11 articles for research; 12 emails to Chuck from David L. Hardy Sr. detailing his research with the snakes; 1 notebook from Chuck’s time at the snake site with Dave Hardy in Portal, AZ; 1 poster of Arizona rattlesnake, a gift from Dave Hardy (Box WWW)


Fall 2003

“Come and Get It: last meals and the people who eat them”

2 originals

1 draft


Winter 2003

“Roger Ballen’s World”

2 originals

3 page draft in email form (email dated January 9, 2003) and titled “life in the mines”, email from Roger Ballen responding to Chuck’s article dated October 27, 2003


November 2003

“The Lord of the Drug Ring” (Calderoni)

2 originals

2 drafts and 1 partial draft, page proofs, galley, Best American Crime Stories page proofs and letter from editor

Mother Jones

November/December 2003

“Little Big Man” (Dennis Kucinich)

2 originals

3 drafts w/ footnotes (titled “Invisible Man”), the third draft, 2 campaign buttons, 1 edit by Mother Jones (Clara), page proofs.


Chuck attended a fund-raiser for Kucinich in California.  It was held in the home of the actor who played the farmer in Babe – one of Chuck’s favorite movies. - MM 


December 2003

“General Electric” (Wesley Clark)

2 originals

1 email from Andy Ward regarding Jim Ward’s input, 1 draft titled “Looking for Mr. Four Star”, 1 galley, 1 page proof

Mountain Gazette

January 2004

“Craps” (Pete Carney)

1 original

Email from Pete Carney’s mother, a photo of Pete Carney and his wife Jane in their home on the Carney ranch north of Wilcox, AZ, and a photo of Pete Carney playing his bass fiddle in their home


February 2004

“Best Filling Station in the World” (short review, pg. 125)

2 originals


Arizona Highways

April 2004

“Crossing Arizona on Back Roads”

2 originals

The pitch for story, email from AZ Highways about good response to story by readers, first draft, another draft, 1 hand written letter, 4 published letters in AZ Highways September 2004, 1 notebook from Jack Dykinga & Chuck’s trip on the back roads of AZ

Arizona Daily Star

September 2004

“No More Fear: Vote as if it matters because it does” (opinion page)

1 original



October 2004

“This Time it Matters” (reprint of speech)

1 original



October 2004

“Coming to my Senses” (Marcella Hazan)

2 originals

Page proofs, galley, (*This article was originally written several years earlier when Chuck was under contract w/ Esquire.  This editor worked at Esquire at the time and remembered it as outstanding despite the fact Esquire had killed the story, so he brought it back.), letter dated October 27, 2004 from Victor Hazan after having read the article in G.Q. (2 copies), folder of correspondence and travel details from MM and Chuck’s time in Italy, 4 notebooks while in Venice at Marcella’s last class



Magazines Box 8 (NNN)

Magazine Articles 11/04-Unpublished Articles


November 2004

“Reading List for the President”

2 originals

1 draft


December 2004

“Wino” (Sean Thackery)

2 originals

1 Thackery Wine card, 1 draft, G.Q. edit, 1 Thackery galley, email correspondence between Sean Thackery and Chuck: Chuck’s dated November 6, 2004 and Sean’s dated December 9, 2004 

Mountain Gazette

June 2005

“The Hunger of the Ticking Watch in the Empty Room”

1 original

1 draft


November 2005

“Looting and Profiteering in Louisiana”

2 originals

1 draft, handwritten notes


Two days after Katrina hit, Chuck drove straight through from Tucson to Lafayette, met “Biker Bob” Guilbeau, and they drove into New Orleans, armed, in Bob’s BMW.      - MM

Arizona Highways

December 2005

“Lessons from Camp”

1 original

2 galleys, 1 draft

Arizona Highways

January 2006

“The Zen Garden of Four Deserts Sighs and Bleeds and Blooms”

2 originals

2 proofs, 1 reprint in AZ Daily Star (12/25/05)

Arizona Highways

April 2006

“Apaches’ Language of the Land”

1 original

1 draft, 2 proofs

Mother Jones

May/June 2006

“Born into Cellblocks” (Mexican children in Mexican prisons)

2 originals



May 2006

“The Architect of Taste” (Bonesman)

2 originals

1 G.Q. edit

Mountain Gazette

July 2006

“Night Flight” (Otis Carney)

2 originals

1 draft - written about writer/rancher friend who died in January 2006.

Teamster magazine

August 2006

“The NAFTA Trucker Holding the Line”

2 originals

Draft titled “Mexican Truckers” 9 pages with editing

Mother Jones

October 2006


Won 2nd place in the 2006 John Barlow Martin Award for Public Interest Magazine Journalism

2 originals

2 drafts, page proofs, 1 letter, emails from Mother Jones,  1 proof for the anthology 2006

High Desert Journal

Spring 2007

“Under a Dry Moon”

1 original

Galleys (3 pages)

National Geographic

May 2007

“Our Walls, Ourselves”

2 originals

Draft dated 9/06 w/ editing (11 pages), galleys for article

Arizona Highways

June 2007

“Point of View” (Grand Canyon)

2 originals

Email from Randy Summerlin regarding Chuck’s article – dated 3/21/07

2 drafts within emails dated January 9 & 12, 2007, an additional draft w/ editing throughout (4 pages), and 2 other drafts 5 pages each

Unpublished Articles





1 notebook with interview notes for “Love Story” – Mrs. Hiewett in Prison/Story never run





Notebook papers on Col. James Hiett and his coke addict wife – never printed





3 notebooks with notes on the Venezuela story for G.Q. – President Chavez – Never printed







Magazines Box 9 (OOO)

Research for Magazine Articles, Etc.

Michael Poland Execution

- Used for story in Aperture “Blue Mist” and in Blues for Cannibals



2 small, 2 large w/ notes throughout


Various Newspaper Articles documenting the case and leading up to execution



FedEx envelope from the office of the Federal Public Defender

Contains copies of documents relating to Michael Poland’s case, etc.


Multiple manila envelopes of correspondence



Multiple emails



Other miscellaneous material



Early Draft of Michael Poland Story

(written by Chuck)


Global Mining Research Materials

- Was going to be written for G.Q. but no story came from it


Multiple articles relating to global mining, etc



Sea Shepherd Research



Various articles relating to whales, the Sea Shepherd, etc



8 slides of Aqua Girl (Lisa Webber), 2 letters from Lisa

1 letter contains the obituary notice for James Weber


Draft of Sea Shepherd

40 pages


Various business correspondence concerning the publication of “High Seas Avenger”

Most dated February 1991


Godfrey Sykes Research Materials



Letters, articles, etc






































Box 1 (QQQ)

Early 90’s - 1 notebook

Notes on Sassabee, AZ – Illegal Immigration & Drugs

Mid 80’s – 1 notebook

Notes made in mid 80’s when with Rick Glinski in San Manuel, AZ netting and banding gray hawks.

’90-’91 – 1 notebook

Sinaloa & Culiacan, To Malverde’s shrine w/ Art Strong and a cocaine dealer (Malverde is the Catholic “Saint” for narco-traficantes)

Late 80’s – 1 notebook

Notes of a rider Laine Larson (Merv Larson’s son) shot of river in Nayarit where all the villages had been destroyed to protect drug growers.

’96 – 1 notebook

Notes for a book on Zion/Bryce parks in Utah – book didn’t happen

’83 – 1 notebook

Notes at Marelas, Mexico

1 notebook

Research notes from books on Devil’s Road (El Camino Diablo)

‘90-’91 – 1 notebook

Earth First! trial in Prescott, AZ

Early 90’s – 1 notebook

Notes on Rocky Mountains of Colorado

80’s – 1 notebook

Notes made on overheard conversation between 2 businessmen

1 notebook

Notes on AZ Governor, Coan Meechan and Rose Mofford – 1998, Phoenix impeachment, not used

’93-’94 – 1 notebook

Notes made while living in Arivaca on Clarke ranch

1 notebook

Interview with newspaper publisher in Hermosillo, Mexico (Drugs, etc.)

Late 80’s – 1 notebook

The Yuma book – notes for book never written

1996 – 1 notebook

El Paso & Juarez – Murrah Building bombing site – Oklahoma City

August 25 – 1 notebook

Notes on an effort Bill and Chuck made to walk the Camino del Diablo (Devil’s Highway across Southern Arizona) Bill broke down at Los Vidrios and they failed.

1988 – 1 notebook

Trip to Central Baja

1988-1989 – 1 notebook

Notes in Alamos, Sonora for book – never published

1989 – 1 notebook

Notes on Alamos, Sonora

1 notebook

Notes/interview with Alamos Mexican man about a drug murder

80’s – 1 notebook

Ride along with Tucson cops – “Just a night in hell” 7/07

1 notebook

El Paso – drugs

In folder titled “Notes to self on future writing, etc.”

1 notebook

On normality and Keating

80’s – 1 notebook

On books planned to write

1989 – 1 notebook

Notes to “myself”

1997 – 1 notebook

In New York – notes to self about what to write next - (Then wrote Down by the River)

February 1989 – 1 notebook

Had 4 weeks in front of him – decisions and what to do with those 4 weeks

Late 80’s – 1 notebook

On books Chuck planned to write

Mid 80’s – 1 notebook

To self listing books will write

In Green File Folder

Loose pages from notebooks with notes to self, addresses/telephone numbers, and messages for Chuck

Miscellaneous receipts, etc.

Box 2 (QQQ)

17 miscellaneous notebooks








Tucson Citizen articles

(The articles listed do not encompass the total collection – rather, they are partial-listed to offer a glimpse of the breadth of reporting, etc.)



October 19, 1981

“Society’s outsiders find a little room to breathe”

October 26, 1981

“Tucson’s Communist Party is alive, struggling”

October 29, 1981

“The best beef tamale in Tucson”

October 30, 1981

“Entering the combat zones of lotteries, commercials”

October 31, 1981

“Inflation: A tarnish on the golden years”

November 11, 1981

“Falwellians cheerfully concerned”

November 17, 1981

“Bookshop’s a cause, not a business”

November 27, 1981

“Villa’s aftermath: Sounds of silence”

November 28, 1981

“The old Spanish priests of Santa Cruz parish”

December 3, 1981

“USS Arizona survivors’ memories take on lives of their own at 40”

December 7, 1981

“Papago is author of his life story”

December 17, 1981

“She helps hospitalized kids learn that playing in the best medicine”

December 22, 1981

“These cubs are boys of steel”

December 28, 1981

“His bird ‘trophies’ are only identifications”



February 15, 1982

“Loss of U.S. aid leaves a gap: Papagos seek self-help revival”

February 20, 1982

“A graveyard for America’s aged eagles”

March 15, 1982

“He’s haunted by robber’s death”

April 10, 1982

“A long-distance run through a crumbling world”

June 26, 1982

“Don’t get too close to the children’s shrine”

September 25, 1982

“The Pinacates sizzle, and a mystery blooms”

October 14, 1982

“Pusch Ridge: Timeless place’s time is running out”

December 2, 1982

“Their stories breathe new life into history”

December 18, 1982

“A few days in San Blas”



February 3, 1983

“Strike comes into sharp focus when viewed from the cab of a truck”

April 7, 1983

Using Our Children for Sex: “We can’t afford to block out the ugly nightmare anymore” & “A mother fights through her anger and agony to change the system”

April 16, 1983

“A walk across Tucson”

June 23, 1983

“The elk are there – if you know where to look”

June 25, 1983

“The ultimate bottle deposit – a life”

July 2, 1983

“Where the bottom line is food”

July 4, 1983

“America the Beautiful in a gleaming diesel”

July 23, 1983

“Miracle Mile Strip: Where the law of the land meets the law of supply and demand”

July 30, 1983

“The blistering desert merges reality and legend”

August 5, 1983

“Ajo strikers count on unity, but see cracks”

August 8, 1983

“Ajo talks and waits for acts”

August 13, 1983

“Hoover Dam: A success story that few remember”

August 19, 1983

“One thing in common: Sadness - The view from both sides of the picket line”

August 22, 1983

“The trek that can last for eternity” (used in Blue, titled “Blue Desert”)

August 27, 1983

“The Navajos’ new shepherd: Peterson Zah”

September 5, 1983

“Finally he’s held – but in arms of the law”

September 13, 1983

“One day, from a place out of our world”

September 15, 1983

“Strike melts in Ajo, but the venom will stay awhile”

October 19, 1983

“The desert hides mystery of missing aliens”

October 29, 1983

“Shrines mark where death hitched a ride”

November 28, 1983

“Chavez brings help, hope to striking miners”

December 3, 1983

“A night at Kino: Ms. Celery, Tolstoy and the chest cracker”



January 21, 1984


January 31, 1984

“Earth First! wants more wild people, not just wilderness areas”

March 31, 1984

“Incest: One of mankind’s ancient taboos,” also “When they came back, three squad cars were in front of the house”

April 6, 1984

“Leaving the Night Behind” (section titled “Rape”)

May 5, 1984

“Immigrants’ dream is becoming our nightmare”

May 16, 1984

“PD fires up Ajo smelter: 71 workers newly hired; town still divided”

May 26, 1984

“Adventures in the shell trade,” also “The past is fine, but the present sells”

May 28, 1984

“Ajo’s Ache: Change, strike wiping our revered memories”

June 7, 1984

“The whole ball game ended at 6 p.m. in a desert tree”

June 30, 1984

“Running from the stone age to the welfare state”

July 2, 1984

“No one sang ‘Happy Birthday’ at this party: Flares mark year of copper strikes”

September 25, 1984

“Atwood was 10-year problem for state of California”

October 27, 1984

“Pedaling the psyche into Deep Spin”

November 27, 1984

“Maud’s is Clifton’s: Rebuilt café is landmark again, despite flood, strike”

Tucson Citizen with no date

“In court, you are what you wear”

“Hang in there,, Chavez urges PD strikers”

“Papago disenchantment with water bill spreading”

“Fire essential to health of forests in the mountains – but when, how?”

“Tucson’s ‘chill’ in June irks this finicky native”

“Out-of-work, out-of-luck ex-trucker becomes a ‘situations wanted’ ad”

“Produce still moving north from Nogales: Trucker’s strike obstacle course, not a cause”

“Sequins are a square peg in a round-hole Western bar”

“Tucson put life into novelist, who gladly returned the favor”

Manila Folder: Various Articles from the Tucson Citizen

Incomplete articles and random photocopies of articles

More Recent Articles by or about Chuck

January 8, 1985 – “What has Tucson become?”

February 13, 1987 – “The past Succumbed: Between the Gadsden Purchase and statehood, the last American frontier was vanquished”

July 7, 2002 – Letter from Chuck’s Barber from 11 years old to 55 years old

June 9, 2002 – Flower Photos taken in Bowden/Miles Backyard

June 2003 – Articles about Aspen Fire in Catalina Mountains


Tucson Citizen Correspondence/Editorials



Donald H. Wriston

August 24, 1983

In response to Chuck’s article on the miners’ strike, a personal letter regarding Donald’s fear that “the end is near.  The union lost but hopefully we can put back the pieces enough to salvage what little union we have left,” and goes on to say that “It seems to me that you really care.  I felt a compassion in you when we met. For this I thank you my friend.  And I thank you for letting me sing my song as secretly as possible,” Chuck writes of Donald – “I would sit with Donald in his trailer and at one point he whips a sawed off shotgun out of a cupboard and waves it at me. He was a boilermaker (princes of the craft unions), was against the strike (poor timing) but totally in favor it the union and thus fully supported the strike. He was a very intelligent man fighting a very big alcohol problem. But then many of the miners took thermos of vodka to the pit in order to maintain in the boredom of the work.” “I disguised his identity--Ajo is not big and the union guys are even a smaller pool. Incidentally, after the story, and after I got his kind note, I was back there for a story and suddenly was hassled by a herd of union guys for the way the press was covering the strike. He was standing at the back of this little mob in the street and mouthing the same sentiments as the rest of the men. Basically, the union was losing and so, a reporter such as myself, was distorting the strike, etc.  I never acknowledged we knew each other, nor did he. The price of survival in a copper strike.” (in envelope)

Dave Foreman (of Earth First!)

March 13, 1984

He writes, “Paul Hirt just sent me a copy of your article.  Good job.  It’s probably the best thing written on EF!”  (postcard)

Tony Lopez

March 15, 1984

A program facilitator on child abuse for prison inmates in AZ writing in appreciation of Chuck’s “well written and informative articles on child abuse and migration issues”  (in envelope)

Frank & Ruth Pope

April 9, 1984

Mentions that they are “neighbors, yet strangers,” a letter in appreciation of Chuck’s “topic of Rape in the Citizen,” also writes at the end of the letter to “excuse arthritic penmanship”  (in envelope)

Willie (sp?) Murphy

April 9, 1984

In appreciation of Chuck’s article on rape (in envelope)

Carol Allerhiy (sp?)

April 11, 1984

In appreciation of Chuck’s article on rape in the Friday, April 6, 1984 edition of the Tucson Citizen, also mention that she has been “through this horrible experience” and she “can’t tell [Chuck] how well [he] expressed so many of the feelings [she] has felt and still feel” (type of postcard)

Jean Sherman

April 16, 1984

Appreciation after having read Chuck’s articles on rape and incest (in envelope)

An “Appreciative Reader” (no name given)

April 17, 1984

In appreciation of “the rape article that was in the Friday April 6th edition of the Tucson Citizen,” also mentions his own somewhat relative experience of being violated (being robbed)  (in envelope)

Barbara LeWall, Pima County Attorney

April 23, 1984

Regarding Chuck’s writing ability, especially in the April 6, 1984 report on rape (in envelope)

Fred Gagner

April 28, 1984

In regard to Chuck’s story “Sequins,” Suggests that Chuck compile them into a book (in envelope)

Will Carbo

June 6, 1984

Regarding Chuck’s article “about DWI, on the Papago Preservation, Chief Goodnight, etc” (no envelope)

Bob Mong from the Dallas Morning News

June 7, 1984

In appreciation of Chuck’s stories – w/ a show of interest in hiring Chuck (in envelope)

Linda Howell

July 2, 1984

Regarding his writing ability and sharing a poem written by her kids’ great-grandmother, a Cherokee (in envelope)

Julian Hayden

July 13, 1984

Regarding Chuck’s “article on Celeya” and his “piece on the sterile zone” (in envelope)

Rachel Martindale to Chuck

July 14, 1984

Regarding the article about “the old and new Indian which appeared….on June 30.” (in envelope)

Beulah Hall

October 14, 1984

Shares Chuck’s view on the people of Tucson – their responsibility to the environment, etc (in envelope)

Melinda Melcher

October 17, 1984

In response to reading an article by Chuck in the Citizen, showing appreciation (in envelope)

Dana Peti

November 26, 1984

Interest in Chuck and suggests that Chuck does an article on suicidal people (in envelope)

Marjorie Fenton (Community Relations Committee, Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona)

December 5, 1984

In appreciation of Chuck’s story he wrote on “Dora,” etc. (in envelope)




TV Dinner by Jeff Smith (two copies)

Winter Olympics a dud on home screen

Writes of the poor coverage of the XIV Winter Olympics and refers to “Charles ‘Chuck’ Bowden whose main misfortune in life is that he was not born a Papago Indian,” and that Chuck “confessed to me that he actually bought a new color TV set to watch the Winter Olympics,” etc

Carol McCarthy

Bowden’s a pleasure

Refers to Chuck’s article on Mt. Lemmon and expresses hope that Chuck will remain “crazy over Tucson and Arizona”

Thomas L. Fisher, psychologist

Get the story

Refers to Chuck’s Oct. 26 article “A child molester walks away a free man,” Fisher’s opinion was referred to in Chuck’s article, ends with the message to Chuck that he “did fine – as far as you went – but, dig a little deeper next time.”

Art Faulkner of Lakewood, Colorado

Thanks, Charles Bowden

Refers to Chuck’s “article Oct. 4 about the Tucson reunion of the U.S.S. South Dakota”, Faulkner was one of the crew members, etc.

Brad Mason

No beauty

Refers to Chuck’s “piece: ‘Shrines where death hitched a ride’…was a nice prose-journey,” etc, but he went too far, the shrines are “just pathetic statements of a life or lives lost”

Paul S. Martin

Armory Park

Refers to “Charles Bowden’s excellent article on savagery in Armory Park (Citizen, Oct. 13)…Bowden writes as if the situation is hopeless.  It is not.” Etc.

Mary C. Stofft

Question of judgment

Refers to Chuck’s “Sept. 26 article” on the disappearance of Vicki Lynn Hoskinson, writes of Chuck’s article that “a summary with less graphic detail would have served the purpose,” etc.

Gabriel O. Manasse, M.D.

For the record

Regarding “the article by Charles Bowden about the salute to hospitalized veterans that took place at the Tucson VA Medical Center on Feb 14,” to “correct some inaccuracies and misleading inferences,” and ends with the statement “the Tucson veteran population actually has attained a high quality Medical Center earned by their sacrifices, and maintained by the support of the citizens of this country and our political leaders” (2 copies)

James V. DeCiancio

Didn’t like story

Regarding “the article by Charles Bowden (June 1) covering the rosary ceremony for Charles J. Battaglia,” he wonders “what could’ve happened to the Tucson Citizen…Sensationalism and morbid interests were not indulged in by the Citizen of old,” goes on to specify the Citizen’s “poor taste,” and that the article expressed “in innuendo the lack of integrity of a religion adhered to by a large percentage of the world’s populace,” wants an apology

Debbie Jones

Thanks for story

Regarding Chuck’s time and effort spent “to talk to the friends and relatives of Curt Rierson…Bowden helped us with our grief”

Patrick Cavanaugh

Worthy message

Refers to “The trek that can last for eternity,” in appreciation of the article and in hope that “the dangers of that particular stretch of border land is known and understood and the migrants stop dying in their desperate effort to better themselves”

Wendy C. Dungan

Wasting police time

In appreciation of Chuck’s “sensitive, finely crafted depiction of the auction held by Safari Club International (Citizen, Feb 22),” explains how the police showed up during the auction, having been called, and her discomfort with the situation, etc.

E.D. Balceris

The silent sin

Congratulates the Citizen and Chuck on the article “Using our children for sex” (April 7), “it took courage,” etc

Albert J. Fox

Two beutiful ones

Writing “in praise” of Chuck’s article “Papago is author of his life story” and Marguerite Bantlin’s article “A day for remembering,” writes that he is “proud of [Tucson’s] culture, its past and (for the most part) its appreciation of its minorities”

Grady A. Rounsaville

Let Bowden be

Refers to Chuck’s article “The music of the Siberian Huskies” and the letter to the editor by Jean Gorby, writes that Chuck “writes for the simple as well as the elite,” to leave him alone, etc

Frederick A. Johnsen, publisher Bomber Books and Echelon Magazine Tacoma, Wash.

‘Florid’ Prose

In reference to Chuck’s article “A graveyard for America’s aged eagles” (Feb. 20), criticizes Chuck’s “use of excessive metaphors and florid descriptions,” writes that Chuck “is unaware of the incredible appeal historic aviation holds for people everywhere,” etc

Patrick Cavanaugh

(dated August 29, 1983 and signed Bo Bowden, Chuck’s mom)

Worthy message

Refers to Chuck’s article “A trek that can last an eternity,” expresses that the article “displayed an ambitious and successful effort in journalism,” etc.

Name Withheld

Another view

In regard to Chuck’s article in Weekender on prostitution, writes that “for 10 years I was a prostitute,” expresses what society could do in response to prostitution, ends with “the politicians of this country prostitute the American people more than a woman on any street ever has!”

Robert S. Kenyan, Tombstone

Tombstone will survive

Critical of Chuck’s article “Just another Sunday afternoon in Tombstone” (April 19), Chuck “is to be congratulated for accepting such a demeaning assignment,” writes that Tombstone “has survived more than the journalistic diatribe of the likes of Bowden and will continue to do so,” etc

Donald J. Egan

They were mules

Regarding Chuck’s article “On a whale-watching trip a memory surfaces,” writes that the article “had a number of insulting inaccuracies,” and ends with the thought that “maybe Bowden will grow up to know what he’s being fed”

Dan Thrapp

Like, metaphors

In response to the Citizen’s announcement “that Charles Bowden had won several awards in the Best of Gannett competition (Nov. 1),” writes that “some of us here in the English department at the University of Arizona were surprised, especially by the…evaluation of Bowden’s style,” goes on to criticize Chuck’s use of analogy and metaphor, etc

Jessie Schriber (a response to the editorial listed above)

‘Mind your metaphors’

Regarding Dan Thrapp’s “Nov. 18 letter on staff writer Charles Bowden,” disagrees with Thrapp’s assessment, and hopes “Charles Bowden keeps writing just like he always has, and let Dan Thrapp mind his own metaphors or whatever else they do in the University of Arizona English Department”

Jean Gorby

-       also the original letter (in envelope) sent to the editor dated February 22, 1984 with the original poem by Jean Gorby that appeared in the Citizen and a photocopy of Chuck’s article “They’re making it: Couple’s Italian restaurant is in old American tradition” (Feb 21, 1984)

Charles. Bowden.

A poem about Chuck, refers to “all those awards,” and noodles “made from scratch”

Lewis D. Williams

title is missing – incomplete clip

Regarding the Pulitzer Prize, writes that “Charles Bowden is an excellent writer,” criticizes Robert R. McCormick’s “contention…that the Pulitzers were political and therefore of no real significance”





Section titled “USA Today (editorials)”




May 16, 1984

“Don’t fence us in – or belt us in, either”

June 12, 1984

“Walking across a desert of death”

June 25, 1984

“Forget about Canada; look south instead”

September 24, 1984

“Bring preppy diplomats home”



September 12, 1985

“Don Francisco must be stopped”

September 24, 1985

“It’s a nice place to visit, but – “

October 2, 1985

“Westerners appreciate good rain”

October 28, 1985

“When terror knocks at the door”



September 2, 1986

“We will fight them on the deserts”

October 22, 1986

“Fantasies build an Adobe Wall”

October 30, 1986

“Rockets, cities, and folks like me”

November 19, 1986

“Even in anger, I could not leave”

December 2, 1986

“I’m too busy driving to worry”



April 14, 1987

“I’m just a fool for blue sky”



December 30, 1988

“Who says athletes need ethics?”

March 17, 1988

“Report from the front: What war?”

May 2, 1988

“No law can hold back the immigrant tide”

June 14, 1988

“Life doesn’t come with a no-risk guarantee”

July 1, 1988

“Don’t let spoilsports ruin our holidays”

September 13, 1988

“5 p.m. is too early for football”



January 31, 1989

“You’re just gonna love the music”

March 8, 1989

“For the driver, the grind goes on”

April 20, 1989

“Talk about what we don’t talk about”

May 11, 1989

“Panic at the thought of peace”

June 12, 1989

“Let’s end the tyranny of neckties”



January 16, 1990

“Ban disposable diapers to cleaners up the mess”

Section titled  “USA Today with no date”


Manila folder titled “Drafts of editorials”



Manila folder titled “USA Today correspondence”



No name specified (mailed from Ft. Worth, TX)

May 17, 1984

Includes a photocopy of USA Today editorial titled “Don’t fence us in – or belt us in, either,” letter says “There is a large group of people who would like to know how you accomplish suck feats in the state of Arizona and not feel the heat of the state’s infamous highway patrol,” which refers to Chuck’s statement that he drives “30,000 miles a year, much of the time careening at Benzedrine speeds…” (in envelope)

Professor Daniel McDonald at the University of South Alabama

December 14, 1984

Regarding Daniel McDonald’s “fifth edition of [his] textbook The Language of Argument for Harper & Row,” asks for permission to use Chuck’s essay “Any 16-year-old knows fast is fun,” which appeared in USA Today on December 4  (in envelope)

Sue Turchan

June 12, 1989

In response to Chuck’s piece in USA Today titled “Let’s End the Tyranny of Neckties,” Sue asks for an apology, is upset about Chuck’s criticism of IRS employees, original article included   (no envelope)

Also, a copy of a reply to Sue’s letter from Peter S. Prichard from USA Today (dated June 26, 1989) , he writes “Mr. Bowden’s column appeared on a page that is clearly labeled Opinion, and his thoughts are his own…perhaps he will write to you personally,” etc.  (no envelope)

John Shope from Century 21

August 13, 1984 (8:15 a.m.)

In regard to Chuck’s piece in USA Today on 6/12/84 “Walking Across a Desert of Death,” writes that “this is some real tragic stuff! I agree with you 100%,” Includes a highlight copy of the USA Today article (in envelope)

Jane Ann Angle

January 12, 1990

In appreciation of Chuck’s piece in USA Today on school dress codes, etc (no envelope)

Joan Morrison

January 23, 1990

Regarding Chuck’s article on American Pit Bull Terriers, contests some of the facts Chuck used in his article, ends with “next time you feel the urge to spout forth your idea of facts, it might be a good idea…” etc.  (no envelope)

Section titled “USA Today Editorials”



Gene E. Cronk, director of Tucson’s water department

Water conservation is necessary

In response to Chuck’s article “Beat the Peak quackery,” he writes “I personally believe [Chuck’s] opinion is totally indefensible,” disagrees with Chuck’s proposed ‘solutions’ and writes that “our friend [Chuck] is not only not being a good conservationist, but he’s not being a good neighbor,” etc

E.O. Dye (2 originals)

Going dry with style

Critical of Cronk’s article (above), he writes that he felt that “Mr. Bowden’s article was more philosophically whimsical and tongue-in-cheek than a formal attack on the Beat the Peak program,” etc

G.L. Bernstein & M.P. Sullivan (2 originals)

False security

Critical of Conk’s article, they write that Cronk “missed the point of Charles Bowden’s attack on the Beat the Peak program,” and that he “dismisses Bowden’s very real concerns by accusing him of merely raising the ‘old bugaboo’ of growth control,” etc

Fred A. Giammona

City Growth

Regarding Chuck’s article “Beat the Peak quackery” (Aug. 2), writes that Chuck’s article “calls attention to some issues that are very important,” but that he “was dismayed at [Chuck’s] suggested sarcastic non-solution.”

Berk Inskeep

Watt fun

In regard to Chuck’s article on August 23, writes that Chuck “could convince James Watt, while attending the Santa Cruz Area Recreational fandango, to enjoy one of Tucson’s favorite pastimes – namely, Santa Cruz (River) water skiing”


Section titled “Arizona Daily Star articles”




February 15, 1973 (first article ever published in a newspaper)

“God’s Little Acre: An Ongoing Dream”



August 2, 1981

“Beat the Peak quackery”

August 23, 1981

“Death of the Santa Cruz calls for a celebration”

August 30, 1981

“Our sullied land: ‘Sagebrush rebels’ have changed the terrain enough already”

September 6, 1981

“A way of life, and death for thousands of animals”

September 15, 1981

“Take a closer look at James Watt; you may know someone like him”



April 5, 1987

“At home on the Front Range”



July 23, 1989

“Along the Abbey Road”


Sections titled “Miscellaneous Articles for Research”



Folder titled “Miscellaneous Articles written by Chuck but with no known source – many are copies”



Section titled “Miscellaneous Articles”


2 Los Angeles Times Book Reviews, November 1988 & May 1988

1 original of each

The Chicago Tribune, February 1982

1 original

Sunland Park News, December 1995

2 originals

A brochure – “Notes on Transplanting Mexican Elderberry”

1 original

San Francisco Examiner, August 11, 1987 – “Sunbelt on Last Legs”

2 photocopies

San Francisco Examiner, August 11, 1987 – “Dreams to Dust”

1 photocopy (extra copy filed in photographs)

San Francisco Examiner, August 10, 1987 – “Land of Lost Souls”

2 photocopies







Box 1




Arizona Daily Star, article titled “Writer Bowden a Serious Part of People Magazine”- by Ed Seversen

June 15, 1986

2 originals


Los Angeles Times, article titled “Environmentalist Charles Bowden Chipping Away at ‘Cement Heads’” – by Bob Sipchen

January 3, 1988

1 original, 2 photocopies

The original section in the newspaper includes a related article titled “The New Naturalists” and another article titled “Novelist Edward Abbey Would Still Love to Tear Down Tucson City Hall”

Arizona Daily Star, article titled “Environmental Battles Remain, Audience Told” – by John F. Rawlinson  (having to do with Earth Day celebrations)

April 22, 1990

1 original

Article mentions Chuck’s speech and has a picture of him at the podium

Tucson Citizen, article titled “The Greening of Tucson” – by Josh Jennings

April 21, 1990

1 original

A picture and quote of Chuck at top of article and he is quoted throughout

Arizona Daily Star, article titled “Water Warriors Tangle in Backgammon Battla” – by Laura Stone

No date

1 original


Tucson Citizen, article titled “The I-10 Wasteland: Nothing from Something” – by Lawrence W. Cheek

February 4, 1982

1 original


The Territorial, article titled “Tucson Writers’ Conference to Blend Creative Minds” – by Janet Wooddancer

December 18, 1986

1 original


Arizona Daily Star, article titled “The Prose Pros”

September 11, 1988

2 originals


Tucson Citizen, article titled “Editor Takes Hike – Through Desert” – by Kathleen Allen

No date

1 photocopy


Examiner, article titled “Examiner’s Next Writer, Photographer in Residence: Charles Bowden and Jack Dykinga collaborate on series, ‘After the Gold Rush’”

August 9, 1987

1 original and 1 photocopy

Shows photo with Chuck and Jack – also, a note attached to the original copy that says “In Residence?  Does this mean we’ll have to stop meeting nights at Se Fue?”

Tucson Weekly, article titled “King of the Blues: Charles Bowden, Writer” – by Renee Downing

September 26-October 2, 2002

1 original

An interview with Chuck

Picture titled “They Meet Again” of UA anthropologists, Julian Hayden, and Chuck

No date

1 original

Describes Chuck as the City Magazine editor and mentions the publication of Julian’s monograph, “The Vikita Ceremony of the Papago”, article titled “The Reporter As Lyricist” – by Barry Graham

October 23-29, 1997

1 printed copy

Letter attached from Roy Elson to Meg Keoppen Clarke mentioning the Newtimes profile and other things

The Arizona Republic, article titled “Fire was inevitable, author says” – by Connie Sexton

June 21, 2003

1 original

Article regarding the Aspen Fire, based on an interview with Chuck, picture of Chuck in his 9 St. living room

Short article in the Tucson Citizen titled “Citizen staff writer Bowden was finalist for RFK award”

April 26, 1984



Unknown magazine article titled “Natural Causes: Nature writers’ pens become their swords”  - by Will Nixon

No date

1 original (only the pages of the article), 1 photocopy


Article in Phoenix magazine titled “Zen and the Art of Muskmelon Marketing” – by Richard Vonier (Vonier was Chuck’s good friend; they started City Magazine together)

No date

1 photocopy w/ highlighting


Article in New Times titled “Way Off Abbey’s Road” – by Dave Walker

August 4-10, 1993

2 photocopies


Article in The Arizona Daily Star titled “The prolific Charles Bowden is non-stop writing, talking and living” – by Ed Severson

November 16, 1986

1 original


Article in New Times titled “Lifestyle for Starving Lifers” – by Christine Tschopp Contained in an envelope addressed to Chuck and from Arizona Game & Fish Department dated July 1, 1986

June 25-July 1, 1986

1 original


Article in Opinion (newspaper from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico) titled “Charles Bowden, Senor Amigo” – by Jose Luis Hernandez Salas (newspaper’s publisher)

August 31, 1994

1 original, 7 photocopies

Also a 2 page translation of the article.

Article in the New York Post titled “Writers’ block at GQ after Esquire raids” – by Cal Fussman

July 16, 1997

1 original


Letter with blurb by Bob Shacochis

July 24, 1989



Article in The Arizona Republic titled “Writer casts literary hero in adventure tale” – by Dave Walker

November 26, 1995

1 original


Article in The Arizona Republic titled “’Blood’ Feud” – by Paul Brinkley-Rogers

September 18, 1995

1 original






Anthologies that include works by Charles Bowden

Box 1/3 (KK)




Old Southwest/New Southwest, Essays on a Region and Its Literature

1987, University of Arizona Press

Judy Nolte Lensink, editor

“Useless Deserts & Other Goals”

2 paperbacks

(one in original cellophane)


On Nature’s Terms: Contemporary Voices


1992, Texas A&M University Press

Thomas Lyon, Peter Stine, editors

“Love Among the Lion Killers”


1 paper back

1 hardback


Counting Sheep: Twenty Ways of Seeing Desert Bighorn

1993, University of Arizona Press

Gary Paul Nabham, editor

“The Heat Treatment”


2 paperbacks  

1 hardback


Open Spaces City Places: Contemporary Writers on the Changing Southwest

1994, University of Arizona Press

Judy Nolte Temple, editor

“Dead Minds from Live Places”


1 hardback


Seasons of the Coyote: The Legend and Lore of an American Icon

1994, Tehabi Books

Philip Harrison, editor

“Peace without Honor”

2 paperbacks

(one in original cellophane)


Discovered Country: Tourism and Survival in the American West

1994, Stone Ladder Press

Scott Norris, editor

“A Wave of the Hand”

1 paperback


War Against the Wolf: America’s Campaign to Exterminate the Wolf

1995, Voyageur Press

Rick McIntyre, editor

“1992: Lonesome Lobo”

1 hardback

Inscribed to Chuck from McIntyre

Voices in the Desert

1995, Tehabi Books

Lawrence W. Cheek, editor

“Wedding the Forbidden Land”—From Desierto

1 hardback


Thin Air

1995/96, Northern Arizona University

William Tyree, editor

“Just Say the Word: the place we live”


1 paperback

Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art


1996, Columbia University

Mike McGregor, editor

“Love in the Badlands”


2 paperbacks


The Late Great Mexican Border: Reports from a Disappearing Line

1996, Cinco Puntos Press

Bobby Byrd, Susannah Mississippi Byrd

“Blue” excerpt from Blue Desert with a new postscript about Kathy Dannreuther, his second wife

1 paperback


Terra Nova/Nature and Culture/ Volume 1 Number 1


1996, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press

David Rothenberg, editor

From Blood Orchid


2 paperbacks


Terra Nova/Borderline/ Volume 2 Number 2

1997, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press

David Rothenberg, editor

“Tuna Country”


2 paperbacks

Photos by Doug DuBois


The Grand Adventure: Readers Choose Their Favorite Books on Arizona


1998, Arizona Humanities Council

Marcia Melton, Jeaneete Daane

Blue Desert, Frog Mountain Blues and Red Line listed under Natural History


1 paperback


The Literary West: An Anthology of Western American Literature

1999, Oxford University Press

Thomas J. Lyon, editor

Afterword from Frog Mountain Blues


1 paperback



Box 2/3 (LL)

The Best American Essays 1999

1999, Houghton Mifflin Company

Edward Hoagland, Robert Atwan, editors

“Torch Song” from Harper’s

1 hardback 

1 paperback

The Best American Essays 1999

Japanese Language Edition

“Torch Song”

1 paperback

The Best American Essays of the Century

2000, Houghton Mifflin Co.

Joyce Carol Oates, editor

Blood Orchid and Blue Desert listed under Notable Twentieth-Century American Literary Nonfiction

1 paperback


The Best American Essays

2001, Houghton Mifflin Company

Kathleen Norris, Robert Atwan, editors

“The Bone Garden of Desire” from Esquire

2 paperbacks

Getting Over the Color Green; Contemporary Environmental Literature of the Southwest

2001, University of Arizona Press

Scott Slovic, editor

From Desierto: Memories of the Future

1 paperback

Letter from Slovic


Writing, Reading, and Research

2001, Allyn and Bacon

Richard Veit, Christopher Gould, John Clifford, editors

“Leave Something Behind”

1 paperback


River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative

2001, Ashland University

Joe Mackall, Dan Lehman, editors

“Coming to my Senses” (Early Inferno)

2 paperbacks



Busted: Stone cowboys, Narco-Lords and Washington’s War on Drugs

2002, Nation Books

Mike Gray, editor

“Teachings of Don Fernando: A life and Death in the Narcotics Trade” from Harper’s, 2002

2 paperbacks


Best American Crime Writing

2002, Vintage Press

Otto Penzler, Nicholas Pilleggi, Thomas Cook, editors


“Our Man in Mexico” from GQ

1 paperback

Invitation to publication party in New York


When in Doubt Go Higher, Mountain Gazette Anthology

2002, Mountain Sports Press

John Fayhee, editor

“Flat Mountain”

2 paperbacks


These United States: Original Essays by Leading American Writers on Their State within the Union

2003, Nation Books (The Nation)

John Leonard, editor


2 hardbacks
























Box 3/3 (MM)




American Rebels


2003, Nation Books

Jack Newfield, editor

“Howard T. Odum”

1 paperback


Puro Border: Dispatches, Snapshots & Graffiti from La Frontera


2003, Cinco Puntos Press

Luis Crosthwaite, John By, Bobby Byrd, editors

“Camera of Dirt” from Aperture 2000 & Excerpt from Blood Orchid


2 paperbacks


Naked: Writers Uncover the Way We Live on Earth


2004, Four Walls Eight Windows Press

Susan Zakin, editor

Excerpt from Blue Desert


2 paperbacks


Best American Crime Writing

2004, Vintage Press

Otto Penzler, Thomas Cook, editors


“Lord of the Drug Ring” from GQ

1 uncorrected proof  

1 paperback  

1 hardback

Letter from Edward Kastenmeier of Vintage Books

Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible

2004, Free Press

Peter Manseau, Jeff Sharlet, editors


2 paperbacks


Rio Grande

2004, University of Texas Press at Austin

Jan Reid, editor


Excerpt from Down by the River


1 hardback

Inscribed to Charles from Jan


Natur und Kultur


Austrian Ecological Journal


“Snaketime” from Wild Earth Journal

1 paperback 

2 bound articles


Re Mix: reading and composing culture

2006, Bedford/St. Martin’s

Catherine G. Latterell, editor

“Last Meals and the People Who Eat Them” from Aperture

1 paperback

Celia A. Shapiro, photographer


An Anthology for Creative Writers: A Garden of Forking Paths

2007, Pearson/Prentice Hall

Beth Anstandig, Eric Killough, editors

“Tortoises” from Blue Desert

1 paperback


Dry Borders: Great Natural Reserves of the Sonoran Desert

2007, University of Utah Press

Stephen Felger, Bill Broyles, editors

“Last Call: Leaving Something Behind” from 1999 Esquire

2 paperbacks (one in original cellophane)

Includes 1984 photos of Chuck taken by Broyles


Anthologies Miscellaneous




Box 1 (FFF)




Letter from Allyson Carter, Acquiring Editor at the University of Arizona Press

October 6, 2006

Including 3 reader reviews

Letter regarding the reviews of Bill Broyles, John Annerino, and Charles Bowden’s proposal for The Devil’s Highway: A Deadly Trail Through Haunting Beauty, the letter shows interest with some reservations toward the book for publication

(in envelope)

A review by Charles Bowden of Gathering in the Desert by Gary Paul Nabhan

No date – printed in Vol. XXI, No 3, Western American Literature

2 reprints


Draft of “Isaiah: Kill the Buddha” titled “Ground Zero”

October 2001

17 pages


Draft of “Isaiah: Kill the Buddha” titled “Isaiah”

No date

16 pages


Galleys for “Arizona”

Dated 8/4/03

Pages 21-28

Galleys contain editing throughout

Includes a letter (no date) from Ruth at Nation Books to Chuck regarding the essay to be published in These United States

Articles on Arizona, border crossings, the economy, etc

Mostly from January 2004

25 articles

Research articles for the article “Arizona”

Letter from John Leonard at The Nation to Chuck

August 2002

1 page

Asking Chuck for an article on Arizona, details of the publication and the pay, etc.

Draft of “Howard T. Odum”

No date

5 pages

Editing throughout

Articles of research for the Odum essay

Printed pages dated 2/23/03

5 articles


Page proofs for “Our Man in Mexico” in Best American Crime Writing

Page proofs dated 2/26/02

Pages 27-44

Including letter from Otto Penzler to Chuck regarding the page proofs, etc. Dated February 28, 2002

Arizona Daily Star, Books

September 15, 2002

2 originals

A review of Best American Crime Writing






BOX 1 (DDD) - Email Correspondence & Various Letters



Richard Grant – Chuck writes “In the early, nineties I did a story on smoke jumpers in Montana and ran into Richard who was covering it for a British publication. The rest is food, talk and wine.”

January 14, 2005 to July 11, 2007

117 exchanges (many articles and links to articles throughout)

Rick Russell: Friend, high dollar Dallas criminal lawyer, yellow dog democrat

From February 14, 2006 to June 5, 2007

79 exchanges

Alice Briggs – Chuck writes “Alice Leora Briggs blindmailed me a disk of images with a note. I looked at her drawings and immediately wrote her and said yes. This became Dreamland.”

From December 16, 2005 to June 7, 2007

187 exchanges

Dreamland to be published by the University of Texas, 2008.

Scott Carrier – Chuck writes “Scott Carrier dropped into my life in the mid nineties. He was in Tucson doing a radio story. Later he came by with a bottle of red wine.”

From December 31. 2005 to July 17, 2007

148 exchanges

Michael Berman – Chuck writes “Michael Berman showed up one day at my house with some black and white photographs of the desert. They were the best and most honest I had ever seen. So we did Inferno together.”

From June 8, 2006 to July 5, 2007

103 exchanges

Pete Landesman – Chuck writes “Peter Landesmann called me when he needed help in a story on global sex trafficking--one eventually published in the New York Times, denounced by the press, and of course, a story all too true. Some years later, he single handedly got Down by the River optioned.”

August 18, 2006 to June 28, 2007

22 exchanges

Landesman is the screenplay writer for the Down by the River movie.

Julian Cardona (early emails) – Juarez photographer, friend of Chuck and MM’s

September 4, 2000 to November 6, 2000

9 emails and 1 page of handwritten notes (Chuck’s handwriting)

Jim Harrison – Jim first blurbed Chuck in 1989 – Mezcal.  Chuck writes “I bumped into Jim Harrison at some kind of meeting at Jackson Hole around 1990, one cooked up by Terry Tempest Williams and Barry Lopez.  Then we went our separate ways until a dead Mexican girl broke the calm of one his walks in southern Arizona.”

March 28, 2004 to July 5, 2007

36 exchanges

Chuck spent 6 months (April through October of 2007) writing Trinity in Jim and Linda’s house in Patagonia, Arizona, which they kindly lent him.

Jim Harrison’s Written Correspondence



Gerald Howard’s business card w/ handwritten note – he writes, “A long quote just in from Jim Harrison. He’s a good name to have.  Hurrah.”

No date

Attached is a copy of the handwritten quote of Jim’s on Red Line…he writes at the end “P.S. I’ve got about 30 galleys on my cabinet but I couldn’t resist this one.”  (no envelope)

Letter from Jim Harrison

May 2, 2001

He can “imagine you and MM criss-crossing between Oklahoma and Portland.  How unpleasant.”  (Chuck’s sister in Oregon was diagnosed with cancer, and MM’s mother in Oklahoma was having multiple surgeries for heart disease.) Mentions his drive home through New Mexico, that he wrote Scott Carrier, etc 

(in envelope)

Letter from Jim Harrison

February 20, 2001

Returned from a trip in Veracruz, other comments, etc  (in envelope)

Letter from Jim Harrison

January 2002

Mentions his work, the mineral and gem show in Tucson, getting out to Tucson eventually, etc  (no envelope)

Letter from Jim Harrison

March 22, 2002

Mentions his memoir, having Chuck and MM out for lunch, etc  (in envelope)

Letter from Jim Harrison

January 2003

Invites Chuck for lunch or something similar, mentions going to Portal to walk, etc.

Elaine Clarke – Produced at the NPR station in Salt Lake City

April 16, 2006 to June 6, 2007

54 exchanges

Mark Bryant – Mark wanted Chuck to work for Men’s Journal – Chuck agreed – but Mark was fired

September 5 & September 9, 2000

2 exchanges

Joan Harvey – an heiress to a meat packing fortune out of Chicago, her grandmother was a psychoanalyst, correspondence includes some photocopies of Joan’s work and also included is her original letter to Chuck (dated March 5, 1999) in which she mentions the article (Torch Song) in the August ’99 issue of Harper’s as the impetus for her letter to Chuck

March 5, 1999 to December 20, 2005

48 emails & letters from Joan

Laura Greenburg – worked at City Magazine with Chuck, she also became involved in the Gretzler case, etc.


21 pages of email correspondence – most regarding Gretzler and the Michael Poland execution

Miscellaneous Email Correspondence



Email from Kim Sanders

December 6, 2005

Regarding his cough, his wife, Martha, being sick also, etc.

(This email should be with Shadow in the City material, but was found later in the archiving process)

Email from Keith Yearman, Assistant Professor of Geography, College of DuPage

(also a reply from Mary Martha attached)

August 8, 2005

Regarding Juarez: The Laboratory of Our Future being out-of-print, that he had been using the book in his classes, asking for copies of the book for his seminars, etc.

Email from Scott Carrier with a comment by Tom Gordon

May 25, 2005

The comment by Tom Gordon was sent to Marketplace, his comment explains how much he enjoyed the piece with Chuck that he heard on Marketplace (2 copies of the email included)

Email from Allison Bacha

August 29, 2006

She writes that “we discussed your talk in class yesterday, and the kids just gushed about how much they appreciate your honesty and candor.  They took it as a sign of respect.” Also includes the results of an anonymous survey given to her students regarding drug use and the like.

Email from Kathleen Anderson

April 11, 2005

She writes, “I taught Blues for Cannibals to my graduate literary journalism and religion class today,” etc.

Email from Kathleen Anderson (also replies from Mary Martha)

April 26, 2006

Regarding “a representative collection of Chuck’s clips for The New Yorker,” attached is a list of Chuck’s pieces.

Email from Andy Ward

(also replies from Mary Martha)

December 20, 2005

Emails regarding Chuck’s trip to Venezuela for the story on Chavez for G.Q. that was never published.

Email from Melissa

October 4, 1999

Regarding Letizia, mentions that she’s seen the first layouts for Chuck’s piece with Julian, etc.

Business Correspondence



Georgia of the Los Angeles Times

No date

Response to Chuck’s decision to become one of their regular contributors, thanks for “doing the piece on Abbey,” etc  (no envelope)

Mark Warren, Esquire Editor

No date

Postcard type note, regarding the Austin files, etc. (no envelope)

Letter written by Chuck about Bobby Byrd to the Lannan Foundation

No date

About Bobby Byrd, Chuck’s time with him

The Arizona Historical Society

April 9, 1984

An invitation to two events by The Mexican Heritage Project of the Arizona Heritage Center (type of postcard)

Joan Tapper of the National Geographic Society

January 23, 1985

Regarding the clippings Chuck sent them of the Kino Missions story, they are “looking for someone whose writing had a different style and tone”

Eric Newman, Managing Editor at The Globe Pequot Press

February 28, 1986

Writing in thanks for Chuck’s “prompt response to [his] request for travel-writing clips and other materials and for [Chuck’s] interest in writing for The Globe Pequot Press,” and goes on to write that they have hired another writer “for the project [they] discussed,” etc.  (in envelope)

USA Today

March 3, 1986

Regarding a change in policy for payment for stories – in Chuck’s handwriting a note, “Signed and Returned 3/13/86” (no envelope)

Chris Downum (letter addressed to Julian Hayden)

May 12, 1986

Regarding the State Parks Bill. Chuck and Julian were involved in an effort to get protection for petroglyphs on Picacho Peak, west of I-10 (no envelope)

Sam Steiger – former Arizona Congressman and aid to governor, convicted of extortion for making a call to an employee saying that he must vote the right way or he’ll be fired.  His twin sons solicited Chuck, saying “don’t tell our dad we’re coming to you or he’ll kill us,” Chuck wrote a letter – the Reinstein letter that Sam Striger refers to – the judge read Chuck’s letter out loud in court.  The charge was dropped on appeal.

April 26, 1988

He writes “The Reinstein letter you sent was as classy as you are – Thanks”  (no envelope)

Leigh Tillman at Schaffner Agency to Gerald Howard at W.W. Norton & Company

December 19, 1988

Regarding City Magazine article on Barry Goldwater

Thomas J. Lyon from Western American literature quarterly journal

May 30, 1989

Regarding Witness magazine, a special issue on nature and nature writing, asking if Chuck would be interested in contributing  (no envelope)

Timothy Schaffner at Schaffner Agency to Karen Schoemer at Spin

January 17, 1990

Mentions the article “I’m In Love With Your Cruelty,” other details about Spin’s interest in Chuck, etc

Mr. Courtney White

June 27, 1990

Inquiring as to whether Chuck would be interested in contributing to his photography project, included is a photograph of Mr. White w/ son  (no envelope)

Mr. Courtney White

February 23, 1990

In thanks for Chuck’s “prompt reply,” speaks of details of project, etc (no envelope)

Gunnar Brune

June 13, 1991

Asking if Chuck would “swap a copy of Killing the Hidden Waters for [a copy of his book,] Springs of Texas”  Included is a sheet w/ a description of his book, etc  (in envelope)

Debra T. Short at the Association of Students at the University of Arizona (ASUA) Bookstore

July 18, 1991

Asking if Chuck would agree to do a booksigning to promote Desierto, etc. (in envelope)

Ray Ring

August 5, 1991

Requesting to have lunch with Chuck, details of his life, information regarding his book, etc

(in envelope)

Max Vargas at Random House

March 7, 1994

Federal Express envelope containing correspondence relating to Marc Gaede’s involvement with Sundance’s family in trying to keep Blood Orchid from being published.  4 letters total.

Shaffner Agency, Inc.

October 6, 1994

Statement of payment for Desierto and others

(in envelope)

The Program Committee for Arizona Book Publishing Association

December 6, 1994

Letter in thanks for Chuck “agreeing to be part of our 1995 Tucson Book Publishing Association conference,” includes a draft of the program “which gives more details about the program,” etc.  (the draft included)

(in envelope)

Lewis H. Lapham from Harper’s magazine


*Lapham had fired Chuck’s editor, Clara J., and Chuck had followed her to Mother Jones; “My loyalty is to people – not magazines.”

May 6, 2003

Regarding the omission of Chuck’s name on the list of contributors (in Harper’s) beginning with the June ’03 issue, sites that “the difficulty is simply one of space” and that “Should it occur to [Chuck] to once again write for the magazine,” the he would “gladly…restore [Chuck’s] name to the list of contributors” (in envelope)

Invitation from G.Q.

October 5, 2004

Invitation to the G.Q. Men of the Year Party

(in envelope)

Drew (sp?)

December 28, 2005

Regarding the blurb Chuck gave for Drew’s book This Gloryland, a letter of appreciation and other details.

(no envelope)

Tom Zoellner

May 22, 2006

Regarding “the strength of [Chuck’s] endorsement of this book [The Heartless Stone: a journey through the world of diamonds, deceit, and desire by Tom Zoellner],” invites Chuck to his reading at Antigone Bookstore, etc.

(no envelope)

Teresa Rodriguez

January 12, 2007

In appreciation for Chuck’s blurb for their book, The Daughters of Juarez, and for Chuck’s work in general (in envelope)

Letters from Readers



Sandra Mante

No date

Regarding Blood Orchid, mentions A Shadow in the City, is requesting his autograph, etc.

(no envelope)

Natalie Sudman

No date

Mentions meeting him at a booksigning at Coyote’s Voice, wants to meet, etc.

(no envelope)

Tim Elsey

No date

Regarding having read Blood Orchid, writes of other books by Chuck, personal sentiments, etc.

(in envelope)

Jon Krakauer

November 7 (no year)

In thanks for Chuck’s “kind words [he] provided for the jacket of Into the Wild, mentions Chuck’s article in Harper’s, etc.

Krakauer used a quote from Blood Orchid to begin a chapter of Into Thin Air.

(no envelope)

Sticum (sp?) Jones

No date

Mentions his disappointment to learn that Chuck no longer works for City Magazine, invites Chuck out to Texas, etc  (no envelope – letter appears incomplete)

Jim Evans

No date

Letter begins “You pride yourself, publicly, on being moral and honest, and yet you are dishonest, immoral, and unethical in your private life,” etc.  No specific event or person mentioned.  “A copy of this letter is also being sent to Ruth Fecych, Random House Books.” Ruth was Chuck’s editor for Blood Orchid.

(in envelope)

Patty Duncan

November 8, 1988

Writes that Chuck’s writing “has a bittersweet quality that I enjoy, but I sometimes wish that the observations weren’t so keen,” explains that she is taking Dick Kirkpatrick’s Southwest literature class at Mesa Community College, and that they met the last time Chuck gave a speech there, also mentions Chuck’s interest in her husband’s job to “pick-up used artillery, darts, etc. at the Gila Bend gunnery range and dispose of it”  (in envelope)

Patty Duncan

November 16, 1988

Mentions a letter Chuck wrote her, her cancer, reading Chuck’s books, etc  (in envelope)

Patty Sasseen

March 9, 1989

Described as “a fan letter, of sorts,” goes on to explain why and how she is taken by Chuck’s work, but also critical of Chuck’s “expressed need to wallow in the violent sewers of our time,” etc.  (in envelope)


April 1989

12 page handwritten letter appreciating Chuck’s work, etc (in envelope)

Edward Hessler

July 13, 1989

In appreciation of Chuck’s writing, specifically Street Signs Chicago, Killing the Hidden Waters, and Frog Mountain Blues  (no envelope)

Patty Lase (sp?)

October 26, 1989

In appreciation of Chuck’s writing, she writes “I love your unity – how you say things – more than what you say,” etc.  (no envelope)

A. (no other name provided)

December 14, 1989

A letter of inquiry, expressing her own thoughts and experiences, etc.  (no envelope)

Roxanne Mari Johnson

November 12, 1991

In appreciation of Blue Desert, Red Line, and others. (in envelope)

Stephen Shapiro

December 26, 1991

In appreciation of Blue Desert, Red Line, Desierto, and others.   (in envelope)

John Walker

October 25, 1994

Regarding Chuck’s “piece in High Country,” that he “couldn’t agree more,” etc.

(in envelope)

A teacher and her class from the Tucson Unified School District

November 2, 1994

The teacher writes “The book Stellaluna is a real favorite of my students,” “Thank you very much from me and all my students,” the card has a drawing on the front by Andres (a student) and the students have signed the inside of the card.  (no envelope)

Eric Hodak

January 3, 1995

Having read The Sonoran Desert, he is impressed with it, details about his own photography projects, etc


Richard F. Quis

January 9, 1995

Regarding having read Trust Me, he “understand[s] the challenges and [he is] hoping [he] could hook up with Michael Manning on his next assignment”, etc.

(no envelope)

Todd Mooney

September 27, 1995

Regarding his experience with mountain lions in the Catalinas, mentions having read Frog Mountain Blues and Blue Desert, etc (no envelope)


November 20, 1995

Regarding Blood Orchid, includes a sheet with the definition of a ‘meme,’ etc.

(in envelope)

Anthony Hendricks

May 9, 1996

He “read [Chuck’s] tribute copy of Black Sun. Thought [he’d] share [his] tribute poem,” etc.  Included is his tribute poem titled “A Tribute to Edward Abbey”

(in envelope)

Dennis A. Hosack, Ph.D., Conservation Biologist for Defenders of Wildlife

September 25, 1996

He “read Blue Desert in a matter of days and loved every word of it,” he would like Chuck to sign a copy of Blue Desert for his newborn son, etc.

(in envelope with business card)

Tilly Lavenas at The Greenville News

April 12, 1997

Regarding the article on the maquiladoras, “yours was unequivocally the best,” mentions the “book on Keating,” etc.  (in envelope)

Personal Correspondence



Randy Udall

April 16, 1984

Mentions trip to Glen Canyon Damn, etc (in envelope)

Bil Gilbert

August 20, 1986

Regarding Chuck’s writing, includes similar comments from other people – positive reactions (in envelope)

Jo Laughlin

October 8, 1986

Regarding the land, etc. – difficult handwriting to read (no envelope)

Richard Sassaman

May 4, 1988

Details Richard’s trip and other things (no envelope)

Dorothy Jacobsen

January 4, 1990

Contains a funeral notice in memory of Alvina Schaaf

Alvina was a shirt tail relation of Bo’s.  She lived at Geronimo’s Hotel (a junkie hotel – cheap), but she was a millionaire from her Iowa farmland.  If she had the choice between a diamond ring or a milk cow, she’d choose the milk cow.

(in envelope)

Patty Duncan

June 30, 1990

Describes what is going on in her life, her relationships, her children, and mentions that she is reading Red Line, her views on the book and her views on Chuck’s writing, also includes an article titled “Out Where the Sense of Place is a Sense of Motion” by Wallace Stegner and a quote from Still Life of a Woodpecker by Tom Robbins

(in envelope)

Richard Miller

October 1, 1990

Mentions that Lisa wanted him to send Chuck his books, “unfortunately, Snail is the only one of which I have extra copies,” etc.  (in large envelope)

John Walker

November 29, 1990

Regarding “the untimely demise of Tucson Magazine,” and his enjoyment of Red Line, etc  (in envelope)


April 9, 1991

She’s writing while parked on a mesa, thoughts about Chuck, details of her life, etc  (no envelope)

Lisa Webber

April 15, 1991

She writes “I’m still with Paul and the gang and you are still searching for truth and beauty or something like that,” etc.  (in envelope)

*Lisa Webber is Aqua Girl in Café Blood, the night before they left on the Sea Shepard, she fought three cops off of Big Indian and they had to get her out of jail – they left port the next morning.

Jack Miles at Claremont McKenna College

May 24, 1991

Regarding John Nicholas, that John should be recognized, for Chuck to check out his work, etc.  (in envelope)

Cheyenne Sierra Weil (Chuck’s niece)

June 10, 1991

Tells of her plans to go to Germany and then on to college, included is a “belated” graduation announcement, etc

Letter addressed to Uncle Chuck

Envelope addressed to “(Charles Bowden) c/o Mimi Bowden

(in envelope)

John Nichols

June 27, 1991

A letter to “Terry and Chris (and all the other participants in THE DINNER PARTY),” a “belated thank you,” mentions details of the party, people such as Jim Harrison, Simon Ortiz, Dan Gerber, Barry Lopez, etc…  (in envelope)

Lisa Webber

October 3, 1991

Mentions going to Europe with her dad, writes that her “husband died when the boat he was fishing on went down on a rocky shore off of Atka, on the Aleutian chain,” etc.  (in envelope)

*Aqua Girl in Café Blood (she came up with the name Aqua Girl)

Ellen Meloy

October 17, 1991

Writes “I’m not sure whether to take credit or blame for keeping you out of Outside’s exploitation tours of the Southwest,” mentions that Chuck’s piece was “funny,” goes on to tell about her own writing and river rafting on the Colorado, etc.  (in envelope)

Ellen Meloy

June 25, 1992

Writes “thanks for the time on the phone for my Outside article,” that she likes the way Chuck thinks and writes, and “if you ever want a river trip in Utah, let me know,” etc.

Included is a copy of Ellen Meloy’s article “Communique From the Vortex of Gravity”  Northern Lights, Winter 1991 

(in envelope)

Roy Elson

January 25, 1993

Writes “Here’s a couple of snapshots of you and Gloria,” etc.

Two snapshots of Chuck and Gloria included

(in envelope)

Britt Lee

September 22, 1995

5 pages typed, mentions that she isn’t “going to badger you again about the Abbey movie.  Rather, I’m going to give you an explanation, an apology, and a thank you,” writes about meeting Lou, about the Abbey Lives luncheon, etc.

Also included is a handwritten letter dated September 27, 1995

(in envelope)

Kevin McGowin

November 14, 1995

Large envelope w/ letter from Kevin to Chuck – mentions having read Blood Orchid, their telephone conversations, personal details of his life, etc

Included are Kevin McGowin’s own pieces of writing: Bogus Pastimes (signed by Kevin to Chuck), “Blake’s Non-Textual Vision and the Center of Self,” “Where I Am,” “Floatin’ Down the River, In the New Age Summertime”

(in envelope)

Clyde Collins

November 27, 1995

Regarding Clyde’s own writing, his experience in the desert, etc.

(in envelope)


January 24, 1998

Regarding her feelings toward Chuck, mentions “Ms. Nebraska” (Mary Martha), is happy for Chuck, etc.  (in envelope)

Lisa Webber (Aqua Girl)

November 3, 1999

Mentions the gang’s plan taking them to L.A. for a while, she’ll spend Christmas at home, she’s painting the ship, etc  (in envelope)

Roy Elson

February 24, 2000

A note from Roy and a clip from when he was defeated in Senate (in envelope)

Jeff Hillard

August 24, 2000

Regarding experiences in Provincetown, Chuck’s articles, etc (in envelope)

David Bretthaupt

February 17, 2002

Sent from Ohio before David went to prison.  Pamphlet included regarding “how best to hunt [crows] for sport” (in envelope)

No date



Byrd Baylor – a friend from Arivaca, author of many children’s books, she receives around 400 letters a month from children around the world. She was also a columnist for City Magazine


A poem by Byrd Baylor in honor of the winter solstice, handwritten note mentioning Julian and she writes “I doubt that many of your readers would know what I’m talking about”  (no envelope)

Rona M. Levein


Rona came to AZ from New York and never left (letter references her time in New York as “a former life”) and is the drum majorette in photo. (no envelope)

Tom Sheridan, historian at the University of Arizona.  He is married to the head of the University of Arizona Press. Chuck considers him to be a fine historian.


Regarding reading Chuck’s book (does not specify which book) (no envelope)

Patty (She is a friend of Dick’s, corresponded with Chuck, she works for Lockhead, her kids are in special education, etc)


Mentions her visit with Chuck and MM, writes about her kids’ health and improvement, as well as her personal health, etc. (no envelope)



A Bahti Indian Arts card, congratulates Chuck on “receiving yet more formal recognition” (no envelope)

Ivan & Indiana Nelson (Tucson writer)


Thanking Chuck and MM for the “Thanksgiving feast” (postcard)

Unopened Letters



Sun Life Annuity, Service Center

No date


Sun Life, Service Center

No date


Bank of Boston (no return address)

No date


Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Corporation

September 6, 1994


Tucson Presidio Trust for Historic Preservation

September 13, 1994


Elizabeth Shaw, Editorial and Publishing Services

September 26, 1994


National Home Life

October 6, 1994

Addressed to Chuck

National Home Life

October 6, 1994

Addressed to Kathleen Dannreuther, Chuck’s second wife.

Arizona Department of Revenue

November 14, 1994


Arizona Department of Revenue

December 13, 1994


First Interstate Bank

December 16, 1994


National Home Life

January 6, 1995

Addressed to Kathleen Dannreuther, Chuck’s second wife.

National Home Life

January 6, 1995

Addressed to Chuck

NOTE: There are more letters to come, but they can not be included until after the women’s deaths. - MM


Box 2 (CCC) – In box marked Letters to Kreinberg/Houlberg



Barbara Houlberg



51 letters from Chuck to Barbara

Roughly from the early 70’s to the early 90’s

Many are typed, handwritten, include pieces of others’ writing, Chuck’s writing, recipes and other miscellaneous oddities

**note – these offer great insight into many relevant moments in Chuck’s life: when he was fired from the Tucson Citizen, how he felt about being a reporter, his fever that lasted for months in his late 20s, his dog, his wife Zada, his research and thoughts while writing Killing the Hidden Waters, and so on.  

Letter from Paul Dickerson to Chuck

Dated July 3, 1989

Expresses thanks for the book, mentions spending time upstate in New York, etc

8 letters from Barbara to Chuck

Few have dates – latest is September 8, 2003 and earliest is June 1, 1984

Includes letters, but also pieces of Barbara’s writing, an article, etc.







Box 1 (BB)




Graduation Speech given at Prescott College

1 draft titled “Confessions of a Fallen Historian”

16 pages


Lawrence Clark Powell Address: Memorial Lecture for Tucson-Pima Public Library – delivered in Tucson on December 3, 2002

3 drafts, 2 drafts titled “Credo: Ground Zero” & 1 draft untitled

2 titled drafts – 1st draft for speech is 19 pages and 2nd draft (the edit for the book) is 20 pages – untitled draft is 2 pages and the original

2 flyers and 1 poster promoting speech (by the Southwest Literature Project)

Keepsake #2 (Powell Address)

2 bound copies


by Southwest Literature Project & Tucson-Pima Public Library

Salt Lake City Library Opening

Chuck read Arivaca newspaper piece

An email from Scott Carrier that includes a review of the library’s opening from the Salt Lake Tribune – email dated February 17, 2003. 

2 postcard size flyers and one paper size flyer.

Sonoran Desert National Park Project Speech (speech given in Tucson)

1 draft titled “Snake Oil, Flesh, and Bones”

15 pages, thoroughly edited

A cover page and 1 flyer for Chuck’s visit

Scottsdale Center for the Arts Speech (in Arizona)

1 draft titled “The Bad, the Ugly and Us”

9 pages, edited

1 brochure titled “Virgil Hancock: New Ruins, Old Boneyards” – August 30 – November 2, 1997

Speech for Arizona City Planners (in Tucson)

1 draft untitled

2 pages, lightly edited


Speech delivered for Chuck by Dick Kirkpatrick at the University of Arizona (Chuck was in Dallas)

1 draft untitled and copied into an email to Ann Wendland

3 pages

Also a card from Ann Wendland thanking Chuck for his participation in the Abbey event

Folder of Selections to be Read Out loud

Chunks of his own writing and some quotes from others



Research articles for the speech given at the museum in Prescott, AZ

Speech given on March 23, 2000



Folder of Earth Day Speech Research Material

Multiple newspaper articles



Draft of the speech given for the 10th anniversary of Abbey’s death

4 page w/ footnotes

Also, an article titled “The Famous Mr. Ed” in the Star in March ’99 promoting the event (“Celebration in the Garden”)

Given at the Prescott Botanical Gardens

Draft of speech given for radio station KSAZ on park – titled “Pima County Board of Supervisors 6/6/00”

2 pages with editing

Also an award celebrating Chuck as the “Star of the Day” and two separate invitations sent to Chuck informing him that he’d been chosen as their “Star of the Day” (KTUC Newsradio) (envelope dated Oct 4, 1983)



Box 2 (BB)




“Changing Places,” 2006 Arizona Historic Preservation Conference (Glendale, AZ on 6/15/06)

1 draft of speech – 15 pages

2 emails from MM to Amber Stefanchik, 4 emails from Kathryn Leonard discussing the accommodations and other details for the speech

Also, a flyer listing the speakers for the event and Mapquest directions to the Glendale Gaslight Inn

Talk for Men’s luncheon (in Tucson)

December 1, 2005

1 page draft


Southwest Literature Project – reception in Tucson honoring Richard Shelton and Katie Lee – Chuck gave introduction for Katie Lee

December 8, 2005

1 page draft of introduction

Also, a flyer for the event

Black Hills State University Speech- South Dakota in April 2005


1 email from Chuck to Dave Cremean and 4 emails from Dave to MM and Chuck

Noted – Tim Steckline introduced Chuck

South Dakota Speech


12 page draft (untitled)

1 article of research titled “Mexican mother, child found in gas tank”

South Dakota Readings

4 separate drafts

Titled “Early One Morning” (15 pages), “A Visit to the Country” (8 pages), “Night Flight” (11 pages), and “The Hunger of the Ticking Watch in the Empty Room” (22 pages)


Border Book Festival – 4/06

Email dated January 30, 2006

1 email to MM and Michael with the details of the book festival and Michael and Chuck’s part in it.


Arizona Library Conference – in Tucson on 12/02/04

(all material contained in an envelope labeled: Charles Bowden, Down By the River: Drugs, Money, Murder and Family, Thursday 1:30-2:30pm, Canyon Suite 2)

1 draft of speech – 5 pages

Also, the Official Program for the 2004 AZLA Conference, various brochures and maps, a letter from The Program Committee to the Speaker, 2 emails from Sarah Herlache to Chuck

Board of Supervisors, Gates Pass Speech – Tucson in April 2000


1 draft of speech – 2 pages


Arizona Criminal Attorney Speech – 9/21/02


1 draft of speech – 10 pages


Museum Association of Arizona Speech – (Prescott, AZ in 3/2000)


1 draft of speech – 11 pages

Also, letter from Jim Harrison dated late January, 2001 discussing the “bereavement” speech, etc.  

A Museums and the Land brochure (18th Annual Meeting, March 22-25, 2000), and two other brochures from museum. 

A Museum Association of Arizona Speaker Tag

Letter from Richard Sims (museum director) to Chuck, dated January 24, 2000

Architecture School Speech – at the University of Arizona on February 1, 2002


2 drafts – draft 1, 16 pages and draft 2, 13 pages


Yavapai College Speech in Prescott, AZ


Letter from Susan Lang to Chuck discussing plans for the summer conference and the workshop.

Email from Chuck to  Susan discussing his ideas for workshop, etc.

2 emails from Susan to Chuck discussing details, etc.

1 page of notes outlining Chuck’s workshop and general time there.

Also, 10 brochures from Yavapai College in manila envelope, dated June 4, 1999. (mentioned in the letter from Susan)


Reading at Singing Winds Bookstore north of Benson, AZ


1 draft – 8 pages

Also an email from Mother Jones, subject “Even/Odd Day” – dated November 20, 1999

Museum of Contemporary Art, LA & LA Public Library present Racing Toward the Millennium – Los Angeles, California in 1999


Letter from Richard Koshalek inviting Chuck to the literary series dated May 5 1997 and w/ their current season’s brochure, 2 emails to Chuck from Louise Steinman dated March 31 & April 3 1998, 2 copies of letter from Paul Moore dated August 27, 1997, letter from MM to Louise Steinman dated September 24, 1997, and letter from Toby Dell thanking Chuck for his participation in the literary series dated January 23, 1998

5 brochures for the literary series

Southern Utah Wilderness Utah Alliance Speech


Thank you card from Amy of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance dated March 21, 2000

Thank you letter from Mike Matz of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance dated March 21, 2000


Arizona planning Association  - Speech on Sense of Place – in Tucson on September 12-15, 2001


2 brochures for the conference

*note – tore them a new asshole

Salt Lake city Public Library’s Gala Celebration – February 2003


Letter from Nancy Tessman discussing details of the event dated January 4, 2002

Letter from Nancy Tessman asking Chuck to consider speaking at the event dated October 5, 2001


Moving Waters: The Colorado River and the West lecture series – January 29, 2002


Brochure detailing the speakers, including Chuck. 


Email to Chuck from Jeanne with The League of Women Voters

Dated September 7, 2000

Email discusses the plan and details for the event where Chuck would speak.


Email from Kevin McFadden of the Virginia Festival of the Book to MM

Dated December 12, 2006

Asking for a b/w photo of Chuck


Thank you cards titled “You are Awesome” from Walter Douglas Elementary School

Both dated 2/24/03

Signed by all the students w/ picture of Chuck speaking to them on front


Flyer for the University of Arizona’s “land ethic~aesthetic research” lecture series

Spring 2002

Chuck is listed to speak on 2/1/02



Box 3 (BB)




Folder 1 – Texas Book Festival Material




Email from Colleen Hobbs to the Book Festival Authors (including Chuck)

Dated October 2, 2003

1 page

Notes made in pen on email

Airline Ticket

Dated November 3, 2007



Texas Book Festival postcard sent to Chuck & 2 Texas Book Festival pamphlets




Email from Jolie McCoy to MM

Dated November 4, 2003

1 page

Thanks MM for the support and suggests places to go while in Austin

Email from Dave Hamrick to Chuck

Dated November 3, 2003

1 page

Mentions that he will be their driver, etc - - also, w/ notes written in pen on page

Erin’s phone number, maps for the festival, details for the festival, a list of panel moderators for the festival, a schedule for the events, an Author’s Schedule, a Parking Pass (2003 Author), an Audio Recording Consent form (not filed out), & an invitation to a publication party for Lone Star Literature




Texas Book Festival Author Confirmation, Panel Discussion – for Charles Bowden

Scheduled for Saturday, November 8 from 12:15-1:30

1 page (green)

Panel title: The Border On Its Own Terms

“A confirmation of your reading/panel and signing time” sent by Cyndi Hughes to the Texas Book Festival Authors

Dated September 25, 2003

2 pages


A document titled “For Panel Participants”, another Audio Redording Consent Form (not filled out), an Author’s Schedule, and a reservation form




Email from Mary Margaret Farabee (chairman) to Chuck

Dated July 30, 2003

1 page

Writing to ask Chuck if he’d participate in the Texas book Festival

Email from Mary Margaret Farabee to Chuck and Chuck’s reply to the above email

Dated July 31, 2003 (Chuck’s email dated the 30th)

2 pages

Chuck says he’ll have to think about the offer (if he has the time, etc) and mentions Don Henry Ford Jr. – Mary Margaret replies that she’ll consider Don Henry and that she is not taking Chuck’s email as a negative response, plus goes over more ‘enticements’ – handwritten on email is “I said yes”

Texas Book Festival catalogue

Dated November 6-9, 2003



Folder 2 – Texas Book Festival Material




Menu for the Texas Book Festival Gala

Dated October 28, 2005



Email between Douglas Shuga and MM

Dated August 2, 2006

1 page

Sending a photo of Chuck to Douglas

Letter to Chuck from the Texas Book Festival directors, chairs, and committee

Dated July 15, 2005

1 page

Inviting Chuck to be a featured author in the 2005 festival

Letter to Chuck from Clay Smith, literary director

Dated July 15, 2005

2 pages

Details the plans for the festival

2005 Texas Book Festival Brochure (10th Anniversary Edition)




2005 Texas Book Festival Program & Event Guide




Leather Texas Book Festival bookmark




Folder 3 – Miscellaneous Speech Material




1 notebook on how to get the Park in Southern Arizona




1 notebook for the speech for Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance




2 drafts of the Pancho Villa State Park Speech – 1 draft 3 pages handwritten and 1 draft 3 pages typed w/ editing




Letter from Sun Sounds of Arizona

Dated February 16, 1990


Thanking Chuck for his participation

Envelope with clips from Sims Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott, AZ

Envelope dated April 4, 2000


Includes 2 clips – 1 titled “Museums explore their role” (picture of Chuck speaking at the museum) and the other clip titled “Coda for Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Sticky notes attached to each clip, signed R.S.

Letter from Lynn Galvin of Cochise College regarding the writers conference

Dated May 2, 1988


Thanking Chuck for “participating on the Editors’ Panel”

Sonoran Desert Park Broadside



Titled “The Heart of the Matter”

14 page draft of speech given at the convocation speech at Chadrin, Nebraska in 1997









MEDIA of or about Chuck


Media Box 1 (GGG)

VHS Video Tapes

Bowden Interviews


Books and Co.


Crime, Inc.


Larry King Live

July 6, 1999

The Border, Part 2

KDUH (Tucson PBS station)

September 1999

Amigos Del Mar De Cortez





January 2000

Edward Abbey: A Voice in the Wilderness


Crime and Punishment/Ted Koppel


El Camino/Tidal Bore/Canoe Trip KDUH

April 1, 1989

Today Show Interview

March 28, 1997

Miscellaneous VHS Video Tapes


Bowden Beerman Reunion

October 2000

Lincoln Savings Main Event/Keating


Lincoln Savings Main Event II/Keating




“The War at Home” – Anti-war film including Madison, Wisconsin riots. Chuck was on campus at the time.


Video of Max Cleland interview after Chuck’s Esquire article ran


Barrio Historico: A Walk through Time


Guns, Drugs & CIA Frontline

May 17, 1988

Frontline: Murder on the Rio San Juan


Sea Shepherd


Ashland, OR

August 1997

Jesse, Chuck’s son, Don Greene (History Professor and reader for UT Press for Killing the Hidden Waters. Don’s first wife had heart disease and while they were in Tucson waiting for a new heart for her, which never materialized, Don stayed in Chuck’s mother’s home.  Eventually Don became the Dean of Liberal Arts at Chadron State College in Nebraska. He invited Chuck to be the convocation speaker and he introduced Chuck to MM while Chuck was on the Chadron campus.)


Dateline, Kathie Lee/Maquila. – Research for Charlie Kernighan.

June 4, 1996

“Mickey Mouse goes to Haiti” – Research for Charlie Kernighan


“Zoned for Slavery” – Research for Kernighan article


“Anesthesia & Surgical Techniques for Radiotelemetry in Rattlesnakes” –  Research for Rattlesnake article


“Black-tailed Rattlesnakes” –  Research for snake article.



Bowden Radio Interviews


Interviews conducted by Scott Carrier and aired on various PBS programs:

  • Border Series for Marketplace 5 stories
  • Border Excerpts
  • A Juarez Primer (Cover photo ‘Juarez Madonna’ by Julian Cardona)
  • A Juarez Primer- Day to Day version
  • Border Series-1. Sassabe 2. Sly and Lisa 3. Bird Refuge
  • Juarez: City on the Edge for Day to Day
  • ‘Chuck Piece’ for which Scott won the Peabody Award


Interviews conducted by Doug Fabrizio for Radio West:

  • Border-Crossers and a New America/53 minutes
  • Charles Bowden: Shadow in the City/52 minutes
  • Author Charles Bowden /50 minutes



  • Scott Carrier interviewing Don Henry Ford, Jr. for Day to Day
  • Bowden Tracks & acts
  • Heat Special, Summer 2003/ Interview of Chuck by Jeff Rice for Hearing Voices
  • CD of desert sounds by Jeff Rice with notes
  • “And I walked…” stories from the border produced by Ann Heppermann & Kara Oehler. 



Bowden Film Interviews


2005 Film by Steve Hise with note. 


Steve Hise Videos from 2001-2004


Video made at reading in Salt Lake City at Ken Sander’s Rare Book Store. (Ken is an old friend of Chuck’s and he was a close friend of Abbey’s.)


Drowning River by ML Lincoln


DVD of photos of Bowden Family




AUDIO TAPES of or belonging to CHUCK




Loose Tapes

Martin Prechtel, “Grief & Praise”  (copy)

Bowden (Gorden)  9/97  (copy)

Jimbo’s Country Music with Children singing and my Country friends just for you./Weldon’s Rap   (copy)

Letter to Michelle

From Bruno    (copy)

Sean Gordon (2)

Oct/96     (copy)

Tony J/4/16/97  (copy)

Sean Gordon (1) (copy)

Tony Jordon Oct/96 (copy)

Tony J   4/16/97 (copy)

Greg Brown – Further In/Dream Café (copy)

Teach-In on Economic Globalization and the Role of the World Trade Organization: Part 1 (original)

Teach-In on Economic Globalization and the Role of the World Trade Organization: Part 2 (original)

Ray Wylie Hubbard (copy)

Energy Efficient and Anti-Resonance Cassette Mechanism (copy)

El Breve Espacio (original)

Faure Requiem/Another version, not as good (copy)

Battle Mountain (In response to the Gulf War)/The Neighborhood    (copy)

Robert Kyr & Others/Piano works of interest (copy)

Carlos & Bridgette – 7/26/97 (copy)

Tim Shaffer (copy)

Gary Webb – 4/25/98 (copy)

Tape – Charlie (copy)

Solo Quena 7 (copy)

Miles Davis – Workin’ With the Miles Davis Quitet (copy)

Writing Music (copy)

Gypsy Kings (Este Mundo), Miscellaneous (copy)

Se Vende esta Banda (original)

“Compositions” by Jeff Rice (copy)

Katie Lee & Ed Stabler “His Knibbs & the Badger” (original)

Katie Lee “Colorado River Songs”

Lola Beltran con banda (original)1989

Zoar (copy) 1991

Illapu – Para Seguir Viendo (copy)

Milton 10/19/72 (copy)

John Cale – Fragments of a Rainy Season (copy)

Belly Dance Music/Awawda Shankar (copy) – Chuck’s former lover, Sandy Lanham, is a belly dancer as well as an environmental pilot.  She won the Macarthur Genius Award in 2005.

Eagles – Hell Freezes Over (original) 1994

Sueno I (copy)

Zen Bones by Alan Watts (copy)

This American Life – 3/1/96 (original)

Katie Lee “Fenced!” (original)

The Alarm – Eye of the Hurricane – The Cult – Love (copy)

Carridos Prohibidos (original) 1991

Mercedes Sosa (copy)

Banda R-15 (original)

Chip – 3/12/92

Newsweek – June 28, 1993 (original)

Interview: Mike Binstein – 7/11/93 (on WLW-AM Cincinnati) (copy)

Sueno II (copy)

Lucky Dube: Taxman 1997 (copy)

Sing along with J.F.K./Tom Lehrer: That wasn’t the you that was (copy – no case)

Special Selections – Jan ’89 (copy – no case)

Madman across the water – Elton John/September Morning – Neil Diamond (copy – no case)


Cassette Case 1



Drawer 1



Bob Dylan


(original) 1983

The Rolling Stones

Love ya live


Naturally 5

JJ Cale





Leonard Cohen/White




Kitty Wells

Dust on the Bible

(original) 1992

Tracy Chapman

Crossroads – RY Cooder


Townes Van Zandt



Blues Brothers




White Album


Bobby Bare

Biggest Hits

(original) 1982

Tsa’ne Dos’e

Moon Spirits

(original) 1993

Jack Kornfield

Meditations of the Heart

(original) 1994

Drawer 2



Peterson Birds

Side 1: 197-241, Side 2: 241-276


New Mexico Museum of Natural History

Wolves and Humans

(Original) 1990

Written on case: A: Gregorian Chants, B: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi – Side A: Mixed: Gypsy Kings, Basia, Manhattan Transfer, Tracy Chapman; Side B: Ethereal Stall: from Hearts of Space – Radio – Tapes



Al Di Miola



The Moore family Sings Gospel



Larry Welk – The Early Years

The Bootleg Tapes – Dates, Personnel, and Whereabouts of Recording are Unknown


Bob Dylan



Cuarteto “Tesoro” De Alamos sonora




Live & Selections From



Best of/Memories


Fasten Your Seatbelt



For Iggy from Staff – Katy Lee



Gu-Achi fiddlers

Old time O’odham Fiddle Music

(original) 1988

Drawer 3



Van Morrison

Too Long in Exile


Duncan Stitt

Arizona Sky

(original) 1988




Dated 3/17/92



Papago Raiders

Papago Chicken Scratch

(original) 1982


Bird Calls



To Win in the Third


Kim – dated 3/18/92



Rolling Stones



Linda Ronstadt

What’s New

(original) 1983

Sex Pistols

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols

(original) 1977

The Fugs

Golden Filth



Cassette Case 2



Drawer 1



Dire Straits


(original) 1976

Duncan Stitt

Arizona Sky

(original) 1988

John Reed

Insurgent Mexico – read by Frank Muller (tape one)


Tom Watts & Melissa Etheridge

Tom Watts – Rain Dogs


Willie Nelson



Bob Dylan

Blonde on Blonde

(original) 1986

Drew Signor


Acoustical Guitarist

(original) 1988

Chip 1 & 2






John Reed

Insurgent Mexico (tape 5)


Gypsy Kings/Hearts of Space




Mas Caucioues


Richard’s Highway Mix



Drawer 2



Aretha Franklin

Sweet Bitter Love

(original) 1982

Linda Ronstadt II




B Jim



Nouveau Flamingo & Seth Austin “Desert Winds”



Bruce Springstein, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, Emy Lou Harris 



Roy Orboson, Dire Straits, Enigma



Captain Beefheart



Paul Winter

Common Ground

(original) 1978

John Reed

Insurgent Mexico (tape 3)


John Reed

Insurgent Mexico (tape 4)


Charles Parker Byrd

The Savage Recordings


Grandes Corridos con Los Cadets de Durrango



Drawer 3



Chip – 3/12/92



Jimbo – (A & B)



Nancy Griffith

Other Voices, Other Books


Musica Tarahumar En Estereo

38 Melodias diferentes


Los Lobos

How Will the Wolf Survive?

(original) 1984

Flying Cowboys – Rickie Lee Jones/The Subdudes



 Kim – 3/19/92



Chris’s Mex – The Harder They Come – Rege



Chip 4




The Time Machine


Inkkuyol/The Land of the Incas/Original Soundtrack from the Mission



Nucanchi Nan

Huasha Huasha


Dueto Los Jilgueros del Pico Real





Floppy Disk Container

Three Tapes without titles

Pettit, “The Time Machine”

Alex Villa on Gangs

John Carpenter on Casas Grandes

INS Agent Framed

Cornelio Reyna/Gango #2

Javier Solis/Total “ y Cambias

Border Series – Keating/Antelope

Floppy Disks


(Historical) Smuggling Speech



.D2 – Stripe Tail


Quotes – dedicate disclaimer


Preface – Epic


Rene #1



Kevin – Ken


Intro to Pete

Pershing Killer

Narc –


Juan Diego

Part #2


Nacho- Rip off’s –

Juan Diego

Part #1


Lichi #2


Lichi   Part I




Poncho #1


Chico’s Guad-Story





.d2/NARCO #1

The Other City

Panchos Barbershop


John Carpenter

.d2/ART  3-90

About Leopoldo



3894 words


.d2/ART  Hispanic Books Inter.

Other Items

Olympus Camera in box

Video Camera – Brownie Target

Magnetic Tape: Side I   Beermann Seminar 9/21/68


ALBUMS Belonging to CHUCK



album title


LP Albums Box ½ (OO)



Bob Dylan

Blood on the Tracks


Leonard Cohen

Songs of Leonard Cohen


Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash at San Quentin


The Fugs



Billie Holliday

Billie Holiday’s Greatest Hits


Richie Havens

Mixed Bag


Warren Zevon




Pictures at an Exhibition


Townes Van Zandt

Flyin’ Shoes


Virgil Thomson & Leopold Stokowski

Suite from ‘The River’ & The Plow that Broke the Plains


Dire Straits




The John Birch Society Blues


Carly Simon

The Best of Carly Simon


Buffy Sainte-Marie

She Used to Wanna be a Ballerina


Jesse Winchester

Learn to Love it


Randy Newman

Little Criminals


Peter, Paul, and Mary

In the Wind


Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison


Eddie Murphy




Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, directed by Neville Marriner

Symphony No. 4, Op. 60 “Grosse Fuge,” Op. 133


Jean-Pierre Rampal, The German Rococo Flute (Rene Leibowitz conducting the Paris Philharmonic Orchestra)

Gluck Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in G Major, Telemann Suite in A Minor for Flute and Strings


Itzhak Perlman, violinist; Boston Symphony Orchestra; Erich Leinsdorf, conductor

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, Dvorak/Romance


Julian Olevsky, violin; Julius Rudel/Vienna State Opera Orchestra

Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole, Opus 21

Wieniawski: Violin Concerto No. 2, Opus 22


Johann Sebastian Bach,

Chamber Orchestra of the Saar; Karl Ristenpart, conductor

Brandenburg Concertos


The Beatles

The Beatles (The White Album)


(2 copies) The Beatles



Vladimir Horowitz,

New York Philharmonic, Eugene Ormandy, conductor

Rachmaninoff, Concerto No. 3

Recorded live at Carnegie Hall January 8, 1978


Joseph Szigeti, violin; British Symphony Orchestra, Conducted by Bruno Walter

Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61

Recorded in 1935 & 1944


Goodbye to Love/Crystal Lullaby


Eva Pendleton Henderson

Jal & Prairie Knight


Janis Ian

Between the Lines



Andres Segovia

The Genius of Andres Segovia: A Bach Recital


Multiple Artists

The Original Movie Soundtrack: Saturday Night Fever



Little Queen


Tim Buckley

Happy Sad


Multiple Artists

Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture Flashdance


Sandy Bull



Bob Dylan



Bob Dylan

Nashville Skyline


Peter, Paul, and Mary

The Best of Peter, Paul, and Mary: (Ten) Years Together


Bruch & Mozart,

New Symphony Orchestra of London; Malcolm Sargent, conductor

Bruch: Concerto in G Minor

Mozart: Concerto in D Major


Tchaikovsky, Glinka, & Borodin,

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra; Karel Ancerl, conductor

‘1812’ Overture & Capriccio Italian/Tchaikovsky

Overture, Ruslan and Ludmila/Glinka

In the Steppes of Central Asia/Borodin


The Beatles

Abbey Road


The Beatles

Beatles ‘65


Stevie Wonder

Songs in the Key of Life


Rolling Stones

Made in the Shade


Paul Simon

Still Crazy after all these Years


Ravi Shankar;

Alla Rakha, Tabla

Sound of the Sitar


Townes Van Zandt

Live at The Old Quarter, Houston, Texas



Diverse Concertos and Sonatas



The Columbia Symphony Orchestra; Bruno Walter, conductor

Symphony No. 6


Big Joe Williams

Big Joe Williams at Folk City


Linda Ronstadt

Get Closer


Linda Ronstadt

Living in the USA


LP Albums Box 2/2 (PP)



(2 copies) The Rolling Stones

Hot Rocks 1964-1971


The Velvet Underground & Nico

(produced by Andy Warhol)


Pointer Sisters

Special Things



Wiener Philharmoniker; Karl Bohm, conductor

Symphonie NR. 9

Symphonie NR. 8

1970/72 & 1974

The Band

Stage Fright



Karl Richter, conductor (an der Orgel der Jagersborg-Kirche bei Kopenhagen)

Toccata und Fuge d-moll, BWV 565

Triosonate Nr. 2 c-moll, BMV 526

Praludium und Fuge D-dur, BMV 532

Fantasie und Fuge g-moll, BMV 542



Leopold Stokowski, conductor

Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor; Komm, susser Tod; Bourree; Sarabande; Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott; Shepherd’s Song; Fugue in G Minor


Amazing Rhythm Aces

Stacked Deck


Paganini & Mendelssohn,

Eugene Fodor; New Philharmonia Orchestra; Peter Maag, conductor

Paganini: Concerto No. 1 in D

Mendelssohn: Concerto in E Minor


The Doobie Brothers

Minute by Minute



Alicia de Larrocha; The Los Angeles Philharmonic; Zubin Mehta, conductor

Piano Concerto, No. 5, “Emperor”


Michael Cooney

Or: “The Cheese Stands Alone”


Aaron Copland,

New York Philharmonic; Leonard Bernstein, conductor

The Copeland Album



Odetta at Town Hall


Linda Ronstadt

Simple Dreams


Linda ronstadt

Hasten Down the Wind


Bob Dylan

John Wesley Harding


The Fugs

The Fugs First Album


Rolling Stones

Let it Bleed



The Istomin/Stern/Rose Trio

Beethoven’s Archduke Trio


Aretha Franklin



The Rolling Stones

Love You Live


Bob Dylan/The Band

Before the Flood


(Jay Taylor) Lloyd Baron

Arizona: Has anybody ever seen it all? & Imagine Arizona


Bob Dylan

Highway 61 Revisited


Bob Dylan

Bringing it all Back Home


The Beatles



The Beatles

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band


The Beatles

Hey Jude (Apple)


Reunion of Dave Brubeck, Gerry Mulligan, Paul Desmond, Alan Dawson, and Jack Six

We’re All together Again for the First Time


Smetana & Dvorak,

The Guarneri Quartet

Smetana: String Quartet in E Minor

Dvorak: String Quartet in A-Flat, Op. 105


Bob Dylan



Bob Dylan/Soundtrack

Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid


Bob Dylan

New Morning


Bob Dylan

The Times They Are A-Changin’


Bob Dylan

Self Portrait



Sunshine Superman


Creedence Clearwater Revival

Green River


Virgil Thompson,

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra; Neville Marriner, conductor

Virgil Thompson: music for the films


Greig & Rachmaninoff,

Arthur Rubinstein, conductor

Two Great Romantic Favorites,

Greig: Piano Concerto

Rachmaninoff: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini


Janis Joplin

Joplin in Concert


Janis Joplin

I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama!


Janis Joplin



Various Artists

Music from the Soundtrack Easy Rider


Philadelphia Orchestra; Ormandy, conductor

New York Philharmonic; Leonard Bernstein, conductor

Selections from 2001 Space Odyssey


The Moody Blues with The London Festival Orchestra, conducted by Peter Knight

Days of Future Passed



New York Philharmonic; Gary Graffman, Leonard Bernstein

Rachmaninoff: Second Piano Concerto & Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini



Glenn Gould, piano

Bach: The Goldberg Variations


Various Artists

Original Sound Track Recording of Cabaret


Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens Greatest Hits


The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Gone with the Wind and Time Out



Wiener Philharmoniker; Karl Bohm, conductor

Beethoven: Symphonie Nr. 5


The Beatles



Richard & Mimi Farina

Reflections in a Crystal World


Chuck Wagon and the Wheels

Red Hot Women and Ice Cold Beer


Randy Newman

Sail Away


Bob Dylan

Hard Rain


Linda Ronstadt

Heart Like a Wheel


R. Carlos Nakai

Sundance Season


Mike Oldfield

Tubular Bells


Neil Young with Crazy Horse

Everybody Known This is Nowhere


Country Joe & The Fish

Electric Music for the Mind and Body


Country Joe & The Fish

I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die


Creedence Clearwater Revival

Willy and the Poor Boys


Creedence Clearwater Revival

Bayou Country


Willie Nelson

The Sound in your Mind


The Band

The Band


The Band




Wiener Philharmoniker/Vienna Philharmonic; Karl Bohm, conductor


Ouverture: Die Geschopfe des Prometheus/The Creatures of Prometheus


(2 copies) Linda Ronstadt

Prisoner in Disguise


John Prine

John Prine


Luciano Pavarotti

The Great Pavarotti



I Solisti Veneti; Claudio Scimone, conductor

Rossini: Variations for Clarinett and Small Orchestra, Serenade for Small Orchestra


Strauss & Respighi,

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Rudolph Kempe & Antal Dorati, conductors

Strauss: Don Juan & Salome’s Dance

Respighi: Pines of Rome



Pleasure Victim



Toulouse Chamber Orchestra; Louis Auriacombe, conductor

Vivaldi: five concertos – for four violins, soprano recorder, two tumpets, mandolin, & two mandolins







Partial List of Awards


Guggenheim Fellow in Economics


Woodrow Wilson Fellow


Sidney Hillman Foundation Award for “While You Were Sleeping” in Harper’s magazine

May 1997

Lannan Foundation Award in Non-Fiction for Blood Orchid


International Center for Photography – New York City: Infinity Award for Best Photography Book – Juarez: The Laboratory of Our Future

(Clara Jefferies, at that time Chuck’s editor at Harper’s, introduced Chuck. She was not used to public speaking and was a wreck after the awards, so Chuck shepherded her downstairs to another part of the hotel, to a bar, despite the fact that Tina Brown, her husband, and others wanted to talk with him and were upset that he ‘disappeared’.  I always thought this was a true reflection of Chuck’s character.  The ‘important’ people always take a backseat to the people Chuck feels are important. MM


Border Regional Library Association – El Paso: Southwest Book Award – Juarez: Laboratory of Our Future


Best American Essays 1999 – “Torch Song” in Harper’s magazine


Best American Essays 2000 – “Bone Garden of Desire” in Esquire


Best American Crime Writing 2001 – “Our Man in Mexico” (Sal Martinez) in G.Q.


Nominated for National Magazine Award for “Our Man in Mexico”


Arizona Highways’ Silver Writing Excellence Award for “Cabeza Prieta”


Lannan Foundation Fellowship - $50,000


Lannan Foundation Fellowship - $50,000


Arizona Highways’ Gold Writing Excellence Award for “Crossing Arizona”


Border Region Library Association Southwest Book Award for Inferno


Finalist for the Orion Book of the Year Award for Inferno


2nd place in the John Barlow-Martin Award for Public Interest Magazine Journalism (Mother Jones, for whom Chuck had helped secure a major grant from the Lannan Foundation in order to do in-depth investigative reporting, swept the awards. (Chuck was paid minimally for his piece because he felt he had a conflict of interest.)



Box 1 (BB)




List of Chuck’s awards – also included above




Pulitzer Prize Nomination




Letter from Robert L. Bartley

Dated April 19, 1984

2 originals

He writes that “those of us on the feature writing jury….had picked your pieces as the best of those we’d read,” etc…

Tucson Citizen article titled “If Pulitzer juries had prevailed, Citizen and Star would have won”

April 18, 1984

1 original


Tucson Citizen article titled “Citizen’s Charles Bowden picked by Pulitzer jury for top features”

No date

2 originals


Article titled “Citizen staff writer Bowden was finalist for RFK award”

No date

1 original and 1 photocopy


Editorial titled “A Prize?”

No date

1 photocopy


Article titled “Arizona newsman came close”

No date

1 original


Gannett Award




A Gannett “Well Done” award given “For a story on the survivors of the attack on U.S.S. Arizona and Pearl Harbor Day”

December 1981

Also a letter to Gerald Garcia from Phil Currie regarding the award


The Best of Gannett 1983 catalogue listing Chuck as first place for the Outstanding Achievement Award by a Writer and the Feature Writing Award

1983, 2 copies of catalogue

The catalogue includes two excerpts of his work

A Gannet business card and a flyer titled “The Pursuit of Excellence” – Best of Gannet 1983

The Gannetteer magazine

December 1983, 2 copies

Chuck nominated Outstanding Achievement by a Writer and has an article on page 6 titled “The Big Stories Don’t Wait for You”


Gannett Wire Watch  circulation – Gannett Year-end Meetings: Quotes from the Low and the Mighty –

Week of December 18, 1983

Tucson Citizen office Memorandum saying saying that some of the content is Bowden’s


Speech for Gannett prize titled “A Little Bit More Rope”

Not dated, 2 copies

1 page


A Best of Gannett document stating “Charles Bowden, Tucson Citizen, First Place, Investigative/In-Depth Reporting: Local, 1983, For a series, “Using Our Children For Sex”




Chuck’s series “Using Our Children For Sex” compiled and stamped in an award type fashion by Gannett Newspaper

Dated April 7, 1983 – 2 copies in original envelopes

* Seems to be something that the award ceremony might hand out to the guests


Folder of Newspaper Articles All Relating to Chuck’s Gannett Awards and Related Awards


Including an envelope that Bo – Chuck’s mother – kept with clippings of similar articles


Letter from Community Foundation for Southern Arizona regarding Chuck’s nomination for the 2003 Arizona Arts Award

Dated March 27, 2003




Box 2 (CC)

Lannan Literary Award – 1996

Galeano Award Presentation Speech – 1999

The 1996 Lannan Literary Award Catalogue listing Chuck as the recipient of the award in nonfiction

Press Release from Lannan announcing the 1996 Lannan Literary Award nominations

Dated October 1, 1996

4 pages

Tucson Citizen article announcing Chuck’s Lannan Literary Award

Dated October 3, 1996

1999 Lannan Foundation, Galeano Award Presentation for the Cultural Freedom Award – April 21, 1999

Transcript of each speech given, including Chuck’s.

Chuck is a member of the Cultural Freedom Nomination Committee for the Foundation.

Note from Laurie Betlach to Chuck and MM dated 4/28/99

Note sent with 1) a transcript of Galeano’s acceptance speech, and 2) a NYT article dated April 11, 1999 about Galeano and his award.

Brochure for the event awarding Galeano his prize, titled “Readings and Conversations”

4 copies

Dated April 22, 1999

Letter to the board at the Lannan Foundation from Chuck dated March 25, 1999

2 pages

Discussing Chuck’s support of Galeano…that he can “think of no better candidate,” etc

Note from Carol Cheek dated March 19, 1999 w/ attached material

A typed biography of Galeano and photocopies of articles on Galeano

A letter by Carolyn Forche, addressed to the members of the board of directors at the Lannan Foundation (galley-like format)

2 pages – dated March 30, 1999

Other miscellaneous correspondence w/ Lannan Foundation

1) post card from Andy and Patrick dated September 15, 2000, 2) email from Patrick dated September 2, 2000, 3) letter of thanks for staying in Marfa house from Chuck to Martha Jessup dated March 12, 2004,  - also a draft of the letter dated the day before, the 11th

Invitation to the 2001 Lannan Prize for Cultural Freedom (awarded to Mahmoud Darwish)

Envelope dated March 6, 2002

Letter from Lannan Foundation awarding Chuck the Lannan Literary Fellowship

Dated December 5, 2002

Note written on letter – “Letter sent December 30, 2002” (perhaps Chuck’s letter of acceptance?)

Invitation to the Lannan Foundation presentation and conversation: Defending Cultural Freedom

Lannan Foundation Memorandum – detailing some of the guidelines for nomination process for the 2000 Lannan Prize for Cultural Freedom

Dated November 3, 1999 – 3 pages

Lannan Foundation Memorandum – detailing “the most recent nominations for the Prize for Cultural Freedom”

Dated October 20, 1999 – 4 pages

(Chuck is listed as nominating Letizia Battaglia)

Lannan Foundation Memorandum – detailing the (revised) nominations for the 2000 Lannan Prize for Cultural Freedom

Dated November 12, 1999 – 2 pages, plus fax page

(Chuck is still listed as nominating Letizia Battaglia)

Email from Chuck to Patrick at the Lannan Foundation discussing Chuck’s ideas for nominees for the Prize for Cultural Freedom

Dated October 20, 1999 – 2 pages

Chuck mentions Letizia Battaglia and Jane Goodall

Invitation to the Lannan Foundation’s presentation of the 2000 Lannan Prize for Cultural Freedom

Envelope dated October 5, 2000

List of the “Nominations for the 2000 Lannan Prize for Cultural Freedom”

1 page

Chuck is listed as nominating Jane Goodall

Lannan Foundation Memorandum – detailing information on candidates for the Prize for Cultural Freedom

Dated November 19, 1999 – 6 pages

Letter to Claudia Andujar from Janet Voorhees, the Executive Director of Programs for the Lannan Foundation

Dated August 30, 2000 – 1 page

Letter informs Claudia that she has been chosen to receive the 2000 Lannan Prize for Cultural Freedom

Lannon Foundation Memorandum – detailing new nominations, etc, and including a copy of a note from Galeano

Dated October 22, 1999 – 3 pages, and fax page

Draft of Chuck’s speech regarding Battaglia

4 pages

Draft of speech regarding Basta

3 pages

Agenda for the Prize for Cultural Freedom meeting

Dated February 5, 2000

ICP 1999 Infinity Award

News Release listing the 1999 Infinity Award Winners

Chuck is listed under “Publication, Juarez: The Laboratory of Our Future”

Letter to Chuck from Anna Winand from the International Center for Photography

Dated March 8, 1999

News Release discussing the 1999 Infinity Award Winners

Letter to Chuck from Willis Hartshorn discussing details of the awards presentation

Dated January 21, 1999

Brochure for the “Fifteenth Annual Infinity Awards” at the International Center for Photography

The Lukas Prize Project

Invitation to the Fifth Annual Conference on Nonfiction Writing & Awards Ceremony

May 8, 2003

Chuck is listed as a finalist for the J. Anthony Lukas Book Prize

Miscellaneous Awards

An award certificate from the Arizona Press Club award for Commentary/Analysis, Small Non-Dailies, Third Place – Charles Bowden, Tucson Monthly – 1997

The Southwest Book Award, given by the Border Regional Library Association for Chuck and Virgil Hancock’s book, Chihuahua: Pictures from the Edge

Award dated March 7, 1998

The Southwest Book Award, given by the Border Regional Library Association to Chuck for Inferno

Award dated March 3, 2007

Also has a letter to Chuck from Lisa Weber, co-chair of the BRLA Southwest Book Awards (letter dated March 6, 2007)

2007 Orion Book Award – an article announcing the finalists for the Orion Book Award – Inferno is listed as one of the finalists

Dated April 21, 2007 – 2 copies of article

More Gannett Material and Other Miscellaneous

Letter from John C. Quinn of Gannett

Dated February 17, 1984

Writes that he heard that Chuck came very close to finalist in the Ernie Pyle competition, congratulations, etc

Letter from Phil Currie of Gannett

Dated September 14, 1982

Writes that he heard that Chuck is “back on the Tucson team,” glad to know Chuck’s working for the Tucson Citizen again, etc

Letter from Phil Currie of Gannett

Dated April 18, 1984

In congratulations of Chuck’s “near-miss” with the Pulitzer Prize

Letter from Phil Currie of Gannett

Dated December 20, 1983

In congratulations for the Best of Gannett 1983 awards

Letter from Phil Currie to Andy Zipser

Dated January 4, 1983

Recommending Chuck to be cited for the Arizona Press Club’s Newsperson of the Year award

Letter from Phil Currie to Gerald Garcia (included is an award certificate in Chuck’s name)

Dated September 28, 1983

Sending Chuck’s certificates and a check “marking his excellent showing in the August Well Done contest”

The award certificate specifies “For the coverage of strikers in Arizona copper-mining communities and for a special report, ‘The Trek That Can Last an Eternity’” 

Letter from Jack B. Tinsley to Gerald Garcia

Dated April 17, 1984

In congratulations to Chuck “for being a finalist in feature writing for the 1984 Pulitzers”

Letter from Phil Currie to Gerald Garcia (included is an award certificate in Chuck’s name)

Dated June 22, 1983

In congratulations to Chuck for his “recent success in the April Well Done contest”

The award certificate specifies “For reports on sexual abuse of children”

May Well Done award certificate

May 1982

Specifies “For an article about an historic ranch used by conservationists trying to save an obscure minnow from extinction”

September Well Done award certificate

September 1983

Specifies “For a story about a community where many native American Indians face violence, alcoholism and sometimes death”

Arizona Press Club second place certificate for “Any Newspaper Feature Writing: Long Form”

Dated 1982

The Best of Gannett 1983 catalogue

Envelope from the Pulitzer Prizes containing pamphlet of “The Pulitzer Prizes 1984, Journalism”

Envelope dated September 25, 1984

Lists Chuck as finalist in Feature Writing category

Letter from Robert L. Bartley of the Wall Street Journal

Dated April 19, 1984

Regarding the Pulitzer Prize, that he and others on the comity “had picked your pieces as the best of those we’d read,” sending this “small consolation…” of admiration, etc

Letter from Michael I. Sovern of Columbia University

Dated April 16, 1984

Regarding the Pulitzer Prize, that Chuck’s pieces “were among the jury’s nominees, a rare distinction,” a congratulations, etc

Letter from Henry Koffler of the University of Arizona

Dated May 31, 1989

In congratulations for winning first-place for business reporting in the latest Arizona Press Club competition

Letter from Sue M. Vogelsinger of Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards

Dated April 18, 1984

Informing Chuck that his piece “The Trek That Can Last For Eternity” was a finalist in the RFK Journalism Awards, also handwritten notes attached of a committee member’s response to Chuck’s article

Email from Melissa at Aperture about Letizia

Regarding her views of Letizia’a work – Chuck nominated Letizia for the Lannan Prize for Cultural Freedoms

Community Foundation of Southern Arizona – Chuck was nominated for a $25,000 award, a room was set up displaying his work for the judges to assess, he did not win the award

3 items:

- letter from Barbara regarding meeting Chuck and Mary Martha, etc (dated April 29, 2003

- Three display labels – “Where I hail from,” “What I do,” “Where I’m heading”

- map of the room showing the locations of the details of the display.

Friends from Virginia who served on the Buenas Aires Wildlife Refuge Friends board of directors with Chuck, Janine Higgins, and Bill Easten, constructed two 4’x8’ back drops and helped Mary Martha set up the display.



 (Approximately 300 including some slides)

(Each ‘set’ listed below is in a separate plastic folder with its typed explanation. Most of the photos also have notes on the back. Explanation and notes by Mary Martha.)

Box 1 (large manuscript box)


November 1, 1912



1 8x10 photo by Claussen of the Beerman-Stockman Wedding in Germantown, Iowa. The bride (6 foot tall) is pregnant and this picture is taken on her parent’s farm outside of town. She is Chuck’s maternal grandmother, the mother of his mother, Berdina Beerman Bowden.




1 4x6 b&w of Mary Blythe (Chuck’s hair dresser from the time he was 12) and her sister in front of the infamous Caverns bar in Nogales

1947 to late ‘50’s



9 b&w snapshots of Chuck from age 18 months to about fifteen years old.  There are three Bowden siblings, the children of Berdina and Jude: George the oldest, Peg (Margaret) the middle child and Chuck, their youngest child.

  • Chuck age 18 months on farm outside Joliet, IL.
  • Chuck in Indian costume
  • Chuck and his sister Peg in cowboy costumes
  • Peg, George, and Chuck
  • Peg and Chuck/Easter/Chuck in short pants
  • Chuck in his baseball uniform
  • Peg, Chuck and George (Chuck in baseball uniform)
  • Chuck approximately ten years old
  • Chuck in flat top – approximately fifteen


  • 1 8x10 b&w copy of a composite photo of Jude and Bo and their children and the Chicago flat.  Also in the composite is an anniversary picture when the children were grown.


  • 1 8x10 copy of Bo’s memorial photo.




  • 1 5x7 formal studio portrait of Chuck’s parents, Berdina and Jude Bowden.

Unknown dates



1 8x10 b&w of Julian Hayden and Ray Turner. These men were both famous ‘desert rats”. Julian did major archeological dating for over 60 years.  Ray authored what Chuck considers to be one of the most important books ever printed about Arizona, The Changing Mile by the University of Arizona Press.


1 8x10 b&w taken by Julian Hayden in the 1930’s.  It is a photo of a skinned coyote taken at the San Xavier mission south of Tucson, AZ.  It was used to bewitch someone.

Late 60’s



1 8x10 b&w of a porch in Mississippi when Chuck was there registering people to vote.




1 8x10  b&w photo of Chuck in the library at the University of Wisconsin at Madison where he was doing his masters and doctoral work. (One could smoke in libraries then.)




1 5x7 b&w photo of Chuck, his first wife, Zada, and their Newfoundland dog, Job. Taken on the porch of their farmhouse in the Berkshires in Massachusetts.

1970’s Through 90’s




Kreinberg, Houlberg, Dickinson:

·      2 3x5 color snapshots of Barbara’s installation art of clothes hanging at the Chicago Art Institute

·      1 3x5 color snapshot of Paul in his studio

·      1 5x7 b&w of Barbara in her slip with explanation on the back

·      7 slides of Chuck taken when Barbara was visiting him with Lew in Tucson

·      1 12x11 b&w of Chuck and Lew and Raggedy Ann on the beach in Michigan. Barbara took the picture in the 70’s as part of a series of art work in which she was replacing herself with the doll.


Chuck met Lew Kreinberg in graduate school at Madison Wisconsin. He was married to Barbara Houlberg and she had a son from an earlier marriage, Paul Dickerson. Chuck and Lew collaborated on Street Signs of Chicago. Barbara was an artist.  Paul became an artist and he committed suicide in the mid 90’s.




4 b&w contact sheets of photos taken by Bill Broyles on a trip he and Chuck took through the Cabeza Prieta. Includes the photos of the weapons markers of the Air Force.




20 color snapshots taken by Kathy Dannreuther, Chuck’s second wife, while hiking in the Chirachua mountains of eastern Arizona.




1 8x10 b&w of a blonde woman holding a glass of wine. This is an example of the women who met Chuck at parties for City Magazine and also currently at book signings who are enamored of him.  In this case, this woman was at the Ventana Canyon resort in Tucson with her rich boyfriend, and she gave him her hotel key. (He told MM, that he didn’t use it.)




1 8x12 color of Chuck in canoe. Bill Broyles and Chuck on canoe trip from Needles to Yuma

unknown date—probably 80’s



Kodak negatives of Chuck driving.




1 b&w contact sheet on piñata maker. All taken by Bill Broyles




1 8x10 b&w of Mexican wolf pup at the Tucson Desert Museum for story.




4 8x10 b&w photos of wishing shrine on Tohona O’odham Reservation south of Tucson for story.

Unknown date—probably in 80’s



1 12x8 color of a homeless man on skid row in Yuma, AZ. Bill Broyles took the photo so Chuck would know who his readers are.




4 b&w contact sheets of photos taken by Bill Broyles on a trip he and Chuck took through the Cabeza Prieta. Includes the photos of the weapons markers of the Air Force.




12 5x7 color mounted photos sent to Chuck by Tim Elsey from the Photo Center in

Orange, CA. and an accompanying letter. This is an example of the hundreds of unsolicited photos Chuck has received over the years.




  • 1 8x10 b&w
  • 1 8x10 color


Promotional photos of Chuck for the Tucson Citizen




  • 1 8x12 color of 19,000 foot Pico Orizaba in Mexico. Jack Dykinga, Bill Broyles, Doug Kreutz & Chuck climbed with Ed Severson who was covering the trip for the Star newspaper in Tucson.
  • 3 color snapshots. Notes on back
  • 1 post card of the mountain
  • Email from Bill Broyles giving trip info.




  • 1 8x10 b&w taken by Bill Broyles.


August 22, 1983 story for Tucson Citizen.  Taken on June 21. (Longest day of the year.) Chuck walked across the southern Arizona desert from below the Mexican border to Tacna, Airzona on Interstate 10 to report on what the illegal crossers experienced. Bill Broyles traveled with him. In this photo they are within five miles of Tacna and Chuck is in bad shape.  They went into a bar in Tacna owned by a Basque.  Chuck was completely dehydrated. He lay on the floor and drank beer for 7 hours before he could urinate. The story is also used in Blue Desert. 




  • 4 8x10 b&w taken by Jack Dykinga


This was Chuck’s first encounter with Earth First!  Founder Dave Foreman is in dark vest. It was at Lake Powell, a protest of the dam.  Secretary of the Interior James Watt was there.


  • 3 7x7 color photos taken by Jack Dykinga


The day after the protest Jack, Foreman and Chuck went down into the Dive of Buckskin in the Grand Canyon and were attacked by an enraged owl.  See owl in photos.




  • 8 5x7 color photos taken by Bill Broyles
  • 7 snapshots taken by Dave Roberson
  • 4 8x12 color photos taken by Bill Broyles
  • 1 note from Bill accompanying the snapshots.


In March of 1984 the Colorado River flooded and became navigable down to the Sea of Cortez. This had not happened since 1939 with the building of Hoover Dam and hasn’t happened since then. Chuck and Bill decided that it was probably the only time it would happen in their lifetime.  In a trip that Chuck describes as ‘brutal’, he and Bill Broyles did the trip in a canoe. The photos were taken by Roberson when they put in at Yuma AZ and the 5x7’s are taken by Bill out on the mud flats.

Mid 80’s 



  • 6 color snapshots by Burckhalter. On the Seri Coast on Baja side of Sea of Cortez with David Burckhalter. 


They were on the Seri land illegally and they were with a Mexican man who was hunting illegally. The man tried to sell them his daughter.


  • 7 8x10 b&w David Burckhalter working prints taken in Sonora

Mid 80’s



  • 1 8x12 color by Bill Broyles of Chuck sprawled on the rocks in the Buried Range of the Gran Desierto looking west.




  • 1 8x10 b&w of organizer Teresa Leal and her daughter in Nogales, Sonora.




  • 1 16x20 color print by Timothy Fuller of a naked woman hugging a cactus.  This was used on the original announcement of City Magazine.  Chuck said he wanted one for the ‘tree huggers’.




  • 1 8x10 b&w City Magazine publicity photo of Chuck and Dick Vonier.




  • 1 8x10 b&w Photo of City Magazine staff. Chuck on left in hat. Laura Greenberg kneeling below.  “Iggy” the Lizard.
  • 4 8x10 b&w of “Ben”, Chuck’s Great Pyrenees taken in the rental house at 2209 E. 6th Street in Tucson which belonged to Chuck’s parents.


Promotional Spot

  • 2 8x10s of El Nacho used in City Magazine story. (torn edges)  One is as a boy, one is as a man. Boy used on cover.




  • 1-9x10 b&w Jack Dykinga’s work print for the San Francisco Examiner story (story included).


Chuck walked across the Salton Sea in the summer for the San Francisco Examiner.  They paid him $10,000.  He did this because the mother of his child, Debbie Niwa, did not have health insurance and she had a caesarean section for the delivery of Jesse Bowden Niwa, Chuck’s son.  Chuck did the walk in order to pay the hospital bill.

When Chuck and Jack Dykinga came in off the desert, this woman, Gloria, was on the edge of town giving blow jobs to men who pulled over in their pickup trucks.  She was 23 years old.




  • 2 color slides of Chuck giving graduation speech at Prescott College. Arizona

Box 2 (CCC)





Living in Alamos, Sonora

Writing Secret Forest & Desierto

  • 1 10x3 color photo of Chuck in the doorway of the place he lived in Alamos.  He lived in the barrio, the poor part of town.  His truck is parked in front.
  • 1 color snapshot of Chuck standing beside roots of a fig tree in a wash outside Alamos.  (This is not the fig tree in Secret Forest which is in Aduana. )
  • 1 b&w snapshot of Chuck walking down a street in Alamos
  • 2 color snapshots of Merv Larson and Chuck in Alamos
  • 3 color snapshots in Alamos.  No context
  • 2 color snapshots framed in blue .  Fiesta in Aduana. From left Chuck, David Burckhalter (photographer), Sandy Lanham (Chuck’s lover), Merv Larson and a Mexican man who worked for Merv at the hotel in Alamos. The second photo is Sandy Lanham on the stuffed horse. (Chuck said they were all very drunk.)
  • 2 10x3 color photos at Merv Larson’s hotel in Alamos.  One from roof.  One of front.
  • 1 8x12 color of Sandy Lanham, Chuck’s lover, and her Cessna. Notes on back

Unknown date



  • 5 5x7 color photos of a piñata maker in northern Sonora on the edge of the Pinacate.




  • 1 8x10 color copy of photo. These are two drug guys out of Culiacan, Sinaloa who would come to the area around Arivaca and pretend to be deer hunters and wait for the cocaine caravans to arrive.  This is shot over by Ruby, AZ south of Arivaca.  Poncho, on the left, had gotten out of a Mexican Federal joint very happy because he’d met Columbian drug dealers while in prison with whom he could do business. The last time Chuck saw him he was driving a Corvette around Tucson delivering messages for a drug lord in Tucson because the guy didn’t want to take the chance on using a phone.  Poncho was being paid $3000 a week for the message deliveries.




  • Post card from Clarke Abbey, Edward Abbey’s widow, referring to yet another memorial service and thanking Chuck for his help.




  • 1 color 8x10 of Chuck’s good friend Gloria Chivers-Lopez that she sent to him for his birthday. See note on back.  Gloria was the assistant manager of the famous Book Mark Bookstore on Speedway in Tucson.




  • 2 color snapshots
  • 1 5x7 b&w


These are miscellaneous photos: the b&W is a mash photo that came in the mail with the woman’s telephone and address.  The house is in Sonora and Chuck took the picture because he liked the airplane door gate. The man at the piano is Vernon Wang who went to high school with Chuck.




  • 1 8x10 color in heavy plastic frame. Chuck’s retarded 25 pound cat named Vincent. Chuck said “Vincent whipped the shit out of every fucking dog within a mile.”




  • 2 5x7 color of  Grand Canyon ski trip with Bruce Babbitt, Secretary of Interior, (also was Governor of Arizona).


Babbitt and his staff left before the end of the trip.  He was supposed to make sure a boat was waiting for the rest of the group at the bottom of the canyon when they arrived, but this wasn’t done.  After a while, when they realized the only way out was back up and they didn’t have food, stamina, etc., people were panicked, running around and stamping SOS’s in the snow, etc.  Chuck sat to the side, reading a book.  When he finally saw a plane overhead, he calmly pulled a small reflector/mirror out of his backpack and signaled a plane at 30,000 feet. They were rescued several hours later. (I’ve heard this story from Chuck and two of the people on the trip. MM)




  • 5-5x7  b&w Marc Gaede work prints from the Sea Shepherd voyage. Green Peace ship out to ram Japanese ships using drift nets. Pictures of ship, crew, Robert Hunter who founded Green Peace, and Skull and Crossbones flag.
  • 1 color copy print of Chuck sitting inside Sea Shepherd.




  • 3 4x6 color photos of the shrine of Jesus Malverde in Culican, Sinaloa. Malverde is the patron saint for narco traficantes.
  • 1 3x5 snapshot. Chuck was there at some point, however, it was Sandy Lanham who was there on this particular day and placed the book on the altar and paid the Mexican attendant to keep it there for a day.




  • 1 4x6 color photo of Chuck’s son, Jesse, and his mother, Debbie Niwa




Living in Arivaca, AZ

Writing White Light, Blood Orchid, Stone Canyons, Chihuahua 

Chuck lived at the ranch (south of Arivaca on the Ruby Road) owned by his friend, Chris Clarke. Chris was married to Meg Keoppen and they lived on Meg’s place down by the cienega outside of Arivaca as Meg gardens and the ranch has never had a good well. The ranch house, which Chris, who was a fine carpenter, had built, was all solar. Chuck set up hummingbird stations and had hundreds of hummingbirds. He used the ranch in Inferno. (Sex scenes involved a woman from New York who was in publishing.)

  • 21 color snapshots taken by Meg on the ranch and in the vicinity of Arivaca. (Notes on back)
  • 7 color snapshots of exterior shots on ranch and in vicinity of Arivaca (No Notes)
  • 12 color snap shots taken inside ranch house & outside. Art Strong and his friend, Belen, visiting. Chuck outside with Chris. Bird feeders and pond Chuck built outside ranch house.  Chuck’s altar inside house. Chuck’s altar inside house.
  • 2 color snapshots of Chuck and Gloria Chivers Lopez
  • 3 10x3 color photos of  ranch house, stable and big pond. (Notes on back.)
  • 1 color snapshot of gate of Noon ranch next to Clarke ranch. Property of Mary Kasualitis’ people. Mary is the librarian at Arivaca (see Memoirs)




  • 3 4x6 color snapshots of Cassandra Leoncini (Chuck’s lover) and Chuck. She ran a small press in Tucson and Chuck met her when Art Carillo Strong took his drug book to her press.  She agreed to publish it if Chuck would write the introduction.


  • 2 3x5 color snapshots of Mary Martha Miles taken in the summer of 1996 at a regatta on Lake Thunderbird north of Norman, Oklahoma.  Chuck met her the winter before in Chadron, Nebraska where she taught in the English Department at Chadron State College. Chuck was the speaker for the spring convocation. She and Chuck traveled together several times during the summer of 1996.  He courted her the following winter and persuaded her to move to Tucson and become his concubine, which she did in the summer of 1997.




  • 6 5x7 formal portraits of Chuck taken in September by photographer Steve Johnson in his studio outside of Sonoita, Arizona.
  • 1 5x7 photo of Chuck and MM playing around in the studio




  • 12 8x10 workprints by Julian Cardona relating to dead girls in Juarez. Some separately identified.




  • 1 4x6 color photo of Chuck on the deck at a motel outside Riudoso, New Mexico. Chuck and MM were on their way back from Santa Fe.  He liked the hummingbirds.




  • 1 4x6 color snapshot of Chuck and his son, Jesse Niwa at a lookout point on Frog Mountain (Catalina Mountains) north of Tucson.




4 4x6 color snapshots of Chuck and Mary Martha in Italy. Esquire sent Chuck to Marcella Hazans’ cooking school in Venice for the last class she gave there. They never ran the story but when Andy Ward moved to GQ, he remembered it as “the best cooking story he’d ever read” and GQ ran it.

  • Chuck in Hazan’s kitchen in Venice.
  • Chuck on the street in Venice
  • Chuck and Mary Martha on the rooftop café at the Uffizi  Gallery in Florence
  • Chuck under the fake David in Florence




3 4x6 color snapshots

  • Chuck playing pool in Mary Martha’s family home in Norman, Oklahoma
  • Chuck with Mary Martha’s daughter, Anna Criscinda Miller, in the desert west of Tucson.
  • Chuck at Criscinda’s wedding August 2002 in Sewanee, Tenn. Note that Chuck is in a tuxedo




6 4x6 color snapshots all taken at 9th Street house in Tucson.

  • Mary Martha and Chuck dressed to go to the wedding of Gloria Lopez-Chiver’s son. 
  • Chuck making pasta. 
  • Chuck on chaise in garden.
  • Chuck and Joan-Anne Schapp clowning around for Chuck’s mother’s last birthday.
  • Christmas 98-Chuck wearing pig nose.
  • Chuck in chair with ‘Babe’ beside the lamp he gave MM for Christmas.
  • 1 8x10 b&w photo of Chuck drinking wine on 9th St. patio.




  • 4 4x6 color snapshots of Chuck, Mary Martha, Linda Brewer and Kasey Anderson. Kasey and Linda are long-time environmentalists who propagate native seeds and do much desert plant research. Kasey is a long-time friend who is an electrician and who has always taken care of the electrical at Chuck’s & MM’s home.  The four of us were digging up Queens of the Night to keep them from being bladed when the site was cleared.  See Linda’s email for a complete description.




  • 1 5x7 color photo of Chuck’s friend, Chris Clarke, who owned the ranch where Chuck lived south of Arivaca. He died of skin cancer in 1999.
  • 3 snapshots of the Memorial and Tree Planting, October 9, 1999 held for Chris at the Arivaca Cienega. One is of Mary Martha with Chris’ daughter, Lisa, one of Chuck and his son, Jesse, planting a tree and one of Chuck giving the memorial speech in front of the bench which had been donated in Chris’ name. (Notes on backs)
  • 1 5x7 b&w by Janine Higgins of Chuck giving the memorial tribute to Chuck in the Cienega.
  • Memorial pamphlet with picture of Chris and a poem by him.




  • 1 4x11 color photo taken at Mary Blythe’s hair salon on New Years afternoon in Tucson. Mary became Chuck’s hairdresser when he was 12 years old.  She has always been a major political liberal activist in Tucson as well as an amateur photographer.

1999 & 2002



  • 2 4x6 color snapshots taken in Arivaca. One is of Joseph Birkett (see memoirs) and Byrd Baylor, a well known Arizona author and friend of Chuck’s for many years flanking Chuck on the patio of Tom’s Gadsden Coffee shop in Arivaca. The other is the Caviglia-Arivaca Library which Chuck got funded by drinking for many, many hours with members of the Pima County Board of Supervisors.  Towards the end of the evening, one of the members made one more attempt to explain to Chuck that there were other libraries on the list to be built ahead of Arivaca.  Chuck looked around, and said “Well, I don’t see any of them here, do you?” Ron Caviglia had gone to the bathroom at that point, so it was decided to build the library and to name it after Ron’s mother as his family had been a long time Arivaca family. (See the memoir of Mary Kasualitis for more details.) (Notes on backs)

Early 2000’s



  • 20 4x6 color snapshots of the house, garden and Chuck’s office at 1928 E. 9th Street in Tucson. Chuck’s father gave him the down payment for this 872 square foot house in the 70’s as he realized that Chuck would always need a base.  (The house is located in the Sam Hughes area next to the University of Arizona and is roughly five blocks from his parent’s home and their rental properties in the 2200 block of E. 6th St.) After Mary Martha moved into the house in 1997, the house was renovated and Chuck’s office was moved from the house where it replaced the one car garage at the bottom of the garden.
  • 1 set of three photos of the night blooming harrisia from the center of the back garden by Renee Sauer, Tucson Star newspaper photographer

(Most of the photos are identified on the back by MM)

1999 & 2003



2 4x6 color snapshots.

  • Jack, Mary Martha and Chuck at the Singing Wind Bookshop north of Benson, AZ on Wyn and Joe Bundy’s ranch. Chuck and Jack were doing a reading/slide show for Wyn’s annual shindig.
  • Jack and Chuck in front of the 9th Street house leaving to do a story for Arizona Highways Magazine.




  • 1 8x10 of Chuck taken by Dave Hardy at the blacktail rattlesnake study sit near Portal, Arizona. (Hardy notes on snake site on back)




  • 2 4x11 color photos of Chuck and Jack at the Sea of Cortez on a trip for One World Journeys. Everyday Chuck did a journal type entry and Jack did photos that were sent up to a satellite and relayed to the internet.

October 2000



4 4x6 color snapshots of the Bowden-Beerman Reunion held in Tucson in October 2000. (Bo had had a stroke earlier in the year and the reunion was moved from Oregon to Tucson as Bo was the oldest relative.) 40 relatives came from around the states. The dinner was held at the Flandrau House at the Arizona Inn on October 7, 2000.

·      Bo and her three children, George, Peg and Chuck on the patio of the Flandrau House.

·      MM on the patio

·      Jesse playing with yoyo on the patio

·      Chuck toasting his mother at the dinner in Flandrau House




  • 1 4x6 color snapshot of Chuck, his mother Bo , his sister Peg, and MM at dinner at Old Pueblo Grill in Tucson.  Chuck was working on Down by the River—you can see the exhaustion in his face. His sister was going through chemo for cancer and was wearing a wig.  




  • 1 4x6 color snapshot taken in Chuck’s 9th St. office of what Chuck was working on all at one time:

the first three drafts of Down by the River

            the first draft of Blues for Cannibals

            the first draft of Jerusalem Nights (early Inferno)




  • 13 5x7 photos taken by Tucson photographer, Steve Johnson, of Chuck in his office and in the garden on 9th Street in Tucson.




2 color 8x10s

  • Chuck’s favorite cousin, Bernie Beerman from Minneapolis-St. Paul and his wife Shirley with Bo Bowden (Chuck’s mother,/Bernie’s aunt) on the front porch of Bo’s home at 2210 E. 6th Street in Tucson. Chuck lived in this home from about age 13 until he left for graduate school in Wisconsin.
  • Chuck with the Thanksgiving turkey he had grilled. (Lime green Weber kettle behind him). Chuck names every turkey at Christmas and Thanksgiving—this one was ‘Susan’.  Bernie’s wife, Shirley. Bo’s hand and knee. In the garden on 9th Street at MM’s and Chuck’s.




  • 2 4x6 color snapshots. Chuck and Pete Carney on the patio behind Pete’s house and Chuck on the porch of the guest house looking west. Both taken on the Carney ranch north of Wilcox, AZ.




  • 3 4x6 color snapshots of Sam, Chuck and MM’s standard poodle. Notes on back of photos.
  • 1 8x10 b&w of Chuck, Ray Carroll (Republican member of Pima County Board of Supervisors, originally from Chicago and good friend of Chuck’s) with John McCain at a fundraiser at Ray’s home in Tucson. (John McCain signature.)




  • 2 5x7 b&w publicity photos of Chuck taken by Jack Dykinga in 2005 .   





Box 1 (FFF) – Ed Abbey




Letter asking permission to re-use Chuck’s Ed Abbey tribute as the forward in a reprint of Abbey’s Black Sun – Also included, a copy of the tribute

January 15, 2003

Letter 1 page, the tribute pages 161-168


Article titled “With Abbey’s Death, City Lost More of it’s Soul”

Tucson newspaper (either Citizen or Star) and no date

2 photocopies


Tucson Weekly “A Celebration of Edward Abbey”

April 5-11, 1989

1 original and 1 photocopy

The article includes a short section by Chuck on Abbey’s death

Folder Ed




Letter from Ed Hessler to Chuck

Dated October 13, 1989


Mentions the farewell to Ed Abbey in Buzzworm and says it helped him with the loss of the guy almost all of us counted on, thanks Chuck, etc.

Letter from Kathy Collmer to Chuck

Dated April 17, 1989


Expresses sympathy over Ed’s death, wants to offer a donation to Ed’s family and asks for their mailing address, etc

Tallahassee Democrat – 2 articles: one on Ed Abbey and one on Tucson w/ Chuck, both written by Bob Sipchen

Dated January 10, 1988

1 original

Articles titled “Edward Abbey battles civilization with army of words” & “Author believes Tucson can control the ‘cement heads’”  (author referred to is Chuck)

Los Angeles Times article written by Bob Sipchen

No date

1 photocopy

Titled “In Desert Solitude, Faithful Pay Tribute to the Abbey Myth”

Letter from Gloria Somer from the Smithsonian Magazine to Chuck

Dated April 11, 1985


Regarding Chuck’s proposal for their consideration of Abbey’s The Monkey Wrench Gang, a rejection of their interest, also an attached form titled “Writer’s Guidelines” (for Chuck’s information)

Letter from William C. Norman to Chuck

Dated March 22, 1989


Regarding Abbey, about his appreciation of Abbey, that he wants to write “the things I wanted to say to him [Abbey],” but that now he can’t, so he’s writing to Chuck, etc.  (forwarded to Chuck’s home address from City Magazine’s address)

2 cassette tapes of Ed Abbey’s memorial



Speakers listed according to cassette’s sides

Clip from Tucson Weekly, April 1989


1 original

Titled “A Celebration of the Life and Work of Edward Abbey” – Including a tribute by Chuck

Clip from the Tucson Citizen March 19, 1989


1 original

Titled “With Abbey’s Death, City Lost More of Its Soul” – by Charles Bowden

Letter to Ed Abbey from Emily Heckman of North Point Press

Handwritten note on letter “Dear Chuck – F.Y.I. 


Dated January 4, 1989


Expressing interest in Chuck’s work, but without his address – asks Ed to contact Chuck for them

(no envelope)

Letter from Mark Gaede to Chuck

Dated April 12, 1989


Regarding a project that began before Ed’s death and continued on after his death – a compilation to which Chuck would contribute, writes of Ed, Ed’s wife, etc.  (no envelope)

Letter from James Bishop to Chuck (in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico)

June 29, 1991


Includes an edited draft titled “Intro draft for Bowden’s review 5/24/91” (7 pages).

James Bishop writes “I think this is on target – what say, coyote!”

Also included is a photocopy of an article by James Bishop titled “Far from the crowd, but not in the Air Force” in the Arizona Republic.

(in envelope)

The 1992 Edward Abbey Western Wilderness Calendar

***The two calendars are not in the Ed Abbey manuscript box.  Rather they are loose in the larger box.


2 calendars – both in plastic wrap

The calendar features the writings of: Edward Abbey, Douglas Peacock, Terry Tempest Williams, and Charles Bowden (excerpts from Blue Desert and Mezcal)


Box 2 (Y) – Ken Kesey & Other Miscellaneous




LA Times Book Review of Ken Kesey, titled “Prophet in His Own Country”

Dated November 3, 1991

1 photocopy

1 copy obtained from internet, and 1 draft sent by Mark Warren in an email to Chuck dated July 17, 1998 Newscenter article on Kesey’s death w/ mention of Chuck

Dated November 10, 2001

1 copy printed from Internet


Draft of the LA Times Book Review titled “Robert Kirsh Award Winner, 1991”

No date

8 pages


The LA Times Book Reviw of Ken Kesey, titled “Prophet in his own country”

November 3, 1991

2 originals


Postcard from Jack Miles, Book Editor at The Los Angeles Times

July 29, 1991


Writes “Kesey it is,” mentions Chuck’s check from the Times, “The essay…was a joy to read and will appear in the Book Review on the first Sunday in November,” etc

Draft of the preface for Don Henry’s Contrabando – titled “The Adobe M.B.A.”


15 pages with editing throughout


Draft of the preface for Don Henry’s Contrabando – titled “Done Deal”


15 pages


3 drafts of the Introduction to Art’s book – all titled “About Arturo Carrillo Strong”


Each draft 7 pages

Also, a page with two quotes from Abbey’s The Fool’s Progress – Chuck said the quotes would be something you hang on your office wall

2 drafts of an introduction for The Collected Works of John Reed

No date

Both drafts include pages 2 thru 6

Robert A. Rosenstone’s intro is in the actual reprint of The Collected Works of John Reed.

Life Support: Christian Compassion and the Terminally Ill by Dorothea Marvin Nyberg – w/ an epilogue written by Chuck, taken from an editorial he wrote in USA Today

Book published in 1988

Also, the original USA Today with Chuck’s editorial titled “Watching Death Become Reality” – October 6, 1986

Also, a letter from Dorothea to Chuck dated 1/19/88 thanking him for allowing her to use his column as her epilogue – and a sort of flyer about Dorothea and her books and a form to order her book, Life Support






Box 1




“Lies in the Desert” by Charles Bowden – A broadside for the opening of the new Salt Lake City Library, February 2003



Published by Ken Sanders Rare Books, Illustration by Eddington and Makov

“Why I Wrote This” by Charles Bowden  - A handwritten excerpt published as Broadside Number 1 by Sylph Publications, Tucson, Arizona in January 2002 


*”Why I Wrote This” is excerpted from “Corrida in Black Velvet” in Chihuahua: Pictures from the Edge

In original blue envelope, signed in pencil and win stained, picture of Chuck’s office, an edition of fifty copies

The funeral handout for Richard S. Vonier (partner with Chuck on City Magazine)




Miscellaneous poem written by Chuck




Draft of Into Thin Air: The Everest Tragedy by Jon Krakauer

Manuscript dates 1996


Krakauer sent Chuck the draft in ’96 before the book was published asking for his opinion – Chuck said he had to write it as an exorcism.

Krakauer used a quote from Blood Orchid.

Lawrence Clark Powell Correspondence (Powell was a highly acclaimed librarian at the University of Arizona; the library at UCLA was named in his honor.)

Envelope dated July 16, 1982

A letter, a note, and a copy of Powell’s 1985 commencement address given at St. Gregory High School in Tucson, Arizona

The letter includes 2 pages of photocopied material

Caliche Gardens – Spring 2007 – 2 drafts both titled “High Noon at Caliche Gardens”


Both drafts 3 pages

*Written for 9th St. neighborhood community garden web site.  Jane Goodall came for the dedication and specifically asked to meet Chuck.  (Her non-profit had been located in Tucson for years and she knew and admired his writing.)  MM says, “That day was one of the only times I’ve ever seen Chuck ‘Star-struck’.”

Firsts: The Book Collector’s Magazine

May, 2006 – 2 copies

Article titled “Collecting Charles Bowden”


Color computer print of Chuck in Ciudad Chihuahua with note scribbled at bottom



Chuck said this was something of a joke.  A friend of his made a copy of the picture of Chuck and then wrote below the photo, “Aqui es mi escritor, Carlito – scribbling, scribbling, scribbling.  Of course, if he fails at his task, I will shoot him.” Signed General Francisco Villa

Page from a magazine with a notice for Paul Dickerson’s exhibition




Manila envelope labeled “Chuck’s Backup Discs”



Contains 2 discs

Draft of speech on drugs given at a conference


2 pages


Draft titled “Useless Deserts and Other Goals”


5 pages



Box 2




Manila folder w/ Correspondence/Business Agreements w/ various publications



Publications of correspondence include: Arizona Highways, Buzzworm, National Parks and Conservation Association, Sierra, The University of Arizona Press, Marc Gaede, Chaco Press, and Trips

Arizona Daily Star – 1 copy

February 15, 1973

Article by Chuck titled “God’s Little Acre: An Ongoing Dream”

This is the first article Chuck ever had printed in the newspaper

Letter from Della – the woman from article above

March 15, 1973


Letter of thanks/appreciation

Chuck’s Answers to a Publisher’s Questionnaire


2 pages

He says that he was pissed off at the questionnaires so he answered them like this…etc.  never sent him a questionnaire again…

The New Treasure of the Sierra Madre by Alex Shoumatoff


59 pages

Sent to Chuck from Alex because Alex had read some of Chuck’s work and thought he’d be interested in his own work

Picture of Don Henry Ford taken by Julian Cardona


1 copy of a photograph

Was to be used in G.Q. article about Don Henry.  Not published.  (Eventually became cover for Contrabando paperback)

Folder of Julian Hayden’s work and his father’s memoir


Envelope for letter dated September 15, 1985

Some of Julian’s published work, a letter from Julian to Chuck, and the memoir  written by his father

Folder of Julian Hayden’s notes when he went to Kino Bay – on the Seri Indians

Dated 8/30/89




Box 3




Article in the Tucson Weekly titled “Alan Harrington (1918-1997)” – pieces written as tribute by his friends

July 3-July 9, 1997

1 original

Chuck’s piece is on page 16

Article in Westways (Southern California’s Lifestyle Magazine) titled “Book Smart” – by Davis Dutton

November/December 2006

1 original

Article on Lawrence Clark Powell

Article titled “Cajeme, and the Mexico of His Time” – by Frank M. Hillary

No date

1 photocopy w/ stamp by Coyote’s Voice Books


Draft titled “Love” (written by Chuck)

No date

2 pages


Untitled draft of the piece Chuck wrote for the Metro Times on 9/11

No date

2 pages


Notes for speech on writing given in Phoenix and a Mapquest map to the location of speech

No date

Notes are 2 pages

Includes the headings Writing Notes, The Lead, & The Opening Scene

Frog Mountain Blues promotional button



In envelope dated October 23, 2000

Floater for Julian Cardona’s “Madona” photo

May 2005

2 pages


Article in the Green Valley News & Sun titled “UA Press celebrates Southwestern writing and photography”

July 23, 2006

1 original


Tucson Citizen article titled “huge fire in Santa Catalinas reshaped Summerhaven”

August 15, 2006

1 printed copy (of article on web)

Mentions Chuck’s earlier article in the Citizen on the fire

Southwest BookViews – article on the Killing the Hidden Waters reprint

Summer 2005

1 photocopy


Farrar, Straus, & Giroux catalogue

March to August 2001

1 original


Essay titled “Take It To the Limit, but Don’t Take It Easy: Charles Bowden and the Artifice of Borders” by David Cremean

Read at the 2003 Western Literature Association Conference, October, Houston, Texas

10 pages


Isle – mention of Killing the Hidden Waters (the reprint)

No date

1 photocopy


Draft of “Obsession” for G.Q.

September 2003

1 page


Tucson Weekly ad titled “We, Tucson’s artists and arts professions, urge you to Vote!”

October 28-Novermber 3, 2004

2 originals

Chuck is the first on the list

Tucson Suggragettes flyer signed to Chuck by the girls




J.P.S. Brown’s application for a Guggenheim fellowship and relevant correspondence with Chuck



Includes Joe Brown’s supplementary  statement and a receipt from the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation for Chuck’s confidential statement concerning J.P.S. Brown

Also 3 email exchanges between J.P.S. Brown and Chuck

Draft of the intro to Sometimes a Great Notion


9 pages

Page proofs for the intro and 1 letter of correspondence included.

Cassette tape titled “Charles Bowden S.L.C”

July 2004


Of Chuck speaking in Salt Lake City, Utah at Ken Sanders Rare Books

Cassette tape titled “Side A: Park Proposal Story – NPR’s Living on Earth” and “Side B: 1. Strafing, 2. Coyotes, 3. Ants/Tapping Beetles, 4. Blowing Sand, 5. Broad-tailed Hummingbird, 6. Bats, 7. Why thunder rolls”

No date


Wrapped in a letter from Jeff

Cassette tape titled “Charles Bowden at Westerners, Tucson”



w/ note to Mary Martha from Bill

Cassette tape titled “Running After Antelope and Other Stories” by Scott Carrier

No date



Cassette tape titled “Need We Say More? Chuck”

No date


w/ note from Barbara

(Early Years)

Box 4




Paper titled “Granfalloon & Wrang-Wrang”


32 pages, plus bibliography

A seminar paper written during time at Madison about the Mississippi Riots

Packet titled “Mississippi Summer Project: Running Summary of Incidents”



Brief descriptions of assaults and other actions toward blacks and volunteers in various areas in the south.  Dates begin June 16 and run through August 26

The Book of the Buffalo by Joe Ribar


No page numbers, photocopy of book

Also, w/ a b/w photograph of an overturned windmill in desert scrub

A copy of Critical Teaching: Elegies to the Multiversity or Clarion for the Carion

Chuck said it was from his time at Madison in the 60’s



2 Field Reports written in Mississippi

First dated April 4-9, 1969, Second dated June 9-23, 1969


Also, a letter from DeVere Hinckley dated 8-19-68 (1 page and no addressee)

The following were found in one folder (from Chuck’s graduate days at Wisconsin University, Madison)




Organizer’s Manual for Beloit Wisconsin – prepared as a part of the Organizer’s Research Seminar at the University of Wisconsin

Spring 1968

By Mark Dworkin and Chris George, Madison, Wisconsin, June, 1968

An “informational manual for radical organizers in Beloit”

University Placement Services: Problems in Policy and Practice

December 4, 1967

By Roland Liebert

Noted in pen ‘Doc. 59’ – 16 pages

An Outline History of Vietnam

Copyright applied for in 1968

By Adam Schesch

42 pages

The History of the New Left, 1960-1968


By James O’Brien

32 pages

Don’t Mourn, Don’t Mourn, Organize, Organize: SDS Guide to Community Organizing

May 1968

Published by The Movement Press, printed by Students for a Democratic Society

36 pages

The Tibetan Stroboscope


By D.A. Levy


Profit Motive 101: U Power Elite

Reprinted in 1969 from The Daily Cardinal

By James Rowen


Exploitation or Aid? – US-Brazil Economic Relations: A Case Study of American Imperialism

Originally published Novemeber 16, 1963 in The Nation

By Andre Gunder Frank

Pages 318-323

Guideline on Soliciting and Administering Extramural Support: Contract, Grant, and Gift-Supported Research, Training, Construction, Conferences, Institutes, Etc.

November 1, 1965

The University of Wisconsin


Dunce Cages, Hickory Sticks, and Public Evaluation: The Structure of Academic Authoritarianism


By Michael A. Fala, Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin


The Kronstadt Commune – Solidarity Pamphlet No 27

Novemeber 1967

By Ida Mett

54 pages

Towards a Revolutionary Socialist Labor Strategy for SDS


By Al Greene


The Great Flint Sit-Down Strike Against G.M. 1936-37: How Industrial Unionism was Won


By Walter Linder

Pages 91-122

The Red Papers



30 pages

Intercontinental Press

April 28, 1969


Pages 402-424


BOX 5 – Storage box with items organized by folder




Folder 1: Sonoran Heritage, Tucson Public Library




“Clothing and Costume”

Labeled Envelope #1


A learning packet for group and individual study

“Clothing and Costume”

Labeled Envelope #2


A learning packet for group and individual study

Folder 2: Berdina Bowden, Chuck’s Mother




Article titled “Speaker gives insight on media,” includes a photo of Chuck

No source, no date

2 originals

1 copy has a note to Berdina from Oscar (sp?) regarding the clip and that “Chuck did a great job,” etc

Certificate to Berdina “Bo” Bowden from the City of Tucson for her “outstanding contribution to Casa de los Ninos and the children of our community”

Dated April 17, 1997


Signed by George Miller, mayor

Manila envelope w/ 3 copies of an article about Casa de los Ninos w/ photo of Bo holding a young child.

Article dated January 18, 1991



“The Rincon Rap” (a newsletter for The Rincon Market)

October 1990


Includes an article about Bo’s time as an employee, mentions her job making fresh-squeezed orange juice and her duties at the salad bar, also mentions that Bo is originally from Chicago, and the “one of her own children, Chuck Bowden, formerly of the Citizen and editor of the now defunct City Magazine, Bo has done her part too in raising a special family.”

Folder 3: Chuck’s Ephemera kept by Bo




Chuck’s report card and letter from the dean of the College of Liberal Arts

Report card dated ‘start semester’ 2/66

Letter dated June 24, 1966


Letter congratulates Chuck for carrying “18 units with an average of 1.2222,” and for earning “a place on the Dean’s Honor Role”  (in envelope)

Newspaper article titled “Four UA Students Win National Fellowships”

No source or date available


Chuck and two other students were awarded the Woodrow Wilson Foundation fellowships, 2 pictures of Chuck shown ‘speaking’ with the other two winners

Certificate for Charles Clyde Bowden regarding his membership in Phi Beta Kappa

Dated January 11, 1967


In original envelope sent to Mrs. George Bowden

Mansfield Junior High School 1958 Year Book – “Tower”



Signed by classmates and teachers, etc

An interesting example: “To the boy who understands my life – Joel Darius & Tony Baceski & Bryan T. Young”

2 photocopies of “The Golden Years”



A poem about the golden years, included in ephemera of Bo’s

Folder 4: Essay on Photography




Essay titled “The Practice of Photojournalism in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico” by Graciela Manjarrez Cuellar


76 pages

Given to Chuck by Graciela

Essay titled “Practica Del Fotoperiodismo En Ciudad Juarez” (the same essay as above only in Spanish) by Graciela Manjarrez Cuellar


No page numbers

Notes throughout

Folder 5: Earl Miller Clippings




3 page draft titled “Maybe the War Is Really Over” describing Earl Miller and his clippings (editing throughout)



Describes how Earl Miller has “Over the past forty years…clipped, pasted and bound an incredible array of tunnels without light, marches without succor, and leaders with bullets in their brains.”

Letter from Donald M. Powell, Associate University Librarian at the University of Arizona to Chuck regarding the clippings

April 10, 1973


Writes “I have consulted with several members of our staff and with members of the History Department about the Earl Miller collection of clippings…you brought to my attention…For budget reasons…we have concluded not to pursue the matter futher.”

** w/ letter is the list of clippings in Earl Miller’s collection – 5 pages: the clippings listed include The Hitler War, The Japanese War, The Civil Rights Act, Marches, Astronauts, Roosevelt, and many more.

Folder 6: Crows




Letter from Bil Gilbert to Chuck

No date


Regarding the clips about crows (below), writes that Chuck is “henceforth entitled to unlimited use of the athletic and contemplative facilities of the Society which are found throughout, at least, this world,” the letter is a parody of secret society, a society for those who love crows or who are enamored of them, etc.

Clip titled “Honor Thy Enigmas”



A few different articles regarding crows and crow behavior, etc

Clip titled “Crows deserve a better break”




Poem titled “Gethsemane”



About crows

Folder 7: Paperwork for Mexico




Various business cards




Customs papers




Handwritten notes




Folder 8: Miscellaneous Correspondence




Letters regarding articles never written


4 letters


Personal letters w/ no clear addressee


5 letters


Other miscellaneous correspondence




Folder 9: Miscellaneous Research Articles




America’s Secret Nuclear War Plans by Gar Smith

Earth Island Journal, Winter 1990

1 original


Mexican Drug Leaders Guilty in the Killing of a U.S. Agent (regarding Camarena’s murder – Down by the River)

The New York Times, No date

1 photocopy


Mark Twain Journal

Edited by Cyril Clemens, Winter 1967-1968

1 original (a notebook type format)


Ajo Man Collects Antiques

Arizona Republic, August 23, 1962

1 photocopy


“Bilingual Press spotlights Hispanic literary community”

From the Tribune (Mesa, Tempe, & Chandler, AZ), no date

1 photocopy

w/ notes in pencil

“The Velvet Hangover” in Readings in Harper’s magazine

October 1990

1 photocopy

w/ note written to Chuck, no signature

“White House Snow Jobs” by Ernest Volkman

Penthouse, January 2001

1 original

An article regarding drug trafficking and the U.S. Government

“China’s Honey Melons Are Highly Prized and Fetch Up to $20 in Hong Kong”

The Wall Street Journal, July 30, 1979

1 photocopy

With nearly illegible note in pen to Chuck

“Coffee with a Conscience”

The Arizona Dialy Star, December 8, 1999

1 original

The article is about the Gadsden coffee shop in Arivaca, owned by Tom Shook.

Folder 10: Music Receipts ’89-‘90




7 receipts for various cd’s/cassettes




Folder 11: Mount Lemmon Shuttle




5 articles regarding an attempt to get a shuttle to go up to Mt. Lemmon



Including the “Mount Lemmon Shuttle Study” – roughly 56 pages

Folder 12: Marc Gaede Material




The Great West: Essay and Quotations by A. B. Guthrie Jr.

No date

1 photocopy of the article

Pages 1 thru 13

Lists of towns, states, and national parks, rivers, lakes, petroglyphs, and the like  - also a list of writers on the Southwest

No date

3 pages

Marc Gaede’s handwritten notes throughout

Letter from Marc Gaede to Chuck

Dated April 14, 1989

1 (small) page

Regarding an attached copy of the “first check to Ed for Clarke’s files,…a second payment for Clarke,…[and a] third check…for your effort – although not requested, certainly deserved.”

Draft of “Abbey’s Girl” by Marc Gaede

No date

1 page

w/ handwritten note by Marc Gaede to Chuck

“The true grit of A. B. Guthrie” A Tribute by Ed Abbey

Chicago Sun-Times, October 30, 1988

1 photocopy


“Death of Writer Edward Abbey”

Los Angeles Times, no date

1 photocopy

Handwriting – “For Chuck Bowden”

Letter from Clarke Abbey to Chuck

Envelope dated May 1, 1989


Includes an edited draft of the book review of Big Sky, Fair Land: The Environmental Essays of A.B.  Guthrie, Jr. – review written by Edward Abbey (draft of above ‘tribute’ in the Chicago-Sun Times)

(in envelope)

Folder 13: Chip Wischer/Keating




A Telefax Transmittal from The Kimball Agency to Laura Greenburg at Phoenix magazine – The telefax regarding Kimberli Anne Wischer

June 26, 1995

5 pages


Article in The Arizona Republic titled “2 of Keating’s former associates commit suicide”

July 25, 1995

1 original


Article in The Phoenix Gazette titled “Suicides end latest S&L scandal chapter”

July 24, 1995

1 original


Article in The Arizona Republic titled “Gary Driggs stands tall despite S&L fall”

July 29, 1995

1 original


Folder 14: Reports on Mexico




Essay titled “Report on the Mexican Economic Crisis,” presented by Senator Alfonse D’Amato

June 29, 1995

54 pages


Group of papers titled “Chronology of the Mexican Economic Crisis: Documents”

June 29, 1995

658 pages (front and back)


Folder 15: The Sonoran Park Project




An Ecological Analysis of Conservation Priorities in the Sonoran Desert Ecoregion

April 2000

1 original


State of the Desert Biome: Uniqueness, Biodiversity, Threats and the Adequacy of Protection in the Sonoran Bioregion


1 original


Maps of Southern Arizona – showing U.S. National Monuments, National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, etc.


7 9x12 maps printed from a computer


Maps of Southwestern Arizona and Northwestern Mexico/Baja region – showing Nation Monuments, Parks, Wildlife Refuges, etc.


5 10x20 maps printed from a computer


Letter to Robert Morton from Jack Dykinga

February 1, 2000


Regarding the Sonoran Desert Nation Park book project

The Sonoran Desert National Park – a citizen’s proposal




Maps of Southern Arizona – showing U.S. National Monuments, National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, etc.


8 9x12 maps printed from a computer


Letter to ‘Secretary’ from Chuck

No date

3 pages

Regarding the Sonoran Desert National Park

Biological Resources of the Proposed Sonoran Desert National Monument, Arizona

December 2000

1 original


Mexico-United States Sonoran Desert Binational Peace Park (a proposal)

No date

1 original


Folder 16: More Recent Items, Misfiled Items



* These items were found later in the process of archiving, thus are not filed with their respective categories.

Draft of the review Chuck wrote of Thomas McGuane’s Gallatin

No date

1 page


Copy of the Chuck Bowden/Keating Excerpt Interview for Phoenix Magazine

No date

14 pages


Article titled “Latest Poison control Info” by Dr. Lslie Boyer

July 27, 2000

10 pages

Rattlesnake research

Letter and emails pertaining to the 2007 Orion Book Award that Chuck received for Inferno

Letter dated May 10, 2007

10 pages total (including emails and the article sent out by The Orion Society announcing the winners of the Book Award


Arizona Highways letter of congratulations and the 2005 IRMA Award of Merit for Chuck’s essay “Lessons from Camp”

Award dated September 12, 2006 (Deluth, Minnesota)


Letter of congratulations form Arizona Highways dated October 4, 2006

2 cassette tapes sent to Mary Martha from Roy Elson



Both are titled “NPR Interviews – Bowden 11/1/02”

In Priority Mail envelope

Page proofs for the Mona Mort interview with Chuck




Folder 17: Past Speaking Engagements



* This folder is similar to one above – the items appeared toward the end of the filing process, so are misfiled here.

Various correspondence regarding speeches



18 letters total

A CD from the Virginia Book Festival

March 2007



Flyers from the Sonoran Desert National Park Medicine Show



“A visit with Charles Bowden and Jack Dykinga”

3 envelopes with photos of the speakers and guests at the Sonoran Desert National Park Medicine Show



Envelope marked I – 15 snapshots, II – 8 snapshots, and III – 6 snapshots

Folder 18: Leather Tooling by Chuck




1 piece w/ flowers, signed by Chuck



Chuck did most of his leather tooling when he was 12.

In Poster Tube: Arizona Rattlesnake Poster



Given to Chuck by Dave Hardy and Harry Green

Storage Box UUU




Sea Shepherd Jacket and pirate flag




Camping stove



Used on many of Chuck’s walks in the desert

Large Manila Envelope Box WWW




Down by the River Publicity Poster








Box 1 (CC)




The Sonoran Desert National Park Project Proposal – intending “to create a 5000 square mile Sonoran Desert National Park in southwestern Arizona.”

Date of application – January 25, 2000

9 pages, and a letter from Chuck

Includes a letter of support from Chuck, Board Member of the Sonoran Desert National Park Project

Sonoran Desert National Park catalogue titled “a citizens’ proposal”


2 originals

Text by Charles Bowden, Designed by Bill Benoit of Simpson and Convent

Visual Presentation for Nomination of $25,000, Community Foundation Award – excerpts from Chuck’s books on heavy paper and an email to Bill from MM

Email dated April 10, 2003

Email 3 pages, and excerpts 6 pages

The Sonoran Desert, Down by the River, Juarez, Blue Desert, Blood Orchid, & Lawrence Clark Powell Lecture excerpts, plus 3 labels for photographs from books

Arizona Heritage Fund: A Proposal by the Arizona Heritage Alliance

No date

Proposal is 3 pages and Survey Highlights is 3 pages

The purpose of the fund is “to provide resources to protect out natural and cultural heritage for future generations…” etc.

Sikes Act: Habitat Improvement Program

No date

2 pages

Concerns about the growth in population and its affect on the parks of Arizona

Article of research for grants

Scientific American, February 1999

2 pages

Article titled “Ravens in Winter: A Zoological Detective Story”

Article titled “Dunes of the Gran Desierto Sand-Sea, Sonora, Mexico”-  research for grants

Received October 22, 1985, Revised April 30, 1986



Project Proposal for the National Endowment for the Humanities titled “Working Paper/Talking Point: NEH GrantL Cultural Pluralism” – and rejection letter from NEH

Draft of proposal dated December 6, 1976 and letter dated December 30, 1977 – but stamped January 1978

Draft 71 pages, letter 4 pages

Draft has editing throughout and letter explains the reasons why proposal was not recommended for funding by NEH

Box 2 (CC)




Proposal to produce 15 half hour radio programs on American Indian  law


61 pages

Editing throughout

Folder w/ radio scripts during Chuck’s time with NPR (early ‘70s)



Titles and number of pages are as follows: Dawes Act, 18 pages; Tuscaroras, 17 pages; John Collier, 16 pages; Worcester Vs. Georgia. 18 pages; Who Are the Poncas?, 22 pages; Crow Dog, 20 pages; Sweet Medicine, 16 pages; Crazy Dog Wishing To Die, 16 pages; Kiowa, 17 pages; The Case of James Vann, 21 pages; plus bibliographies for all and photocopied bibliographies

Script for PBS titled “Zodiac Ridge” – Filmed for 2 days for Neil Lehrer on Zodiac Ridge

Late ‘80s

2 pages

Never run – too fierce





Mary Martha has solicited, and is in the process of collecting, personal memoirs and release forms from several of Chuck’s friends.  These will be sent for the archive at a later date.






Box 1 (AA)




Orion, book review of Gallatin Canyon by Thomas McGuane

September/October 2006

2 copies

Review can be found on page 75

The Bloomsbury Review, book review titled “In the Shadow of Falcons”: a review of The Peregrine by John Baker

May/June 1987

1 copy and 1 photocopied copy

Review can be found on page 19









Box 1 (DD)

Receipts for Taxes 1988 thru 1994


1990 expenditure records

Tax Records and filings

(includes all trips for magazines and books, trip mileage, etc.)






All of Chuck’s financial records will eventually be part of the archives as will all monthly calendars and the menu book of meals Chuck prepares for guests.




Long, Tall BOX VVV

Blue Desert Book Negative, University of Arizona Press