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Rick DeMarinis

Rick DeMarinis Papers

photograph by Cynthia Farah Haines


Rick DeMarinis is the author of seven novels, including The Year of the Zinc Penny (1989), The Mortician's Apprentice (1994), and A Clod of Wayward Marl (2001), and five collections of short fiction. His Borrowed Hearts: New and Selected Stories appeared in 1999. He has also written The Art and Craft of the Short Story, which was published in 2000. His short stories have appeared in Esquire, The Atlantic Monthly, Harpers, GQ, The Paris Review, The Iowa Review, and other journals. DeMarinis has taught creative writing at the University of Montana, San Diego State University, Arizona State University, and the University of Texas at El Paso. Among his awards are two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships, the Drue Heinz Prize for short fiction (1986), the Literature Award from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters (1990), the Jesse H. Jones Award for fiction from the Texas Institute of Letters (1999), and the Independent Publishers Award for the best book of short fiction (2000). DeMarinis donated his papers to the Wittliff Collections in 2011.


Rick DeMarinis Papers


This collection consists of articles, personal and biographical materials, and correspondence, drafts, proofs, galleys, and notes related to several novels and anthologies written by Rick DeMarinis. In addition to these materials, DeMarinis donated over 300 books and journals. Many of the journals are listed at the end of this inventory.


The materials within Box 1403 Folder 1-Box 1408 Folder 19 were originally processed and stored by Brigham Young University (BYU), later these boxes were returned to DeMarinis by BYU and then donated by Rick DeMarinis to the Wittliff Collections. The BYU boxes were accompanied by a finding aid that is located in Box 1403 Folder 1. Box 2 from BYU is missing and was never given to Texas State. All items from the BYU collection were rehoused in new boxes but left in their original order.


Box 1403 (1 of 13)

1403/1 Inventories for the DeMarinis Collection from the BYU Archives. This archive correlates to the materials located in Boxes 1403 Folder 1-1408 Folder 19

1403/2 Correspondence, 1968

1403/3 Correspondence, 1969

1403/4 Correspondence, 1970

1403/5 Correspondence, 1970-1973

1403/6 Correspondence, 1971

1403/7 Correspondence, 1972

1403/8 Correspondence, 1973

1403/9 Correspondence, 1974

1403/10 Correspondence, 1975

1403/11 Correspondence, 1976

1403/12 Correspondence, 1977

1403/13 Correspondence, 1978

1403/14 Correspondence, 1979

1403/15 Correspondence, 1980

1403/16 Correspondence, 1981

1403/17 Correspondence, 1984

1403/18 Correspondence, 1985

1403/19 Correspondence, 1986

1403/20 Correspondence, 1987

1403/21 Correspondence, 1988

1403/22 Correspondence, undated

1403/23 A Lovely Monster-Hand Written Notes

1403/24 A Lovely Monster-“Sweet Unstable Machine” draft

1403/25 A Lovely Monster-photocopied typed draft

1403/26 A Lovely Monster-typed draft (spine copy)

1403/27 1st Manuscript plus notes for Sweet Claude and Sweet Spiritual Machines

1403/28 A Lovely Monster-photocopied typed draft

1403/29 A Lovely Monster-photocopied book reviews

1403/30 A Lovely Monster-advertisements for novel

1403/31 Scimitar-two spiral notebooks with handwritten notes

1403/32 Scimitar-first draft, annotated

1403/33-34 Scimitar-photocopied typed draft, annotated


Box 1404 (2 of 13)

1404/1 Scimitar-photocopied typed draft, annotated (continued)

1404/2-5 Scimitar- typed draft, annotated

1404/6-8 Scimitar-photocopied typed draft, annotated

1404/9 Scimitar-portion of photocopied typed draft

1404/10 Scimitar-photocopy of DeMarinis’s list of draft corrections

1404/11 Scimitar-galley proofs, annotated

1404/12 Scimitar-“show and revise” proofs, annotated

1404/13 Scimitar-revised proofs, annotated

1404/14 Scimitar-copy proofs, annotated

1404/15 Scimitar- E.P. Dutton Company Catalog: ad. for novel

1404/16 Scimitar-book reviews

1404/17 Cinder-spiral notebook with handwritten ideas for the novel

1404/18 Cinder-first draft, annotated

1404/19 Cinder-typed draft, annotated


Box 1405 (3 of 13)

1405/1 Cinder-typed draft, annotated (continued)

1405/2 Cinder-photocopied typed draft, annotated, includes a list of corrections

1405/3 Cinder-photocopied typed draft, annotated

1405/4-5 Cinder-photocopied typed proofs, annotated

1405/6 Cinder-galley proofs, annotated

1405/7 Cinder-galley proofs, annotated

1405/8 Cinder-cover jackets

1405/9 Cinder-book reviews

1405/10 Short Stories-drafts- “Creek Owl,” “Healer,” “Medicine Man,” …

1405/11 Jack and Jill-handwritten notes for novel

1405/12 Jack and Jill-typed draft, annotated

1405/13 Jack and Jill-“A Pleasant Ache,” typed draft

1405/14 Jack and Jill-“show proof,” annotated

1405/15 Jack and Jill-photocopied typed manuscript

1405/16 Jack and Jill-typed proofs, annotated

1405/17 Jack and Jill-photocopied typed draft, annotated

1405/18 Jack and Jill-uncorrected proof

1405/19 “The Fisherman and His Wife,” first draft, annotated

1405/20 “The Fisherman and His Wife”-typed draft, annotated

1405/21 The Fisherman and His Wife-typed proof, annotated

1405/22 The Fisherman and His Wife-photocopied draft, annotated

1405/23 Jack and Jill-“show proofs” of title page, copyright page, and description


Box 1406 (4 of 13)

1406/1 Jack and Jill: Two Novellas and a Story-advertisement in Dutton Company Catalog, Fall 1978-79

1406/2 Jack and Jill: Two Novellas and a Story-book reviews

1406/3-5 The Year of the Zinc Penny-drafts/proofs

1406/6 The Burning Women of Far Cry-two spiral notebooks with handwritten notes

1406/7 The Burning Women of Far Cry-miscellaneous pages of typed draft, annotated

1406/8 The Burning Women of Far Cry-handwritten notes for novel

1406/9 The Burning Women of Far Cry-portion of typed draft, annotated

1406/10-12 The Burning Women of Far Cry-photocopied typed proofs, annotated

1406/13 The Burning Women of Far Cry-copy-edited manuscript, includes a letter from Arbor House

1406/14 The Burning Women of Far Cry-copy-edited manuscript

1406/15-17 The Burning Women of Far Cry- edited manuscript, annotated

1406/18 The Burning Women of Far Cry-photographs of cover

1406/19 The Burning Women of Far Cry-advertisement in Arbor House Fall 1986 Catalog

1406/20 The Burning Women of Far Cry- book review


Box 1407 (5 of 13)

1407/1 “Good Wars”- typed draft, annotated

1407/2 “Good Wars”-first draft, annotated

1407/3 “Weeds”-published short story

1407/4 Empty folder labeled “Junk” with writing on it

[BYU Box 13 Folder 4 was empty so it was discarded]

1407/5 Short Stories- “Disneyland,” “Muni,” and drafts from Under the Wheat

1407/6 Short Stories-“Billyducks Among the Pharaohs,” “The Swimmer,” “The Salesman,” “Two-Faced Chess,” “Life Between Meals,” “Blind Euchre,” “The Red Chair,” et al.

1407/7 “The Ape and the Angel”-photocopied typed draft

1407/8 “The Ape and the Angel”-photocopied typed draft from Under the Wheat

1407/9 Under the Wheat-list of corrections and changes

1407/10 Untitled photocopied typed draft

1407/11 Under the Wheat-typed draft, annotated

1407/12 Under the Wheat-photocopied typed draft

1407/13 Under the Wheat-photocopied typed draft

1407/14 “Under the Wheat”-photocopied galley proofs

1407/15 Under the Wheat-cover jackets

1407/16 Under the Wheat-Norton Company Catalog: advertisement for novel

1407/17 Under the Wheat-order forms for novel, includes letter from manager of Promotion and Marketing at Pittsburgh Press

1407/18 Under the Wheat-mail order forms, includes letters from Pittsburgh Press

1407/19 Under the Wheat-advertisements for novel in Pitt Magazine, Pittsburgh Press Fall 1986 Catalog, Harper’s Magazine

1407/20 Under the Wheat-book reviews

1407/21 Untitled typed drafts

1407/22 Short Stories-“Your Story,” “Romance,” “Your Burden is Lifted, Love Returns,” et al.

1407/23 The Coming Triumph of the Free World…and Other Stories, typed draft annotated

1407/24 Short Stories-“Your Story,” The Coming Triumph of the Free World,” et al.

1407/25-26 The Coming Triumph of the Free World-“binding die” copy


Box 1408 (6 of 13)

1408/1-2 The Coming Triumph of the Free World-copy-edited manuscript

1408/3 The Coming Triumph of the Free World-cover jacket

1408/4 The Coming Triumph of the Free World-book reviews

1408/5 The Coming Triumph of the Free World-Viking Books Catalog: ad. for novel

1408/6 The Coming Triumph of the Free World-advertisement in Viking newsletter

1408/7 Short Stories-drafts- “Blessed Are They Who Loveth,” “The Flowers of Boredom,” and “Culture Shocks” 

1408/8 “The Flowers of Boredom”-published copies in the Antioch Review

1408/9 The Year of the Zinc Penny-typed draft

1408/10 The Year of the Zinc Penny-miscellaneous typed draft pages and handwritten notes, galley proofs, annotated

1408/11 The Year of the Zinc Penny-uncorrected proof for reviewers

1408/12 Short Stories-drafts-“Toadstools,” “Mole,” “Shadowman,” Untitled, and “Disneyland”

1408/13 “Pagans” and “Mole”-galley proofs and published stories in Harper’s Magazine, January 1988

1408/14 The Best American Short Stories 1984-reviews

1408/15 Writers of the Purple Sage: An Anthology of Recent Western Writing-reviews

1408/16 Untitled handwritten draft

[BYU Box 16 Folder 11 was empty so it was discarded]

1408/17 Miscellaneous items from Pittsburgh Press

1408/18 Check statements

1408/19 The Missoulian-entertainment section featuring DeMarinis

1408/20 Correspondence, handwritten notes, “Raspberries” proof, and a folder labeled “drafts” containing various drafts

1408/21 “Rick’s CV”

1408/22 Personal Papers- CV/Correspondence

1408/23 “Archived Material” –finding aid from Brigham Young University

1408/24 Golden Key National Honor Society Certificate

1408/25 “Autobiography (copies)”

1408/26 “Autobiography”

1408/27 Photography of Rick and Tom Schmid


Box 1409 (7 of 13)

1409/1 “Am. Academy & Institute” and letters

1409/2  “Mama’s Boy Reviews”

1409/3 “Reviews of Other Author’s Work”

1409/4 “Guido Reviews”

1409/5 “Interviews”-Newspaper Articles

1409/6 “Statements from Donadio-Ashworth-1993 & 1992”

1409/7 The Coming Triumph of the Free World

1409/8 “Statements Donadio & Ashworth”

1409/9 Somber Dolphins

1409/10 Good News From Section D-unpublished manuscript

1409/11 Writer’s Digest Book Club Bulletin featuring the Art and Craft of the Short Story

1409/12 “Matthew Siik” “Some Like it Hot”-draft and notes

1409/13 “Early Stories in ms.”

1409/14 “Rejection Letters”

1409/15 “Harold Post”-clippings


The following items in Box 1409 Folders 16-23 were removed from a box labeled “Note Books, Papers undergraduate and graduate, plus a couple of cartoons”

1409/16 Notebook-Am. Lit., Victorian Poets, Shakespeare

1409/17 Notebook-Shakespeare and Cont., Criticism-1967-Sprung, Brit. Lit.

1409/18 Notebook-Metaphysical Poets, Italian Hermetics, French Symbolists

1409/19 Notebook-Carrier Seminar, Chaucer, Brit. Lit.

1409/20 Class Papers

1409/21 Notebook-Class Notes

1409/22 Notebook-Milton, Eng. Ren., Am. Ren., Cartoon Notebook

1409/23 Class Papers/Assignments

1409/24 The Voice of America: Stories-uncorrected proof


Box 1410 (8 of 13)

1410/1-3 Scimitar-Original ms. Henry Robbins editor

1410/4 Scimitar-uncorrected proof

1410/5 Scimitar-book jacket

1410/6 Scimitar-galley copy

1410/7 The Burning Women of Far Cry-book jackets

1410/8 The Burning Women of Far Cry-uncorrected proofs

1410/9 The Burning Women of Far Cry-royalty statement

1410/10-11 The Burning Women of Far Cry-proof

1410/12-14 “The Burning Women of Far Cry”- complete manuscript

1410/15 The Burning Women of Far Cry- box for previous

1410/16 The Coming Triumph of the Free World-book jackets

1410/17 The Coming Triumph of the Free World-galley copy

1410/18 The Coming Triumph of the Free World-uncorrected proof


Box 1411 (9 of 13)

1411/1 Good News from Section D-draft

1411/2 The Fisherman and His Wife-galley

1411/3 Cinder-uncorrected page proof

1411/4 Cinder-galley

1411/5 Cinder-galley

1411/6 A Lovely Monster-galley

1411/7 Correspondence-In Memoriam Henry Robbins 1927-1979 (editor)

1411/8 Turtle and Mouse-drafts with corrections

1411/9 Handwritten notes on legal pad paper

1411/10 The Year of the Zinc Penny-uncorrected proofs

1411/11 The Year of the Zinc Penny-galley

1411/12 Jack and Jill-book jacket

1411/13 Jack and Jill-galley

1411/14-15 Jack and Jill-manuscript

1411/16-17 Mama’s Boy-Manuscript

1411/18-19 “A Clod of Wayward Marl-Guido-The Almost Final Draft 10/00”

1411/20 Guido-“The Final Final Draft fall 2000”


Box 1412 (10 of 13)

1412/1 Guido-“The Final Final Draft fall 2000”-continued

1412/2-4 The Mortician’s Apprentice-edited manuscript plus correspondence

1412/5-6 The Mortician’s Apprentice-foul matter-edited manuscript

1412/7-8 The Mortician’s Apprentice-master set 1st pass

1412/9-10 The Mortician’s Apprentice-master set 2nd pass

1412/11-12 The Mortician’s Apprentice-master set-confirmation

1412/13-14 “Virgins in the Woodwork-First Draft Feb 2005-Aug 2005”


Box 1413 (11 of 13)

1413/1-2 Virgins in the Woodwork-second draft Aug. 2005

1413/3 Virgins in the Woodwork-Chapters 1-4, plus article about insurance fraud

1413/4-5 Virgins in the Woodwork-final draft February 19, 2006 plus newspaper article

1413/6 Rainmaker-edited draft

1413/7-8 Rainmaker-draft/proof

1413/9-10 Rainmaker-“First Rainmaker draft”

1413/11-12 “Death of the Rainmaker” edited draft

1413/13 “Rainmkaer Notes”

1413/14-15 Sky Full of Sand-draft

1413/16-17 Sweetmeat-drafts


Box 1414 (12 of 13)

1414/1-2 Sweetmeat-drafts-continued

1414/3-4 Sweetmeat-draft pages 322-618

1414/5 Sweetmeat-notes, partial draft, the trouble with Sweetmeat, and newspaper clippings

1414/6 Troubles with Sweetmeat-draft

1414/7 Sweetmeat-summary of Sweetmeat and partial edited draft

1414/8 Sweetmeat-handwritten drafts/notes

1414/9 “Sweetmeat”-partial edited draft

1414/10 “Sweetmeat”-partial edited draft and handwritten notes

1414/11 Sweetmeat-handwritten notes and extensively edited draft (first draft?)

1414/12 “The Sweetmeat Songbook”-draft and handwritten notes

1414/13 Sweetmeat-handwritten notes

1414/14-16 Sweetmeat-complete manuscript

1414/17 Under the Wheat-complete manuscript


Box 1415 (13 of 13)  

1415/1 The Burning Women of Far Cry-Uncorrected Proof

1415/2 Apocalypse Then- Advance Uncorrected Proof

1415/3 Dust Jacket for A Lovely Monster and Under the Wheat

1415/4 Articles-Rocky Mountain Magazine- “Weeds,” Los Angeles Times Magazine, and New York Stories

1415/5 Articles-Cavalier-“A Practical Unused Cutlass”

1415/6 Articles-Esquire-“A Game Without Children”

1415/7 Articles-Harper’s-June 1988, April 1991, July 1989, Jan. 1988, March 1987

1415/8 Articles-GQ-Dec. 1993

1415/9 Articles-GQ-Dec. 1996

1415/10 Articles-GQ-Oct. 1997      

1415/11 Book-The Pursuit of Oblivion: A Global History of Narcotics 1500-2000 by Richard Davenport-Hines



Backlog: Books and Periodicals

Andersson, Melissa. Das große Lesebuch der Fantasy, 1995 [German, letter laid in, chapter by DeMarinis]

Bellar, Thomas ed. Open City, 2003 [chapter by DeMarinis] 2 copies

Brinig, Myron. Wide Open Town, 1993 [inscribed to DeMarinis]

DeMarinis, Rick. The Art & Craft of the Short Story, 2000 [signed] 2 copies

DeMarinis, Rick. Borrowed Hearts: New & Selected Stories, 1999 [signed]

DeMarinis, Rick. The Burning Women of Far Cry, 1986

DeMarinis, Rick. Femmes en Flammes, 1991 [French] 2 copies

DeMarinis, Rick. A Clod of Wayward Marl, 2001 [signed, author’s presentation copy] 2 copies

DeMarinis, Rick. Coeurs d’emprunt, 2004

DeMarinis, Rick. Coeurs d’emprunt, 2004 [signed]

DeMarinis, Rick. The Coming Triumph of the Free World, 1988 [signed]

DeMarinis, Rick. The Coming Triumph of the Free World, 1988 [signed plus photocopy of a book review laid in]

DeMarinis, Rick. The Coming Triumph of the Free World, 1991 [signed] 2 copies

DeMarinis, Rick. Jack & Jill: Two Novellas and a Story, 1979 [signed] 2 copies

DeMarinis, Rick. L’Apprenti Croque-Mort, 1995 [French]

DeMarinis, Rick. Monsieur Cendres et le Djinn, 1981 [French]

DeMarinis, Rick. Monsieur Cendres et le Djinn, 1981 [French, signed]

DeMarinis, Rick. The Mortician’s Apprentice, 1994 [signed] 2 copies

DeMarinis, Rick. Scimitar, 1977 [signed]

DeMarinis, Rick. Scimitar, 1977

DeMarinis, Rick. Scimitar, 1979 [French, signed]

DeMarinis, Rick. Sky Full of Sand, 2003 [signed] 2 copies

DeMarinis, Rick. Under the Wheat, 1986

DeMarinis, Rick. Under the Wheat, 1987 rep. [signed] 2 copies

DeMarinis, Rick. The Voice of America, 1991 [signed] 2 copies

Fromm, Pete. Dry Rain, 1997 [letter laid in]

Hayes, Joe. La Llorona: The Weeping Woman, 1990

Helix Anthology. Short Stories by Jerry Bumpus, Elizabeth Chater, Charles Brashers, Rick DeMarinis, 1975

Horton, Lewis. Travels in the Land of the One-Eyed King, 2010 [signed and inscribed]

Jenks, Tom ed. Soldiers & Civilians: American at War and at Home, 1986 [chapter by DeMarinis]

Martin, Russell and Marc Barasch ed. Writers of the Purple Sage: An Anthology of Recent Western Writing, 1984

McNamer, Deirdre. Rima in the Weeds, 1991 [signed and inscribed]

Ravenel, Shannon ed. New Stories from the South: The Year’s Best 1999, 1999 [chapter by DeMarinis]

Seaman, Donna. In Our Nature: Stories of Wildness, 2002





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