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Texas Monthly Magazine

Appendix B

Correspondence Index (1974-79)

(Note: Additional correspondence does exist in the Editorial Series (1972-1980), but was not appropriate for indexing. Such correspondence is noted on the folder list.
Correspondence listed here appears in Curtis' Editor's Files. See William Broyles papers at SWWC for correspondence dating from his tenure as Editor at TM.))

Correspondent name (box/folder, to _____)

Brodsky, L.D. (84/5b, to Curtis)
Cahil, Tim (Rolling Stone magazine) (84/5b, to Curtis)
Crawford, Max (84/5a, to Curtis)
Gruben, Patricia (84/5b, to Curtis)
Lusterman, David A. (New York Review of Books) (84/5b, to Curtis)
Malmberg, Claire (84/5b, to Curtis)
McMurtry, Larry (84/5b, to Curtis)
Shrake, Bud (84/5b, to Curtis)
Smith, H. Allen (84/5b, to Curtis)
Stewart, Thomas A. (Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, Inc.) (84/5b, to Curtis)
Weigand, William (84/5a, to Curtis)