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Subseries B: Editors' Files (processed: July 1972-1980; unprocessed 1981-ongoing) Sub-subseries 1 : William Broyles' office, 1972 - January 1974.
This sub-series contains the few budgetary documents which remain from the "editorial" side: budgetary summaries, receipts and notes from the editor re money matters. They summarize the expenses incurred in producing the issues from 1973, the magazine's first year of publication. The series also contains correspondence between Levy or Broyles and various magazine staff. Some are letters turning down offers of editorships, but most are from would-be writers and editors applying for positions. The series contains information retained by Broyles, apparently as ideas for his column "Behind the Lines" or for other articles. Finally, the series contains several manuscripts, apparently written for publication in one of the first year's issues. Most of these are unidentified as to issue or author, but two authors have files in this series, namely Jan Butterfield and Wendy Haskell Meyer. Both these files contain manuscript draft(s) and correspondence.
See SWWC staff for access to additional correspondence in the William Broyles papers regarding his role as editor at Texas Monthly.  


I. William Broyles
I. Getting the Magazine Started
A. Miscellaneous Information, 1972 TM81 1
B. Editor possibilities (Correspondence, some with copies of writings), 1972
1. B-H TM81 2
2. Hullum, Everett TM81 3
3. J-M TM81 4
4. Newton, Julie TM81 5
5. P-W TM81 6
C. "Job Applicants"
1. "October 1972-April 1973, or undated" TM81 7
2. "Job Applicants: Current" (most dated November 1973) TM81 8
D. Miscellaneous
1. Proofreader possibilities TM82 1-A
2. Press credentials needed TM82 1-B
3. Briar Patch ideas TM82 1-C
II. Manuscripts
A. Butterfield, Jan, "Kimball Art Museum", February 1973
1. Manuscript TM82 2-A
2. Nine 8x10 B&W photos, with captions TM82 2-B
3. Author correspondence and notes TM82 2-C
4. Promotional information on 4-artist exhibit, with phonograph record TM82 2-D
B. Meyer, Wendy Haskell, 1973
1. Correspondence, August 1972-September 1973 TM82 3-A
2. "Women" feature: Correspondence and information TM82 3-B
3. "Medical Students" feature: correspondence and draft manuscript TM82 3-C
D. Other manuscripts, 1973
1. Anderson, K. Douglas (re: revision of Texas constitution) TM82 4-A
2. Whitehead, Terrie ("Big Thicket National Park: Log-Jammed") TM82 4-B
3. Warren, Babette Fraser (re: Houston Sports Palace) TM82 4-C
4. No Author (perhaps Broyles) "Glen Turner and the Children of Liberty TM82 4-D
A. Inquiries and Ideas
1. Answered "Yes, on Speculation", 1973 TM82 5
2. Possibilities, including "Weird or strange requests" TM82 6
3. Rejections
a. November 1972-July 1973 TM82 7
b. July ­December 1973 TM82 8
4. January 1974 (yes and no) TM82 9
III. Budgetary Files
A. "Ed. Budget: Monthly Total: Editorial Payroll" September 1972- October 1973 TM83 1
B. "Ed. Budget" By Department, February-September 1973 issues TM83 2
C. "Budget Resource File" February-September 1973 TM83 3
D. "Ed. Budget: Upcoming Issues/Expenses Pending" June 1973 TM83 4
E. Expenses: October & November 1973 issues TM83 5
IV. Information Retained by Broyles
A. Miscellaneous TM83 6
B. Utilities TM83 7
C. "Citizens Look at Congress" Reports TM83 8
D. "Space City" Two 1972 issues: May 18-24 and July 27-August 2 TM83 9
E. Clippings & Miscellaneous, arranged alphabetically, September 1972-January 1973 TM83 10


Sub-subseries 2 : Gregory Curtis' office, 1974-1980.
Gregory Curtis served as Executive Editor under Broyles and as Editor after Broyles' resignation. This material consists of drafts of articles (both typed and hand-written) by Curtis, a partial book manuscript, correspondence, and drafts of articles submitted for publication. It also contains queries and manuscripts by would-be contributors, and editorial comments by Curtis, and his assistant, Victoria Loe, who apparently joined his staff in 1978.

See Appendix B for an index of significant correspondence in Curtis' files.  


II. Gregory Curtis
I. Non-Texas Monthly Writings
A. Curtis Manuscript on visiting Lake Havasu City, Arizona, pre-1972 TM84 1
B. Draft of apparent Curtis Novel, untitled, two folders TM84 2&3
C. Miscellaneous
1. Several writings, untitled TM84 4-A
2. Draft (partial?) of apparent Curtis speech TM84 4-B
3. Unidentified 8x10 B&W photo: girl & photographer with mirror TM84 4-C
4. "Columbia Journalism Review", May-June 1973 TM84 4-D
D. Correspondence
1. Max Crawford & William Wiegand (ongoing chess games) TM84 5-A
2. Other friends (include McMurtry) and re publishing Curtis writings TM84 5-B
3. As a result of Texas Monthly articles TM84 6
E. Issue papers for Texas Monthly
1. "This is Lee Clark and Newsroom", March 1973 (Curtis article)
a. "Master" draft TM84 7-A
b. Earlier draft TM84 7-B
c. Interview notes TM84 7-C
2. "Film Fatale", June 1973 [Dallas Film Festival] (Curtis article)
a. Manuscript draft TM84 8-A
b. Notes and information TM84 8-B
3. "Body Business at Tokyo House" September 1973 [Massage Parlor] (Curtis Article)
a. Manuscript draft TM84 9-A
b. Notes, information, Corey letter, clippings TM84 9-B
4. "Suit Yourself", October 1973 [Men's Clothing] (Curtis article)
a. Manuscript draft TM85 1-A
b. Notes and information TM85 1-B
5. Other 1973 issue papers
a. Behind the Lines article on Crime, August 1973 (by Curtis) TM85 2-A
b. Proposal letter from Jan [assume Reid], August 1973 TM85 2-B
c. Curtis drafts on Gambling, perhaps for "Wizards of Odds", December 1973 TM85 2-C
6. Other Curtis notes and drafts, no date, but with 1973-74 papers
a. Ray Boriski interview notes TM85 3-A
b. Wine Kits TM85 3-B
c. Draft "California is Texas" TM85 3-C
d. Written in police station, about homicide TM85 3-D
7. "Best Worst TV in Texas" [violent news, San Antonio] February 1974 issue (Curtis article) TM85 4
8. 1974 Curtis drafts
a. "Offbeat San Francisco", February 1974; early draft TM85 5-A
b. "James Helwig is Heavyweight Champion of Texas" [boxing] July 1974; notes and program TM85 5-B
c. Labeled "Laredo Crime" assume for "Strange Power of Fred Carrasco" October 1974: notes & reports; also correspondence after article TM85 5-C
d. "Fastest Gun in the West" November 1974: notes & clipping TM85 5-D
9. "Pomp and Circumstance" [Lamar High, Houston] March 1975: interview notes; also, post article letters TM85 6
10. "Man Bites Dog" October 1975
a. Draft of Manuscript TM85 7-A
b. Post-article letters TM85 7-B
11. "Star Struck" [McDonald's Observatory] December 1975
a. Curtis letters, describing life there TM85 8-A
b. Interview & other notes; information TM85 8-B
c. Post-article letters TM85 8-C
12. Other Curtis drafts for 1975
a. "Mike Newlin Has Something on his Mind" March 1975 TM85 9-A
b. "This'll Be the Day" [Buddy Holly], with post-article letter TM85 9-B
c. "Book Joints" October 1975 (this draft partially hand- written) TM85 9-C
13. Other 1975 issue papers
a. Proposal and draft from James Blackburn, re land use TM85 10-A
b. Various queries, re parole boards TM85 10-B
c. Curtis notes: Celebrity pool tournament TM85 10-C
14. "The Girl, the Con Man and the Massage Parlor King" July 1976
a. Manuscript copy TM86 1-A
b. Research
1. Photographs and photocopies of photographs TM86 1-B
2. Curtis notes and summaries TM86 1-C
3. Correspondence between Curtis and Sam Corey TM86 2-A
4. Other correspondence about case TM86 2-B
5. Miscellaneous research ephemera TM86 2-C
6. Interview and other notes TM86 3-A
7. Transcript of Giesick testimony, with Curtis notes TM86 3-B
8. Other Giesick information TM86 3-C
9. File on case assembled by Bill Helmer of Playboy Magazine and forwarded to Curtis TM86 4
10. Copy of hit-and-run accident report TM86 5-A
11. Copies of clippings TM86 5-B
12. Sensationalist "news" magazines reports on case TM86 6
15. Other Curtis 1976 articles and research
a. Research on herpes for April 1976 "Wages of Fun", with post-article letter TM86 7-A
b. Wrestline ephemera for May 1976 "Learning the Ropes" TM86 7-B
c. Research "Water" TM86 8
16. 1977 Curtis notes and memos
a. Drafts "The Old Indoorsman" April 1977 TM87 1-A
b. "Case of the Blues [Mack McCormick}, with letter from McCormick May 1977 TM87 1-B
c. Research notes and galleys "Minnesota Fats, Where are you?", September 1977 TM87 1-C
d. Cheerleading camp notes, for "Joy of Cheerleading" October 1977 TM87 1-D
e. December 1977: Curtis memo re "Review" section TM87 1-E
f. Staff forms, 1977&1978 TM87 1-F
17. "Nuns" manuscript submitted by Michael Collins, published in July 1978 as by Michael Haggarty
a. Original manuscript TM87 2-A
b. Copy of manuscript, with Curtis editorial remarks, and letter TM87 2-B
18. "Home Sweet Mobile Home", December 1978
a. Curtis notes and clippings TM87 3-A
b. Commercial brochures TM87 3-B
19. "Hard Time" December 1978: by Bruce Jackson: Author query and research TM87 4
20. Other 1978 issue material (used)
a. from Harry Hurt III: FYI letter re "Brave New Apartments" July 1978, with Curtis notes TM87 5
b. Notes for Freeway Sidebar, September 1978 TM87 6
c. "Working the Rigs" October 1978: Curtis editorial notes TM87 7
21. Other 1978 material (not used)
a. "Tough Cops" by Jan Reid: manuscript draft, and galleys, marked "killed" TM87 8-A
b. "Graduates" file assembled in June, 1978; apparently not used TM87 8-B
c. Proposed review "Summer Movies" by Louis Black, 1978; apparently not used TM87 8-C
22. Curtis article "Hotel Detective" February 1979
a. Curtis review notes and questions TM87 9-A
b. copy of manuscript TM87 9-B
23. "Texans and Their Guns" by Jan Reid, March 1979
a. Query, editorial & legal comments TM87 10-A
b. Original manuscript & copy of re-write TM87 10-B
24. Curtis Astronaut Sidebar to Al Reinert article "Moonstruck" July 1979
a. Manuscript and slick proof TM88 1-A
b. Curtis notes and first draft TM88 1-B
c. Research: Astronaut biographies TM88 1-C
d. Research: NASA facts TM88 1-D
25. "The Throwdown" by Tom Curtis [Randy Webster/Houston police case]
a. Project letter, Broyles comment, clipping TM88 2-A
b. Early manuscript, with Curtis editorial notes TM88 2-B
26. "Ghosts" book by Philip Lakanna (excerpt October 1979)
a. Drafts of introduction, layout, notes TM88 3-A
b. Photocopy of book TM88 3-B
27. "The Radner Papers" by Curtis and Nicholas Lemann, November, 1978: Plans and early drafts TM88 4
28. Other 1979 proposals, accepted and not accepted
a. "Billy Lee" by Al Reinert, February 1979, with Broyles editorial comments TM88 5-A
b. "Running Wild with Jerry Jeff" by Roy Blount, Jr., May 1979: author correspondence, original draft of manuscript, Broyles editorial notes TM88 5-B
c. Other accepted 1979 proposals TM88 5-C
d. Draft of article on Tony Canale by Bruce Cory, with editorial comment; "killed" TM88 5-D
e. Correspondence re "Rodeo Piece" by Jackson Chiles TM88 5-E
f. Manuscript "Runaway" by A.J. Love, marked "killed" TM88 5-F
g. "Being White" by Helen Richardson, with editorial comments; apparently not used TM88 5-G
29. Other 1979 papers, by other authors retained in Curtis files
a. "They Generation Sidebar" Issue unknown, by Victoria Loe TM88 6-A
b. Notes and information on Houston's Fifth Ward, for "Only the Strong Survive" by Richard West, February 1979 TM88 6-B
c. Proposal letter from Paul Burka for Oil Scams, March 1979 TM88 6-C
d. "What People Eat" Sidebar for July 1979 by Victoria Loe TM88 6-D
e. Education Sidebar for September 1979 by Victoria Loe TM88 6-E
30. "Gordon McLendon" by Joe Nick Patoski, with 1979-80 papers, apparently not used
a. Original draft, with covering letter TM88 7-A
b. Editorial comments, with second draft TM88 7-B
c. Galleys and adds TM88 7-C
31. Prospective feature "Amazing, Daring Folks", assembled 1979-80 TM88 8
32. For 1980
a. "Pantex" by James Chiles , January 1980: manuscript, letter, legal note TM88 9-A
b. "Recovering from Catastrophe" by Dick J. Reavis: proposal TM88 9-B
c. "Land" by James Chiles, June 1980: original manuscript with Curtis notes; revised introduction TM88 9-C
d. Problems endured by small businesses; assembled 1980 TM88 9-D
e. Other prospective articles TM88 9-E