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Mythic Journeys - Selected Readings

Mythic Journeys:

The Film Archives of the Southwestern Writers Collection

Exhibit Dates: July 15, 1998- December 18, 1998

Exhibit Press Release

Guide to Film Archives





". . . and the earth did not swallow him." American Playhouse, 1994.

"Barbarosa." ITC, 1982.

"The Black Stallion." United Artists, 1979.

"Chicano: The History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement." 1996.

"Country." Buena Vista Pictures, 1984.

"The Cowboy Way." MCA/Universal, 1994.

"Far North." Alive Films, 1988.

"Fool for Love." Cannon Group, 1985.

"The Good Old Boys." Turner Network Television, 1995.

"Honeysuckle Rose." Warner Bros., 1980.

"Last Picture Show." Columbia, 1971.

"Legends of the Fall." TriStar, 1994.

"Lonesome Dove." CBS Televison Miniseries, 1989.

"Lonesome Dove: The Making of an Epic." Cabin Fever Entertainment, Inc., 1991.

"Milagro Beanfield War." Universal, 1988.

"1918." EMI Films, 1985.

"Paris, Texas." FoxVideo, 1991.

"Salt of the Earth." Voyager, 1994. (CD-ROM format)

"Raggedy Man." MCA/Universal, 1981.

"Red-Headed Stranger." MGM/UA, 1986.

"Seguin." American Playhouse, 1982.

"Silent Tongue." Alive Films, 1993.

"Songwriter." TriStar Pictures, 1984.

"Tender Mercies." EMI Films, 1983.

"Tom Horn." Warner Bros., 1979.

"Trip to Bountiful." EMI Films, 1985.

"Voyager (Homo Faber.)" Tobis Filmkunst, 1991.

"Zoot Suit." MCA/Universal Home Video, 1981.



"The Apostle E. F. Hart" by Robert Duvall, 4th draft, 1986.

"All the Pretty Horses" by Ted Tally, 1st draft, 1993. Based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy.

"The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" by Larry L. King, 1977.

"The Black Stallion" by Walter Farley, Melissa Mathison, Jeanne Rosenberg, and William D. Wittliff, 1979.

"The Boyfriend School" by Sarah Bird, 1989.

"Country" by William D. Wittliff, 1984.

"Cowboy Dick" by Edwin "Bud" Shrake and Dan Jenkins, 1st draft, 1992.

"The Cowboy Way" by Rob Thompson and William D. Wittliff, 1994.

"Far North" by Sam Shepard, 198-.

"Forrest Gump" by Eric Roth, 2nd draft, 1990.

"Glengarry Glen Ross" by David Mamet, 198-.

"The Good Old Boys" by Tommy Lee Jones and J. T. Allen, 1994. Based on the novel by Elmer Kelton.

"J. W. Coop" by Gary Cartwright, Cliff Robertson, and Edwin "Bud" Shrake, 1971.

"Kid Blue" by Edwin "Bud" Shrake, 1973.

"The Last Picture Show" by Larry McMurtry and Peter Bogdanovich, 1971.

"The Last Running," by John Graves. Based on his short story.

"Legends of the Fall" by Bill Wittliff, 1st draft, 1990. Based on the novella by Jim Harrison.

"Lonesome Dove" by Bill Wittliff, 1989. Based on the novel by Larry McMurtry.

"Lost Moon 13 (Apollo 13)" by William Broyles, Jr. and Al Reinert, 1st draft, 1990.

"The Milagro Beanfield War" by David S. Ward, 1986. Based on the novel by John Nichols.

"Myrabelle Shirley: A Love Story" by Bud Shrake, 1987.

"Ned Blessing: The Story of My Life" by William D. Wittliff, 1992 television series.

"Nineteen Eighteen" by Horton Foote, 1983.

"O Pioneers" by Angelica Huston and Dyson Lovell, 1989. Based on the novel by Willa Cather.

"Old Yeller" by Fred Gipson, 1956. Based on his novel.

"Raggedy Man" by William D. Wittliff, 1st draft, 1974.

"The Red-Headed Stranger" by William D. Wittliff, 1979. Based on the album by Willie Nelson.

"Return to Lonesome Dove" by John Wilder, 2nd rev. draft, 1992.

"A River Runs Through It" by Richard Friedenberg, 2nd draft. 1990. Based on the novel by Norman MacLean.

"Songwriter" by Edwin "Bud" Shrake, 1984.

"The Streets of Laredo" a film scenario by Larry McMurtry and Peter Bogdonavich, 1972. Later adapted into McMurtry's novel Lonesome Dove.

"Thaddeus Rose and Eddie" by William D. Wittliff, 1978.

"Thelma and Louise" by Callie Khouri, final shooting script, 1990.

"Tom Horn" by Edwin "Bud" Shrake, 1978.



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